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Even Sluts Watch Black Mirror Season 4!

Even Sluts Watch Black Mirror Season 4!

Most people that look at me might think to themselves, “If that slut has Netflix playing on her TV, then it’s only because she wants to Netflix and Chill”

Well guess what, they would be right, but also not right in every instance!

Yes, I’ve been known to blow a few guys during a “Netflix and Chill” sesh, in fact I think I’ve had more than one dick in my mouth at the same time during a recent “Netflix and Chill” sesh, but when it comes to “Black Mirror”, my mouth is a penis-free zone until each episode concludes.

I really liked this season, not my favorite, but still really great.

I mean, I think of this series more as episodes and not really as seasons anyway. My favorite episode ever is “White Christmas”, but “White Bear” was my favorite initial watch of any episode from any season.

“White Bear” is hard to re-watch once you know the twist, but OMG, that first time watching “White Bear” was so nerve racking and intense. That twist was so crazy.

As for “White Christmas”, it has Jon Hamm in it, so obviously I love it. But that episode has so much of the things in it that I love most about “Black Mirror”.

Ok, so if I had to rank this season’s episodes then they would be as follows:

1. USS Callister

2. Crocodile

3. Metalhead

4. Arkangel

5. Hang the DJ

6. Black Museum

Overal season 4 of “Black Mirror” was still good enough to keep me from wanting to start sucking on a dick until each episode ended.

Well it’s back to Tinder so I can hopefully have met my goal of sleeping with 1,000 men I matched with before Season 5 of “Black Mirror” is released.

The next guy I meet on Tinder and have sex with will be my 200th!!!

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UBER Driver asked me to blow him! No thank you!

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Just because I dress like a slut, and on my way to have sex with a guy I just met on Tinder, Β does not give anyone the right, especially my Uber driver, to ask me to give him a blow job in exchange for free rides.

I’m officially deleting my Uber and Lyft apps. All of the male drivers say gross things to me, and I’m sure they do this to all the women they drive.

This fucking creep just now told me to call him whenever I need a ride and he’ll drive me anywhere for free in exchange for one blow job.

Not to come across as a bitch, but I’m going to report this jerk.

I barely spoke to the guy. I never told him I was meeting a guy for sex. I just told him I was meeting friends. I’m kinda super pissed off that people think they can ask someone to suck them off for free rides. WTF?!!

Here’s a dating tip to all you creepy Uber drivers: Don’t offer free rides for some road head! It’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

Sorry for venting. But to all you ladies out there, please be careful when you use Uber or Lyft. You never know what kind of person is driving you.


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Ladies, please stop telling guys “no hook ups” in your bioπŸ˜•

imageI have a quick tip for ladies that are using dating apps and dating sites to meet men….STOP TELLING GUYS THAT YOU AREN’T LOOKING FOR A HOOK UP IN YOUR BIO!!!

You don’t have to have sex with guys you meet on dating apps or sites…but when you tell them right off the bat that they aren’t going to get laid they’ll think you’re a prude.

It also makes you look no fun. Just leave it out. You don’t have to sleep with anyone you don’t want to. I have a lot of sex with guys I meet on these apps because I choose to. But go out on a date with someone you match with before you make any decisions.

A good bio should be one sentence and not a paragraph.

Something like this “Ask me out and I might say yes”

That’s all you need. You’ll match with the same guys no matter what your bio says.

Plus, guys want sex with everyone…they can’t help it.


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Women love it from behind πŸ’‹πŸ‘


imageOkay, I just sent a text to 22 of my slutty friends Β asking them how they like to have sex on a one night stand. 15 out of 22 responded with “doggie style”. I agree. So the next time you have a one night stand just do her from behind πŸ’‹

Dang I’m horny again. I need to create a real estate blog so I’m not always wetting my panties.

I guess I am a slutπŸ˜•

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You can’t get jealous at a swinger’s partyπŸ˜•


imageSo I have sex with at least 5 women and 3or 4 men every weekend at swinger’s parties. I usually give blow jobs to married men while their wives watch on.

If you want to be invited to a swinger’s party then I might be able to help. But you will end up breaking up with your girlfriend or wife if they are the jealous type.

Also, if you’re a man reading this, you must know that you will have 2 or three hot chicks sucking you off at the same time, but also understand that your wife or girlfriend will also be getting screwed and blowing a few guys as well. If you’re the jealous type, then DO NOT EVER attend a swinger’s partyπŸ˜•

But they really are fun if you have the right partner in your life 😘

All this swinger party talk is making me want to suck on something hard right now, I’m so wet πŸ’‹

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