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Earth Erotiq Sex Dolls Never Want Flowers, Don’t Wear Makeup, and Never Get Headaches!


I’ve been doing a lot of research on sex dolls the past few weeks, and believe it or not, I think I know why more men than ever before are choosing to have relationships with sex dolls.

But before I breakdown the differences between real women and sex dolls, please visit to check out how sexy and attractive sex dolls are.
Now that you know how sexy real women are and how attractive sex dolls I think the below information will sound more rational.

Below are a few reasons why I believe more men than ever before are choosing relationships with sex dolls over real women….

-Real Women Are High-Maintenance-

It’s true, we are, and there is no way we can compete against dolls that need zero attention paid to them. Real women want flowers, gifts, and to be taken out to expensive dinners. Sex dolls don’t eat, can’t unwrap gifts, or smell flowers.

-Real Women Require Make Up…Not Sex Dolls-

Real women are sexy and beautiful and cute, but not all of the time. We need to put on make up and take long showers just to go get groceries. Sex dolls are hot 24/7.


-Real Women Get Headaches And Sex Dolls Are Always Sexually Available-

Sex dolls can make for perfect sex partners – beautiful, hot and submissive. These realistic dolls are always eager to have sex with you and never has “headaches”. There are many reasons for the popularity of sex dolls and men are starting to choose sex dolls over real women. There are actually many reasons why people choose to prefer sex dolls over women, and we are listing down a few of them for you. Read on to know what makes sex dolls better than real women.


-Real Women Are Needy but Sex Dolls Never Demand Attention-

Well, you know women can stoop to any level to get your attention. From getting dressed up to overreacting, to spreading drama in public places, anything. They need attention all the time basically, and if you don’t them provide them with it, be ready to see them leave anytime. On the other hand, sex dolls never ever whine about not getting your attention. They’re ready to serve you whenever you want, but don’t bother you if you’re busy and not in the mood of giving them any attention. They make for perfectly understanding partners who never complain about anything and keep you satisfied, all the time.


-Real Women Get PMS Once Per Month While Sex Dolls Don’t Have Organs-

Ladies, we all know that PMS can turn us into rather mean individuals every month. Sex dolls never bleed and are never mean.


-Real Women Cheat and Sex Dolls are Loyal-

While being in a relationship, you have to be constantly insecure about being cheated on by your partner. You can never have the peace of mind when you are worried about your partner finding anybody better than you and leaving you anytime. With sex dolls, you don’t have any chance of infidelity. Once they are yours, they remain yours. They cannot cheat on you by anyway and never leave you. They always remain with you.


-Real Women Get Attached and Sex Dolls Have No Emotions-

When relationships end you still have to deal with feelings. Sometimes breakups can be very stressful. You never have to break up with your sex doll.

-Real Women Want All Your Attention but Sex Dolls Give You All Their Attention-
This is where the things get even better, you don’t have to give sex dolls all your attention but they are always attentive to you and you have all their attention. Sex dolls are perfect partners sex partners, they never stare at their phone, never go out with their friends, do nothing but be with you. You are their only partner so all their attention comes to you.

I’m a woman. I want to be in a relationship with sex doll. They’re pretty wonderful!

-Best Place To Buy Sex Dolls Online-

I’ve checked out a LOT of sex doll sites recently, and the one that I recommend to people seeking to buy a sex doll is because they’re line of sex dolls look the most realistic, and they are super sexy. And if you’re going to buy a sex doll, you’ll want her to be super sexy!

-TOP 5 Most Popular Sex Dolls-

Here are the 5 most popular sex dolls sold at

Elyon: Queen of Naraia


I am a real sex doll, founder of Earth Erotic and queen of a planet called Naraia. Some of you might have heard of that planet. If not, I have quite the treat for you.

Just imagine:

A planet entirely focused on Eroticism. All the women there are beautiful, and we see nudity as a form of fashion. Women don’t wear clothes on Naraia. Our skin and eyes are our forms of expression.

As a result, we who live in this beautiful place rely on body language and facial expression during an interaction. These two things are essential, not just for communication, but for sexual interaction.

We place an incredible amount of importance on touch and gaze, so these two things have become ingrained into our society. It heightens our sexuality and increases our desires during sex.

Click here to learn more about Elyon!

Aisha: Exotic Dancer


Aisha will be the devoted wife you’ve been searching for.

Plus, the Naraian Fire has made her insatiable and ready for even more.

This sexy black sex doll is ready to crawl into your bed and make love to you as many times as she can.

That is, she wants to go all night long and well into the morning.

Click here to learn more about Aisha!

Sandy: Delicious Lioness


I’m the lioness you’ve been hunting for.

If you think you’re an alpha and can handle all of this, then I’m the doll for you.

Males, females, it’s all the same to me. As long as I’m on top, I’m happy.
I’m always on the hunt for someone new and exciting to walk next to me.

You know, someone that’s as wild as the sex we’ll have.

Click here to learn more about Sandy!

Eve: Android Beauty


Eve is your android companion and comes equipped with built-in artificial intelligence that continually learns over time. If you have any questions about Eve, reach out via chat or phone, and we will assist you.

Head and Face Movement: Eve’s head and neck move to simulate human movements. Her eyes and eyelids blink and move left, and right and her lips and mouth move in synch to her speech. Eve can smile, make faces, blink, wink, and kiss.

Skin: Made from M-TPE, she feels softer and more realistic than a standard luxury sex doll. Also, it is durable and four times as elastic as regular TPE. M-TPE contains fewer oils and is easier to clean.

Body Heating System: Eve’s body warms up to human body temperature (37°C). Her heating device indicates her body temperature. In addition, you can adjust presets from low to high. Her heating system includes automatic shut off if she gets too hot.

Body Sensors: Eve’s body reacts to your touch with speech and sexual sounds according to her excitement level. Her breasts, legs, and vagina contain sensors which respond to touch or penetration. Additionally, her volume is adjustable.
English and Chinese Capabilities. Eve is fluent in both English and Chinese. She can help you learn either language as well as translate between them.

AI Learning Technology:  Eve recognizes your voice, can hold sexual and non-sexual conversations, answer your questions, and learn your likes and dislikes to provide more pleasurable interactions. The more you interact and build a relationship with her, the more she will learn.

Click here to learn more about Eve!


Please let me know in the comments section which sex dolls at you’d have sex with!

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Simple Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To Women


Okay I have some great news for all of you not-so-handsome men out there….just because you’re not very easy on the eyes doesn’t mean that women will never be attracted to you.

I know a few ugly gents that still have sex with very beautiful women, and below I’ve listed the things they do in order to make themselves more attractive to women.

If You’re Ugly Then Give Money To A Homeless Guy…..

Women are attracted to men that help out others, so the next time you’re on a date make sure she sees you give a homeless guy at least $ me, this gesture will make any average looking guy much more attractive.

Look Into Her Eyes & Smile…..

It’s no secret that maintaining eye contact is an effective flirting technique, but according to some research I did tonight, it actually makes you seem more attractive too.

But if you stare too long you’ll look like a creep…so don’t stare too long, just the right amount.

Ugly Guys Should Wear Red…..

Wearing red makes men seem more successful and even more dominant. I’m not a scientist, but I just looked around this bar I’m at and I see an ugly guy wearing a red tie, and I must admit that I think the color red does make him seem more successful.

Women do find success very sexy, so if you have an average looking face make sure to wear some red.

Add Swagger To Your Walk…..

Adopting a swagger when you walk makes you look more confident, and women are attracted to confident men.

Don’t Cross or Fold Your Arms If You’re Ugly…..

Whether in a picture on your dating app profile or just the way you look across the bar, adopting an expansive posture can make someone seem more attractive.
This means having your arms and legs facing outwards rather than crossing or folding them – the idea is that expansive postures signal openness and dominance, which are often seen as attractive.

Spray On Some Pheromones…..


The easiest thing a man can do if he wants women to find him more attractive is to start using a pheromone cologne.
According to the website Pheromone Authority, Pheromones are a powerful substance that can have an impact on what turns women on.

I highly urge everyone, both ugly and attractive, to visit to learn more about pheromones and how they can make your sex life so much better than it currently is.

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My #NoMoreGrannies Movement = More Sexy & Saucy Ladies

Beauty Night Philippa Corset

Okay ladies, would you rather be depressed, tired, and never in the mood to get laid all of the time, or would you rather be happy, excited, and always in the mood for sexual fun?

Sexy & Saucy lingerie is more important to your mental wellness than you think…I mean when was the last time you put on a pair of “granny” panties and felt like you could take on the world by day and then have amazing sex by night? The answer is NEVER!

“Granny” panties have never made me feel sexy when wearing them, and I doubt that any woman ever has felt sexy while wearing a pair of “grannies”.

So I want to start my own movement called #NoMoreGrannies where all women in the world throw out their “granny” panties and swear to never wear a pair of them ever again.

Here are the main reasons why all women need to wear sexy & saucy intimate lingerie all of the time, in the bedroom, and out of the bedroom:

-Sexy & Saucy Lingerie Will Make Your Entire Life More Passionate-

We are all visual beings, and when your man sees you in sexy & saucy lingerie he will want to be all over you all of the time!

After being in a relationship for years, there’s nothing better than spicing up the evening with sexy & saucy lingerie.

And when a relationship is new, sexy & saucy lingerie will showcase the best parts of your body and will make your boyfriend desire you all of the time, even when he is not with you.

-Sexy & Saucy Lingerie Will Make You More Confident-

Sexy & Saucy lingerie is not just for the men in your’s actually more for you than for any man because of the way it will make you feel about yourself
One of the biggest perks of wearing sexy & saucy lingerie is to give you a big boost of confidence each day. There is no way you can feel bad about yourself if you’re wearing sexy thongs and saucy bras.

Sexy & saucy lingerie makes you feel sensual and desirable all of the time, even if no one can see that you have lingerie under your clothing, just knowing how sexy you look will increase your confidence.

-Sexy & Saucy Lingerie Is A Must For Single Women-

You never know what can happen during a first date…what if you’re really into a your date and want to take him home for a one night stand? Well if you’re wear a pair of “grannies” then you’ll be too embarrassed to take your clothes off in front f someone new. But if you’re wearing sexy & saucy lingerie then you’ll always be ready to show your body off to someone new!

There are so many more benefits to wearing sexy & saucy lingerie everyday of the week, so please join me in my #NoMoreGrannies movement to make the weld more sexy & saucy.

-Where Can You Get Sexy & Saucy Lingerie-

Now that we’re retiring our “granny” panties we’ll need to replace them with sexy and saucy lingerie from!




Based in Sydney, Australia, is a family owned and run company. They have been in business since 1995, and believe that all women should feel beautiful, and at Saucy Ladies Intimates provides a range of lingerie, beachwear and apparel in a variety of sizes and styles that will make every woman wearing them feel as beautiful and as sexy as posit;e.

From the sweet caress of eyelash lace to the intoxicating smell and feel of leather, Saucy Ladies Intimates hopes you can find something to excite your, as well as your partner’s, sexual senses.

-You’ll Find Exactly What You Need-

No matter what you’re in need of to give you that much needed boost of sexual confidence you’ll find it at!

I’ve found a few items that I think all women should add to their sexy & saucy collection, so please take a moment to scroll down and check them out.


Sunspice Sexy Teacher Costume

Sunspice Sexy Teacher Costume

Sexy teacher costume features:

Striped vest with button detail in front

Sheer mesh back with ruffle

Garter belts attached

Sheer stockings

Material: Nylon + spandex

Brand: Sunspice
Size S/M (AU10-12)
Please refer to size chart

Click here to learn more about the Sunspice Sexy Teacher Costume!


Czarina “Those Blue Eyes” Kaftan Dress

Czarina Those Blue Eyes Kaftan Dress

– Without lace up
– Slit in the shoulder
– Hand-applied crystals
– Scooped bottom
– Fabrication: Viscose Silk
– Embellishment: Crystals
– Size range:ONE SIZE

Click here to learn more about the Czarina “Those Blue Eyes” Kaftan Dress!


Czarina “Wild Thoughts” Maxi Dress

Czarina Wild Thoughts Maxi Dress

This amazingly gorgeous leopard-print, crystal-embellished maxi dress is sure to bring out your wild side. Whether you dress it up or dress it down you’re sure to stand out in the crowd!

Click here to learn more about the Czarina “Wild Thoughts” Maxi Dress!


Demoniq Arlette Bodysuit

Demoniq Arlette Bodysuit

Arlette is an incredibly elegant and sexy body from the Magnetic Collection
This stunning body features underwired cups to offer you lift and support and is decorated with exquisite black and gold lace and embroidery, the beautiful lace runs down the centre of the body with a lace up design.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and there is a hook and eye closure to the back. This stunning body is simply a must have to your lingerie collection.

Click here to learn more about the Demoniq Arlette Bodysuit!


Beauty Night Philippa Corset

Beauty Night Philippa Corset

Exclusive but also extremely sexy and sensual corset. Made from an elegant, fashionable embroidery type of tattoo combined with a flexible tulle. Includes sexy thongs from the same materials.

Click here to learn more about the Beauty Night Philippa Corset!



Please join me in my #NoMoreGrannies today! And make sure to visit so you can increase your self confidence, have better sex, and enjoy life more than ever before!

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Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie


I really love wearing lingerie, not just around men and women that I’m trying to seduce, but I love wearing lingerie even when I’m all alone by myself! I really believe that you shouldn’t save your sexiest lingerie for special occasions, or just to wear around your partner to get them in the mood before having sex, lingerie should be worn every single day because of how sexy it makes you feel.

Lingerie of a superior quality, no matter how much it costs, is a must have because it has the power to help women change the way we feel about ourselves  mentally as well as the way we feel about our bodies when wearing the perfect sexy lingerie set.

Sexy Lingerie Boosts Your Confidence…


Just the act of wearing lingerie makes me feel so damn sexy, even if no one is there to see me wearing it, and sometimes I’ll even wear naughty lingerie underneath my clothes while working open houses because for some reason I become more confident when I feel sexy, and it’s easier to close a sale when I’m feeling my best.

All women should secretly wear sexy lingerie underneath their clothing when applying for a job, speaking in a public setting, or just buying groceries at the supermarket because people will pay more attention to you when you’re confidence is at it’s highest peak. I’m not even kidding, lingerie can really help you achieve more in life if you wear it every single day.

Sexy Lingerie Will Improve Your Relationship With Your Significant Other…..


Yes, lingerie should be worn to make a woman feel better about herself as I just explained, but come on, you wouldn’t have worn baggy pajamas around your significant other when you first started getting together, so lose the ugly pajamas and wear lingerie to bed every single night, even if you’re not planning on having sex.

Trust me, you’re man will notice you’re lingerie and will start paying a lot more attention to you, “But Jenny my man should pay a lot of attention to me no matter what I wear”, okay whatever, listen, men pay attention to what turns them on and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so why not look sexy every single night in pretty lingerie that will make your partner want to get closer to you.

Waking Up In Sext Lingerie Will Enhance Your Mood…..


Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can be a real struggle, but waking up in naughty lingerie will not only make you feel sexy, it’ll also put your lover in a great mood as well, and you’ll be in his thoughts all day long until he gets home from work.

Sexy Lingerie Boosts A Woman’s Sex Appeal…..


If you dress like a slob then you’ll feel like a slob…so if you dress like a little slut in some high quality naughty lingerie then you’ll be in the mood to have sex, and a lot of sex for that matter.

Having sex makes you feel good, and it makes your partner feel good, and nothing is better in life than when you and your significant other are very much into each other.

So to all of your ladies out there, please, please, please, start wearing sexy lingerie every single day if you want to live your best life!

But Jenny Buying Lingerie Is Too Much Of A Hassle.

Okay, anyone who says that “buying lingerie is too much of a hassle” needs to shut their mouth up right now and pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you….

I need everyone reading this right now, both male and female alike, to visit right now and check out all of the high quality & sexy lingerie that they have available.

If you want to look and feel like a goddess, or if you’d rather look and feel like a sexy little slut, it doesn’t matter because has every type of lingerie possible…


It doesn’t matter if you’re a bride-to-be or an empty nester looking to spice up your marriage, Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie is the perfect place for you! Every single day Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie helps men and women choose the perfect lingerie for their body types.

Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie also will help you plan the perfect party; bachelor/bachelorette, 21st birthday, holidays, etc.

Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie is a unique & cutting edge romance party plan that offers more variety, more opportunity and more support than another company in the industry.

-Sexy Lingerie-

Lingerie9 has one of the best selections, and widest varieties, of lingerie that you can buy anywhere online today.

If you’re a woman seeking something sexy to help boost your confidence, or if you’re a man wanting to buy that special woman in your life something sexy, then you will find exactly what your looking for at Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie!

Click here to take a look at all of the beautiful, intimate, and sexy lingerie available at Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie!

-More Than Just Lingerie-

Beautifully Intimate – Sexy Diva Lingerie is more than just a place to buy high quality sexy lingerie, they also sell sex toys, party supplies, lubricants, and many other naughty items to help spice up every aspect of your sex life.

Sexy Items That Everyone Should Have….

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share with you a few naughty items sold at that everyone should have if you want this February 14th to be as sexy as possible.

1) Coochy Shave Cream (Available in several scents and sizes)

Coochy Shave Cream.

Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream dramatically reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes and razor irritation. It contains a special conditioner and moisturizing complex that provides an effortless glide for an oh so smooth shave. Your coochy will love you for it!

Click here to learn more about Coochy Shave Cream!

2) Wicked Sensual Lubricant (Available in several scents and sizes)


Take a big juicy bite! Kissable, Lickable and Delicious, Wicked Agua Salted Caramel adds subtle natural flavors to enhance oral pleasures. Light and silky, this water bases formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant and a flavor sensation. Never sticky and without an aftertaste, Wicked Agua Salted Caramel satisfies your sweet tooth and your intimate desires all in one amazing pleasure product. Latex friendly. Paraben-free. Vegan – No animal by-products or testing.

Click here to learn more about Wicked Sensual Lubricant!

3) Mystery Boxes – Several Available (Adult Toys or Lingerie)


Who doesn’t enjoy a Mystery? This Mystery Box includes 6 randomly selected in stock adult toy items. These items could include lubes, bullet, vibes, sex/fantasy coupons, candles, massage oils, handcuffs, etc. If allergic to certain flavors or material, please note in the comment section at checkout.

Click here to learn more about these Mystery Boxes!

4) Fizzing Bath Tints

Fizzing Bath Tints

From Kheper Games. Enjoy wildflower scented bath bombs with your partner. The fizzing bombs tint bath water instantly giving off romantic vibes without staining the tub! Use 1 – 3 bath bombs per use depending on the desired intensity. Bath bomb colors included are pink, blue, and purple, and come in packs of 12.

Click here to learn more about these Fizzing Bath Tints!

5) Edible Body Pasties (Available is several designs)

Edible Body PastiesA treat so good… you really CAN eat it! These delightful cherry Edible Body Pasties are so simple to use. Just moisten the back of the pasties, stick, then lick!

Click here to learn more about these Edible Body Pasties!



If you want to add spice, romance, and amazing sex to your life, then I urge you to visit right now.

And guys, if you want to increase your chances of getting laid this Valentines Day all you need to do is visit right now and get your lady something that will make her look, and feel sexy, because the more sexy she feels, the more likely she’ll be in the mood to have sex!

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How To Introduce BDSM Into Your Bedroom

-What is BDSM?-


BDSM is a style of roleplaying that involves a variety of practices hat include bondage, discipline, dominance & submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.

If you’re still confused as to what BDSM is then rent the movie 50 Shades of Grey to get a better understanding of what it is…I for one really think BDSM is super hot and sexy, and it’s something that I think all couples should try at least a few times.

-How Can You Introduce BDSM Into Your Relationship?-

You have probably already tried BDSM without even knowing it. For instance have you ever been pinned down, or pinned someone down during sex? Have you even been choked, or choked someone during sex? Well those are both BDSM techniques, so without even knowing it you have participated in some sort of BDSM at some point in your sex life.


Before you introduce BDSM into your relationship make sure you and your partner both consent to it. BDSM is sexy as long as you know what’s going on, but it can be kinda scary if you don’t know what is going on. So the “consent” is the first thing you need to take care of before introducing it into you and your partners sex lives.

-Safe Words-

With BDSM, your role may include shouting “no” when you’re actually having a great time, it’s a better idea to use a safe word like “pyramid” that has nothing at all to do with sex, but triggers your partner to stop what their doing.

-Submitting Doesn’t Mean Being Weak-


You need to decide who will be the “doom” and who will be the “sub” during your BDSM roleplaying adventures.

It’s a gift to give up control and make yourself vulnerable during sex to your dominate partner. The sub is not weak and will enjoy a lot of sexual pleasure by being dominated.

Being a good dominant means that you never let things get out of control and to make sure that your sub is getting just as much pleasure as you are, so be sure to always follow the rules you set before you start.

-BDSM Doesn’t Always Have To Involve Sex-


BDSM doesn’t always have to involve sex and can be a purely mental activity such as mind games. It’s also not all about whips, handcuffs and pain…control and obedience can be exciting enough without and tops being used.

-You Can Switch Roles-

You and your partner should take turns being the submissive and the dominate. Some people are into being both dominate and submissive, they are called “switches”. So when you first begin introducing BDSM into your relationship try switching roles to see what you both enjoy the most.

-BDSM Is Very Oral..But Not What You’re Thinking-


There is a lot of talking involved, from discussing “hard” and “soft” limits, to building anticipation by planning the next encounter and reliving it afterwards.

-It’s Way Different Than What You’re Imagining-

When done properly, and if you’re into it, BDSM is not only sexy fun, it really helps expand your personality, boundaries, and you’re overall outlook at life.

-Give It A Try-


I suggest that you start really slow so you can learn what you and your partner both get excited about most while trying out BDSM the first few times. Trust me, you will LOVE it if you follow my steps.

-How To Properly Start Your BDSM Journey-


If you and your partner are new to BDSM then you know how overwhelming it can be when deciding which equipment and clothing options you should start with. It’s very important to have all of the essentials ready before starting any bondage session, but what BDSM toys should you have at your disposal, and better yet, where do you buy them?

Let me help you start your BDSM journey on the right path! First, I suggest that you buy all of your BDSM items at

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to BDSM, or if you’re a seasoned bondage pro, will have everything you need to help fulfill all of your bondage needs and desires.

All of the items at allow for versatility in terms of intensity, play style, and investment. Best of all, since all of their items are for both beginners and experienced players alike, their line of bondage items and tools can be used for many years to come.

-About Leather Etc-

Leather ETC

Leather Etc has been offering quality bondage toys (BDSM Gear) and fetish accessories to the leather community since 1991. While their BDSM gear is targeted, but not limited towards bedroom bondage toys, their line of fetish clothing can be worn anytime one feels like expressing their inner self.

-Categories Of BDSM Items Available At Leather Etc-

Click on one of the categories below to see all of the quality bondage toys available at Leather Etc depending on what you’re in need of.

1) Bondage Toys

2) Bondage Kits

3) Men’s Gear

4) Women’s Gear

5) Gear For All

6) Restraint Cuffs

7) Collars

8) New Arrivals

-Most Popular BDSM Items Available At Leather Etc-

I really want to help you start your BDSM journey on the right path, so below I’ve listed 5 items sold at Leather Etc that everyone who participates in BDSM should own.


-Padded Bondage Cuffs In Black Leather-

Padded Bondage Cuffs In Black Leather


Black leather padded restraint cuffs with locking buckle. Made from genuine leather and great quality hardware, this pair of restraint cuffs offers a cushion like feeling once placed and secured around the wrist or ankles.

Click here to learn more about the Padded Bondage Cuffs In Black Leather!

-Neoprene Puppy Hood Mask-

Neoprene Puppy Hood Mask

This puppy hood mask is made from quality neoprene and snap buttons. The mouth section is detachable from the main hood. Available in many different colors and in sizes Medium and Large.

Click here to learn more about the Neoprene Puppy Hood Mask!

-Leather/Chain Bra With Slave Choker-

Leather:Chain Bra With Slave Choker

Leather and chain bra with slave choker. Available in one size only. Lot of room for size adjustment.

Click here to learn more about the Leather/Chain Bra With Slave Choker!

-Adjustable Spreader Bar For Bondage-Adjustable Spreader Bar For Bondage

Shiny metal adjustable spreader bar for bondage. This bar can be adjusted for lengths between 24 and 36 inches.

Click here to learn more about the Adjustable Spreader Bar For Bondage!

-13-In-1 Bondage Kit-

13-In-1 Bondage Kit-

Made primarily from velour and nylon, this kit offers an exceptional value. Velous, like velvet offers a smooth and comfortable touch. This bondage kit includes a collar, a nylon leash, wrist cuff pair, ankle cuff pair, two chain connectors to hold the wrist and ankle cuffs, a slapper, flogger, feather tickler, ball gag, nipple clamps, a blindfold and rope.

Click here to learn more about the 13-In-1 Bondage Kit!


LeatherETC 2

I highly recommend that all couples give BDSM a try, at least a few times to see if this is something that you and your partner enjoy.

And visit to make sure that you have all of the proper BDSM items that you’ll need to start your bondage journey.

And if you’re already an experienced “sub” or “dom” then visit to add all of the best BDSM gears and items available today to your bondage sex chest.

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The 2 Main Causes of “Bad Sex” For Couples


Yes I love having sex, but only if it’s good sex, because there’s nothing worse in the entire world than bad sex.

What Causes “Bad Sex”?

The two main causes of “bad sex” are “soft sex” and “fast sex”.

What is “Soft Sex”?

“Soft Sex” happens when a man is unable to maintain, or even get, an erection. The worse part about “Soft Sex” is that is manifests insecurities upon both the male and the female; the man feels like a loser for not being able to get a boner, and the women begins to believe that she isn’t sexy enough to get her man hard. I really HATE “Soft Sex”.

What is “Fast Sex”?

“Fast Sex” happens when a man blows his load way too fast, and again, this effects both the male and the female; the man feels like a loser for not being able to make his women have an orgasm, and the women is left sexually frustrated wishing that she didn’t even bother having sex in the first place.

How to Avoid “Soft” & “Fast” Sex?

Sadly, most couples avoid “Fast Sex” & “Soft Sex” by not having sex at all, and “No Sex” is worse than “Bad Sex”, and we know how much “Bad Sex” sucks, so “No Sex” must be worse than death itself.

Jenny To The Rescue…


As a women who attends swinger parties I have sex with a lot of men that understand that they’ll never be invited back to any future parties if they suffer from “Soft Sex” or “Fast Sex”. I always thought these guys just had Viagra prescriptions to help keep their wieners hard, but it turns out that the majority of these guys don’t like using prescription meds for their boners at all and prefer ingesting medically formulated herbal blended sexual enhancing supplements instead.

While researching sexual enhancement supplements, I came across the website which gives away free samples of all of their best selling sexual enhancement pills.

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#LETSDOEIT Killed The Batteries in my Vibrator


I believe that it’s my personal duty to inform my readers, as well as anyone that stumbles upon my site, about all the things that make me horny. Why? Because what makes me horny might make you horny as well, and sharing is caring!

Recently I’ve been watching a LOT more porn than usual, which is odd because I’ve been having the same amount of sex as always, if not more, but I’ve been using my vibrator so much while watching the porn at that I’ve already killed a pair of batteries that were brand new just 2 weeks ago! is so darn addicting that you might find yourself pulling out all of the money in your 401K Plan just to fund the massive amounts of lotion you’re going to need in order to keep up with all of the content that this site has to offer!



If you’ve been looking for the ultimate porn site to satisfy all your deepest cravings, look no further than LetsDoeIt. Their exclusive video library is always fully stocked and loaded with the latest and greatest in hardcore pounding porn!

Everything from stunning HD pornstar videos to the freshest, hottest hardcore XXX movies are available only on LetsDoeIt Whether you’re looking to explore a favorite pleasure or discover something completely new, their exclusive collection of hardcore porn videos is your one stop destination for the best, most exclusive content out there. Come for the hot, hardcore porno movies you crave. Stay for the irresistible pornstar fantasies you’re guaranteed to discover. It’s all right here waiting for you at LetsDoeIt!

-Drink Plenty Of Water-

drink lots of water

With so much fresh content, all of the top porn stars working today, and every porn category you can think of, it’s quite easy for someone to become dehydrated while visiting LetsDoeIt! So make sure you have plenty of water close by once you enter this site because you’re going to need it!

-Tennis Elbow & Broken Wrists-


Make sure to take breaks every 30 minutes from LetsDoeIt or you may end up with a sever case of tennis-elbow or even a broken wrist!

-#LETSDOEIT Porn Star Line-Up Is 2nd To None-


It’s crazy, but I really think that all of the hottest females in porn have signed deals with LetsDoeIt!

Karma RX

Karma RX

Karma Rx is a sexy girl from the United States with big tits and a lust for dick like no other. This tattooed blonde loves to have sex on camera so much that she quickly became one of the top porn stars in the entire world. She made her debut in 2017, and since then, she impressed a lot of people.

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Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is the perfect Italian girl who can make all your fantasies come true. She loves every kind of sex, from lesbian to hardcore action. Her beautiful black hair, brown eyes, and round face will mesmerize, and her top-notch skills in bed will entertain you. She made her debut in the porn industry in 2012, so she has a lot of experience!

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Nancy A

Nancy A

Nancy A is that Slavic goddess everybody love. With blonde hair and enchanting blue eyes, she is the perfect girlfriend. She is not shy to show her skills in hot porn scenes, and also she is an extremely hard – working actress. This stunning woman made her debut in 2014, so she is a veteran of the adult industry.

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Cherry Kiss

Cherry Kiss

Cherry Kiss is a beautiful Serbian girl who is well – versed in the porn industry. This gorgeous blonde enjoys hardcore scenes, as well as lesbian and solo action. Cherry has an incredible appetite for sex, and she is showing this in her intense scenes.

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Little Caprice

Little Caprice

Caprice is a stunning lady from the Czech Republic. Her beautiful body looks forever young, and her beautiful brown eyes can enchant anyone. She loves other girls, but she doesn’t say “no” to men. This Slav beauty made her debut in porn in 2010. It’s safe to say that she is a veteran of the industry!

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Apolonia Lapiedra

Apolonia Lapiedra

Apolonia Lapiedra is a gorgeous brunette from Spain who loves doing sensual sex scenes. She is a very ambitious and famous porn star that continues to impress the industry with her performance. She started her career in 2015, and since then, she made tons of XXX movies.

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Liya Silver

Liya Silver

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-710 More Models To Check Out-

Karma RX, Valentina Nappi, Nancy A, Cherry Kiss, Little Caprice, Apolonia Lapiedra, and Liya Silver are just a few of the porn stars that you’ll find at LetsDoeIt!

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Porn Categories

No matter what type of porn turns you on the most you’ll find it at LetsDoeIt. Seriously, they have Teen, Milf, Big Tits, Interracial, and even Female Friendly porn! No matter what category you’re in the mood for, LetsDoeIt is ready to satisfy all of your daily cravings 24/7!

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There’s so much porn out in the world today that you really have to go out of your way just to avoid it, and to be honest, it’s difficult finding fresh new porn content with hot porn stars that I haven’t already seen a countless number of times already….

This is why I’m recommending!

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The 2 Sexiest Words In Bondage Are “Liebe Seele”


If you’ve never experienced BDSM, or any form of bondage with your partner, then it’s time to stop messing around and give it a try because I’m going to give you some of the best relationship advice right now that you will ever receive!

Because of all the swinger parties I attend I come across a LOT of things sex-related that are very weird, and bondage is not one of them. In fact I love a little BDSM, and I really think everyone should give it a test-drive because you may love it!

-Benefits Of BDSM & Bondage In Relationships-


BDSM Teachs Couples How To Communicate Better!

Most couples are scared top tell each other what they truly like sexually. If you give BDSM a shot you will surely know what both of you really loves about sex.

BDSM Makes Couples More Kinky!

Kinky sex increases intimacy in couples which builds a better bond between both of them.

And trust me….I might be a young real estate agent and swinger party hostess…but trust me when I say that BDSM is super kinky!! But you have to give it a least 3 times with your significant other! You’ll both love it! But I do understand that a lot of men out there are scared to bring the whole BDSM topic up to their wife or girlfriend…so I have an idea…

Don’t Know How To Discuss BDSM with your Partner…Then Watch 50 Shades Of Grey Together!

Seriously, throw on 50 Shades with your wife or girlfriend and slowly discuss how you find it kind of sexy and would love trying it out. Maybe start slow with some candle wax stuff. This could work fellas!

BDSM and Kink Play Encourages Fidelity!

Keeping a healthy BDSM relationship isn’t easy, but when done correctly both people in the relationship with seek the other for their lust of bondage.

Buying Bindage Attire & Gear Brings Couples Closer Together!

Shopping for se kinky bondage gear and attire with your partner is super sexy and will be something that brings the two of your close together in ways you never imagined it could.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bondage Gear & Attire?


I would like everyone reading this to do me a favor and visit right now. Why? Because Liebe Seele sells extremely sexy bondage and BDSM gear and attire that’s made from the highest quality of leather found anywhere in the world.

-About Liebe Seele-



Located in Japan, Liebe Seele have been offering only top quality and very fashionable bondage gears and accessories for years now.

When did this start?

Years ago, during Ms Keiko Imoto’s 5th time attending an adult show ain Berlin, she became extremely bored with all of the the bondage products she saw because they were using similar leathers in similar designs for so many years now. She believe that the bondage world had become too boring with no new ideas or designes.

What did she do about it?

Well let me tell you, this lady knows what sexy is, and when she’s ready to do something special and change an entire industry, well stand back because she is going to do it. When she came back to Japan after the show, she decided to do something different. With over 10 years’ experience in the adult toy industry, as well as being a gifted designer and passionate fashionista, she took her pencil and drew a new series of designs inspired from “the flower”, which later become one of Liebe and Seele’s bestselling collections named “Flower”.

What does Liebe and Seele mean?

Liebe and Seele are two German words which mean “the love of soul” when they are combined. A German friend of Imoto recommended the name to her after the friend was so excited to see the new designs by her. The friend reckoned the products must have borrowed inspirations from the “love” of “soul“.


Like no others, Liebe Seele is very strict when it comes to the quality of their products. They believe that an unforgettable night’s bondage play should be both fun and safe, and the quality of the products are essential for both pleasure and safety.

Liebe Seele use only the best leathers that the world can provide, from places such as Italy, France, Argentina and Brazil, etc. And hardware such as chains and D-rings, they also only accept nickel-free human safe materials. They want people to have as much pleasure as possible in their bondage attire without having to worry about the quality of their bondage attire.


Every single item designed and sold by Liebe Seele are handcrafted by their seasoned craftsman with 10+ years of experience. They treat every item as if it were a work of art!

-Liebe Seele Sells Everything You Could Need-


No matter what bondage item you’re in need of is going to have it for you. They sell all of the following items below.

Bondage Sets and Bed Restraints
Wrist & Ankle Restraints
Collars and Clamps
Thigh Cuffs
Spreader Bars
Riding Crops
Feather Ticklers
Strap-On Harnesses
Anal Toys
Chastity Devices

Click Here To See Which Products You Can Purchase at Today!

-Most Popular Items Sold At

If you’re new to BDSM & bondage and are feeling a little intimidated about what you should buy for your collection I think I can help you out with a few suggestions:

1) Luxury Wine Red Leather 5 Pieces Bondage Set

Luxury Wine Red Leather 5 Pieces Bondage Set

Material: Cow Leather

4 Double Ended Metal Clips

Hand Cuffs:
Circumference: 4.72″ – 9.64″ /12-24.5cm

Ankle cuffs:
Circumference: 5.5″ – 10.2″ / 14-26cm

Thigh cuffs(S):
Circumference: 15.7″ – 21.6″ / 40-55cm

Thigh cuffs(L):
Circumference: 18.8″ – 28.3″ / 48-72cm

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Special Wine RED Thick Leather Bondage Set – Collar with leash Hand cuffs 2 Clips and chain clip BDSM!

Special Red Wine Thick Leather

Made of high quality wine red leather with beautiful rose gold hardware. Which will not give your lover the opportunity to move full range but still allows you to get him or her in the position which expose everything to you. Show your lover who’s in charge with this beautiful collar and cuff set.

Great high quality pieces throughout and good on the eyes, this kit is bound to become your favorite.

Try to combine this product with any other bondage product by Liebe Seele, For a real bondage experience of a life-time.

Click here to learn more about this Special Wine RED Thick Leather Bondage Set!

Elegant White Leather BDSM Collar and Leash with 3 D-ring and Gold Hardware for Bondage Pony Play Pet Play For Men and Women

Elegant White Leather BDSM Collar and Leash

This collar is externally very soft to the touch and made with very aromatic genuine leather leather. The weighty heavy duty buckle is gold and looks very classy. Also included a 48” leather leash that is just as soft as the collar and has a clip attached to the end that can easily be attached or detached to the collar’s 3 D-rings. The brilliant white and gold colors really compliment each other in this high quality and fashionable piece. Be dominated but be sure to look good doing it.

Click here to learn more about this Elegant White Leather BDSM Collar and Leash!

Fashionable Wine Red Leather Thigh Cuffs Thick Leather BDSM Thigh Harness – 2 Sizes – 3 D rings – Bondage Restraints

Fashionable Wine Red Leather Thigh Cuffs


These genuine leather thigh cuffs are both soft to the touch and produce a lovely leather aroma. Made from thick leather and using sturdy hardware, they are very durable as well as looking great. Each cuff has three D rings attached so that you can use several straps and chains at once.

Click here to learn more about this sexy item!

Popular Black Matching Leather BDSM Set 5 pieces Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Thigh Cuffs Double Sided Paddle Double Clips Gold Metal

Popular Black Matching Leather BDSM Set 5 pieces

Sexy black and gold combination looks tough and elegant at the same time. Both the hand and ankle cuffs are constructed out of thick genuine cow leather and are fastened with strong weighty buckles with 3 D rings. The high quality leather is soft to the touch and feels great on the skin. First apparent when examining these tools is the quality of the build and the sweet leather aroma. Included in this set are 4 double ended clips that can be used to fasten your hands and feet to the thigh cuffs of similar build quality or in anyway you can think of using them.

Each thigh cuff is adjustable from 16.5 inches to 22 inches for small size and 19.2″-30.3″ / 49-77cm for large.

Finally there is a dual layered paddling instrument. On one side you have a flat leather paddling surface that will deliver firm and loud slaps and on the other a tawse that you can use in case you feel the need to deliver some corporal punishment.

A great kit even for those that have an accomplished BDSM collection.

Click here to learn more about this Popular Black Matching Leather BDSM Set!

-Liebe Seele Has An Etsy Store!

Please take a few moment to visit their online Etsy store as well!

Click here to check it out!



BDSM & bondage is something that every relationship can benefit from, and it will benefit you to wear and use all of the BDSM and bondage attire available at!

Seriously, check them out today because you’ll be thanking me that you did tomorrow!

And if anyone would like for me to send them some pics of me wearing BDSM and bondage gear from send me an email and I will see what I can do about that!


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Virtual Reality Porn is Even BETTER than I First Thought! (Thanks to


I knew that VR porn was amazing…but I came across a new VR porn site that really blew me away..almost literally!! It’s just like all of those free tube sites out there expect for ONE BIG difference….This is a Virtual Reality Porn Tube Site!!!


Okay, everyone needs to stop what they’re doing right now (well after you finishing reading this article) and visit as soon as possible! is a place where you’ll experience the best VR porn ever!

-Have VR Sex With Your Favorite Porn Stars-
First off, you get to choose the exact type of girl you want to have fun with. Would you like her to be a busty blonde or a petite brunette? They have a ton of beautiful and horny porn stars of all shapes and sizes.


Everyone has their favorite porn star to pleasure themselves to, and has all of your favorite porn stars, but in Virtual Reality! If you think that your favorite porn star can’t get even hotter than she already is…well wait until you see her getting pounded in VR!


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Do you want to have a threesome tonight?


Well you can if you want to! Choose two hot babes, sit back, relax, and enjoy the threesome of your fantasies for as long as you wish.

Now that you have your dream babe right in front of you, grab your VR headset. Doesn’t matter which one is it, all VR goggles work at Plug it in and let the most realistic porn experience begin.

VR porn is so much more than just jerking off to a sex video. You don’t just watch the porn stars having sex with each other…no you BECOME the porn star. It’s so amazing…if I was a man I would have VR goggles glued to my face 24/7.

My favorite thing about the vr porn here is that you get to choose all of the sexual positions that you want to experience. If you want to bang your hot blonde secretary with bog tits, then you can do that…If you want to have sex with a hot redhead in the doggy style position, then you can have sex with a hot read head in doggy.


My favorite position is the reverse cowgirl…and if you want to bang a naughty blonde with a big booty like me, then you can do that. You will LOVE every second that you are on this site!


-VRPorn.Com Categories-


There are also tons of different categories for you to choose from.

VRPorn’s movie and scenes will meet the needs of the most demanding viewers. Treat yourself to some masturbation videos and check out a desiring MILF fingering herself and playing with a dildo. Pay attention to every detail thanks to the fantastic quality of there xxx scenes – all in 4K 360!

No matter what your favorite category or porn may be you’ll find it within seconds of looking for it at!

Top Categories include:

Teen, Big Tits, Babe, Anal, Blowjob, Lesbian, HD, MILF, Amateur, Games, CGI, 60FPS, Mature, POV, double penetration, massage, orgy, gang bang or literally anything else!

3D Sex Simulator Games are way more fun than Monopoly!

Click Here To Check Out All Of The VR Porn Categories Available at!


-About VRPorn-


What is a VR Video?

A virtual reality video is a video where you can look all around you in 360 degrees and 3D. It feels like you are there.

How do I watch VR Videos?

You can stream or download.

What’s the difference between streaming and downloading?

Streaming lets you stream virtual reality directly from to your vr headset instantly with no downloads required. Downloading can allow for a very high quality experience and you can use offline.

I don’t have a headset!

The easiest way to get started is with a basic headset like Google Cardboard. Just drop your phone in and you’re ready to go. You can also use your phone with more advanced headsets like Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

For the best performance and most features, you can use a VR headset connected to a computer, like Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE. Those will allow for higher frame rates, higher resolutions, and smoother play.

You can just use your computer or phone without a headset. You won’t be able to see in 3D or interact as fully in most VR worlds, but you can still look around in 360 degrees.

-VR Porn Just For Women-


Move over guys because VR porn is for the ladies just as much as it is for you! hosts an extensive and booming collection of VR porn for women. From hardcore hetero sex and passionate lesbian affairs to voyeuristic solo shows and kinky group sex, from the above studios and many, many more, there’s no better place for women to find the perfect VR porn fit.

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-Gay VR Porn-

Vrporn.com_22 also has a huge selection for all of you gay men out there!

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-Premium VR Games-

If you haven’t played a VR adult game yet, well this is just another reason to visit!

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Studios make all of the difference when it comes to VR porn, and is partnered with all of the top studios!


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Why just watch porn when you can have 3,500 full virtual reality experiences at!
After you check out please email me and let me know what you thought about the site and what your favorite experience was.

I guarantee that the way you watch porn will never be the same ever again!

My Grandparents watch 2D Porn, VR Porn is the Future!

Carson City · Nevada · Relationship advice

Have Sex With Porn Stars at Legal Nevada Brothels

I guarantee that every man in the world has “HAVE SEX WITH A PORN STAR” listed somewhere on their bucket list of things-to-do before they die, but very few men ever get to place a check mark next to it.  I know the locations of 4 places men can go to and have sex with famous porn stars. So keep reading if you want to add a check mark on your bucket list!


I just found out today that there are brothels in the state of Nevada where you can pay super hot chicks, and porn stars, to have sex with you. And it’s 100% legal!

I can’t believe I’m just now learning about the existence of legalized prostitution in Nevada, but now that I do I’m more grateful than ever before that I was born female  because I know for a fact that I’d be living next door to one of these brothels spending all of my money on porn stars if I were born male.


-21 Brothels in Nevada-

There are 21 legal brothels, all located in just seven counties, throughout the state of Nevada.


-Are All Nevada Brothels The Same-

There might be 21 legal brothels in the state of Nevada, but thanks to I learned that only 4 of them are awesome!


-Top 4 Brothels In Nevada Ranked By

1) The Moonlite Bunny Ranch (69 Moonlite Rd.Carson City, NV 89706)

2) The Love Ranch (95 Kit Kat Dr, Carson City, NV 89706)

3) The Sagebrush Ranch (51 Kit Kat Dr. Carson City, NV 89706)

4) The KitKat Guest Ranch (48 Kit Kat Drive Carson City, NV 89706)


-About, is the only site online that provides a directory of lawful and licensed courtesans and escorts, anywhere in the USA, and due to recent regulation changes in the United States, no web site may advertise for, or promote, any illegal prostitution or escort activities.

All of the women featured on the Nevada Escort’s site work for one of the four brothels I listed above, and after visiting all 21 Nevada brothel websites, this is the only site that will help you find porn stars that you can have sex with.

I also learned something very valuable about life in general after visiting 21 Nevada brothel websites; not all prostitutes are hot, in fact, most of them have faces that only a mother could love. But all 4 brothels recommended by Nevada Escort’s site have super hot babes, some of which are famous porn stars, that are ready and willing to show you a good time, and by “show you a good time” I mean that you can have sex with them. also has an amazing social forum that’s free to join, super easy to use, and let’s you chat with women currently working at these 4 brothels.

Click here to check it out real quick!


-4 Places Men MUST Visit Before They Die-


#1 – The Moonlite Bunny Ranch


Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the most popular and most respected sex destination on Earth. At the Bunny Ranch, beautiful women offer unparalleled sexual adventure in a legal, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where men, women, and couples can thoroughly explore their deepest sensual fantasies.

Located near Reno and Lake Tahoe in beautiful Carson City, Nevada, The Bunny Ranch is celebrated internationally for being Nevada’s finest legal brothel and the very best place to engage in pay-to-play intimacy in all the world. With dozens of gorgeous women available 24 hours a day, the Bunny Ranch is a one-of-a-kind pleasure palace with a full-service bar, luxurious rooms, numerous VIP suites, and lush sex bungalows.


Have Sex With Tiara Tae

And if you wanted to know how hot the girls working at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch are just take a look at Tiara Tae below! And yes, if you visit the Moonlite Bunny Ranch you can have sex with her. She’s only 22 years old, super HOT!




Porn Stars You Can Have Sex With At The Moonlite Bunny Ranch



Current Ladies Of The Moonlite Bunny Ranch 



These are just a few of the ladies currently working at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Please visit to check out ALL of the ladies currently working there!

#2 – The Love Ranch North


Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North is one of America’s most popular legal brothels. Proudly showcasing the most breathtaking licensed courtesans the world has to offer, the Love Ranch is an erotic getaway like no other! With the finest accommodations and luxurious VIP amenities, there is no better way to enjoy hot sexual encounters with gorgeous women. 100% legal, absolutely safe and healthy, and utterly discreet, the Love Ranch offers a unique and unparalleled adult experience!

Porn Stars You Can Have Sex With At The Love Ranch North



Ladies Of The Love Ranch North



These are just a few of the ladies currently working at the The Love Ranch North. Please visit to check out ALL of the ladies currently working there!

#3 – The Sagebrush Ranch



Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, The Sagebrush Ranch is a premier destination for men and women seeking the finest in legal prostitution and American sex tourism. A fully licensed brothel stationed in the heart of America’s Red Light District near Carson City, Nevada, the Ranch is one of the few places in the United States where men and women can explore their most salacious sexual fantasies with gorgeous courtesans in a safe, private, discreet, and thoroughly relaxing environment.

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More Ladies Of The Sagebrush Ranch


These are just a few of the ladies currently working at the Sagebrush Ranch Please visit to check out ALL of the ladies currently working there!

#4 – The KitKat Guest Ranch


The KitKat Guest Ranch is an adult entertainment establishment offering 100% legal prostitution in Nevada to guests age 18 and up. All of the drop dead gorgeous Kitties working at the ranch are tested weekly for STDs, making the KitKat one of the safest places in the world to have a romantic or rapturously raunchy encounter with a sexy woman. The Kitties offer the finest in sensual services, including the Girlfriend Experience, threesomes, orgies, and a wide range of fantasy and fetish options. There is virtually no limit to the intimacies you can experience at the KitKat — and it’s all absolutely, safe, healthy, discreet, and legal.

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Ladies Of The KitKat Guest Ranch


These are just a few of the ladies currently working at the KitKat Guest Ranch Please visit to check out ALL of the ladies currently working there!



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