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Swinger’s Party advice: Give warning before ejaculating on my face 😕💦🍆


Okay guys, when you’re at a swinger’s party, before unilaterlly deciding to unload your wad onto the gal’s face that’s blowing you, have some common courtesy and maybe say, “I’m gonna cum” at least 4 seconds before you blast in her mouth, her face, or in her hair.

Some gals, even as slutty as myself, don’t want to be peeling off some random guys jizz from her face in the middle of a gang bang.

Let her decide where you’re going to dispose of your spunk.

I’m bringing this up because not one, but two dudes at a recent event ejaculated all over my face and hair without even letting me know what was about to happen.

Call me old fashioned, but I kinda want to decide if I’m going to be blinded by an avalanche of semen or not.

Not cool. Not cool at all 😕

22 thoughts on “Swinger’s Party advice: Give warning before ejaculating on my face 😕💦🍆

  1. A shame stories like this or written as well as this aren’t in the morning paper. No wonder journalists are being given redundancy packages here

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  2. One of the first things I learned was to let a woman know I was gonna cum so she can decide how she wants to deal with it. It’s just a polite thing to do. As a bisexual man, if I’m giving a guy a blow job and he snatches the dick away from me so he can cum on my face, chances are good he’s gonna wake up in the emergency room. It’s pretty damned rude and inconsiderate to do such a thing to anyone without their permission/consent.

    I wonder how they’d like it if some dude strolled over to them at a swinger party and unloaded in his face and without warning or permission? Five will get you ten a fight will break out…

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      1. I’ve been at enough swinging parties to see such a thing happen… and some pretty pissed off women when the ill-mannered fools do that. Methinks men watch too much porn and their favorite money shot – a load to the face – and since the “models” getting the facial appear to enjoy it, well, some dudes just assume that all women like getting hit in the eyes, up their nose, and getting it all in their hair… and then the guy ain’t the one who has to clean that shit up.


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    1. I told the first guy, “what the fuck, get the fuck away from me.” I told the second guy, “Are you kidding me right now? Were you just born an asshole.”

      It did ruin the mood for me. But now I tell any guy that I let fuck me at a swinger’s party that they cannot cum on my face or my hair, or inside of me at any point unless I tell them it’s ok to do so.

      I learned a valuable lesson that night…I just didn’t want to learn it twice within a few minutes of each other.


  3. I have yet to have this happen. I prefer my hubby’s cum down my throat if I am sucking his cock, but then I am old fashioned. Or is it that I am just old?

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  4. It does seem rude to just ejaculate on someone’s face without asking, although this has never happened to me if it did I would be incredibly pissed. smh

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  5. I have never been to a swing party, specially because I don’t want to see more dicks than mine. But is funny what you said, yesterday I was with a girl and she did the opposite of the other people you said, she told me to come on her face so there was a warning from her. Quite a beautiful woman specially after I onloaded, and trust me it’s a big load wich I don’t know why some guys is just a little load and other like me it seems you can paint all of the walls in the house white. I don’t give it a thought, but now that I read this I just gave one though and now I’m gonna watch a porn, thank you for helping me to get horny, I owe you one…… or two, or even 8 in one day, you might not think is possible but I can owe you 8

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