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My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!

My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!

In an attempt to look even sluttier than I already do, I’ve decided to increase the size of my bust yet again. But this time I’m not the one choosing the size of my new implants. In fact, I’m letting the world of social media, the readers of this blog included; decide what my new fake boobs will look like.

Some may say this is just an attempt to get a tax write off for my boobs, and at first it was, but my tax accountant crushed that dream this afternoon when I asked him what forms I would need to submit, he said “Uncle Sam don’t buy boobs”, so I guess Jenny has to buy her own boobs, again!

But I still want everyone that reads my blog, as well as all of my Instagram followers, to choose how BIG my new Dolly Parton’s will be. And yes, I’m going REALLY BIG this time.

So here’s what I did:

I uploaded a short video on my YouTube channel titled “My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!” that shows seven breast size options that you can vote on. The option that gets the most votes will be the size of my new chest!

Oh, but anyone that votes for option #1 is just a jerk, and I’ll NEVER get the implants shown in option #1. Option #1 is only included to weed out bad people from following me on social media because anyone that votes for option #1 is just cruel.

But I’m down to get options 2 through 7, and anyone that votes for option #1 is just wasting a vote.

So if anyone reading this is interested in deciding the fate of my boobs, just check out the short video below and vote in the YouTube comments section, or shoot me your vote on KIK. My KIK username is realtorjenny24

Click here to pick out my new fake boobs please!

And thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my silly little blog πŸ™‚

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Meet my HOT Swinger Party Girlfriends!

Meet my HOT Swinger Party Girlfriends!

If you’d like to see pictures of all my hot BFFs that’ll be attending my swinger parties in 2018 then all you need to do is check out my YouTube channel because I just posted a new video titled “Swinger Party Girls”.

The “Swinger Party Girls” video is a compilation of pictures of my cute female friends that will be attending swinger’s parties from July 2018 to December 31st 2018.

Click or Tap here to see my cute swinger party friends!

If you ever plan on attending one of the swinger parties that I’ll be a hostess at, you really should check out my YouTube channel to see the girls that you might meet at one of these parties.

Also, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel let me know and I’ll send you a super naughty video of myself that I think you’ll love to watch, and a topless picture of myself that I think you’ll love as well. You can contact me on KIK to let me know you subscribed. My KIK username is realtorjenny24

Please click here to check out my YouTube channel!

My YouTube channel also gives great advice on how to make girls want to swallow instead of spit when they perform oral on you.

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But if you check out just one video on my YouTube channel, please make sure you watch the one titled “Swinger Party Girls”. I really would love to know which girls you think you’d want to meet at one of the swinger parties in 2018 so I can make sure to get them to attend more swinger parties in 2019 and 2020!

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Booties are like Snowflakes!

Much like snowflakes, no two booties are the same, and guys like all different types of female butts.

Some guys like a small booty, some like an athletic booty, and some love a BIG BOOTY!

I for one wish I had a smaller booty, but guys have told me it’s pretty cool looking, so I kind of like my booty the way it is, but I don’t expect every guy in the world to find my booty to be attractive.

Every once in a while guys send me pics of what they consider being the “perfect” booty, and I want to share these bootylicious pics for those that read my blog so you can let me know which booty you consider being a “perfect” booty!

Bootylicious Booty #1 – Thick Booty!


I can see why guys would find this type of booty sexy!

Bootylicious Booty #2 – Flat on Top – Round on Bottom Booty!


Maybe her booty would look a little better in jeans, but still a nice looking rear for sure!

Bootylicious Booty #3 – Bubble Booty!


Another very nice piece of backside!

Bootylicious Booty #4 – Thin Booty!


I wish my booty was this size!

Bootylicious Booty #5 – Perky Booty!


I wouldn’t mind at all if my booty was this size either!

Bootylicious Booty #6 – Cutie Booty!


Again, I wish I had a small “Cutie Booty” like this babe! I’m kind of jealous of these babes with the smaller booties.

Bootylicious Booty #7 – Athletic Booty!


This looks nice, but I’d still rather have a “Perky” or “Cutie” or “thin” butt

Bootylicious Booty #8 – Tiny Booty!


This chick is so lucky to own that butt!

Bootylicious Booty #9 – XL Booty!


My butt will be this big by the time I’m 30 if I don’t hit the gym more!

Bootylicious Booty #10 – XXL Booty!


Actually, my booty might be even BIGGER than an “XXL” if I don’t hit the gym more!

Maybe none of these 10 different booty styles is the “perfect” booty in your opinion, but let me know which of these 10 booties you like the most because I love knowing what gets people turned on!

I’ll try posting an update very soon on the number of guys I’ve slept with on Tinder so far…..I’m hoping to add another three in the next 72 hours!!!

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I’m Cheating On Tinder with a second Dating App!

I_m Cheating On Tinder with a second Dating App!
First off, I’ve been working out a LOT, and that’s why I had to post the above booty selfie. A lot of guys have seen my butt recently, so I thought I should share it with everyone and not just the guys I sleep with on dating apps!

Okay, I’m cheating on Tinder with a second dating app. Yep, I’ve added a new dating app to my journey of having 1,000 one night stands from guys I meet on apps because Tinder hasn’t been cutting it for me lately.

This second app is pretty easy to use, and very easy to meet guys that just want to have meaningless, but fun, sex with me and nothing else. I mean a couple guys still hit me up, but I just have to remind them that I used them just as much as they used me for sex. Some guys still don’t get it that a LOT of women like me just want one night stands and nothing else.

I might be a slut, but my booty is a one way ticket without any round trips, but I still want to thank all of you guys that have swiped on my dating app profile just to tap my ass, because without your help, I’d never reach my goal of 1,000 one night stands!

Click here and let me know what you think about this dating app and site.

But I actually really like this new dating app because it’s easy to use, and one of my friends told me that all of the guys are cool on it, and for the most part, she was right.

Also, I’m pretty sure that 100% of the guys and 100% of the girls using this app just want to meet people for sex. So if you just want sex, then this is the app you should try. If you want love, then maybe you shouldn’t check this app out.

How does it compare to Tinder?

Tinder isn’t as easy of an app to get laid as this one is, so if you just want sex, then you should try this app out.

I contacted them to see if I could get some free memberships to give to people that read my blog, but they offer everyone a free membership…so I guess I’m not as special as I sometimes think I am….

But I would love for anyone that checks out this app to give me their feedback on the women they met and sleep with…and I want to know what you ladies out there think of this app.

I don’t want to endorse this app if it’s not as easy to get laid for everyone else as it has been for me.

So if anyone reading this tries this app out then please let me know if you do, or do not , like it.

Anyway, I will be testing out a few more dating/sex apps in the upcoming weeks and I’ll let you know about my experiences on them.

Click here and let me know what you think about this dating app and site.

I’m posting a few pics of the women that use this app below so you have an idea of the type of women that use this app…..I’d also love for anyone reading this to follow me on Instagram!

Now check out these below pics of women that use this app for sex just like me!

Dating Apps

Best Dating Apps

Click here and let me know what you think about this dating app and site.


Dating Apps Like Tinder

Click here and let me know what you think about this dating app and site.

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Dick Pics and other Things Chicks Hate about Penises!

Dick Pics and Other Things Chicks Hate about Penises
(This is an actual ad that some advertising agency thought was a good idea for Burger King. Heads up, women don’t think about sucking on dicks when we’re hungry, we just want to eat when we’re hungry. Please don’t depict women as cock hungry whores to help sell fast food. I don’t get offended easily, but whoever gave the okay for this ad is an asshole.)

Hey guys, don’t get me wrong, I really like penises.

I think they’re wonderful.

I want to hug them, hold them, kiss them, clean them, sing to them, and give them presents whenever I can.

But PLEASE, and not just for me, but for all penis lovers around the world, follow my below advice, and I can almost guarantee you’ll find your dick in more mouths, vaginas, and butts than ever before.

1. Don’t send unsolicited dick pics.

Unsolicited dick pics are essentially eyeball rape! No one wants to see your dick without warning. Chicks just don’t find Unsolicited dick pics sexy. If you think women just can’t wait to see a pic of your dick, trust me, we can wait.

Only send a dick pic if a chick requests one.

And if you really want to send a dick pic maybe first send a text or DM like this, “Hey girl, let me know if you ever want me to send you a pic of my dick, not sure if you like them or not, but if you do, I can send you one, hope you’re having a great day!”

Maybe she’ll say “yes”, maybe she’ll say “no”, but trust me, she still doesn’t want it, but at least you’re giving her the option.

2. Trim your ball hair

I don’t suck on hairy balls, and trust me, you want your balls sucked while your dick is getting stroked. Nothing kills the mood for a chick getting ready to slurp down on a dick than seeing a pair of balls sporting a ponytail.

You don’t have to shave your balls, a little hair is fine, but groom yourself regularly.

3. Don’t park your dick in my ass unless I give you the garage door opener

Don’t ever think that women want to have anal sex with a guy they don’t love. Some chicks love anal sex, but there are more women in the world that hate anal sex than those that love it.

Most women let you put your dick in their butt because they want to make you happy, but they really don’t want it.

So if you’re trying to sleep with a chick, don’t decide on your own to drop your dick off in their butt. If a chick really wants you to put your penis in their butt they’ll tell you.

4. Don’t have sex with my mouth, my mouth will have sex with your dick

Don’t penetrate a chick’s mouth with your dick unless she’s into that. And just like anal sex, a chick will tell you to “face fuck” her if she wants you to.

If a chick wants to “gag” on your penis then she’ll let you know. Getting a penis jammed down your throat doesn’t feel good, and honestly, it’s kind of a jerk move to do so.

5. If you work at an advertising agency, don’t create ads like the one at the top of this post that depict women as nothing more than cock hungry whores just so your client can sell more burgers and fries.

Okay, those are just 5 things women hate about penises I wanted guys to know about.

Just respect women when it comes to your penis and you’ll find your dick having more fun than ever before.

Maybe you don’t agree with my above advice, but you should, because I’m right.

Let me know what you hate, and what you love, about penises in the comments section if you want to.




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Quitting Blow Jobs: A Difficult New Year’s Resolution For UK Woman to Keep!

New Years Resolution to stop giving blow jobs

Quitting smoking, or drinking, or losing weight are all New Year’s resolutions most people are familiar with, at least for me they are, but believe it or not, a chick in the UK gave up blow jobs as her New Year’s resolution, but she broke it after just 30 minutes.

I thought I loved the taste of dick more than anyone else, but I guess this chick must love it a lot more since she can’t go 30 minutes without popping a boner into her mouth.

As I was searching Google for 2018’s most popular New Year’s resolutions, I came across a news story that makes me wonder if British penises are more addicting than nicotine or heroin.

Back in 2015 some British chick named Kirsty Maiden was so addicted to the taste of dick that her 2016 New Year’s resolution was, and I quote, “no more blow jobs”, but just 30 minutes into 2016 she already had some dude’s cock in her mouth.

I hope I don’t sound like a slut for saying this, but I need to get my mouth wrapped around a British guy’s dick ASAP to see what the fuss is all about.

Seriously, something must be going on with British dicks if someone can’t go 30 minutes without giving a guy fellatio.

I for one have gone over 7 days in a row, on multiple occasions, without giving a blow job, and I love performing oral sex on men.

Perhaps the sperms of British men get you stoned, or drunk, if swallowed?

I for one always swallow, and I’ve never caught even the slightest of a buzz.

Obviously British sperm can’t get you drunk, but I still want to blow a British guy as soon as possible just to make sure πŸ™‚

Below is a quick list of the most difficult New Year’s resolutions to keep:

10. Find a new job

9. Spend less time on the internet or watching TV

8. Save money

7. Manage Stress

6. Learn something new

5. Get out of debt

4. Spend more time with friends and family

3. Enjoy life more

2. Quit unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol

1. Giving out blow jobs, just kidding, it’s actually dieting and exercise

I hope everyone reading this stays strong and keeps their New Year’s resolutions going all year long!

Thanks for reading!

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