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Come on, date an ugly woman…new dating site review πŸ€”

My Instagram Account is @natesjenny24
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My Instagram Account is @natesjenny24
-Please Click Here To Follow Me-

Okay, I’m not really sure what to think about this new dating site that was sent over to me by my friend Simon, But hey, at least this site is trying to help out women that suffer from the disease known as Ugly Face Syndrome.

I come across so many dating sites that use beautiful models as marketing tools to lure men into joining them. This site has decided to take the road less traveled and only wants “Ugly Women” to join.

It kind of makes sense though. Based on my own life experiences, and from talking to a lot of dudes, I have come to realization that guys are intimidated by beautiful women and find it easier to appraoch less attractive women.

I think all women are beautiful and no one should be judged on how They look. But I do like the fact that this site is designed to make it easier for men to want to join.

Now, I don’t know too much about the site or how it works, but Simon did tell me this:

“Hey babe, you gotta check out this site for your blog. Never seen anything like it. I joined it, and so far only got 2 matches, but honestly, that’s better than I get on Match or Plenty of Fish anyway. It’s free to sign up, but they make you put down a credit card to veryfy your age and they charge you $0.00 to verify that I am 18 or older. I think they only allow you to use the site for the first 3 days for free, and then, and I might not be incorrect because I don’t pay attention to things I sign up for, but I think I remember it saying that after 3 days I have to pay something to keep using it…and by the way, the chicks are not ugly, or maybe I’m blinded by boobs and don’t really look at chick’s heads.”

Check out this Ugly Women Dating Site!

If anyone ends up getting laid from this site let me know😘

4 thoughts on “Come on, date an ugly woman…new dating site review πŸ€”

    1. Partially; most guys gravitate to the good looking women and would only consider an “ugly” woman when the pretty women kick them to the curb. Then again, some guys wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping with someone who isn’t a beauty queen.

      Oddly enough, some of the best sex I’ve had has been with women who weren’t beauty queens – or the “Barbie” in the “Ken and Barbie” set. I wondered why and came to the conclusion (there’s a pun in here somewhere) that “uglier” women have to work harder to get a guy to have sex with… and work even harder to keep him (if she wants to keep him) so they up their bedroom game big time where, perhaps, the prettier girls might not because their good looks guarantee them a wide pool of cocks to choose from.

      Just my two cents worth…

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    2. It depends on what phase of the moon I am cornered by the woman on heat…. and how many days after payday. The worst is when we don’t want to bang at all and have been out all night drinking and coming down so we drop past a girl’s place just because we want to talk.

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