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I Love Having Sex on Chairs!

Okay, before I tell you why I love having sex on chairs, I want you to watch these videos of people having sex on Tantra Chairs so you can get a mental image of my experience.


Click here to watch people having sex on Tantra Chairs!

Click here to watch people having sex in my favorite position using a Tantra Chair!

Now that you’ve seen people use Tantra Chairs to have sex, let me tell you what happened to me last night!!!

-What Happened To Jenny Last Night-

Last night I had the best sex of my life, and I’ve had a lot of sex. So what happened last night that made the sex so amazing you might be asking yourself?

Well I met up with this guy that I’ve been sexting with for about a month or so, had a few drinks with him, went back to his place, and then had my world rocked on his Tantra Chair!

OMG! OMG! OMG! If you’ve never used a Tantra Chair to have sex then you must try it ASAP! Last night was so amazing that I’m going to buy myself a sex chair tonight so I can have it in my condo ready to use all of the time!

-What I’ve Learned About Sex Chairs In The Past 24 Hours-


I’ve learned that I need a Tantra Chair ASAP!

Sex chairs are designed for sex first and sitting second. They enhance sex positions, look discreet, and are easy to clean.

To the average eye, a Tantra Chair looks like a sleek, and sexy modern sofa, but in all actuality they are designed for people, like myself, that want to experience new and more fulfilling sexual experiences!

The Tantra Chair allows you to be penetrating from multiple different angles that I have never felt before in my life, and I know that with a little more practice on a Tantra Chair I will have intense orgasms due to the way that my g-spot will be hit.

You might have seen cheap knockoffs out there, but having sex on the real Tantra Chair will seriously change your life! It’s all that I can think about today! I don’t even like the guy that I had sex with last night, but he owns a Tantra Chair, and that means I’m texting him now because I really need as much practice as possible…I really want to feel that same intense orgasm over and over again that I felt last night. I really think that the Tantra Chairs is going to change the way I have sex forever!!!

-About The Tantra Chair-


The Tantra Chair is the world’s first and finest Kama Sutra chair!

Since 2003, the Tantra Chair has been enhancing the sex lives of people that want to enjoy sex to it’s fullest capabilities…and I now see why.

Honestly, I thought that sex chairs were just for people that thought they were forward-thinkers about sex. But after just one experience on a sex chair I think Tantra Chairs are for everyone, and I don’t understand why I haven’t seen more of these around. I really need to get the word out as much as possible because everyone needs to have sex on a Tantra Chair at least one time. But one time will lead to multiple times.

If your sex life isn’t as “hot” as it use to be, then the Tantra Chair is the exact spark you and your partner need to get your passion for sex back on track.

Seriously, research Kama Sutra positions online, buy a Tantra Chair, and enjoy being with your partner over and over and over again like you never thought was possible.

-The Tantra Chair Let’s You Be More Creative-


I was in positions last night that I never knew were possible. Like I said, I didn’t even like the guy I was having sex with last night, but the Tantra Chair made it worthwhile. And watch the videos again at the top of the article so you can see how sexually creative the Tantra Chair allows you to be. I had an orgasm last night in a position that I could only be in because of the Tantra Chair!

-How Does The Tantra Chair Work?-


It must be magic. I honestly don’t know how or why it works, but It works. If you visit the Tantra Chair website they explain how it works in detail, but in a nutshell the Tantra Chair changes the direction of your pelvic area while supporting your body in ways that allow for a man to penetrate and hit the g-spot in angles that lead to super intense orgasms.

I never achieve an orgasm without some type of oral, but last night no oral was needed. I really can’t believe it.

Visit the Tantra Chair website to watch videos that show you exactly how it works!

-Benefits of The Tantra Chair-


I highly recommend that everyone visit the Tantra Chair website to learn how sexually beneficial it is for all body shapes, and all age groups! You don’t have to be young and fit to enjoy the benefits that the Tantra Chair provides.

From my personal experience with the Tantra Chair last night, here is what really stood out to me:

1) More intense orgasms for both women and men!

2)Multiple orgasms without the need of oral sex!

3)Ability to stay comfortable no matter what position you’re in!

I’m sure there are so many more benefits that the Tantra Chair provides, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what they are!

-Video Presentations Showing The Tantra Chair in Action-


Instead of reading about how the Tantra Chair works, watch videos of people using the Tantra Chair so you can get a better idea of why you should own one!

Click here to watch videos of people having sex on the Tantra Chair!

-Dual Arc Design-


The design of the Tantra Chair allows both people to stay comfortable no matter what position you want to be in.Β  For example, I usually hate it when a guy places all of his weight on top of me, but the Tantra Chair allows for a man to be on top without placing all of his weight on you. It’s kinda cool to be honest.

For more information on why the Tantra Chair is designed the way it is then please visit their website!

Click here for more information about the Tantra Chair’s design!

-The Tantra Chair Blog-

Check out the Tantra Chair blog and read articles that might help you decide if this piece of sex furniture is something you should introduce into your sex life!

Read Their Blog Here!

-How Much Does The Tantra Chair Cost-


Click here to see how much the Tantra Chair costs!


Everyone needs to have sex on the Tantra Chair at least one time. Sex on a Tantra Chair could lead to “Tanra Chair Sex Addiction”…..but this is the good kind of addiction!

If you have ever used a Tantra Chair, please let me know about your experience with it in the comments section!

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