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Sorry Fellas, but thanks to Edonista, Orgasms are Better with Sex Toys

Sorry guys, but orgasms are way better with sex toys!

You may think that a girl like me must have been playing with sex toys ever since I started masturbating, but that’s actually far from the yruth. I actually never really used sex toys until the Covid-19 pandemic started over 2 years when it was almost impossible to call up a guy to come over and give me some good wiener.

So way back in 2020 I began experimenting with sex toys, mostly luxury vibrators, more than ever before in my lifetime to help get me off since I couldn’t meet up with real men to have sex with, and I have to admit that orgasms from sex toys are way better than from an actual penis during sex….and thanks to Edonista, an online sexual wellness boutique, I may NEVER need to meet up with men again to achieve AMAZING orgasms!

I feel kinda bad for guys because they don’t stand a chance against a sex toy when it comes to making a girl cum; sex toys totally have an unfair advantage because they’re man-made and specifically designed to get a woman off.

For instance, Rabbit Vibrators and Wand Massagers, are examples of sex toys that are either extremely powerful, or gentle, or intense, depending on how you want to get yourself off…men only have one speed most of the time, and they usually can’t get women off because they ejaculate faster than a woman can achieve climax..but sex toys have batteries, or are rechargeable, and they don’t quit until a woman achieves an orgasm..or multiple orgasms in cases such as mine.

I’m not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings, or harm the egos of all of you men out there, but I urge all of you women reading this to go and get yourself a new sex toy from Edonista’s selection of luxury vibrators & stimulators TODAY so you can have amazing orgasms ALL of the time! Trust me, Edonista’s luxury vibrators for women are guaranteed to make you squirt!

Other Benefits Provided By Edonista‘s Sex Toys for Women…

Sex Toys Help Reduce Stress

With everything that has gone on over the past 26 months due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 quarantine, both stress and anxiety have been building up, and sex toys can give you a safe, private and quick way to let off some of your built up stress so you’re ready to face the challenges of life once more. And even though the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end, right now is the time when we need sex toys more than ever.

Sex Toys Let You Discover What Turns You on

It’s important to really know what turns you on. With such a variety of sex toys on the market you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! Strokers are a popular male toy, but have you tried one with a butt plug? Gay and straight men like them just the same. Experimenting with sex toys alone makes you more aware of your body and will help you tell your lover what they should do to you in the bedroom!

Sex Toys Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep problems are the actual worst. Using a sex toy to masturbate is a great way to get your mind and body ready for sleep whether you’re anxious, have a thrown off sleep pattern, or your mind won’t shut off. Having an orgasm before you go to bed causes the body to get exhausted due to the release dopamines and oxytocin.

Sex Toys Enhance Your Overall Mood

Due to the release of endorphins when orgasming, masturbating with sex toys makes you happy. You don’t have to reach a full blown orgasm to relieve a little tension while masturbating with a sex toy, but just simply teasing the genitals will do the trick to turn any frown upside down!

Sex Toys Help Couples Set The Mood

Sex toys for couples are a great way to get foreplay going in the bedroom for couples! The longer couples are together the less foreplay they tend to have, but sex toys allow couples to spend more time pleasuring each other before having sex.

Edonista Offers the Best Selection of Sex Toys for Women!

All women deserve to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at Edonista!

If you have NEVER experienced a mind blowing orgasm with the help of a female sexual wellness toy then please visit Edonista ASAP.

Edonistabelieves that the world would be a better place if everyone had more orgasms. They believe that every female should own at least a couple of sex toys.

With Edonista as your friend, you’ll join thousands of happy women from around the world, and enjoy the most intense orgasms of your life because the ABSOLUTE best sex toys to help women achieve orgasms are sold online at Edonista!

Edonista understands that women’s pleasure devices can be both luxurious and affordable at the same time, and thet experiencing regular orgasms will improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain, and boost your immune system. Sexual pleasure will also flood your system with oxytocin (love hormone) and reduce cortisol (stress hormone) leaving you more relaxed and less anxious.

Edonista is on the frontlines of this revolution, carving out the reputation of a sex-positive brand that educates, entertains and empowers people to discover themselves through storytelling and information.

Edonista’s collection of luxurious, female-focused vibrators and clitoral stimulators will help you get in touch with your physical needs and take your orgasms to the next level. When you prioritize self-love, you bring your busy mind back to your body, and gently reverse any disconnect from trauma or stress.

Once you appreciate and feel affection for yourself, you are primed to bond with your partner. Together you can create a nurturing environment built on conscious choice, mindfulness and respect.

Edonista Wants To Help Men & Couples Achieve Pleasure As Well

Edonista wants everyone to experience amazing sexual pleasure and that’s why they offer a wide selection of sex toys for men and sex toys for couples just as much as they offer a wide selection of sex toys for women!

They want to celebrate sexual freedom, equality and love. ALL of their sexual wellness products come from the most trusted brands in the sex toy industry, with years of experience.

It’s Edonista’s goal to present you with anything, and everything, that turns you on. Take a look around their boutique’s wide selection of sex toys, and make sure you don’t miss anything because you never know what new kink you may find!

Jenny’s Favorite Edonista Female Sexual Wellness Devices

You can’t go wrong with any sexual wellness device for women that you order from Edonista, but I’d still LOVE to share with you what my TOP 3 favorite orgasm devices from Edonista’s selection are…

Ada Rechargeable Wand Massager

Love the wand but hate it taking up so much space? Don’t worry because Edonista has you covered!

The classic cordless wand is now travel size. With multiple vibration patterns to choose from, and adjustable intensity, Ada is your perfect ally for a self-love session or to enjoy with a partner. Roommate friendly thanks to its mega silent motor. Coated with ultra-smooth silicone and fully waterproof you can take it with you to the shower or tub worry-free.

Visit Edonista to learn more about the Ada Rechargeable Wand Massager!

Colt – G-Spot Vibrator

Engineered for pleasure. Colt’s ribbed body offers max stimulation only to be topped off by its curved tip reaching the right spot every time. Packed with multiple whisper silent vibration patterns to choose from, it’s the perfect partner for solo playing or to use with a partner. Its high-quality silicone feels smooth and velvety to the touch and provides the perfect glide when adding some water-based lube.

Built to be fully waterproof and with a convenient handle and buttons placed right on it, Colt is meant to share the bathtub with you for the ultimate self-care session.

Visit Edonista to learn more about this G-Spot Vibrator!

Nina – Bullet Vibrator

Say hello to this little friend! Whether in company or playing solo Nina is the perfect addition to the occasion. Tiny, silent, and designed for portability it is the best travel vibrator. Its smooth surface feels soft and velvety on the skin and its size and shape allow it to travel easily over and around all erogenous zones.

Visit Edonista to learn more about this Bullet Vibrator!

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