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TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND: Best Icebreaker Game to Get a Swinger’s Party of 4 Started! [2023 UPDATE]

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The hardest part of hosting a great party is getting it started, am I right?

At most social gatherings, the guests have a tendency to just stand around, waiting for the host to make a move. If you’re the host of a swinger’s party, the best way to get people mingling and get the party going is to introduce a few icebreaker games.

Jenny, Why Games?

Because games are especially great for a new couple that is just getting started into the swinger lifestyle, as it helps to pull them out of their comfort zone and get them into the action, which typically results in them having a great night with you and your swinging partner.

There are several sexy adult games you can play to kick-start your intimate swinger’s party with just one couple, or many couples…The most important thing is that you select games that will work well with the number of guests present at your party. If the group is large, card games may not be ideal as they can be slow and keep people out of action for too long. Not everyone will participate in the games, so for those who choose not to participate, the games you select must be entertaining for them to watch.

Most Common & Very BORING Swinger’s Party Games

I’ve attended my fair share of swinger’s parties over the past couple of years, and the games that come up the mopst are:

1 – Truth or Dare

I mean this game is okay and all when you’re in high school, but it’s very lame when you’re an adult trying to have sex with another couple…it’s just not for me I guess..I cannot recommend this game for any swinger event.

2 – Spin The Bottle

Again, I have seen couples play this at a swinger’s party trying to set the mood, but honestly, spin the bottle should only be played by teenagers who are trying to get their first “French kiss”…..Once again, I cannot recommend this game for any swinger event.

3 – Naked Twister

I’ve played “Naked” twister at a few swinger parties in the past, and honestly, it didn’t really get anyone horny…it was very lame, and I do not recommend anyone play any version of Twister if they’re trying to have sex with someone’s spouse at a swinger’s party.

4 – Couples Speed Dating

This is a really good way to get people interacting with each other…but for this game to actually work you need a LARGE group..this game will NOT work well if you are just two couples trying to break-the-ice and set the mood for a night of wife-swapping action!

Jenny, What is the BEST Game that Leads to Wife-Swapping Sex?

So this past weekend my guy friend Sean and I hung out with just one other couple because EVERYTHING is closed where we live due to COVID-19 restrictions, and thanks to TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND, what I thought was going to be a lame night of watching NETFLIX programming instead turned into a small orgy…and my friend Sean who has never had a threesome, participated in his first foursome..once again thank to TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND!

I highly recommend playing TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND if you and your partner want to break-the-ice with another potential swinging couple because this game is so much fun and really allows you let your inhibitions run wild!


Are you looking to spice up your love life with your partner? Tired of the same old routine in the bedroom?

TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND is a fun-filled game that can be played amongst couples, with a third person, or in a group.

Blame It On The Game…TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND that is!

With the release of their flagship product, TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND, they have created a naughty adult playground where “You Set The Environment, and TXP Takes It There.”™

Let me further explain: By playing TXP, you eliminate awkwardness and simply “Blame it on the game.”™

“TXP” is a fun filled game that can be played amongst couples, with a third person, or in groups of up to six players.

Giving you an opportunity to explore different sexual realms and suggestively take you to sexual heights you might have needed help discovering or venturing into.


TXP IS the Best Adult Sex Game Ever! Providing a platform for adults who have something in common, their love for venturing into new heights when it comes to their sexual intimacy.

TXP is a fun-filled game that can be played amongst couples, with a third person, or in a group.

It will provide an opportunity to explore different sexual realms and suggestively take you to a sexual height you might have needed help discovering.

Jenny, is TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND Great For Swingers?

Absolutely TXP is a great way for couples to test out their “swinging” boundries and see how far they can take their intimacy in areas where they have NEVER crossed before.

Jenny, where can you buy TXP and for how much?

Please visit the Triple X Playground website right now to see the current price on this naughty game!

Jenny, What are the benefits of playing Triple X Playground?

Triple X Playground is a “Holistic Tool” that’s designed to help couples with those unfulfilled moments waiting to be unleashed. By providing the most exciting fantasies in order to reach the highest levels of climax.

Bridging the gap of communication, build trust, and creating stronger bonds in any adult relationship free of judgment and awkwardness.


With Triple X Playground in your life you will NEVER have another boring night EVER again! You will be able to venture into new heights when it comes to sexual intimacy with your partner alone, or with other couples that have the same sexual dynamic as yourself!

Please visit Triple X Playground today and order yourself the BEST adult communication tool ever!

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