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Tease N’ Please My Booty

Tease N' Please My Booty

I’ve always enjoyed anal sex, but ever since the cornoavirus quarantine went into effect I’ve found myself loving anal sex more than ever, but instead of having a man pound away on my booty I’ve been using a variety of anal sex toys to help satisfy my booty cravings!

Before COVID-19 I only used sex toys on my clit to help achieve quick orgasms, but since the quarantine I’ve dabbled in many different types of sex toys, and I discovered that anal sex toys are AMAZING!

Everyone should be using anal sex toys, this includes both straight and gay men, as well as ALL of my fellow ladies, because of how pleasurable they really are.

I totally understand that anal sex toys can be very intimidating for all of you first timers out there that aren’t used to having things in your butt, so I’m going to show you how to properly tease n’ please your booty with anal sex toys..and trust me, you’re going to love it.

Tips For First Timers: What You Should Know Before Playing With Anal Sex Toys

Tip #1 – Go Solo Before Inviting A Partner To Play With

Masturbating allows us to learn what we prefer sexually over what we don’t enjoy and anal play is no different. Using anal sex toys alone on yourself is one of the best, as well as most comfortable, ways to begin your anal sex toy journey.

The first time you experiment with a new anal sex toy might result in some surprising sensations. Playing solo gives you the chance to be both the giver and the receiver, which is super helpful when you do eventually add another person to the mix.

Don’t let your partner use anal sex toys on you until you know what you like, and what you don’t like. Trust me, anal sex toys are very fun to use with others, but when you know what you like it’s way more fun and enjoyable.

Tip #2 – Go Number 2 Or Use An Enema

You may want to go #2 an hour before you start playing around with anal toys so you don’t have to worry about having any accidents that may interrupt and ruin your experience.

And if you want to make certain to not have a messy accident you may want to use an enema to make sure that your bowels are completely empty.

Tip # 3- Take A Shower Or Bath Before Starting

Booty play can be very messy, so make sure you’re butthole is super clean before you start playing with any type of anal sex toy.

Tip #4 – Don’t Play With Multiple Holes Ladies

Hey ladies, if you don’t want a UTI (urinary tract infection) then don’t use the same sex toys on your vagina that were just inside your booty. We all know not to wipe from back to front, and the same goes for sex toys.

Tip #5 – Choose The Type Of Anal Toy To Play With


When it comes to anal sex toys the selection is vast and wide, so I’m going to recommend which toys I think your booty will get the most enjoyment from.

Also, please visit Tease N Please if you want to order any of the anal sex toys that I recommend below because Tease N Please is where I shop for all of my anal sex toys.


I love butt plugs, not just because they prepare you for having anal sex with a partner, but because they provide pleasurable sensations when you use them alone.

Since pressure is what enables many people to climax and experience great pleasure, both vaginally and anally, butt plugs facilitate sexual pleasure, because they apply pressure to erogenous zones and create the feeling of fullness.

Jenny’s Favorite Butt Plug: Fantasy For Her – Her Little Gems Small Plug

Fantasy For Her - Her Little Gems Small Plug

I love this butt plug because of its petite size which I believe is ideal for all beginners, and it’s also very comfortable.

Click here for more information about this butt plug!


You know how butt plugs are meant to stay in your booty without going “in” and “out” like regular intercourse, well anal beads were designed to stimulated inside the body AND move “in” and “out” of the booty.

Anal beads are inserted into the butthole one at a time, creating a sensual feeling of fullness. They’re then pulled out at varying speeds, depending on the desired effect. As the beads are removed, they arouse the sensitive nerve endings of the double ringed sphincter muscle. This stimulation creates a series of pleasurable sensations, like having a muscle massaged.

Jenny’s Anal Beads Of Choice: Sassy 10 Anal Beads

Sassy 10 Anal Beads

These beads gradually increase in the size the deeper you go so you can be sure that your pleasure will increase as well.

Click here to learn more about Sassy 10 Anal Beads!

Now those are the 2 anal sex toys that I play with on a daily basis, and I think you should try them as well.

Tip #6 – Numb Thy Booty

I recommend that you use a product called Anal-Ese Cream when you first start playing with anal sex toys to reduce any amount of pain you may feel the first few times you use anal sex toys on yourself. Anal-Ese Cream slightly numbs your butthole and allows you to insert anal sex toys inside of you so you feel pleasure and not pain.

Anal-Ese Cream can also be purchased at Tease N’ Please.

Tip #7 – Lube, Lube, And More Lube

If someone ever tells you that too much of anything is bad for you then they’ve never had anything up their butt before because you can never have too much lube when it comes to anal play.

The anus does not lubricate naturally like the vagina, so you need to help it out a bit. Since a butt plug can stay in the body for long periods of time, you should always apply enough lubricant to ensure the easy and pleasurable removal of the plug. Our motto is ‘Slow and Slippery’.

I recommend Calexotics Premium Lube because it’s not expensive, and works great with any type of sex toy that you want to put up your booty!

Tease N Please carries this Premium Lube for only $9.99, so I’d get it from there if I were you.

Tease N Please Provides More Than Amazing Anal Sex Toys


Tease & Please is an adult boutique that offers sex toys for women, men, and couples in the below categories:

For Her

For Him

Couple Sex Toys



The thought of using anal sex toys for the first time can be scary. There are a lot of taboos, tall tales and a good deal of misinformation that can confuse people, and cause fear. The most important part to making the experience pleasurable is education and using the best anal sex toys available today.

Please visit Tease N Please today to get started on your anal sex toy adventure!

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