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I’m Gonna Start Pole Dancing..Sorry, Not Sorry Mom!

Okay, before my reads the title of this article and freaks out, I want her to know that no I’m not going to start stripping at a strip club, but I am going to be ordering myself a stripper pole from a company by the name of X-POLE because I’m going to start a stripper pole fitness regiment ASAP!

COVID-19 Has Shut Down My Gym & I Can’t Wait Until My Gym Opens Back Up..

This coronavirus quarantine is causing serious harm to my body life because the gym in my condo is going to stay closed until the quarantine is over, and I just can’t wait any longer for gyms to open up because I’m falling more and more out of shape as each COVID-19 quarantine day passes by!

I noticed that a couple of my girlfriends, who actually are strippers, have stayed in excellent shape the past 9 months because they have a stripper pole set up in their apartment that they use every day to practice, as well as perfect, their exotic dancer skills in order to not miss a beat as soon as strip clubs open back up in California, and I noticed that their bodies still look amazing even without exercising at the gym…they ONLY use their stripper pole to work out!!!

So this got me thinking that I need to get myself a stripper pole for 3 reasons…

1 – Stripper Poles Take up ZERO Room!

My condo isn’t that large, so any type of gym equipment like an exercise back or treadmill would take up too much room…but a stripper pole literally takes up no room at all!

2 – Stripper Poles Are Excellent Work-Out Devices!

Stripper poles may look like an EXTREMELY simple device, but they actually work out your entire body from head to toe…literally!

3 – Stripper Pole Workouts Are Fun!

I’ve actually tested out my friend’s stripper pole, and it’s a super fun way of getting in shape!

Reasons Why Pole Fitness Works…

Okay, so not only will a pole fitness regiment make you healthier, it’ll also improve your sex life, and I’m a HUGE fan of looking healthy and having amazing sex!

1 – Pole Fitness Burns Calories like Super Quick!

I seriously could stand to lose 10 to 17 pounds at the moment, and pole fitness will help me strip down that unwanted weight because it’s possible to burn 500 calories in just one 30 minute session…perhaps more if I train intensely.

2 – If I Can Do It then ANYONE Can!

Seriously, anyone that wants to try out pole fitness will see how easy it actually is during their first 30 minute workout session…it’s so darn EASY!

3 – Pole Fitness Boosts Self-Confidence!

Once you get the pole fitness basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you’ll quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Once you see all of the attention that your new “pole-fitness” body is attracting from both men and women your self-esteem and confidence will grow!

4 – Pole Fitness Tightens & Tones your Muscles..Which help with Orgasms!

Anyone that’s spent much time exercising on a pole knows it works wonders for your physique. Not only do you lose unwanted body fat, but you build and tone your muscles as well. Tighter, healthier muscles don’t just look better, but function better overall.

In addition to finding it easier to do your yard work or bringing in the groceries, you’ll definitely find sex gets better. Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle benefits from your pole fitness exercise regiment just as surely as your other muscles do. Strong, high functioning PC muscles go hand in hand with stronger, better orgasms for women!

5 – It Stimulates your Nervous System & Improves your Sex Life!

Yes, a pole fitness regiment will tighten and tone your body’s muscles, but it also stimulates and improves the response of your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), and better SNS function is directly related to quicker, more intense sexual arousal.

In other words, not only should you definitely exercise on a pole regularly if you’re serious about having the best possible looking body, but your sex life will also improve as well!

6 – Pole Dancing Improves Circulation!

A pole fitness exercise regiment is famous for the way it really gets your blood pumping. It doesn’t just improve your overall cardiovascular health either. It promotes the efficient flow of blood throughout your entire body. This includes to your crotch, genitals, and sex organs. What’s more, this is the case for men and women alike.

7 – Pole Fitness Encourages Hormones to Level Out!

When you’re carrying around an extra 10 to 17 pounds like me, you can’t help but feel sluggish from time to time. It’s not just about dealing with lower energy levels and less stamina either. The more excess fat you’re carrying on your body, the more estrogen your body produces (whether you’re male or female). High estrogen levels can result in decreased libido and lower levels of arousal in both sexes.

Exercising on a pole will help regulate your hormones and keep your estrogen levels in check. According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, getting around 300 minutes of exercise every week (about 30-45 minutes a day) keeps estrogen levels where they ought to be. Just one more way reason why I’m starting a pole fitness regiment this week!

8 – Pole Fitness Makes you more Attractive on a Basic Chemical Level!

Women emit sex pheromones that attract sex partners at all times. However, these pheromones and their effects become a lot more intense when we sweat. Yes, you heard that right! Getting your “sweat on” with a pole fitness regiment actually makes you more sexually attractive on a basic chemical level.

9 – You’ll be in a Better Mood More of the Time!

In case you haven’t noticed, bad or low moods and sexual arousal rarely tend to go hand in hand. In fact, one of the best known and most dreaded depression symptoms is a lowered ability to experience pleasure of any kind, the sexual variety included. Depressed people have a harder time wanting or seeking out sex in the first place as well.

As touched on above, exercising on a pole is just as great for your mental state as it is your physical one. It can make a massive difference when it comes to alleviating depression symptoms and boosting your overall mood. In some cases, pole fitness has even been known to help people overcome depression altogether over time…I mean, if a pole can make you happier and improve your sex life at the same time, then a pole fitness regiment in my opinion is a no brainer!

10 – Pole Fitness will Increase your Stamina!

Everyone that starts a pole fitness regiment can appreciate the benefits that increased stamina and endurance bring to the table. Stick with it long enough and you’ll be able to say good-bye to getting winded just from bringing groceries from the car or climbing up a few flights of stairs! You’ll also start noticing that it’s now possible to have the kind of sex you’d probably rather be having.

Instead of having to settle for quickies because that’s all you can handle physically, you’ll eventually find those marathon sessions you could only fantasize about before are now totally doable. When combined with increased strength and flexibility, stamina makes it easier to experiment in the bedroom as well.

11 – A Pole Fitness Workout Doesn’t Feel at ALL like a Workout!

I for one HATE exercising, but a pole fitness workout doesn’t at all feel like a workout at all because it’s so fun and kind of technical at the same really is unlike any type of exercise I have ever attempted, and it’s already my FAVORITE by far!

12 – You’ll Sleep Better after Hitting the Pole!

Regular pole fitness workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you place your head on your pillow…and getting a good night’s rest is just as important as getting in a great workout, and a pole fitness workout regiment will give you both!

Jenny, Where Can I Get a Pole?

As I mentioned above, after doing some research online I came across a company by the name of X-Pole that will not only sell you a pole, but will also teach you how to use it correctly through their online pole fitness courses!

X-Pole’s online pole fitness classes are AMAZING because they teach you how to correctly use their poles so that you aren’t wasting any of your precious workout time trying to figure out the best ways to exercise on a stripper pole!

About X-Pole

X-Pole is the world’s leading suppler of pole and aerial fitness equipment. At X-POLE, it’s their goal to introduce more people to the amazing world of pole and aerial fitness. These are amongst the most empowering exercises one can engage in. They’re also great exercises for building and maintaining your core strength.

A fun alternative to a normal exercise regimen, more women are turning to the exciting world of pole and aerial fitness. If you want to learn more about any of their products, please feel free to contact them here. They are more than mere suppliers of pole and aerial fitness equipment—consider them a resource as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Try incorporating a fitness pole into your workout routine today!


Are you ready to train online with the world’s most experienced pole and aerial instructors? X-Pole TV gives you instant and unlimited access to one-on-one lessons with the world’s best. Access the entire X-Pole TV video library anywhere, anytime from your desktop or device. Join us for +1000 one-on-one lessons recorded in our private studio in North Hollywood, CA. Inside you’ll meet Natasha Wang, Tara Meyer, Elizabeth Blanchard, Estee Zakar, Nicole Williams, Jamilla Deville and many more. They’re adding new world class instructors all the time!


Choose from over 1,000 video tutorials for all skill levels with some of the world’s leading athletes in pole and aerial. Plus bonus streaming DVDs like The Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville.


X-Pole members also receive exclusive deals on X-Poles, X-Stages, Aerial Equipment, Accessories and DVDs. Watch your email for exclusive offers!

Visit X-Pole today to learn more about their pole dancing and aerial fitness online training courses!


Seriously, if you’re looking to lose weight and feel AMAZING as quickly as possible, then I highly urge everyone reading this to visit X-Pole today and learn why pole fitness is the exact type of fitness workout that’s best for you!

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