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Sorry clean shaven men, but thanks to Beard Justice men with beards are better at sex than you are!

I want to start this article by showing you two pictures. The first picture will be of a very sexy man, and the second picture will be of a non-sexy man. Let’s begin.

Pic of a sexy man below…


Now let’s take a look at the pic below showing a non-sexy man…


Both men are wearing suits, but only one has a beard. Therefore only one of them is sexy.

I love men that have beards, I mean I really love men that have beards, and I believe that ALL women should men with beards, and I’m going to tell you why!

Maintaining a Beard Takes Responsibility & Commitment

Growing a beard takes time and requires a lot of commitment, and women love themselves a man that can commit to something! In order for a beard to look and stay healthy, sexy, and clean, a man must know how to properly groom it as well as knowing what type of beard oil to use for it as well.

For women, just like our nails, hair and our body hair need to be trimmed and conditioned on a regular basis and with some extra care, beards also require special attention, washing, conditioning, trimming and other maintenance as well.

A man who is willing to commit to keeping himself looking clean, neat and well-groomed, despite having a full grown beard, surely shows a sign that he’s willing to take the responsibility and commit to a serious relationship and a meaningful future for you both as well!

Growing a Beard Requires Patience

Beards don’t just grow out overnight. Rather, men who decide to grow out a beard pass through an itchy and not so pleasurable stubble phase and through some awkward and even embarrassing moments of having ugly patches on their faces until they are fully grown and ready to be proudly presented to the world.

Most men quickly give up on the idea of growing a beard after experiencing issues such as facial rashes, itching, and getting some unsightly bald spots and patches when trying to grow a beard. But a man that has patience will grow a beautiful sexy beard for the whole world to be in awe of. And a man with patience is a man that women find sexy.

Also, a man with patience will test out multiple beard grooming products until he finds the correct one to use, while men with zero patience will try just one beard wax product then give up and shave off their beard. No patience equals zero sex appeal.

Patience is a virtue that women long for in a man, especially when it comes to starting and maintaining a serious and meaningful relationship with another person.

Patience is also a strong virtue when it comes to sex. I need a man that is patient and willing to do everything he can in order to give me an orgasm; a man with zero patience will be finished with sex the moment he blows his load. I have had a LOT of sex with a LOT of different men over the years, and I’ve noticed than men with beards have given me way more orgasms than clean shaven men have!

Sorry clean shaven men, but men with beards are better at sex than you are!

A Man with a Beard Comes Across as More Mature and Masculine

Women love dating men that are mature and masculine, and men with beards come across as being more mature and masculine than clean shaven men are. Again, a man with a beard may not be very mature or masculine, but he will come across as if he is just by having a beard.

Seriously, when I wake up in the morning after having had sex with a bearded man, I’m ready to go at it again the moment I see him standing in front of a mirror using a beard comb! Again, he may not be mature, but a man that owns a beard comb sure comes off as being mature AF!

If you are looking for a more serious relationship and want to feel super feminine and cared for by your partner, then dating a man with a beard is a step forward towards achieving your goals and towards getting into the perfect relationship.

Beards are Sexy to Touch

I love rubbing a man’s bushy beard after we’ve had sex. It makes me feel as if a real man just had his way with me, and not some wimpy clean shaven geek. Plus kissing a man with a beard is a huge turn on as well. But if you plan on dating a man with a beard, make sure he has a really great beard comb, because a beard and mustache can tickle your face if it’s not combed correctly!

Men with Beards are Healthier than Clean-Shaven Men

If you’re a woman like me, I want to date and fall in love with a man that is at the top of his health.

The beard has a natural function of protecting the face from different weather conditions, such as heat, cold, rain or frost. This means that men with beards are much less likely to catch a cold, or suffer from sunburn, or some of the dangerous repercussions from being exposed to the harmful UV sunlight, such as skin cancer.

These are just a few reasons why I believe that men with beards are better to date and be with than clean-shaven men. But the number 1 reason overall is that men with beards are extremely sexy to look at, kiss, have sex with, and wake up next to.

And ladies, if you have never seen a man look at you while applying beard care products to his face, then you have not lived.

Best Products for A Man’s Beard

If you’re a man with a beard, or if you’re a woman that has a boyfriend or husband with a beard, then I highly recommend that you visit BEARD JUSTICE as soon as possible because they take pride in every product they produce; seriously, BEARD JUSTICE has the best beard care products that a man needs in order to keep his beard looking as sexy as possible…and trust me when I SCREAM FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS that all women in the world want beards to look as sexy as possible.

About Beard Justice

If you have a beard, and if you want to drive women crazy, then you have to keep it groomed and looking as sexy as possible, and this is where The BEARD JUSTICE comes in. They have the beard care products that all men can gain sex appeal by using…Not only does BEARD JUSTICE have the BEST Beard Care Kits sold today, they offer an AMAZING range of Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Beard Growth Oils, and Beard Combs just to name a few….Seriously, no matter what it is that you’ll need to make your beard looking as SEXY as possible, you will find it at BEARD JUSTICE today!

Jenny’s FAVORITE Beard Care Products Sold at Beard Justice

You can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to purchase and use from Beard Justice’s AMAZING selection of beard care products, but if you are having a difficult time deciding on what you should be using, then I highly suggest you start with these 5 items below…


If you’re a man that is serious about looking as SEXY as possible then Beard Justice’s BEARD CARE KIT is EXACTLY what you’ll need to look your damn BEST!

The Beard Justice BEARD CAR KIT includes:

1 x 30g Beard Balm
1 x 30ml Beard Oil
1 x Beard Brush
1 x Beard Comb
1 x Storage Bag

Visit Beard Justice to learn more about their BEARD CARE KIT!


Below are ALL of the BENEFITS provided by Beard Justice’s ORGANIC BEARD GROWTH OIL:

1.Long-lasting Moisturize, and prevent flaking, dandruff and skin dryness!

Beard oil acts as a moisturizer that goes straight to the hair follicle and prevents hair from growing brittle and prevent the natural moisture of the beard from reducing by bad weather conditions. Hydration around this area helps prevent flaking, dandruff and skin dryness.

2.Promote the growth of Beard!

Beard Oil can promote the growth of the beard and make it denser.

3.Makes the beard softer and smoother!

Beard oil also works as a grooming tool, making the beard itself more manageable, neat and smooth.

4.Give more shine for the beard!

Beard oil also improves your beard looking by giving it a little shine, makes the beard look healthier.

Visit Beard Justice to learn more about their ORGANIC BEARD GROWTH OIL!


5 Reasons Why ALL Men Need to Use Beard Justice’s ORGANIC FACE BEARD OIL:

1 – Absorbed quickly and deeply into your beard hairs

2 – Make the beard more manageable.

3 – Make your beard shiny and healthy.

4 – It is also worked on the burliest of beards

5 – Within an hour, touching your beard you will feel no oil at all.

Visit Beard Justice to learn more about their ORGANIC FACE BEARD OIL!


4 Pcs/set Barbe Beard Growth Kit Hair Growth Enhancer Set Beard Growth Essential Oil Facial Beard Care Set Best Gift for Men!

Visit Beard Justice to learn more about their BEARD GROWTH KIT HAIR GROWTH ENHANCER!


Just because us ladies LOVE a full face of hair on our men, we do prefer them to be fully groomed everywhere else, and this PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC BODY & BACK SHAVER will make sure all of you men are perfectly groomed!

Visit Beard Justice to learn more about this ELECTRIC BODY & BACK SHAVER!


If you have a beard then all women will want a piece of you, and if you don’t have a beard then grow one.

And make sure you visit BEARD JUSTICE to purchase all of the beard care & beard growth products required to keep your beard looking sexy, healthy, and clean!

If you’re a man with a beard reading this, please email me pics of your face so I can see how sexy you look! If you’re a man with a clean-shaven face reading this, grow a beard and then please email me pics of you, and your new sexy beard!

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