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Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Is this whole COVID-19 quarantine putting a real cramp in your sex life as much as it has mine?

Let’s face reality though, our current social distancing practices does make it very difficult for all of us to meet up with people for spontaneous booty calls, but historically speaking there really hasn’t been a better time for people to have to deal with a pandemic because of the Internet.

Sure we can’t meet up with people for sex, but at least  the Internet gives us access to adult sex shops where we can get some fun and freaky sex toys to help satisfy our sexual needs.

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Just think about the people that had to live through pandemics such as the 1633 smallpox outbreak, the Caribbean yellow fever outbreak of 1793, the three outbreaks of cholera from 1832 to 1866, or as recent as the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic, these people couldn’t go online an order themselves a CyberSkin® Vulcan Realistic Vagina. Instead they had to use some sort of make-shift dildos out of sticks they found beneath an apple tree in order to get themselves off.

I’ve never used a tree-stick dildo, but I’m certain it doesn’t feel better than Aura™ Wand vibrator! ( Aura™ Wand vibrators feel amazing by the way!)

North America’s Adult Playground


So let’s all stop feeling sorry for ourselves because we can at least buy amazing sex devices online at adult toy stores like LoveGap that won’t leave splinters all up in our vaginas!

With a huge assortment of the top brands in the adult novelty industry, LoveGap has positioned itself to be a premiere online retail outlet.

Proudly Canadian

Canadian Owned and operating since 2009, based out of Toronto, Ontario. For over a decade has been offering adult sex toys and specialized novelties products to help North Americans fill that LoveGap!

A Wide Selection of Sex Toys For Everyone

Whether it’s one on one, one on none, or group fun, we’ve got you covered! There should never be a gap in your love life, but if there is than LoveGap is here for you.

Click on one of the categories below to see for yourself LoveGap’s wide selection of adult products for women, men, couples, and the LGBTQ2+ community!



Male Enhancement Upgrade

Fetish & S&M
Lotions & Potions

Jenny’s Top Picks!
I’ve spent a lot of time checking out everything that LoveGap has to offer and I’d like to share with you a few naughty items that I think everyone should have!

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand™ Rechargeable is now liberated from its cord to offer soothing stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime in rechargeable form. The Magic Wand™ has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations.

Click for more info about the Magic Wand!

Aura™ Wand

Awaken your inner desires with the teasing Aura™ Wand, an ultra-flexible vibrator with a powerful vibration motor. The sensually curved body, flexible design and 12 vibration functions are sure to tease and please you just the way you like. The high-powered vibrator is crafted with an intense vibration motor and erotically curved design to elevate arousal and increase stimulation.
Click for more info about the Aura™ Wand!


Recruit your backdoor for a mission you’ll never forget! Adam & Eve’s complete anal training kit comes with 3 smooth and flexible silicone anal plugs, sized from beginner to expert. Start with the 4.5” small plug’s tapered tip. Work your way to the 5” medium anal plug, and then deploy the whopping 6” large plug for mind-blowing penetration pleasure. Suction cup bases let you have hands-free fun.

Click to learn more about this sexy training kit!


Thanks to companies like LoveGap, having to survive during the time of a pandemic has never been sexier!

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I Can’t Wait Until My Gym Opens Back Up

I Can't Wait Until My Gym Opens Back Up

This coronavirus quarantine is causing serious harm to my sex life….First of all I can’t meet up with people to have casual sex with, and second, the gym in my condo is going to stay closed until the quarantine is over, and I really need to get back into the gym for 2 reasons….

Reason #1: I don’t want to get fat!

Reason #2: Exercising improves your sex life!

What most people may not be aware of is the fact that getting fit and staying that way is one of the best possible ways to improve your sex life so you can become the sexual dynamo you’ve always wanted to be as well.

Exercising tightens up your muscles


Anyone that’s spent much time exercising knows it works wonders for your physique. Not only do you lose unwanted body fat, but you build and tone your muscles as well. Tighter, healthier muscles don’t just look better, but function better overall.

In addition to finding it easier to do your yardwork or bring in the groceries, you’ll definitely find sex gets better. Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle benefits from your exercise regimen just as surely as your other muscles do. Strong, high functioning PC muscles go hand in hand with stronger, better orgasms for both men and women.

Exercising stimulates your nervous system


Improved blood flow isn’t the only exercise-related factor that can lead to quicker arousal and better sex. Exercise also stimulates and improves the response of your sympathetic nervous system (SNS). According to research function, better SNS function is directly related to quicker, more intense sexual arousal.

In other words, not only should you definitely exercise regularly if you’re serious about having the best possible sex life, but you may occasionally want to consider priming for a possible love session with a quick workout. Exercise can be a great way to counteract any sex drive-related side effects of antidepressants as well.

Exercising improves your circulation


Exercise is famous for the way it really gets your blood pumping. It doesn’t just improve your overall cardiovascular health either. It promotes the efficient flow of blood throughout your entire body. This includes to your crotch, genitals, and sex organs. What’s more, this is the case for men and women alike.

For a man, better blood flow and more of it can result in bigger, harder, longer lasting erections. In women, better circulation means an ability to experience fuller, more intense arousal. Her vaginal walls, clitoris, and labia become more sensitive as a result leading to stronger orgasms and more of them.

Exercising helps Your hormones level out


When you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight, you can’t help but feel sluggish from time to time. It’s not just about dealing with lower energy levels and less stamina either. The more excess fat you’re carrying on your body, the more estrogen your body produces (whether you’re male or female). High estrogen levels can result in decreased libido and lower levels of arousal in both sexes.

Lacing up your cross trainers and hitting the gym can help you regulate your hormones and keep your estrogen levels in check. According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, getting around 300 minutes of exercise every week (about 30-45 minutes a day) keeps estrogen levels where they ought to be. Just one more way exercise can make it easier to become and stay aroused!

Exercising makes you more attractive on a basic chemical level


Both men and women emit sex pheromones to attract sex partners at all times. However, these pheromones and their effects become a lot more intense when we sweat. Yes, you heard that right! Getting your sweat on actually makes you more sexually attractive on a basic chemical level.

This may be why the gym tends to be such a great place to meet potential partners. It’s also one of the many reason post-workout nookie can be so darned hot, as well as why many people find it so arousing to watch someone very attractive working up a sweat.

You’ll be in a better mood more of the time.
In case you haven’t noticed, bad or low moods and sexual arousal rarely tend to go hand in hand. In fact, one of the best known and most dreaded depression symptoms is a lowered ability to experience pleasure of any kind, the sexual variety included. Depressed people have a harder time wanting or seeking out sex in the first place as well.

As touched on above, exercise is just as great for your mental state as it is your physical one. It can make a massive difference when it comes to alleviating depression symptoms and boosting overall mood. In some cases, exercise has even been known to help people overcome depression altogether over time.

Exercising will increase your stamina


Everyone that starts working out can appreciate the benefits increased stamina and endurance bring to the table. Stick with it long enough and you’ll be able to say good-bye to getting winded just from bringing groceries from the car or climbing up a few flights of stairs! You’ll also start noticing that it’s now possible to have the kind of sex you’d probably rather be having.

Instead of having to settle for quickies because that’s all you can handle physically, you’ll eventually find those marathon sessions you could only fantasize about before are now totally doable. When combined with increased strength and flexibility, stamina makes it easier to experiment in the bedroom as well.

Exercising helps you relax and decompress


Naturally, a lack of energy isn’t the only thing that can get in the way of a person’s sex life. Anyone with a high-powered job or a lot of responsibilities to handle already knows that stress can be a total libido zapper as well. It hardly helps that stress can eventually lead to chronic sleep issues, depression, and anxiety that will only make it harder to feel sexy at the end of the day.

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Ways To Avoid Contracting The Coronavirus!

-Simple Things We Can Do To Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus-

Ways To Avoid Contracting The Coronavirus!

If ALL of us do our part we can stop this coronavirus thingy once and for all so that we can get back to having as much casual sex as we want! I mean this coronavirus is getting way out of hand…I haven’t had sex with anyone in nearly 4 weeks!!

Wash Your Hands Every 30 Minutes!

Wash Your Hands Every 30 Minutes!

Washing your hands is a super simple thing we should be doing anyway, so please wash your hands every 30 minutes. And don’t bite your nails…not because of the coronavirus but because it’s kinda gross.

Don’t Touch Your Face!

Don't Touch Your Face!

I read somewhere that we touch our faces over 1,000 times per day, so this one will be a hard habit to break for most people, but just give it a shot.

Stay 14 Feet Apart From Others!

Stay 14 Feet Apart From Others!

If we want to get back to sucking on feet again we need to practice social distancing just for the next few weeks…but it could be longer.

Stay Home If You’re Feeling Sick!

Stay Home If You're Feeling Sick!

There’s no better time than now to miss work without your boss breathing down your neck about being sick…so if you’re not feeling 100% then take the week off.

Stay Off Dating Apps!

Stay Off Dating Apps!

I love having one night stands with random men that I match with on Tinder, but now isn’t the time to hook up with strangers, so let’s take a break from all of our dating apps.

Don’t Get Lap Dances At The Strip Club!

Don't Get Lap Dances At The Strip Club!

We should still go to the strip clubs and support our local pole dancers, but let’s not take part in any lap dancing.

Don’t Get On A Cruise Ship!

Don't Get On A Cruise Ship!

Cruise ships are one of the worse places to be right now….

Don’t Get On An Airplane!

Don't Get On An Airplane!

Why even risk it people…don’t fly anywhere right now…no one will give you a hard time for not wanting to fly….if there’s a wedding planned that you really don’t want to attend this is your chance to use this outbreak to your advantage!

Don’t Hire An Escort!

Don't Hire An Escort!

Let’s all take a break from any form of sexual activities with strangers until we contain this coronavirus…trust me, no one loves spreading their legs for strangers more than me and I’ve kept them tightly closed for 4 weeks….let’s all do our part so we can get back to having as much sex with anyone we want to.

Don’t Attend Swinger Parties!

Don't Attend Swinger Parties!

This one hurts…but all of us swingers need to take a break from swinger clubs and parties for a couple of months.

Don’t Go To The Bars!

Don't Go To The Bars!

We go to the bars to drink and meet people…this leads to sex. Stay out of the bars so we can get back to having sex sooner than later.

Don’t Shake Hands With Others!

Don't Shake Hands With Others!

Don’t even fist bump anyone. Just say “hi” and that should be enough. Only an idiot wants to shake someone’s hand right now anyway.

Don’t Go To The Movies!

Don't Go To The Movies!

First off, there aren’t any movies out right now worth seeing, and second, why risk getting infected while watching a bad Ben Affleck movie.

Stay Away From The Gym!

Stay Away From The Gym!

Work out at home the next few weeks…too many bodily fluids flying around the gym at all times.

Don’t Eat At Restaurants!

Don't Eat At Restaurants!

You have no idea if the kitchen staff is healthy or not….make sure you can see your food being prepared.


Help Stop The Spread of Coronavirus

I hope everyone follows these simple rules for the next few weeks so we can get back to our sexy & fun lives, but most importantly I hope everyone stays healthy & alive!

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The Coronavirus Is Keeping Me From Getting Wiener!

The Coronavirus Is Keeping Me From Getting Wiener!

Well it seems as if the Coronavirus is a very bad thing for super sexually active people like myself.

Seriously, I’ve had as much sex as a nun has had the past 4 weeks…ZERO…and I’m going crazy!

First of all, my goal of having sex with 1,000 men that I match with on the Tinder dating app has been halted due to this darn Coronavirus thing which really sucks because I have less than 200 men to sleep with, but no way am I going to risk death over random wiener appointments.

And second, the Coronavirus has also slowed down the swinger party scene as well, so instead of having amazing sex with multiple people on the weekends I’ve been stuck at home binge watching Netflix shows.

A couple groups that I swing with are still planning on hosting swinger parties this upcoming weekend, but no way am I going to risk contracting the Coronavirus until things get under control.

Hopefully the CDC will figure something out soon because I really, really, really need to get some wiener soon or I’m going to lose my mind.

Coronavirus Hates Strippers

-The Coronavirus Hates Strippers-

okay, I want to urge all of you men out there to consider hitting up your local strip club this week. All of my female stripper friends are struggling right now because no one wants to get a lap dance…you don’t have to get lap dances to enjoy a night out at the strip club, I mean lap dances are fun, but you can still have a sexy good time watching beautiful women pole-dance naked on stage in front if you.

-Jenny’s Coronavirus Tip Of The Week-

Please wash your hands every 30 minutes. I know that might sound aggressive, but if you make a habit out of washing your hands every 30 minutes the spread of this darn Coronavirus will slow down and I’ll be able to start getting laid again on a consistent basis.

But seriously though, I hope everyone stays safe and please feel free to email me if you get bored because I have a LOT of time on my hands at the moment and would love to hear from all of you.