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UBER Driver asked me to blow him! No thank you!

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Just because I dress like a slut, and on my way to have sex with a guy I just met on Tinder, Β does not give anyone the right, especially my Uber driver, to ask me to give him a blow job in exchange for free rides.

I’m officially deleting my Uber and Lyft apps. All of the male drivers say gross things to me, and I’m sure they do this to all the women they drive.

This fucking creep just now told me to call him whenever I need a ride and he’ll drive me anywhere for free in exchange for one blow job.

Not to come across as a bitch, but I’m going to report this jerk.

I barely spoke to the guy. I never told him I was meeting a guy for sex. I just told him I was meeting friends. I’m kinda super pissed off that people think they can ask someone to suck them off for free rides. WTF?!!

Here’s a dating tip to all you creepy Uber drivers: Don’t offer free rides for some road head! It’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

Sorry for venting. But to all you ladies out there, please be careful when you use Uber or Lyft. You never know what kind of person is driving you.


17 thoughts on “UBER Driver asked me to blow him! No thank you!

    1. Just a straight up creepy, and very unprofessional thing to tell to a person. I mean, people are paying for a service, so the Uber driver should just drive. I’m not saying that they can’t be friendly and strike up a convo, but don’t try bartering a dick sandwich in return for free rides. I don’t know, it was just a crazy thing to hear from a person.

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  1. What an absolute douchebag, there is no way on this earth that, that is an acceptable thing to say to someone.
    I’m sorry you had to go through that and on behalf of men every where I sincerely apologise.
    You are doing the right thing in reporting this self important twat sack he should get fired for that. You never know what else he’s been up to.
    God I want to punch this guy now.

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  2. I believe no matter how “slutty” you dress or even if you go to a gang bang or drive naked in someone’s uber. The other person doesn’t have the right to ask for a blowy for sex…
    he/she is doing their job and should at all times be professional

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  3. I don’t drink so before the pink moon stories on my blog…. I never let a friend catch a taxi or go in a car with a stranger. After 911 our taxis were bad.
    I don’t care if I am driving all over the city all night… I want my friends to enjoy going out and get home safely. A shame our cops don’t have the same policies and procedures concerning drugs and alcohol.

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