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5 Best Adult’s Only Pool Parties in the United States

My swinger community hosts so many adult’s only pool parties in every city across the United States of America every single summer that it’s difficult deciding which one is the best to attend.

The one thing about hosting so many adult’s only pool parties is that we need more and more men and women to attend them. If you would like to attend one of our swinger communities’s pool parties in a city near you, then this could actually happen.

Below is a list of swinger pool parties that we’re seeking a few more people to attend, so please find your state below, and then let us know if you’d be interested in partying with our swingers this summer.

Please send Jenny an email at realestate24jenny.ash@gmail.com letting her know which pool party you wish to attend this summer.

Swinger Party Schedule Update for ALL 50 States

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My swinger party community wants to make sure that ONLY serious women and men want to party and have sex at our amazing swinger parties, and the people that subscribe to my YouTube channel will get notified before anyone else about our upcoming swinger party schedule!

Alabama Pool Party Schedule

Whatever you have planned for your vacation this summer cancel it and get over to one of our Alabama adult’s only pool parties that we will be hosting in Gadsden, Huntsville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham.

And yes, we will have all the hot dogs, pizza, and anal lube you can get your hands on.

Alaska Pool Party Schedule

Alaska is freezing in the winter month, but it’s extremely hot at one of our Alaska pool parties during the summer months.

Also, Alaska swingers really know how to party poolside.

Arizona Pool Party Schedule

Swim and have sex at an Arizona swinger pool party all summer long. What cities can you party poolside with our swingers? We will be hosting adult’s only pool parties in Tucson, Yume, Chandler, Flagstaff, Glendale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix all summer long.

We will provide all the sun tan lotion and anal lube you will ever need to make sure you don’t get burned anywhere on your body or in your booty.

Arkansas Pool Party Schedule

Attend one of our Arkansas pool parties this summer. They will be held in just Jonesboro and Little Rock. We do plan on extending our pool party schedule to Fort Smith as soon as possible.

California Pool Party Schedule

California not only has the best beaches in the country, but they also have the best pools, so we hope everyone gets a chance to attend one of our California adult pool parties at least once in your lifetime because you will have the best time possible.

The girls that attend these California pool parties are also extremely hot, and honestly most of them are San Diego strippers, so bring some one dollar bills with you!

You can always find an adult’s pool party in any of these following California cities, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, La Jolla, Fresno, Orange County, and Pasadena.

Colorado Pool Party Schedule

The best Colorado pool parties are being held in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Littleton and Parker.

Connecticut Pool Party Schedule

The schedule for our Connecticut pool parties will be updated at the start of summer, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Delaware Pool Party Schedule

Come to Delaware for our pool parties this summer. They will be held from June 2nd until June 19th. The season is short, but the parties will be amazing, so forget your bathing suits and just get here already.

Florida Pool Party Schedule

Florida has so many things to do, and in our opinion, the adult’s only pool parties that we throw in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa are the best things that anyone over the age of 21 can do in the state of Florida.

We will be throwing blow job contests at every Miami pool party that we host. So if you want a blow job in Miami, just attend our pool parties.

Georgia Pool Party Schedule

We will only be hosting Georgia pool parties in the city of Atlanta from here on out. We will host 4 swinger pool parties per week, so make sure to contact us for tickets if you want to attend one of our Atlanta pool parties that will literally be swimming with stripper from Magic City!

Hawaii Pool Party Schedule (Everyone gets laid)

Surf on over to one of our pool parties in Hawaii. We promise that you will get laid!

Idaho Pool Party Schedule

Attend one of our swinger pool parties in Boise all summer long! You might trip on a potato, but you’ll land in some pussy!

Illinois Pool Party Schedule

We will only be throwing pool parties in Carbondale, Chambana, and Chicago.

Indiana Pool Party Schedule

Indiana has some of the best swingers in the entire country, so you will love any Indiana pool party you attend.

Iowa Pool Party Schedule

Iowa has swingers that live there, and they have pool parties.

Kansas Pool Party Schedule

Kansas does/t have that many great things for people living the swinger lifestyle to do, so that’s why we throw pool parties in Topeka, Lawrence, and Wichita every weekend in June and July.

We hope to see you there either sucking on a wiener, or having your wiener sucked on.

Kentucky Pool Party Schedule

Some of the best pool parties in the world happen in Kentucky.

Louisiana Pool Party Schedule

All Louisiana pool parties will be held in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans.

Maine Pool Party Schedule

Lewiston will be the site for all of Maine’s pool parties. It’s a fun city, and swinger’s are very friendly, and they really know how to swim.

Maryland Pool Party Schedule

We need more people than ever to attend our Maryland pool parties hosted in Baltimore and Frederick.

Massachusetts Pool Party Schedule

Want to attend a pool party in Boston? What about one in Lowell? How do you feel about fucking sexy female Massachusetts swinger’s at Cape Cod or Brockton pool parties? Well we will be hosting all of our Massachusetts’ pool parties in Boston, Cape Cod, and Brockton all summer long. If you’re a swinger living in Massachusetts we really hope you’ll come swim with us!

Michigan Pool Party Schedule

Ann Arbor and Detroit will be the cities in Michigan where our adult’s only pool parties will be held.

Minnesota Pool Party Schedule

Minnesota does have a lot of lakes throughout the state, but it also has just as many swinger pool parties for you to attend throughout the state as well.

Mississippi Pool Party Schedule

Mississippi is fun to spell, but more fun to get your dick sucked at one of our Hattiesburg, Biloxi, or Jackson pool parties.

Remember, you have to be at least 21 years of age or older to attend any of our swinger pool parties.

Missouri Pool Party Schedule

Missouri pool parties will be hosted in Kansas City, Joplin, St. Louis, and Kirksville.

Montana Pool Party Schedule

In our opinion the state if Montana has the best name out of any other state, and that’s why we throw our best pool parties in the state of Montana. All Montana swinger pool parties will be held in Bozeman, Billings, Butte, and of course, Helena.

Nebraska Pool Party Schedule

Grab a stalk of corn and head on over to one of the Nebraska pool parties that we’ll be hosting in Lincoln, North Platte, Omaha, and Grand Island every Saturday on Sunday from June 12th until August 2nd.

Nevada Pool Party Schedule

Nevada has the best pool parties anywhere in the world, and the one that we host every day in Las Vegas is the best one you could ever attend.

New Hampshire Pool Party Schedule

The only reason to ever go to New Hampshire is to attend one of the pool parties that we host every Saturday during summer.

New Jersey Pool Party Schedule

If you think the Jersey Shore is crazy, then wait until you party with us poolside where 8 female swingers will be waiting on their knees to suck your dick.

New Mexico Pool Party Schedule

The most fun you can ever have in New Mexico is at one of the pool parties that we throw all summertime long in Albuquerque and Las Cruces.

New York Pool Party Schedule

Attend a Broadway play on a Friday night and then get your dick sucked on a Saturday afternoon at one of our Manhattan pool parties at the top of a luxury high-rise.

North Carolina Pool Party Schedule

We really do host adult pool parties in North Carolina. All of our North Carolina pool parties are held in Asheville, Charlotte, Boone, and Greensboro.

North Dakota Pool Party Schedule

Everyone who attends our North Dakota pool parties are surprised by how fun they are. All swingers living in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, and any other city in North Dakota are welcome.

Ohio Pool Party Schedule

Just as many US presidents were born in the state of Ohio, many of the nation’s swingers are also from the state of Ohio.

Attend a swinger’s pool party in Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

Oklahoma Pool Party Schedule

Once you meet the swingers at one of the pool parties that we throw in Oklahoma, you’ll forget all about tigers and kings.

All of the swinger parties that we host in Oklahoma will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Stillwater.

Oregon Pool Party Schedule

Oregon is kind of like Mars, and that makes sense because their pool parties are really out of this world.

Attend a swinger’s pool party in the Oregon cities of Eugene and Portland.

Pennsylvania Pool Party Schedule

Please party with us poolside in Pennsylvania this summer. You can find one of our Pennsylvania pool parties in the cities of Allentown, Erie, Altoona, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and last but not least, the city of “swingerly love”, Philadelphia.

Rhode Island Pool Party Schedule

Honestly, why would you ever want to visit Rhode Island for anything other than to attend one of our pool parties.

South Carolina Pool Party Schedule

South Carolina swingers love the pool just as much as they love their chicken and waffles. Make sure to not drink too much at one of our pool parties.

South Dakota Pool Party Schedule

South Dakota has some really fun pool parties, not the best that we host, but they are still good enough to attend.

Tennessee Pool Party Schedule

Good news for any swingers living in Memphis, Chattanooga, Clarksville and Cookeville because we will be throwing our best Tennessee pool parties in those cities.

Texas Pool Party Schedule

The best little whorehouse was in Texas from what the movie by its name claims, but Texas also has the best big swinger pool parties hosted anywhere in the continental United States of America.

Texas pool parties will be thrown in Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Del Rio, Denton, El Paso, and Fort Worth.

Utah Pool Party Schedule

Utah is known for amazing hiking trails, camping spots, snowboarding opportunities, and fucking multiple swingers at our caffeine free Utah pool parties hosted in Logan, Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City and even St. George all summer long from June 1st until July 17th, and then resumes again on July 25th until August 19th.

Vermont Pool Party Schedule

The next time you head to Vermont for maple syrup, we hope that you’ll stay for one of our world famous Vermont swinger pool parties.

Virginia Pool Party Schedule

A Virginia adult’s only pool is the best thing anyone can be doing in Virginia!

We will host a pool party in Charlottesville, Chesapeake, Danville, Fredericksburg, Hampton, and Harrisonburg.

Washington DC Pool Party Schedule

Washington DC might have a lot of U.S. Senators running around from place to place messing up our country, but Washington DC also has the best swinger pool parties that we want you to attend.

Washington Pool Party Schedule

Washington has really great apples, but it also has sexy female swingers with really big tits that you can place your dick between! So get off your couch and get into our pools.

If you live in Bellingham, Everett, Moses Lake, Mt. Vernon, Olympia, Pullman, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, or Yakima then we want you to attend one of our kinky pool parties this summer season.

West Virginia Pool Party Schedule

If you’re a swinger living in West Virginia then you will have an extremely fun time at one of our adult’s only pool parties, so we hope you come with, or without a swimming suit.

Wisconsin Pool Party Schedule

Wisconsin female swingers love getting wild at the parties we host in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, and Wausau.

Wyoming Pool Party Schedule

Wyoming swingers are going to love our schedule of Wyoming adult’s only swinger parties.

Viist all of our swinger pool party locations!

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Hey Guys, Let Stays-Hard Put a Ring On It, On Your Cock That Is!

If you’ve never used a C-Ring, also known as a cock ring, or don’t even know what, or why, cock rings are used for, then buckle up because you’re going to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cock rings, but were afraid to ask!

What Is A Cock Ring?

Unlike some sex toys that have very interesting names tied to them, a cock ring is exactly what it sounds like; A ring that wraps around a penis in order to squeeze the shaft, or the balls, or both the shaft and the penis at the same time. Now the next question that might be swirling around in your head is “why the hell would anyone want this”.

What Exactly Does A Cock Ring Do?

Simply put, cock rings makes sex possible for a number of reasons, each one differs from the other!

Reason #1 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Cock rings can help men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) maintain a boner once again. One function of a cock ring is the slowing of the blood flow back from the erect penis, allowing it to stay hard longer….a partial boner is needed though, and just placing a cock ring on a limp penis is not going to transform it into a solid erection. Some men use penis pumps to help build their erection before placing a cock ring in it.

Reason #2 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Harder Erections

Even if you don’t suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction), cock rings can give you a harder, thicker, and BIGGER boner that can last for an extremely long time.

Reason #3 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Intense Sensations

Wearing a cock ring makes every sensation much more intense, which can make masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse more pleasurable.

Reason #4 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Give Your Girl Some Stimulation

A cock ring can pleasure the clit just as much as if can be pleasurable for the penis. Vibrating cock rings are great for clitoral stimulation!

Reason #5 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Hand Jobs & BJs Just Got Better

Using cock rings while getting/giving a handy or blowy makes the experience better than ever before.

I suggest giving/getting a handy with a vibrating cock ring, while mixing it up with a flexible cock ring for the blow job.

Reason #6 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Something for the Booty

If you’re into “anal play”, then use a cock ring to take it to a whole other level of fun and pleasure. Be sure to use lots of lube if you’ll be engaging in any kind of anal play while wearing a cock ring.

How to Use a Cock Ring

Now that you know “why” cock rings are used, if you’re intrigued and wondering how to actually use a cock ring, here are a few tips to help you out.

1 – Begin with a Stretchy Cock Ring!

Flexible cock rings are made of stretchy materials, like silicone, and are easy to remove, making them great for beginners. Once you become more advanced with the ways of the cock ring then you can start playing around with the metal ones, but let’s master the flexible cock rings first to avoid any complications.

2 – Don’t Put A Ring On A Boner!

Only place a cock ring on a flaccid or semi-erect penis because placing a cock ring over the penis head and sliding it down the shaft will typically be easier if the wiener is flaccid or semi-erect.

3 – Lube That Cock!

Spread a few drops of lube around the inner part of the penis before slipping on a cock ring. This will allow the cock ring to slide down a penis more easily. Also use lube when you’re ready to remove the cock ring to ensure any easy slip-off.

4 – Remove Cock Rings After 20 Minutes!

Never leave a cock ring on for longer than 20 minutes because blood flow restriction is usually safe in short bursts, and 20 minutes seems to be the universal recommendation.

5 – Condoms & Cock Rings

If you’re wearing a condom with a penis ring, put the ring on first, then place the condom on second once the penis is fully erect.

A Week’s Worth of Cock Rings

Just as there are 7 days in a week, there are basically 7 different types of cock rings, each one providing something a little different, for you to choose from: Vibrating cock rings, Basic cock rings, Adjustable cock rings, Double cock rings, Anal cock rings, Metal cock rings, and Stimulating cock rings!

Basic Cock Rings

Basic cock rings are what you think about when you imagine what a cock ring is. They’re simplistic in nature, just having one ring which grips onto the shaft of the penis. The only thing you can really change with this kind of cock ring is where it sits on your penis.

Cock Rings That Vibrate

The main function of a vibrating cock ring is to stimulate both the penis and the woman’s clitoris at the same time. Some vibrating cock rings are disposable, and others come with a rechargeable battery, but regardless of anything, vibrating cock rings are the best cock rings to use if the goal is to provide intense pleasure for both the man and the woman at the same time.

Cock Rings Made Out of Steel

The most durable cock rings are the ones that are made out of steel, steel cock rings and are completely inflexible, and can only be placed on the penis when it’s still limp, or flaccid, so if you try placing this on an erect penis you’ll find out soon enough that it’s an impossible challenge. Because of this, you’ll need to know what size your penis is so you make sure to get the correct size steel cock ring; if you get too small of a steel cock ring then you could be in for a very painful experience, so make sure you get the right fir for the shaft you’re working with to ensure a fun and sexy experience.

Cock Rings That Are Flexible

Flexible cock rings have a lot more give to them that steel cock rings do. The majority of flexible cock rings are made of a jelly type of material, while others are molded from a soft silicone material. Flexible cock rings are the simplest of cock rings, where you just put on your penis, soft or erect, and then can start using.

Cock Rings That Are Not PETA Approved

Just like designer jackets, some cock rings are made out of leather! Leather cock rings are adjustable which means that they have a little more give than a steel cock ring, but not as much as a flexible cock ring. This is great if some days you need a little more help than other days, so you can go for a slightly tighter setting. Leather cock rings require a little more care than any other style of cock ring because leather can absorb sweat, and all of those other bodily fluids released during sexual activities, so it’s very important that these are cleaned after being used.

Solid Cock Rings

Because they have very little give when you wear them, solid cock rings are very similar to steel cock rings; they work just as similarly, and can be made of hard plastics, hard rubbers, metal, or even glass. Solid cock rings will be more likely to break than types of cock rings, so these must be cleaned and stored correctly if you want them to have a long lifespan.

Lassos Aren’t Exactly Cock Rings, But Kinda Are

If you’ve never used a cock ring then you may want to start with a lasso cock ring because these are similar to cock rings, but much more adjustable which allows you to experiment to find the tightness you prefer.

And on the 8th Day Stays-Hard Created the Orgasm Ring

Okay, I know I said that their are 7 types of cock rings, but their is actually an 8th type of cock ring, and it’s actually my favorite type because it ensures mutual orgasms for both the man wearing it and the woman he’s having sex with!

Yes, this 8th type is called an Orgasm Ring, and has been designed and manufactured by the same people behind the Stays-Hard device that ensures erections to the men that wear it, and now their Orgasm Ring ensures orgasms for everyone participating!

Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring, which can be worn over a Stays-Hard or Erect Penis device, is made from body safe silicone and can stretch to fit over even the biggest set of balls any man may have! It is pretty big, but that’s what makes this cock ring the mightiest of them all when it comes to sexual satisfaction!

Over 70% of Vulva Owners Can’t Be Wrong

Over 70% of Vulva owners do not Orgasm with just a hard penis going in and out of them, women need Clitoral Stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm, and Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring is allowing every vulva owner to now enjoy AMAZING orgasms while having intercourse!

Vulva Owner Approved

As an owner of a vulva myself, I wanted to see if the Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring actually did what they claimed it could do, ensure mutual orgasms for everyone involved, so I took it for a test drive, and let me tell you, this cock ring provided the BEST sexual satisfaction that any cock ring, or any sex toy for that matter, has ever provided for me in my sexual lifetime!

The Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring allowed me to experience an orgasm even before the guy wearing it ejaculated, and thanks to the Orgasm Ringing keeping his dick hard, he was able to make me cum 2 more times before we stopped! Seriously, no cock ring has ever made me achieve an orgasm ever.

As a woman, my favorite thing about this Orgasm Ring is that it actually feels as if a woman is licking my clit while a man is fucking me at the same time…so it’s basically like having a threesome except I’m getting 100% of the cock without having to share!

Listen, if you have a pussy, then make sure your man starts fucking you with a Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring because it’ll make bad sex good, good sex great, and great sex unbelievable!

Please make sure to use a lot of lube with it!

Also, if you’re a female that enjoys anal sex as much as I do then you will LOVE using the Orgasm Ring while having anal; the orgasm ring will stimulate your clit at the exact same time your man is balls deep in your booty…you will enjoy both a G-spot and A-spot orgasms simultaneously!

Stays-Hard Orgasm Ring Saftey Tips

Cock rings are safe, fun, and add to the overall sexual experience, but make sure to follow the safety advice below so that all of your Orgasm Ring experiences are always pleasurable:

1 – Don’t wear the Orgasm Ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

2 – Use a LITTLE bit of lube to make the Orgasm Ring easier to get on and off, and be sure to use LOTS of lube if you’ll be engaging in any kind of anal play.

3 – Don’t wear the Orgasm Ring if you have a bleeding disorder or a blood condition.

4 – Make sure you use the right size Orgasm Ring to ensure that you’re not cutting off the circulation of blood to your penis.

5 – Make sure that you’re not allergic to any types of materials that the Orgasm Ring is made of.

6 – Treat the Orgasm Ring like forks, tea cups, and plates, and wash it after each and every use.

Now that you know EVERYTHING there is to know about cock rings it’s time for you to Visit Stays-Hard today and get yourself their Orgasm Ring!

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I’m Gonna Start Pole Dancing..Sorry, Not Sorry Mom!

Okay, before my reads the title of this article and freaks out, I want her to know that no I’m not going to start stripping at a strip club, but I am going to be ordering myself a stripper pole from a company by the name of X-POLE because I’m going to start a stripper pole fitness regiment ASAP!

COVID-19 Has Shut Down My Gym & I Can’t Wait Until My Gym Opens Back Up..

This coronavirus quarantine is causing serious harm to my body life because the gym in my condo is going to stay closed until the quarantine is over, and I just can’t wait any longer for gyms to open up because I’m falling more and more out of shape as each COVID-19 quarantine day passes by!

I noticed that a couple of my girlfriends, who actually are strippers, have stayed in excellent shape the past 9 months because they have a stripper pole set up in their apartment that they use every day to practice, as well as perfect, their exotic dancer skills in order to not miss a beat as soon as strip clubs open back up in California, and I noticed that their bodies still look amazing even without exercising at the gym…they ONLY use their stripper pole to work out!!!

So this got me thinking that I need to get myself a stripper pole for 3 reasons…

1 – Stripper Poles Take up ZERO Room!

My condo isn’t that large, so any type of gym equipment like an exercise back or treadmill would take up too much room…but a stripper pole literally takes up no room at all!

2 – Stripper Poles Are Excellent Work-Out Devices!

Stripper poles may look like an EXTREMELY simple device, but they actually work out your entire body from head to toe…literally!

3 – Stripper Pole Workouts Are Fun!

I’ve actually tested out my friend’s stripper pole, and it’s a super fun way of getting in shape!

Reasons Why Pole Fitness Works…

Okay, so not only will a pole fitness regiment make you healthier, it’ll also improve your sex life, and I’m a HUGE fan of looking healthy and having amazing sex!

1 – Pole Fitness Burns Calories like Super Quick!

I seriously could stand to lose 10 to 17 pounds at the moment, and pole fitness will help me strip down that unwanted weight because it’s possible to burn 500 calories in just one 30 minute session…perhaps more if I train intensely.

2 – If I Can Do It then ANYONE Can!

Seriously, anyone that wants to try out pole fitness will see how easy it actually is during their first 30 minute workout session…it’s so darn EASY!

3 – Pole Fitness Boosts Self-Confidence!

Once you get the pole fitness basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you’ll quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Once you see all of the attention that your new “pole-fitness” body is attracting from both men and women your self-esteem and confidence will grow!

4 – Pole Fitness Tightens & Tones your Muscles..Which help with Orgasms!

Anyone that’s spent much time exercising on a pole knows it works wonders for your physique. Not only do you lose unwanted body fat, but you build and tone your muscles as well. Tighter, healthier muscles don’t just look better, but function better overall.

In addition to finding it easier to do your yard work or bringing in the groceries, you’ll definitely find sex gets better. Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle benefits from your pole fitness exercise regiment just as surely as your other muscles do. Strong, high functioning PC muscles go hand in hand with stronger, better orgasms for women!

5 – It Stimulates your Nervous System & Improves your Sex Life!

Yes, a pole fitness regiment will tighten and tone your body’s muscles, but it also stimulates and improves the response of your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), and better SNS function is directly related to quicker, more intense sexual arousal.

In other words, not only should you definitely exercise on a pole regularly if you’re serious about having the best possible looking body, but your sex life will also improve as well!

6 – Pole Dancing Improves Circulation!

A pole fitness exercise regiment is famous for the way it really gets your blood pumping. It doesn’t just improve your overall cardiovascular health either. It promotes the efficient flow of blood throughout your entire body. This includes to your crotch, genitals, and sex organs. What’s more, this is the case for men and women alike.

7 – Pole Fitness Encourages Hormones to Level Out!

When you’re carrying around an extra 10 to 17 pounds like me, you can’t help but feel sluggish from time to time. It’s not just about dealing with lower energy levels and less stamina either. The more excess fat you’re carrying on your body, the more estrogen your body produces (whether you’re male or female). High estrogen levels can result in decreased libido and lower levels of arousal in both sexes.

Exercising on a pole will help regulate your hormones and keep your estrogen levels in check. According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, getting around 300 minutes of exercise every week (about 30-45 minutes a day) keeps estrogen levels where they ought to be. Just one more way reason why I’m starting a pole fitness regiment this week!

8 – Pole Fitness Makes you more Attractive on a Basic Chemical Level!

Women emit sex pheromones that attract sex partners at all times. However, these pheromones and their effects become a lot more intense when we sweat. Yes, you heard that right! Getting your “sweat on” with a pole fitness regiment actually makes you more sexually attractive on a basic chemical level.

9 – You’ll be in a Better Mood More of the Time!

In case you haven’t noticed, bad or low moods and sexual arousal rarely tend to go hand in hand. In fact, one of the best known and most dreaded depression symptoms is a lowered ability to experience pleasure of any kind, the sexual variety included. Depressed people have a harder time wanting or seeking out sex in the first place as well.

As touched on above, exercising on a pole is just as great for your mental state as it is your physical one. It can make a massive difference when it comes to alleviating depression symptoms and boosting your overall mood. In some cases, pole fitness has even been known to help people overcome depression altogether over time…I mean, if a pole can make you happier and improve your sex life at the same time, then a pole fitness regiment in my opinion is a no brainer!

10 – Pole Fitness will Increase your Stamina!

Everyone that starts a pole fitness regiment can appreciate the benefits that increased stamina and endurance bring to the table. Stick with it long enough and you’ll be able to say good-bye to getting winded just from bringing groceries from the car or climbing up a few flights of stairs! You’ll also start noticing that it’s now possible to have the kind of sex you’d probably rather be having.

Instead of having to settle for quickies because that’s all you can handle physically, you’ll eventually find those marathon sessions you could only fantasize about before are now totally doable. When combined with increased strength and flexibility, stamina makes it easier to experiment in the bedroom as well.

11 – A Pole Fitness Workout Doesn’t Feel at ALL like a Workout!

I for one HATE exercising, but a pole fitness workout doesn’t at all feel like a workout at all because it’s so fun and kind of technical at the same time..it really is unlike any type of exercise I have ever attempted, and it’s already my FAVORITE by far!

12 – You’ll Sleep Better after Hitting the Pole!

Regular pole fitness workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you place your head on your pillow…and getting a good night’s rest is just as important as getting in a great workout, and a pole fitness workout regiment will give you both!

Jenny, Where Can I Get a Pole?

As I mentioned above, after doing some research online I came across a company by the name of X-Pole that will not only sell you a pole, but will also teach you how to use it correctly through their online pole fitness courses!

X-Pole’s online pole fitness classes are AMAZING because they teach you how to correctly use their poles so that you aren’t wasting any of your precious workout time trying to figure out the best ways to exercise on a stripper pole!

About X-Pole

X-Pole is the world’s leading suppler of pole and aerial fitness equipment. At X-POLE, it’s their goal to introduce more people to the amazing world of pole and aerial fitness. These are amongst the most empowering exercises one can engage in. They’re also great exercises for building and maintaining your core strength.

A fun alternative to a normal exercise regimen, more women are turning to the exciting world of pole and aerial fitness. If you want to learn more about any of their products, please feel free to contact them here. They are more than mere suppliers of pole and aerial fitness equipment—consider them a resource as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Try incorporating a fitness pole into your workout routine today!


Are you ready to train online with the world’s most experienced pole and aerial instructors? X-Pole TV gives you instant and unlimited access to one-on-one lessons with the world’s best. Access the entire X-Pole TV video library anywhere, anytime from your desktop or device. Join us for +1000 one-on-one lessons recorded in our private studio in North Hollywood, CA. Inside you’ll meet Natasha Wang, Tara Meyer, Elizabeth Blanchard, Estee Zakar, Nicole Williams, Jamilla Deville and many more. They’re adding new world class instructors all the time!


Choose from over 1,000 video tutorials for all skill levels with some of the world’s leading athletes in pole and aerial. Plus bonus streaming DVDs like The Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville.


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Sorry Fellas, but thanks to Edonista, Orgasms are Better with Sex Toys

Sorry guys, but orgasms are way better with sex toys!

You may think that a girl like me must have been playing with sex toys ever since I started masturbating, but that’s actually far from the yruth. I actually never really used sex toys until the Covid-19 pandemic started over 2 years when it was almost impossible to call up a guy to come over and give me some good wiener.

So way back in 2020 I began experimenting with sex toys, mostly luxury vibrators, more than ever before in my lifetime to help get me off since I couldn’t meet up with real men to have sex with, and I have to admit that orgasms from sex toys are way better than from an actual penis during sex….and thanks to Edonista, an online sexual wellness boutique, I may NEVER need to meet up with men again to achieve AMAZING orgasms!

I feel kinda bad for guys because they don’t stand a chance against a sex toy when it comes to making a girl cum; sex toys totally have an unfair advantage because they’re man-made and specifically designed to get a woman off.

For instance, Rabbit Vibrators and Wand Massagers, are examples of sex toys that are either extremely powerful, or gentle, or intense, depending on how you want to get yourself off…men only have one speed most of the time, and they usually can’t get women off because they ejaculate faster than a woman can achieve climax..but sex toys have batteries, or are rechargeable, and they don’t quit until a woman achieves an orgasm..or multiple orgasms in cases such as mine.

I’m not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings, or harm the egos of all of you men out there, but I urge all of you women reading this to go and get yourself a new sex toy from Edonista’s selection of luxury vibrators & stimulators TODAY so you can have amazing orgasms ALL of the time! Trust me, Edonista’s luxury vibrators for women are guaranteed to make you squirt!

Other Benefits Provided By Edonista‘s Sex Toys for Women…

Sex Toys Help Reduce Stress

With everything that has gone on over the past 26 months due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 quarantine, both stress and anxiety have been building up, and sex toys can give you a safe, private and quick way to let off some of your built up stress so you’re ready to face the challenges of life once more. And even though the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end, right now is the time when we need sex toys more than ever.

Sex Toys Let You Discover What Turns You on

It’s important to really know what turns you on. With such a variety of sex toys on the market you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! Strokers are a popular male toy, but have you tried one with a butt plug? Gay and straight men like them just the same. Experimenting with sex toys alone makes you more aware of your body and will help you tell your lover what they should do to you in the bedroom!

Sex Toys Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep problems are the actual worst. Using a sex toy to masturbate is a great way to get your mind and body ready for sleep whether you’re anxious, have a thrown off sleep pattern, or your mind won’t shut off. Having an orgasm before you go to bed causes the body to get exhausted due to the release dopamines and oxytocin.

Sex Toys Enhance Your Overall Mood

Due to the release of endorphins when orgasming, masturbating with sex toys makes you happy. You don’t have to reach a full blown orgasm to relieve a little tension while masturbating with a sex toy, but just simply teasing the genitals will do the trick to turn any frown upside down!

Sex Toys Help Couples Set The Mood

Sex toys for couples are a great way to get foreplay going in the bedroom for couples! The longer couples are together the less foreplay they tend to have, but sex toys allow couples to spend more time pleasuring each other before having sex.

Edonista Offers the Best Selection of Sex Toys for Women!

All women deserve to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at Edonista!

If you have NEVER experienced a mind blowing orgasm with the help of a female sexual wellness toy then please visit Edonista ASAP.

Edonistabelieves that the world would be a better place if everyone had more orgasms. They believe that every female should own at least a couple of sex toys.

With Edonista as your friend, you’ll join thousands of happy women from around the world, and enjoy the most intense orgasms of your life because the ABSOLUTE best sex toys to help women achieve orgasms are sold online at Edonista!

Edonista understands that women’s pleasure devices can be both luxurious and affordable at the same time, and thet experiencing regular orgasms will improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain, and boost your immune system. Sexual pleasure will also flood your system with oxytocin (love hormone) and reduce cortisol (stress hormone) leaving you more relaxed and less anxious.

Edonista is on the frontlines of this revolution, carving out the reputation of a sex-positive brand that educates, entertains and empowers people to discover themselves through storytelling and information.

Edonista’s collection of luxurious, female-focused vibrators and clitoral stimulators will help you get in touch with your physical needs and take your orgasms to the next level. When you prioritize self-love, you bring your busy mind back to your body, and gently reverse any disconnect from trauma or stress.

Once you appreciate and feel affection for yourself, you are primed to bond with your partner. Together you can create a nurturing environment built on conscious choice, mindfulness and respect.

Edonista Wants To Help Men & Couples Achieve Pleasure As Well

Edonista wants everyone to experience amazing sexual pleasure and that’s why they offer a wide selection of sex toys for men and sex toys for couples just as much as they offer a wide selection of sex toys for women!

They want to celebrate sexual freedom, equality and love. ALL of their sexual wellness products come from the most trusted brands in the sex toy industry, with years of experience.

It’s Edonista’s goal to present you with anything, and everything, that turns you on. Take a look around their boutique’s wide selection of sex toys, and make sure you don’t miss anything because you never know what new kink you may find!

Jenny’s Favorite Edonista Female Sexual Wellness Devices

You can’t go wrong with any sexual wellness device for women that you order from Edonista, but I’d still LOVE to share with you what my TOP 3 favorite orgasm devices from Edonista’s selection are…

Ada Rechargeable Wand Massager

Love the wand but hate it taking up so much space? Don’t worry because Edonista has you covered!

The classic cordless wand is now travel size. With multiple vibration patterns to choose from, and adjustable intensity, Ada is your perfect ally for a self-love session or to enjoy with a partner. Roommate friendly thanks to its mega silent motor. Coated with ultra-smooth silicone and fully waterproof you can take it with you to the shower or tub worry-free.

Visit Edonista to learn more about the Ada Rechargeable Wand Massager!

Colt – G-Spot Vibrator

Engineered for pleasure. Colt’s ribbed body offers max stimulation only to be topped off by its curved tip reaching the right spot every time. Packed with multiple whisper silent vibration patterns to choose from, it’s the perfect partner for solo playing or to use with a partner. Its high-quality silicone feels smooth and velvety to the touch and provides the perfect glide when adding some water-based lube.

Built to be fully waterproof and with a convenient handle and buttons placed right on it, Colt is meant to share the bathtub with you for the ultimate self-care session.

Visit Edonista to learn more about this G-Spot Vibrator!

Nina – Bullet Vibrator

Say hello to this little friend! Whether in company or playing solo Nina is the perfect addition to the occasion. Tiny, silent, and designed for portability it is the best travel vibrator. Its smooth surface feels soft and velvety on the skin and its size and shape allow it to travel easily over and around all erogenous zones.

Visit Edonista to learn more about this Bullet Vibrator!

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Freaky BDSM Sexperiments are Performed Best When Edonista is Involved!

The COVID-19 quarantine is finally over for most parts of the world, and all of you couples out there need to snap out of your daily routines of just binge watching TV shows on Netflix and HULU, and start spicing up your sex lives this upcoming holiday season with some BDSM sexperiments with the help of the online Adult’s Only sexual wellness boutique Edonista!

Freaky BDSM Sexperiment Time

Today’s freaky sexperiment is for all of you couples out there that have always thought about BDSM but just haven’t played out any BDSM fantasies yet.

First off, about 47 percent of women and 60 percent of men have fantasized about dominating someone sexually, and more than 60 percent of women and about 30 percent of men get aroused by the idea of being dominated..and I didn’t just make these BDSM facts up…I heard them on a podcast thank you very much…but just to double check these statistics I did an internet search and found similar numbers, so guess what people, most of us have a little BDSM freak living inside of us that wants to come out and play.

I understand that coming right out and telling your partner about the little BDSM freak living inside of you may be worrisome to many of you, so here’s are some ideas you may want to try out..

Idea #1 – Watch the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with your partner.

Honestly, I’m a super freaky slut, so this movie did nothing for me, but watching it with your lover may help you get a read on how they feel about BDSM relationships…just make sure you pay attention to how they respond to the movie’s sex scenes.

While watching the movie you should make comments like “we should try that”.

Now if you’re a man trying to start a BDSM conversation with a woman try saying something like “this movie kinda sucks, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m growing a pretty aggressive boner right now just thinking about doing those things to you.”

Women can be more aggressive with their comments because dudes will pretty much do anything in the bedroom, so if you’re a woman that wants to discuss BDSM with your man just say “Tonight I want you to choke me, bite me, pull my hair, and dominate me like the little slut that I am until I’m of no more use to you.”

Idea #2 – Ask your partner a non aggressive BDSM question.

Ask your partner what they think about being spanked with an impact play device; this is a super simple topic that’ll let you see how your partner reacts to something as basic and vanilla as “spanking”.

Stay away from more aggressive questions like “hey babe, what are your thoughts about having your wrists handcuffed to your ankles while I tell you to blow me?”

Listen, you and your partner are going to be stuck at home together for the next few weeks, so this is the perfect time to discuss BDSM, and I really hope both of my above ideas will allow the two of you to start a BDSM conversation without any judgment.

BDSM Sexperiment #1: Agree on “safe word”

Freaky BDSM Sexperiments Makes Quarantine Fun_1

You and your partner will need a “safe word” so you both know when one of you has had enough..and for what it’s worth, it’ll be fun discussing what safe word the two of you should use.

BDSM Sexperiment #2: Spanking

Freaky BDSM Sexperiments Makes Quarantine Fun22

Bend your partner over and start spanking, but spank hard, and take a few moments between each spanking.

BDSM Sexperiment #3: Candle Wax & Handcuffs

Handcuff your partner to some bedposts and start dripping hot candle wax on them. See how long you both can go with this BDSM sexperiment.

Freaky BDSM Bondage & Fetish Toys

If you and your partner found enjoyment in these BDSM sexperiments then the two of you are ready to start getting more aggressive with your BDSM role playing fantasies, and this means that you’ll need BDSM toys, gear and accessories like ball gags, floggers, collars, blindfolds, and adjustable leather handcuffs just to name a few.

Now if you’re a man that really wants his lady to get on board with BDSM then I highly urge you to only use high quality BDSM gear and accessories, trust me, high quality BDSM looks super sexy and your chick will be more down to let you handcuff her to the bed if the handcuffs are made from sexy high quality adjustable leather.

I suggest that you and your partner get online together and visit the online sex boutique Edonista ASAP. Trust me, after your lady sees how sexy BDSM can be, she’ll be very into the idea of letting you dominate her on a more consistent basis.

Edonista believes that there is no shame in being a luxurious slut!

From Vibrators to Anal Toys and Bondage Gear, Edonista has a HUGE selection of anal sex toys for men, vibrating sex toys for women, and kinky BDSM sex toys for couples alike!

Everyone deserves to have amazing orgasms, and sex toys make amazing orgasms possible.

Seriously, no matter what the naughty item is that you’re desiring, Edonista is certain to have it ready and available for you 24 hours per day!

Edonista is a high-end ADULTS ONLY sexual wellness boutique that offers a wide selection of the top & most luxurious sex toy brands in the world today!

I highly recommend everyone reading this to please visit Edonista today and get yourself, or someone you want to help “get off”, a kinky sex toy that’ll provide orgasms to make you feel nothing but pure bliss!

It’s Edonista’s goal to present you with anything, and everything, that turns you on. Take a look around their boutique’s wide selection of sex toys, and make sure you don’t miss anything because you never know what new kink you may find!

Jenny’s TOP Edonista Bondage & BDSM Goodies

I understand that deciding on which BDSM goodies to purchase may be difficult if you are new to the world of kinky bondage, so I have listed 3 of my favorite BDSM toys from Edonista’s selection that I believe everyone should purchase today so they can start role playing with them as soon as possible!

Venice – 14 piece Bondage Set

Bring your fantasies to life. Start slowly by intruding some sensory deprivation play with the blindfold and gag ball. Now you (or your partner) can’t talk or see, all there is left to do is feel. Take it up a notch by adding hand and ankle cuffs to increase the dom/sub feeling. The chain and hooks offer multiple restraint options for you to choose from: hands together, ankles together, hands and ankles, or even tying your hands or ankles to bed or door restraints (not included). Ready for the real deal? Whip out the spanking paddle and the collar with leash. Whether your lover (or you) has been naughty or nice, they are about to find out. Once done with your magic session, store back into its discreet PU leather case till next time.

Visit Edonista to learn more about this 14 piece Bondage Set!

Alessandra – 4 Piece Anal Plug Kit

Whether you are looking to train your derriere skills or simply to step up your game, you have come to the right place. Shaped for easy insertion, handling and removal, each piece of this set increases progressively in size for you to pick the one that suits you best. Made from high-quality silicone these pieces are smooth to the touch and designed to seamlessly glide just by adding some water-based lube. As a bonus, all four pieces come with suction cup bases so you can attach them to any non-porous surface!

Visit Edonista to learn more about this 4 Piece Anal Plug Kit!

Beatrix – 13 piece Bondage Set

Let your imagination fly. Take this beautiful PU leather case with you and surprise your lover by unleashing a whole new level of passion. Use the ball gag and blindfold on yourself or your partner for some sensory deprivation play. When kept in the dark, our other senses heighten, making every touch feel extremely hot and sexy. Turn it up even more by adding some restraint play, using the hand and ankle cuffs. The chain and hooks offer multiple restraint options for you to choose from: hands together, ankles together, hands and ankles, or even tying your hands or ankles to bed or door restraints (not included). Things got really heated up and you both feel like having a taste of BDSM? Try using the collar and leash and the spanking paddle for some dom/sub action.

Visit Edonista to learn more about the Beatrix 13 piece Bondage Set!

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Best Places Outside the Bedroom to Get It On!

So I get a couple hundred emails per month from all of you wonderful readers…thank you by the way!

Over the last 30 days I’ve been asking everyone who has emailed me where they like having sex other than a bedroom, and I’ve taken the TOP 15 answers from the first 100 readers that sent me their answers….I know this isn’t the Family Feud, but these answer may be the same as yours based on statistics (I know nothing about statistics, I’m just trying to sound more intelligent than I am)….

#1 – Kitchen counter

I can’t believe that this made the number 1 spot…I mean I’m kind of a slut and all, and not even I have ever had sex on a kitchen counter. Go figure!

#2 – Dining room

Again I was shook to my core when I first saw how the dining room was performing in the poll..yes I’ve had sex on and under dinning room tables before, but it’s not a sexy spot to have sex.

#3 – On a chair

If you’ve never had sex on a chair don’t worry about it because it’s not that spectacular.

#4 – The shower

I thought this would have been the number one place where people get freaky that wasn’t a bedroom, but boy was I wrong!

#5 – Bath tub

If you’ve never had sex in a bath tub, take my advice and don’t try it…seriously, banging in the bath tub is DANGEROUS..it sounds like a sexy idea, but once you do it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

#7 – A car

I’ve screwed my fair share in cars, and never have I enjoyed it…but I do like giving road head on both short drives as well as long road trips. I beg all of you ladies reading this to blow your man the next time you’re alone in the car together; it’s fun, but make sure to remind your man to keep his eyes on the road, because just like banging in a tub is dangerous, so is sucking on a wiener during highway traffic!

#8 – Balcony

Having sex on a balcony is fun as long as you don’t mind people watching you..I don’t mind people watching have sex, but my neighbors might.

#9 – The closet

This was number 1 for parents who have teenagers living with them, I guess they want to be quiet enough so their kids can’t hear them having sex.

#10 – Backyard/Pool/Jacuzzi

I lumped all three of these spots into one, and I have of course have had threesomes in a pool, and a Jacuzzi, and in a backyard!

If you didn’t email me your answers please do and I’ll update this list every week!

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Private Paradise’s Anal Toys Will Make Your Booty SMILE from Cheek-To-Cheek!

If you have a butt hole, and if you’re a living being then you have at least one of them attached to your booty, then you really should consider getting yourself some of the best anal sex toys to play with it.

I know all of you “straight” men reading this are thinking to yourselves that anal sex toys, such as an anal plug for example, are strictly for gay men, and I know that all of you ladies reading this are thinking to yourselves that the only women who use anal sex toys are “sluts”, and in both cases nothing could be further from the truth because anal sex toys are extremely beneficial to all men and women, straight, gay, slutty, or conservative in nature.

Have You Ever Had a Thought of how Anal Sex Feels?

Well you don’t have to actually try anal sex with another person in order to experience the pleasures of anal sex; all you need to do is experiment with the right types of anal sex toys and devices.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys for Women & Men

Before I recommend any anal sex toys for you to start playing with, let’s first discuss what the benefits of playing with your butt hole are!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #1: Intense Anal Orgasms

Anal orgasms can be intense; this is because the anus is packed with loads and loads of sensitive nerve endings, some of which are connected to the genitals.

For men anal sex can stimulate the prostate and lead to an orgasm, and prostate orgasms are intense enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure from head to toe.

For women, anal sex hits both the G-spot and A-spot which are both located along the vaginal wall but can be indirectly stimulated during anal; both the G-spot and the A-spot have the potential to produce full-body orgasms. Best of all though, using anal sex toys leads to squirting and female ejaculation.

If you’re a woman who has never enjoyed a squirting orgasm then you really MUST try anal sex with the correct toy/device as soon as possible so you can understand what you’ve been missing out on.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #2: You Control the Speed and Depth

Just like any other sex toy, anal sex toys allow both men and women to experiment in ways that allow them to control how fast, how deep, and how long the anal sex experience will be.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of having anal sex before then you have no idea if you’ll enjoy it or not, and anal sex toys give you the opportunity to practice on yourself before you allow someone else to have their way with your booty.

Practicing anal sex with toys will enable you to tell your partner what they should and should not do with your butthole.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #3: Keeps Your Bowel Movements Regular

Bowel movements are NOT sexy, well some people get turned on by them, but they are extremely important to your overall health, and as much as people really don’t like discussing their bowel movements, it is important to mention that anal play does a great job of clearing you out which is extremely helpful in keeping your entire body healthy!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #4: Spices Up Your Sex Life

Even though anal sex toys are a lot more common than before, it’s still just taboo enough to bring in that element of naughtiness that can kick your arousal level into high gear.

Couples should use anal sex toys on each other in the bedroom to spice things up a bit! Most straight men will at first be worried about what their woman thinks of them as they’re getting their butt played with, but once you feel all of the pleasures that come with anal play you’ll quickly care less about what anyone thinks.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #5: Exploration, Exploration, Exploration!

You have no idea how pleasurable a part of your body can feel until you explore it. Anal sex toys offer a completely different sensation than any other type of sex you’ve felt before, and breaking away from your usual by using anal sex toys are the perfect way to keep things interesting in the bedroom with your partner of when you’re playing solo!

Health Benefits Provided By Anal Sex Toys!

Yes, anal sex toys provide a LOT of pleasure, but playing with your booty provides the body with many health benefits as well, so if you really want to keep the doctor away but down that apple and pick up an anal toy instead!

Finally, Your Butthole, Your Decision: The Decision is Yours & Yours Alone!

You choose what you consent to and whom with. Don’t let a partner pressure you into trying anal sex, or any type of sex for that matter, if you’re not completely sure you want it, and that’s why anal sex toys are so important because they allow you to first see what you enjoy, or don’t enjoy about anal sex play before you try it with another person!

How to Properly Use an Anal Sex Toy!

If you’re new to the world of anal sex toys, then please make sure to follow the below anal sex toy tips so that you enjoy all of the pleasures of anal play with as little pain as possible:

Anal Sex Toy Tip #1: Flared Base Is Important

Make sure that you use an anal sex toy that has a flared base. A flared base is normally too large to fit inside of the anus so you can only push the toy in a certain amount before it just stops. Flat, round bases are a great way to ensure that the vibrator won’t get stuck where it’s not supposed to be.

If you’re an anal sex veteran then flared bases aren’t as important, but if you’re a rookie then you really need that flared base or you may end up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with your doctor as they pull a non-flared base sex toy out of your booty!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #2: Angles are Important

When inserting an anal sex toy or device for the first time try doing so at a slight angle; don’t just insert it at a perfect 90-degree angle; instead, angle it just slightly as you’re inserting it into the anus. Naturally, insert it with the point going inward first.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #3: Non-porous Materials Are Best

Look for anal sex toys or anal sex devices made out of non-porous materials that are specifically labeled as “body-safe.” This includes materials such as tempered glass, silicone, and even stainless steel. Another advantage to choosing anal sex toys made of these materials is that they are very easy to clean after you’re finished using them.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #4: Lube, Lube, and More Lube

Always use a lot of lube when your inserting sex toys in your booty…this is NON-NEGOTIONABLE! Do not worry about making a mess, apply TONS of LUBE!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #5: Stay Relaxed at All Times

Make sure that your body is relaxed before inserting your anal sex toy and keep in mind that the anus is not self-lubricating so you may want to try both deep-breathing exercises and some genital stimulation to get you relaxed and more ready for your anal play time

Anal Sex Toy Tip #6: Pay Attention to Anal Sex Tip #4

Seriously, make sure you use a LOT of ANAL LUBE!

Types of Lube

*Water-based lube: This type of lube is easy to clean off of things and is very easily absorbed. However, you usually have to reapply it at least once or twice as you play because it is so easily absorbed.

*Silicone-based lube: Thicker than water-based lube with a gel-like consistency, silicone-based lube is more difficult to clean off of clothing and bed sheets but it also doesn’t have to be reapplied as often as the water-based kind.

Best Place Online To Get Toys for Your Booty

Now that you know EVERYTHING about how to play with your booty it’s time to discuss butt toys, and the best place in my personal opinion to buy anal toys at is Private Paradise!

Private Paradise is your source for everything bootylicious.

Private Paradise is a dedicated ADULTS ONLY sexual wellness boutique to one of the most sensitive parts of our anatomy, your BOOTY.

Private Paradise’s selection of anal toys are unique and give you something out of the ordinary that’ll make your booty smile from cheek-to-cheek.

Remember, it’s your ass, it’s your choice, so why not reward your booty with a toy from Private Paradise’s selection of yummy anal treats!

More About Private Paradise

Private Paradise offers their customers more than just naughty treats for their booty…

Everyone deserves to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at Private Paradise!

Private Paradise makes being an adult extremely fun & pleasurable!

Private Paradise is an adult store, with a strong cause that offers a wide selection of sex toys for mensex toys for women, and sex toys for couples alike!

They want to celebrate sexual freedom, equality and love. ALL of their sexual wellness products come from the most trusted brands in the sex toys industry, with years of experience.

It’s Private Paradise goal to present you with anything, and everything, that turns you on. Take a look around their boutique’s wide selection of sex toys, and make sure you don’t miss anything because you never know what new kink you may find!

Jenny’s Favorite Private Paradise Anal Goodies

You can’t go wrong with any anal toy you order from Private Paradise, but I’d still LOVE to share with you what my TOP 3 favorite goodies to stuff up my booty are from Private Paradise’s selection of anal treats!


The Try Me explorer kit for the back door curious 5 body safe Thermoplastic Rubber TPR plugs in a variety of shapes and sizes for the ideal anal intro! Plus one graduated anal beads with a ring end. 6 pieces kit made using body safe Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ends of 4 feature anchor, 1 butt features suction cup and the anal beads has a ring end to easy retrieval. All the tips are tapered for easy insertion.

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about the TRY-CURIOUS ANAL PLUG KIT BLACK!


The Rear Assets Rose Gold Small Rainbow Butt Plug from NS Novelties is a light weight, chrome plated anal toy designed for visual and sensual excitement. Made of light weight Aluminum and shaped for effortless penetration, these body safe anal toys are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about the REAR ASSETS ROSE GOLD BUTT PLUG!


The Booty Call Booty Double Dare Black Premium Silicone probes with removable stimulator is exactly how backdoor pleasure should be explored! Give this a shot and you’ll NEVER leave your booty hole unplugged ever again!

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about this VIBRATING ANAL TOY!

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Private Paradise Helps Expose False BDSM Myths

For almost a year now I’ve been dipping my toes into the VERY kinky lifestyle of BDSM and S&M, also known as bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism, and although I haven’t been participating in BDSM for all that long of a time, I’ve realized that ALL of the scary things I thought about BDSM just aren’t true.

Seriously, most of the things I heard about BDSM had made me too nervous to try it out, but thankfully I decided to give it a go because almost everything I heard that made me too anxious to try it out sooner was nothing more than a myth.

If you find yourself really wanting to try BDSM role playing, but are kind of nervous like I was, then I highly urge you to read this entore article, because I promise that if you do you’ll be ready to give this kinky lifestyle a fair shot.

Once you educate yourself on BDSM you’ll discover that there are many aspects of this kinky world that can actually be beneficial to your overall mental health.

I also want to inform you all about an AMAZING online sexual wellness boutique called Private Paradise that has the BEST BDSM devices, gear, and toys for ALL levels of BDSM role playing. So no matter if you’re a bondage rookie, or a kinky veteran, Private Paradise will have the exact items you’ll need to take your BDSM role playing fantasies to the next level! And trust me, each new level is more satisfying than the previous one!

Now I’d like to discuss and debunk some BDSM myths below so you feel more comfortable giving this kinky lifestyle a fair shot!

BDSM Myth #1: BDSM Is Extremely Painful And You’ll Get Hurt!

BDSM isn’t only about hurting, spanking, beating up or slapping someone around because you can play hours without causing or receiving pain.

BDSM can be light and with touches of eroticism, involving subtle role playing, and fetishes solely based on kinky outfits made of latex, leather, or lace.

BDSM Myth #2: Everything You Need To Know About BDSM Is In 50 Shades Of Grey!

There’s a heck of a lot more to BDSM than what’s portrayed in the book, or movie, 50 Shades Of Grey.

Just like marijuana is considered the “gateway drug” to harder drugs, I’d consider 50 Shades Of Grey as the “gateway drug” to better BDSM practices…also, I recommend that couples watch 50 Shades Of Grey together as a way of opening up the discussion about BDSM to try a few things out together…but in no way does this movie represent more than 3% of the BDSM lifestyle and philosophy.

BDSM Myth #3: Only Weird Perverts Participate In BDSM!

If you’ve never dipped your toes into the BDSM swimming pool of kink, and only based your ideas on what you’ve seen in the media, then you’ve probably formulated the opinion that only weirdos, sickcos and sexually perverse people participate in BDSM, but actually nothing could be further from the truth.

BDSM participants can be happy, healthy, open-minded and ready to explore their sexual identities, as well as being less judgmental on people with sexual preferences other than theirs.

BDSM Myth #4: Only Men Can Be Dominants!

One of my close female friends just happens to be a professional dominatrix, and she tells me that just as many men prefer submissive roles as they do dominate roles.

As you get started on your BDSM journey don’t be afraid to test out both submissive and dominant roles so you can discovery which role brings you the most pleasure.

BDSM Myth #5: Submissives Are Submissive In Their Everyday Lives!

Many powerful CEO’s and other successful professionals tend to switch their real life roles of being “dominant” bosses in their real lives to that of the submissive role player in their BDSM fantasies. It’s a form of relaxation, providing a sense of relief of the burden of being constantly responsible for others in their everyday lives.

BDSM Myth #6: Dominants Are Sadistic & Dangerous!

Dominants obviously do enjoy having power over their submissive, and lead their sessions, but everything is agreed upfront. BDSM relationships are highly consensual and most dominants are only going to practice something the submissive likes and enjoys.

BDSM Myth #7: Only Gay Men Participate In BDSM Anal Play!

This is not true whatsoever. Prostate massage or stimulation by hand or a strap-on brings men very intense feelings equivalent to female G-spot stimulation.

So if you’re a straight man testing out BDSM don’t be affraid to let your lover use a strap-on at least a few times on you so you can enjoy new sexual sensations that you’ve never felt before.

BDSM Myth #8: 100% Of BDSM Sex Is Painful & Aggressive!

From my experiences, BDSM does not always include sexual penetration, and in fact, some BDSM practices forbid sex altogether, such as male and female chastity, and orgasm denial; Orgasm denial is the act of not letting your submissive reach an orgasm just when they are very close to having one.

BDSM Myth #9: Once You Try BDSM The Regular Sex Becomes Too Boring!

This is also not true whatsoever! People that participate in the BDSM lifestyle enjoy regular “vanilla” sex just like everyone else does.

BDSM Myth #10: BDSM Is Abuse!

This is 100% false. BDSM participants establish “safe words” that can be used to inform all participants that it’s time to cool things down if their chosed=n “safe word” is said out loud.

Participants should always talk before, during, and after a scene or moment to make sure everyone is on the same page. BDSM in a healthy, consensual environment is not abuse. It is a physical manifestation of desires and urges, no matter how dark or dangerous.

BDSM Myth #11: BDSM Is For People That Suffer From Depression!

Again, this is false. There’s an odd generalization that people who practice BDSM are somewhat darker and more psychologically damaged. However, a large-scale sexual health study on the mental well-being of those that practiced BDSM compared to those that are maybe sexually more traditional found that BDSM practitioners would have better attachments and relationships than their counterparts. They were also far less anxious, more intimate and far more extroverted, which led to very positive mental health and general happiness.

BDSM Myth #12: BDSM Leads To Infidelity!

Believe it or not but couples that participate in BDSM tend to cheat less because they’re extremely open and honest about their sexual desires with each other which means they don’t have to find someone else to help quench their sexual appetites.

Well I hope that after reading about these myths you’re more open to giving BDSM a go because it really will open up your mind and body to an awareness of sexual gratification that you can only achieve from BDSM role playing experiences.

BDSM Gear & Devices For Rookies & Advanced Kinksters

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you’re new to the world of BDSM role play you’re going to need the correct gear and devices to help you start out on your kinky journey, and Private Paradise is the place that I recommend anyone new to BDSM should get their BDSM gear and devices from.

Honestly, the gear and devices used in your BDSM role playing fantasies can really elevate your sexual gratification to the next level, so finding the perfect items to wear and use is key to your BDSM success.

BDSM Gear & Devices For Advanced Kinksters

Also, if you’re a seasoned BDSM veteran please visit Private Paradise today and add a new item to your current BDSM arsenal. Trust me, Private Paradise has one of the kinkiest selections of BDSM gear and devices that I may have ever come across in a VERY long time.

Private Paradise believes that there is no shame in being a slut!

Private Paradise IS your exclusive ADULT’S ONLY online store for all your Naughty items. From BDSM leather items, ankle & wrist restraints, nipple clamps, and butt plugs, you will be sure to find a wide selection of naughty products that will spice up any sex life, strengthening your relationships with your lover(s), Master(s) or Mistress(es) and friends.

But Private Paradise is so much MORE than just a place for BDSM & Fetish goodies…

Everyone deserves to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at Private Paradise!

Private Paradise makes being an adult extremely fun & pleasurable!

Private Paradise is an adult store, with a strong cause that offers a wide selection of sex toys for mensex toys for women, and sex toys for couples alike!

They want to celebrate sexual freedom, equality and love. ALL of their sexual wellness products come from the most trusted brands in the sex toys industry, with years of experience.

Quality and customer satisfaction is what matters the most to the people who run and operate Private Paradise, and they want to help people explore their sexuality safely, make their sex life’s happier, and promote sexual health with a positive and respectful approach.

Jenny’s Favorite Kinky Goodies from Private Paradise

You can’t go wrong with any kinky device, toy, or retsraint you order from Private Paradise, but if you’re having a difficult time deciding on what to get, then check out my three favorite items from their BDSM selection listed below for inspiration…


The Ouch! Slut Paddle from Shots Toys is the perfect BDSM impact play device that ALL couples need to play with as soon as possible.

This impact play paddle will leave a lasting impression on your sub. The word Slut is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about the OUCH! SLUT PADDLE!


Sex and Mischief’s Intro To S&M Kit is the best BDSM kit for couples new to the world of BDSM fantasy role play, as well as kinky veterans that have been on their BDSM journey for many years!

With so many options to choose from in this BDSM kit, your nights will NEVER be boring again!

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about this S&M KIT!


Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world’s first ever Yoga Sex Swing. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex

Visit Private Paradise to learn more about the FETISH FANTASY YOGA SEX SWING!


Well I hope that with the help of Private Paradise we’ve cleared up enough BDSM myths that’ll help you feel more comfortable giving this kinky lifestyle a try!

And please, I beg ALL of you to visit Private Paradise today and check out ALL of the AMAZING BDSM & Bondage toys they have that will help you fulfill ALL of your kinky role playing fantasies!

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18 Fluffy New York Swinger & Strip Club Locations!

-Jenny Can Help You Get Into New York Strip Clubs Without Paying a Cover Charge-

Please send me an email letting me know which city you’re in and I’ll let you know which strip clubs I can help get you into for free!

My email address is:

-New York Swinger & Strip Club Locations!-

New York has some very fun, and very sexy, swinger clubs and strip clubs.

Below I’ve listed the TOP rated swinger clubs and strip clubs located in New York.

New York Swinger Club Locations

1)ShareNation Events
Albany, NY 12201

Founded in September of 2011, ShareNation Events has been one of the leading groups bringing friends together for our upscale venues. Our membership and events bring people together from NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA, and Canada

Albany , NY 12201

SatinSheetDreams are the events of choice for those who seek a truly upscale experience. We specialize in creating a fun, no pressure environment that is charged with sensuality and sexuality.

3)Bowery Bliss
New York, NY 10012

Bowery Bliss is NYC’s largest and most popular on-premise swinger club. Bowery Bliss is conveniently located in lower Manhattan close to bridges and subway lines. We have a variety of weekly events listed here on SLS. We offer a pressure free, safe environment for both the newbie & veteran swinger. Tourists always welcome!

4)Pendulum NYC
New York, NY 10006

NYC’s exclusive swinger venue. Located in Manhattan’s Financial District, a hidden treasure guaranteed to ensure privacy and discretion. Upscale yet unpretentious. The chic fetish ambiance only lends to the overall erotic feel of the venue. All SLS members welcome!

5)Club Labyrinth
New York, NY 10001

Labyrinth is an ON-PREMISE club for the adventurous adult who embraces the kink and/or swinger lifestyles. It is unapologetically different from other swinger parties in New York City. A dark, exciting, sexually charged yet sensual atmosphere without anything to distract you from why you came. All are welcome, exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.

Astoria, NY 11101

Caligula New York is a private upscale social club for couples and single ladies. Caligula NY offers a sexy atmosphere that is dedicated to the art of love making, sexual fulfillment, and sexual exploration. We pride ourselves for our no-pressure environment where people can meet old friends and make new ones in a safe manner. This club was created by individuals in the lifestyle for the lifestyle community, so we deeply understand the majority of the lifestyle needs.

7)Club Encounters
West Babylon, NY 11704

It’s a place where you are always welcome! It’s comfortably, funny and sexy. Wherever you are, on this Saturday Night, rain or shine – come to our Swing Club! And you will again fall in the ineffable atmosphere of sensuality, sparkling joy and warmth, which is comparable only with the first childhood love, a premonition of delights will fill you with a sweet languor … Where desire to get competes with the desire to give … Are you still thinking? CLUB ENCOUNTERS invites you for

8)Exotic Fantasies of NY
Farmington, NY 14425

Exotic Fantasies of NY is an extension of Exotic Fantasies in PA. We are a group of like-minded, fun-loving people who like to explore our sexual desires and fantasies, in all the forms that the swinging lifestyle has to offer.

Staten Island, NY 10303

We Host Adult Parties In NY And NJ Area.We Have Parties For Couples And All Singles.We Always Have A Different Theme For Our Parties.Of Course We Have Chocolate Covered Cherries And Sometimes Strawberries And Whip Creme To Get The Party Started.We Have A Live DJ For Your Dancing Pleasure. We Play All Kinds Of Music And Take All Requests.We Also Have A 50/50 Cash Drawing!! So Bring Your Friends Or Make New Ones!! A Great Place To Relax,Mingle And Most Of All Have Fun!! This Is a Drama Free No Pressure Atmosphere. If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Contact Us At Wildcherriesnj@Yahoo.Com.Check Out Our Upcoming Events.We Want To Thank All Of Our Members For Supporting Us!!! Let`s Make This a Wild Cherries Night!!!!

10) Syracuse Social Club
Liverpool, NY 13089

New York Strip Club Locations

Couples Should Spend More Time Together At Strip Clubs!

For some reason society believes that strip clubs are just places for men to have fun at with their buddies, but strip clubs are a great place for couples to have fun at together.

Reason #1 why couples should go to strip clubs together:

Strip Clubs Provide A Sexy Atmosphere!

The strip club just has a way of bringing out your inner goddess. Maybe it’s the lights, maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s the fact that you see a dancer twerking like you never thought possible. Strip clubs may have a bad reputation for glamorizing and catering to the more base desires of men, but they’re also frequented by women — and a lot of these clubs are very high-end. There’s a certain ambience that could inspire you to bring out your inner sex kitten.

Reason #2 why couples should go to strip clubs together:

Strip Clubs Actually Have Really Amazing Food! Seriously!!

No, really, the food can make you (momentarily) forget there are nude people everywhere! There are strip clubs out there serving chef-worthy sustenance. People should be tipping the chefs, too. Plus, chicken wings with a side of boobs make dinner really fun!

Reason #3 why couples should go to strip clubs together:

Strip Clubs Make Nights Out More Memorable!

Watching your significant other getting lap dances from hot women with big boobs is something you will never forget.

Reason #4 why couples should go to strip clubs together:

Strip Clubs Test Your Confidence in Your Relationship!

A lot of women may feel intimidated and uncomfortable with the numerous amounts of bare breasts parading in front of your man. But keep in mind that the dancers are there for a job and not to hook up with your significant other. Just because a dancer approaches him doesn’t mean he’s thinking about leaving you or fantasizing about her. Let the jealousy stay at home and enjoy the moment.

Reason #5 why couples should go to strip clubs together:

Sex is ALWAYS Hotter After a Night Out at a Strip Club!

Both men and women get turned on at strip clubs, so when the couple leaves the club they can’t wait until they get home to have some extremely hot sex. The passion will be turned up to 1 million!

-The Real Reasons Why Men Love Going to Strip Clubs-


They Get To Socialize With Hot Women!

Men love talking to beautiful women, and strip clubs are loaded with nothing but beautiful women.

Also, these beautiful women will spend hours flirting with men, and that make men feel more confident about themselves.


They Get To Fulfill All of Their Sexual Fantasies without Being Judged!

Men are full of sexual fantasies. And naturally, they are born visual creature. We can’t blame them, can we? There are, however, few who choose to overshadow these desires. But today we are discussing those who don’t. The experience of beautiful women all over and some taking things to a personal level gives them in-depth excitement.


Strippers Have No Strings Attached!

Men don’t have to worry about strippers falling in love with them outside of the strip club, but inside of the club they can spend time with their favorite girls.


Celebrations are Always Better With Big Boobs!

Bachelor parties, birthdays, divorce parties, job promotions, whatever the celebration may be, men love having them at strip clubs! Why? Because celebrations are much more fun when beautiful naked women are flirting with you!

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A SucceSexful Selection of Sex Toys Benefit Men, Women, and Couples Alike!

Intimate Desires Adult Treats for Women, Couples & Men

For some reason everyone thinks that the best sex toys are strictly female oriented products. In fact, whenever I have conversations with my friends about sex toys, most of them think that only women use them to get themselves off, and honestly, nothing could be further from the truth because there are just as many sex toys for men as there are for women, and there are also a wide variety of sex toys for couples to use together.

Sex toys are mainly used to “get you off”, but believe it or not, sex toys also have many benefits for women, men, and couples that everyone should be aware of.

Benefits Of Sex Toys For Couples

Benefit #1 – Everyone Gets To Have An Orgasm!

When you mix in a rabbit vibrator the guy doesn’t have to worry about giving his girl an amazing orgasm….the vibrator should guarantee climax for the woman, so the guy can focus on just enjoying sex without having to worry about doing a great job or not.

Benefit #2 – Sex Toys Help Make Relationships Stronger!

Variety is the key to maintaining desire and passion in long-term relationships. Without sex toys, intimacy with your partner will become repetitive and will lead to boring sex lives. A boring sex live can effect your mental well-being, and sex toys will only add positive effects to relationships.

Benefit #3 – Sex Toys Make Couples’ Fantasies Come To Life!

If you’ve always wanted to play the authoritative school teacher, there’s a whip for that. Or maybe you’ve been fantasizing about playing a police officer and handcuffing ― whatever the case may be, dressing up, role playing, and using toys as your props is the best way to take the fantasies out of your head and into the real world.

SucceSexful Has The Best Sex Toys For Couples!

If you’ve never gone online with your significant other to check out sex toys then you really need to do this today by visiting the online ADULT’S ONLY sexual wellness boutique SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys. It’s so much fun just checking out sex toys with your partner, and buying them for each other will create a new bond between the two of you.

SucceSexful’s kinky sex toys for couples section is a great place for couples to go online together and search for the perfect sex toys they’ll need to spice up their sex life.

Jenny’s Favorite SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys For Couples Pick!

Below I’ve listed my favorite couples sex toy from SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys that every couple should start using today so that they can enjoy all of the benefits that sex toys provide for couples.


Get your amazing new sex life in full swing with the Lux Fetish Fantasy Swing. This sturdy versatile sex apparatus allows you and your partner to experience countless new positions for hours of wild erotic play. Fantasy swing stand sold separately.

Visit SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys to learn more about the LUX FETISH FANTASY SWING!

Sex Toy Benefits for Women

Benefit #1 – Sex Toys Won’t Leave You With A Baby 9 Months Down The road!

If you’re worried about getting pregnant but still want to have an orgasm, then sex toys are a girl’s best friend for sure!

Benefit #2 – Sex Toys Can’t Give You An STD!

The thought of getting an STD is something that all women think about when sleeping with a new partner, but a new sex toy will never give you an STD!

Benefit #3 – Say Goodbye to Painful Menstrual Cramps!

I hate when I’m having my period, mainly due to the intense, and very painful, cramps that come with every period I have ever had, and that’s why I always use a vibrator when I’m on period because orgasms really do relieve cramp pains.

Also, when I’m on my period I don’t want to have sex with a man but still want to have an orgasm, and sex toys don’t care about a little bit of period blood.

Benefit #4 – Sex Toys Reduce Stress For Women!

Life can be EXTREMELY stressful and using a sex toy can really take your mind to a pleasurable place that leads to an amazing orgasm, which in turn will reduce any stress you may have.

SucceSexful Has The Best Pleasure Toys For Women!

Women are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality and embracing the introduction of sex toys into the bedroom & experimenting with sex toys. SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys has everything a woman needs to cure her appetite for amazing orgasms.

SucceSexful has been put together an amazing selection of sex toys for women that were designed with a female’s needs in mind. From vibrators to dildos and anal beads just to name a few, SucceSexful has the selection of sexual pleasure goodies that will make any woman happy!

Jenny’s Favorite SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toy for Women Pick!

Below I’ve listed a female sex toy that every woman needs to own, and SucceSexful is the place you need to go to get it!


With a rounded tip and supple surface, you’ll be able to indulge in thrilling vibrations from any angle you desire. Use the smooth single button control to enjoy up to 70 minutes of vibrating pleasure. Charge up your passion in only 1.5 hours by plugging the provided USB cable into the self-sealing charging port on the back of the massager. The slim massagers discreet 4-inch size makes it the perfect travel companion, letting you embrace radiating pleasure wherever your fantasies take you.

Visit SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys to learn more about the SLAY SATISFYME!

The Benefits Of Sex Toys for Men

Benefit #1 – Sex Toys Make Men Last Longer While Having Sex!

Male masturbation devices allow men to “train” for sex. The more sex you have the longer you last, and men that use male masturbating sex toys tend to last longer when having real sex than their male counterparts that do not use sex toys.

Benefit #2 – Sex Toys Actually Reduce the Risk of Prostate cancer in Men!

Stimulation of the prostate can offer a number of health and pleasure giving benefits. The prostate, described by some as the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, is a walnut-sized semen storage gland located at the base of the penis, just below the bladder. It can be stimulated both externally through pressure against the perineum and internally through the rectum. Anal stimulation is more direct, intense and produces better results.

When ignored, semen can build up within the prostate, creating stagnation and bacterial growth which can cause swelling and inflammation (prostatitis). An enlarged prostate can cause urinary and erectile problems, both distressing and uncomfortable, disrupting sleep and sexual function.

Regular prostate massage can relax tension and stress in the muscles and nerve endings in the prostate area.

When the prostate is massaged, a man can experience extremely powerful, long-lasting, often multiple orgasms, and intense ejaculation. A prostate orgasm also flushes out any stagnant prostate fluid which can cause swelling of the prostate, thus avoiding the need for surgery.

Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and genital pain by improving blood circulation and cleansing the prostate.

Benefit #3 – Sex Toys Make Men Better At Sex!

Sex toys help men become better lovers. You become more comfortable in your own body, you would become more active and be able to tell your bodily needs. You would be able to reciprocate; it would make you more experienced which would lead to being a better sex partner. Thus, men get better in sex with the use of these toys.

SucceSexful Has The Best Pleasure Toys For Men!

A great place for men to buy sex toys online is at SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys!!

SucceSexful has a large variety of sex toys for men. From beginners to experienced they have something for every type of man, no matter how kinky or conservative he may be.

Their collection of pleasure toys for men has been put together with men’s needs in mind…so no matter how you want to play with your wiener SucceSexful is sure to have the exact device that you’ve been craving!

Jenny’s Favorite SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys For Men

Below I’ve listed a male sex toy from SucceSexful’s HUGE selection of sex toys and sex goodies for men that every man should start using today so that they can enjoy all of the benefits that sex toys provide for men.


The Fap-O-MaticTM elevates masturbation with powerful intermittent suction for the ultimate stroker experience. Its a perfect storm of sensation for heightened solo sex sessions that can be customized to your personal moods! Get ready for explosive hands-free thrusting surrounding your penis with ultra soft automatic stroking action! Your ultimate masturbation experience is ready when you are!

Visit SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys to learn more about the FAP-O-MATIC!

More About SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys

Everyone deserves to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys!

SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys is your online playground for your inner kinkster. They carry everything from vibrators, dildos, clit air sucking simulators, costumes for cosplay, and all of the BDSM items you could ever dream of having access to. Come join the fun with SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys – the best adult store online!

No matter what type of naughty device you’ve been desiring to help “get you off”, you’ll be certain to find it at SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys!

I highly recommend everyone reading this to please visit SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys today and get yourself, or someone you want to help “get off”, a kinky sex toy that’ll provide orgasms to make you feel nothing but pure bliss!

It’s SucceSexful Adult Pleasure Toys’ goal to present you with anything, and everything, that turns you on. Take a look around their boutique’s wide selection of sex toys, and make sure you don’t miss anything because you never know what new kink you may find!