Cheating and How My Boyfriend Caught Me

If you like reading naughty sex stories to pleasure yourself to, I found a really hot site that is loaded with the sexiest erotic tales that will make your wiener get super hard!

The name of the site is!

Here are a couple of erotic stories I found that I think might get you super horny!

-Cheating Sex Stories and How My Boyfriend Caught Me-


I have always been a little slut, so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that I write a lot of cheating sex stories. First, I want to tell you that I try to be faithful, I really do. But, it is just so hard to avoid temptation, which I can’t ever seem to do. I can’t help it. I see a hot man and my nipples tighten and my Pussy just juices up. And, when that happens, I have to take care of my cravings. And of course, it always ends up with me being an unfaithful girlfriend.

Sigh…what’s a slut to do?

Even an innocent trip to the grocery store can turn into some hot sexy fun for me. And, that is exactly where this adventure happened. You see, I was just walking down the aisle, minding my own business, when a well-muscled arm reached beside me to grab a drink off the shelf in front of me. When he deep sexy voice said “Excuse me Darlin’” I was like Pavlova’s dogs and my panties instantly soaked. I turned my head to see what he looked like and our eyes locked…

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-Young Homewrecker – Girl Next Door Turned Cum Slut Part 1-


The young homewrecker isn’t a virgin anymore. This is how I turned from the sweet girl-next-door into a cum slut.

Growing up, I was always very interested in sex. It started at a very young age for me, around nine or ten years old. I never knew why the subject of sex fascinated me that much, I like to think maybe because growing up in a strict household, caused me to maybe rebel a bit in my later teen years. You could say that there was one night in particular that basically changed me, and helped me become the confident sexual lady I am today.

I lived next door to this married couple. I would say that they were both at least in their late thirties. The wife is decent looking but the husband, oh my, he was something. Standing about six feet tall with short dark hair and green eyes, and a body that I just needed to have. I had finally turned 18 and I had made it a goal to somehow find a way to seduce him. I knew his type, he was married but you know he likes them barely legal. The girls with the nice perky tits, the hot cheerleader type body, and of course the tight wet pussy too. I knew that this would be a lot easier than I thought.

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-Twas The Night Before Christmas With Ellie And Santa-


Twas The Night Before Christmas with Ellie and Santa

Twas the night before Christmas, with no one at home.

But I butt ass naked, lying here alone.

Warm massage oils waiting on my nightstand,

With hopes that Santa would lend me a hand.

Impatiently waiting, I lie in my bed,

Visions of Santas cock dance in my head.

My hand slowly moves across my chest,

Waiting on Santa to kiss on my breast.

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I hope these stories made you a little horny!

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