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I’m Going To Look So Hot at the Next Swinger’s Party..Thanks to Feggings!

Now that this whole COVID-19 quarantine is wrapping up, the swinger parties in my state of California are going to be starting up again, and thanks to Feggings I’m going to look so hot having sex with my pants still on!

Jenny, What Are Feggings?

Feggings is a site that sells the ABSOLUTE best and sexiest leather crotch zipper pants sold anywhere online today!

The people over at Feggings understand that “crotch zipper” is a fetish statement more than a fashion statement. They were inspired by latex pants and latex catsuit zippers, and they have bridged fétichisme to the mainstream.

Trust me, when you see a woman in a pair of leather crotch zipper leggings all you’ll think about is how fun sexy they are, and that’s why I’ll be wearing them at every single swinger’s party I’ll be attending this year!


If there is one item that will become my signature piece over the next year or so, not ONLY at swinger parties, but anywhere I go, it’s going to be crotch zipper leggings from I can literally wear those things with anything (and they will be as caliente as Franks Red Hot sauce) – sweaters, dressy blouses, casual plaid shirts, even dresses; you name it, I’ll probably pair it with leather crotch zipper leggings (or I will, soon enough). I love that a good pair of leather crotch zipper leggings will dress up just about any top you have hanging in your closet and that they can take a simple look with a regular pair of legging and transform it into the sexiest outfit anyone will see that day.

Jenny, How Did You Discover Crotch Zipper Leggings?

After drooling over a pair of crotch zipper pants that I saw on a porn star on a porn tube site, I broke down and did a google search for crotch zipper leggings, and while doing so I stumbled upon the site Feggings, and I have to say, they have the Holy Grail of crotch zipper leggings and crotch zipper pants overall. They fit like a glove, have tons of stretch and are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing leather because I usually hate wearing leather pants, but the crotch zipper leggings from Feggings are EXTREMELY comfy…and they make my booty look AMAZING!

Are Crotch Zipper Legging Expensive?

The price tag seems a bit steep at first – average price is around $169, but as low as $69) – but I CANNOT emphasize enough that it is totally worth it. If I could get away with wearing them every single day. I absolutely would, no question. They are the best leggings I’ve ever owned, and you need to own them too.

The Negatives of Crotch Zipper Leggings

The ONLY negative of wearing crotch zipper leggings from Feggings is that everyone that sees you in them won’t be able to stop staring at your booty and wishing they could unzip them and start pounding away on you…but other than that you can wear them anywhere you go.

Crotch Zipper Legging Make Sex Even Better

If you’re a woman reading this then I highly urge you visit Feggings today and purchase a pair of crotch zipper leggings ASAP! Your man will appreciate them more than you can imagine, and you’ll both have so much fun having sex in them.

Don’t tell your man that you ordered them though…I suggest you put them on, call your man into the kitchen, or bedroom, or any room you want to have sex in, let him see your booty in the crotch zipper leggings, bend over and slowly unzip the leggings to reveal your booty and ask him to come and get it! Trust me, it’ll be the hottest sex you’ve had together since the first time you met!

Does Feggings ONLY Sell Crotch Zipper Leggings?

Nope. Feggings doesn’t only sell crotch zipper leggings, but EVERYTHING they sell is EXTREMELY sexy! Visit their site and check out their selections of BDSM apparel, Bikinis, Crotch Zipper Leggings, Disco Pants, Goth apparel, High Heels, Leather Leggings, Leggings, Lingerie, Makeup, and Men’s Watches selections!

Jenny’s Top 3 Favorite Pair of Crotch Zipper Legging from Feggings

If you’re having a difficult time deciding which pair of crotch zipper leggings to purchase from Feggings them I recommend the 3 pairs below…

Crotch Zipper Black Leather Leggings Pants

Stretchy tight fitting shiny black leather head to head sliders crotch zipper leggings pants makes a wonderful gift to oneself or someone who you know. We use a number 10 size moulded plastic zipper. There are two sliders facing each other. The fabric is thinner, stretchy and somewhat shiny. It is less shiny than the super shiny vinyl fabric. We love these leggings or Capri if you are tall or have long legs because they hug every curve yet black favours every detail. A black leggings padlock can be added to the two sliders on the zippers if you have searched our site you surely have come across the red leather crotch zipper with padlock.

Visit Feggings to learn more about these Crotch Zipper Leather Leggings!

Crotch Zipper Red Leather Leggings Pants

Crotch Head to head Zipper Red Faux Leather Leggings Pants with heart padlock makes a BDSM fetish SM fashion statement. A very suggestive garment. Forbidden on Facebook and Pinterest. If worn to school such as college or university, the administrators would probably set up a dress code to stop one from wearing it in public. Maybe the zipper is fake, would that be ironic. Head to head zipper, unlocked, it would be easy access.

Visit Feggings to learn more about these Crotch Zipper Red Leather Leggings!

Leather Short Black Crotch Zipper

Unique black leather crotch head to head sliders zipper size 10 makes an original fashion or better yet Fetish statement. We rarely see a full crotch zipper on a pair of shorts, so we decided to make them. Short are great for the summer and these ones will make their mark fashion wise. We hope that you will appreciate them with the two seams on the back.

Visit Feggings to learn more about these Leather Short Black Crotch Zipper!

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