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Best Places Outside the Bedroom to Get It On!

So I get a couple hundred emails per month from all of you wonderful readers…thank you by the way!

Over the last 30 days I’ve been asking everyone who has emailed me where they like having sex other than a bedroom, and I’ve taken the TOP 15 answers from the first 100 readers that sent me their answers….I know this isn’t the Family Feud, but these answer may be the same as yours based on statistics (I know nothing about statistics, I’m just trying to sound more intelligent than I am)….

#1 – Kitchen counter

I can’t believe that this made the number 1 spot…I mean I’m kind of a slut and all, and not even I have ever had sex on a kitchen counter. Go figure!

#2 – Dining room

Again I was shook to my core when I first saw how the dining room was performing in the poll..yes I’ve had sex on and under dinning room tables before, but it’s not a sexy spot to have sex.

#3 – On a chair

If you’ve never had sex on a chair don’t worry about it because it’s not that spectacular.

#4 – The shower

I thought this would have been the number one place where people get freaky that wasn’t a bedroom, but boy was I wrong!

#5 – Bath tub

If you’ve never had sex in a bath tub, take my advice and don’t try it…seriously, banging in the bath tub is sounds like a sexy idea, but once you do it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

#7 – A car

I’ve screwed my fair share in cars, and never have I enjoyed it…but I do like giving road head on both short drives as well as long road trips. I beg all of you ladies reading this to blow your man the next time you’re alone in the car together; it’s fun, but make sure to remind your man to keep his eyes on the road, because just like banging in a tub is dangerous, so is sucking on a wiener during highway traffic!

#8 – Balcony

Having sex on a balcony is fun as long as you don’t mind people watching you..I don’t mind people watching have sex, but my neighbors might.

#9 – The closet

This was number 1 for parents who have teenagers living with them, I guess they want to be quiet enough so their kids can’t hear them having sex.

#10 – Backyard/Pool/Jacuzzi

I lumped all three of these spots into one, and I have of course have had threesomes in a pool, and a Jacuzzi, and in a backyard!

If you didn’t email me your answers please do and I’ll update this list every week!

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