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Even Sluts Watch Black Mirror Season 4!

Even Sluts Watch Black Mirror Season 4!

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Most people that look at me might think to themselves, “If that slut has Netflix playing on her TV, then it’s only because she wants to Netflix and Chill”

Well guess what, they would be right, but also not right in every instance!

Yes, I’ve been known to blow a few guys during a “Netflix and Chill” sesh, in fact I think I’ve had more than one dick in my mouth at the same time during a recent “Netflix and Chill” sesh, but when it comes to “Black Mirror”, my mouth is a penis-free zone until each episode concludes.

I really liked this season, not my favorite, but still really great.

I mean, I think of this series more as episodes and not really as seasons anyway. My favorite episode ever is “White Christmas”, but “White Bear” was my favorite initial watch of any episode from any season.

“White Bear” is hard to re-watch once you know the twist, but OMG, that first time watching “White Bear” was so nerve racking and intense. That twist was so crazy.

As for “White Christmas”, it has Jon Hamm in it, so obviously I love it. But that episode has so much of the things in it that I love most about “Black Mirror”.

Ok, so if I had to rank this season’s episodes then they would be as follows:

1. USS Callister

2. Crocodile

3. Metalhead

4. Arkangel

5. Hang the DJ

6. Black Museum

Overal season 4 of “Black Mirror” was still good enough to keep me from wanting to start sucking on a dick until each episode ended.

Well it’s back to Tinder so I can hopefully have met my goal of sleeping with 1,000 men I matched with before Season 5 of “Black Mirror” is released.

The next guy I meet on Tinder and have sex with will be my 200th!!!

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Dating App Tip for Guys: Your profile pic matters๐Ÿ“ธ

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If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that I really want to have sex with 1,000 men that I meet on Tinder so I can write a book about my experiences. And this past week I added 3 more men to my tally. So I should reach my goal in under 2 years!

But, one guy I slept with did something really cool with his profile picture that first grabbed my attention, which led to me grabbing the attention in his pants by the end of the night.

So if you’re a guy reading this, then I think you should take a play out of this guy’s book because I know you’ll get more women to swipe right on your Tinder or Bumble profile if you do.

This guy, we’ll call him “Sean”, mainly because his name is Sean, but “Sean” placed text over his Tinder profile picture that read:

“My Nose Looks Smaller in Person, Swipe Right To See”

It was pretty funny, and it was my first time seeing a guy use this technique.

So if you look at this pic below where I added the text : “My Boobs Look Bigger In Person, Swipe Right To See”

This is what he did with his main profile pic on Tinder where he added the text
“My Nose Looks Smaller in Person, Swipe Right To See”

This really stood out, and honestly guys, every woman gets way more matches then men do on all dating apps. The reason is because most guys just swipe right on ever female just hoping that one of them will match with him.

Women don’t do this. We maybe swipe on 5 to 10 guys max, and we match with almost all of them. So if you want to increase your chances of getting a girl to swipe right on your pic, do what this “Sean” guy did and add some funny text to your main picture.

Here are some examples that just off the top of my head:

โ€œjust swipe right to win”
โ€œCome on, give me a chanceโ€
โ€œif you donโ€™t like me Iโ€™ll tell your momโ€
“If you swipe left on me your phone will explode”

If any of you guys reading this try this technique please let me know how it worked out for you. I would really love some feedback.


My Instagram Account is @natesjenny24
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