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OMG! I Found Topless Selfies of Myself from 2018 On My iPhone Just Now

I was trying to find a pic on my iPhone just now and I found a few topless and nude selfies that I’m considering sharing with any of my readers that emails me…But I’m still thinking about it…My boobs look pretty spectacular in them if I’m being honest…Well, I think they look really good at least.

Here are a couple of the selfies that start out clean then end up with my fake boobs taking center stage…I can’t remember which guy I was sending these to…


For instance I wasn’t sure if I wanted to send this guy a completely topless selfie pic, so I took this one…

What is wrong with me here!


Then probably 9 seconds later I gave in to his requests and sent him this one..

My Boobs Look Really Nice In This Selfie

I can only show the bottom half of the pic…so if you want the top part then I might consider sharing it…but I have to think about it for the night…Honestly I don’t even know if anyone wants to see some year and a half old topless selfies of me anyways. I’ve just had 2 glasses of wine and shouldn’t be blogging anyway.

Ugh I miss being a slut!!! I need to get back on Tinder or do something soon so I can get laid..I hate being quarantined!!!

6 thoughts on “OMG! I Found Topless Selfies of Myself from 2018 On My iPhone Just Now

  1. Really lol omg you know I would love any selfie of you you look so amazing beautiful to me best booty and breast to die for lol and would love to get to k now ya and make you smile ;)Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note9.


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