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Women Find Men With Beards Sexy!

Women Find Men With Beards Sexy!
Okay men of the world, put down those razors and grow out your beards because women find men with beards way more sexy than men without them!

Growing out your beard will not only make your face warmer, it’ll also improve your sex life because all women love a man with a beard. And by “beards” I mean, big & bushy beards that we can run our fingers through!

This fun fact was found by a team of Australian scientists who surveyed 8,000 Aussie women, and showed them a series of pictures of clean shaven men, then pics of the same men with five days of stubble, then 10 days of stubble, and finally two weeks of untrimmed bushy beards.

The ladies were then asked to rate the pics from sexiest to least sexy, and over 80% of the women chose the pictures of the men with the longest beards to be the sexiest! The majority of the women also stated that they would rather have a long-term relationship with bearded men over men who were clean shaven!

The Australian scientists proved without a question of doubt that women find men with beards sexy than men without beards….so why would any man not have a beard?

Jenny Did Her Own Scientific Study on the “Sexiness” of Men with Beards!

Okay, I’m no Australian scientist, but I did my very own research, and my scientific finding have proven that guys with beards make women, including myself, wetter than guys without them, and I’m not alone.

Here’s a text I sent to 20 of my female friends:

Me: “Quick question, but if you’re on a date with a guy for the first time does he have a better chance at having sex with you at the end of the night if he has a beard or if he’s clean shaven?”

Emma: “Beard”

Mia: “Duh beard”

Tiffany: “Why the stupid question Jen of course a guy with a beard has a better chance at scoring with me”

Chloe: “Has to have a beard”

Lily: “I prefer beards”

Addison: “beard”

Natalie: “BEARD”

Audrey: “Beard”

Lucy: “Beards are so hot”

Samantha: “lol if a guy doesn’t have a beard then no way is he getting any on the first date.”

Emily: “No beard no one-night-stand”

Madison: “Don’t all guys have beards. LOL”

Victoria: “I don’t know the last time I slept with anyone who didn’t have a beard”

Grace: “beard”

Abigail: “beard..are you high? A guy has to have a beard 110%”

Maya: “beard”

Alice: “Beard”

Cora: “If he’s nice I don’t care”

Sadie: “Guys with beards are HOT”

Kaylee: “Beard!!!”

Based on the data from my own personal survey, 19 out of 20 of my sexually active female friends straight up find men with beards sexier than men without, and my friend Cora just wants to meet a nice guy, and guys with beards can be “nice guys”, so I’m going to just say that 20 out of 20 women find men with beards sexier and more attractive than men without beards. And it would be 21 out of 21 when I include myself to the results! I may not be a scientist, but I play one on my blog, and it’s a FACT that women find men with beards EXTREMELY sexy!

Maybe guys that are clean shaven just don’t know how to care for a beard correctly and that’s why they shave everyday? That could be why. But not all guys who have beards use the right products to keep their beards healthy and clean looking…and a scraggly unkempt beard is almost as bad as not having a beard at all.

This is why I want to make sure that ALL men, the ones with beards just as much as the ones without beards, know about the company The Duke of Normandy!!

If you have a beard then please visit The Duke of Normandy because they have amazing products that will keep your beard looking super sexy. And if you don’t have then please grow one ASAP and then visit The Duke of Normandy right away so your new face of hair is taken care of properly right from the start!

About The Duke of Normandy

The owners of The Duke of Normandy are originally from South Florida, and are simply a group of self-proclaimed connoisseurs of badassery. From their growing love of axe throwing, ale, renaissance fests and of course beards, they figured they may as well start a Viking themed beard care company and thus the Duke of Normandy was born.

First and foremost they’re a company dedicated to providing high quality and natural male grooming products with a Viking edge. Vikings were not just badass warriors, they had hardcore hairstyles, groomed beards, and healthy skin that made them legendary.

Raid their store and you’ll discover their beard care products not only smell great but also give you great style that everyone will notice. Just remember that it’s always best to Groom Like a Viking.

Most Popular Products at The Duke of Normandy

Not sure what products to use on your beard to keep it as sexy as possible? Well that’s where I come in; I mean I find men with beards super hot, so please listen to my advice if you want to have the best sex life possible and purchase these products below so your beard stays extremely sexy for as long as you have it…and trust me, you always want to have it!


Sitric Silkbeard is derived from a subtle and musky combination of Sandalwood and Bergamot which provides a long-lasting manly scent. Highly recommended for the refined, Gentleman Viking. Stay classy. FREE shipping on all Wolf Packs to US locations.

Learn more about the SITRIC SILKBEARD WOLF PACK!


Leif Erikson is derived from an invigorating, woodsy combination of Balsam Pine and Vetiver. Whether you are chopping down trees or in the boardroom, Leif Erikson will keep your beard as fresh as mountain air all day. FREE shipping on all Wolf Packs to US locations.

Learn more about the LEIF ERIKSON WOLF PACK!


Erik the Red is derived from a unique combination of orange, vanilla, and cedarwood. What does it smell like? Imagine, after a long day of battle, Erik the Red hit up an ice cream truck and ordered a nice, refreshing creamsicle. Intrigued? Curious? Unexplainably aroused? We agree. Add to your cart and experience it for yourself. FREE shipping on all Wolf Packs to US locations.

Learn more about the ERIK THE RED WOLF PACK​!



Remember men of the world, you might hear a woman ask you to take out the bin of garbage on trash days, but you will NEVER hear a woman ask you to shave all of the hair from your face EVER.

So listen to what women aren’t saying, and grow your beard out!

Also, please keep your beard looking as sexy as possible by visiting The Duke of Normandy today and tell them that Jenny sent ya!

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