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Comic Con + Tinder = Sex, Sex, & more Sex!

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imageI can’t guarantee many things in life, but I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who uses the Tinder dating app, man or woman, in San Diego during Comic Con will get laid.

Living in San Diego is one reason why I’ll be able to reach my goal of having sex with 1,000 men that I meet on Tinder within the next 2 years or less, and during this upcoming Comic Con I plan on sleeping with at least 20 guys.

At last year’s Comic Con I found myself at a cosplay swinger’s party blowing three Ghostbusters at the same time while Deadpool and a zombie were taking turns doing me from behind. Was it weird, kinda, but it was still pretty fun.

I also had sex with three other guys I met on Tinder at Comic Con last year.

But anyone who goes to San Diego’s Comic Con can have sex if they use their Tinder app. Everyone is having a great time. Everyone is away from home on vacation. Everyone has a hotel room. And everyone at Comic Con parties all night long.

Also, all of the cosplay costumes are pretty sexy. You could find yourself banging Wonder Woman one night, and then a chick dressed up as a Smurf the next.

Tinder + Comic Con = Sex, Sex, & more Sex!

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My Instagram Account is @natesjenny24
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