I’m on Tinder in Australia & Australian Men Are HOT!

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I’m on Tinder in Australia setting up some sex dates for my upcoming sex vacation, and all I can say is WOW! Australian men are funny, sweet, smart, and very attractive. Also, they are NOT rude whatsoever!

My goal is to have sex with at least 7 Australian men that I meet on Tinder so I can write about it in my book.

So if you’re an Australian man, get on Tinder and try to find me please.

If you live in Australia and want to know about the upcoming swinger’s party click on the link below.

Click here to attend an Australian swingersโ€™ party.

Now, the above link can only be seen in Australia (well, that’s what the people hosting the event tell me, I really don’t know how the internet does what it does). And if that site isn’t working correctly you can just read a post I made a week or so ago about me having sex in Australia at a swinger’s party in November.

Click here to read more about my upcoming Australian sex vacation.

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Fake Boobs From Hell!

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OMG! OMG!! Check out the woman in these pictures I posted above and below; she has what my dead grandmother would call “Fake Boobs From Hell”!

I just want to be clear, these pictures are real. These aren’t fancy Hollywood special effects or an app that adds insanely huge fake boobs to any picture.

This is a real woman, and those are her real fake boobs.

Breast Augmentation

Those would make sex so miserable for her. Forget sex for a second, fake boobs that size would make going to the bathroom miserable. How is she able to stand up? How is she able to even drive a car? Can she drive a car? Her arms are shorter than her boobs are long. I guess if her boobs had hands in place of the nipples then maybe she could drive. I feel so sad for her.

Okay, I have fake boobs; anyone that looks at my chest can say without any hesitation, “Hey Jenny, you obviously have fake boobs”.

I was actually flat-chested during my first 2 years of high school….I was actually so flat-chested that the boys in my grade gave me the awesome nickname of “No Tits Jenny”…nothing causes a young girl’s self-esteem to rise as high as the highest mountain tops than being called “No Tits Jenny”.

So on my 16th birthday my mom bought me my very first pair of fake tits! (I’ve actually had 4 different sets of boobs in my life, but that’s a different story for another day.)

Actually, my mom and I both got boob jobs on my 16th birthday, and we even got matching pairs, literally.

Here’s the point of my story, my fake bust was a huge boost to my self-esteem right out of the gate; the boys in my grade no longer called me “No Tits Jenny”, and the girls in my grade were kind enough to give me a brand new nickname. Yep, I was known as “Slut Boobs”. I don’t blame them now that I look back on it, I’d be jealous of a girl that had the one thing that all high school boys want, big bouncing boobs.

Honestly, I’m very grateful that my mom allowed me to stuff my body with two big bags filled with fake tits, and maybe the only reason the boys liked me was because I let them feel me up each day during 4th period Social Studies, and maybe I’d be less promiscuous if I was still flat-chested, but the point of my story is, WHY THE FUCK DID THIS CHICK EVER THINK FAKE TITS THAT HUGE WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA?

Insane Fake boobs

I love being able to serve big mouthfuls of my tits to someone I’m having sex with, but no man could ever truly enjoy boobs as big as hers.

I’d like for any man reading this to honestly let me know if he’d ever want to have sex twice with a woman that has boobs that big….I understand that every man alive would want to give those planet crushing-sized boobs at least one go around, but would you want to strap on for a second ride?

Boobs For Days

I hope that I don’t seem like I’m being cruel to this lady. I donโ€™t want to hurt her feelings. But she obviously destroyed her body so men could stare at her.

Fake Boobs From Hell!

If I ever have a daughter, I’m going to make sure she knows that she doesn’t have to disfigure her body to impress any man. Maybe I’ll tell her right after we get matching boob jobs on her 16th birthday.

WOW!! I’m a hypocrite to say the least.

Fake Boobs

Now a word from my sponsor (Yes, I got paid for the 3 dating site advertisements below. I know everyone hates ads, so I wanted you to know that they are advertisements so you don’t think I’m trying to trick you to click/tap on the ads. I mean, if you click/tap on them then the advertiser will be happy and might spend more money with me. But again, do not click/tap on the below ads unless you really want to click on the ads.)

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Swinger's party

I hope Australian Men Like my Booty!

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Hurry up and get here already November 24th!

Yep, on November 24th I’m going to a swinger’s party in Australia, and I’ll finally be able to say, “I got pleasured down under, Down Under”. Or maybe a better line would be, “My outback got down-undered in the Outback”? Okay, I won’t be saying either of those until I figure out how the saying goes.

I’m trying to post a link with the details for this Australian swinger’s party, but my friend that helps me with my blog is sick today so if you click on the link and it goes to a dead page I’ll have my friend fix it when he’s feeling better.

Get the Australian Swinger’s Party details by CLICKING HERE!

I really hope that works.

I had the biggest crush on Paul Hogan growing up, and I’ve always wanted to go see kangaroos and all those other strange animals down under there in that outback world. And now I get to have incredible sex with some hot Australian men and women one day, and play with a duck-billed platypus the next day!

I really hope that at least one Australian guy at the party comes up to me and says, “That’s not a dick. That’s a dick”, right before he puts it in my mouth.

If you haven’t see the movie “Crocodile Dundee” then I guess that line won’t register. But it would be soooo much hotter if Paul Hogan showed up and said it. I’d still do him. I don’t think he’s dead…did he die? I’ll have to check that on Google.

Oh my goodness. I just checked my flight itinerary……it’s going to take 17 hours and 15 minutes to get to Australia!

Those kangaroos had better be super cute.

Hopefully I’ll meet some guys on Tinder out there…I just checked, and there are some hot guys on Tinder in Australia.

And I can’t wait to flush an Australian toilet! The water flushes the opposite direction Down Under in the Outback from what I’ve been told. I wonder if I’ll even notice. Oh well. I’m looking forward to the adventure!

Swinger's party

Swinger’s Party Las Vegasโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹


I went to one of the best swinger’s parties of my life last night!

I also added 3 more guys to my Tinder journey! So all in all this was a great weekend!

At one point at the party last night I had 2 dicks in my mouth and one in my vagina and I started thinking to myself, I think it’s time to slow down on my slutty lifestyle!

So I’m only going to attend 1 swinger’s party per month, and just focus on the research for my novel.


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Swinger's party

Swinger Clubs Across the USA!


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I’m not sure if anyone reading this would be interested in checking out a swinger’s club or not, but below is a list of swinger clubs in every US state.

All you need to do is find your state in the list below and click on it to find swinger clubs in that state.

I hope this is helpful.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington DC
West Virginia

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Swinger's party

Get Invited to a Swinger’s Party ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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Okay, so a swinger party group contacted me because they want to invite people to swinger parties.

Yes, they did pay me to mention them (I just want to be upfront).

But I guess they’ll send invitations to anyone over 18 that wants to attend swinger parties.

Tap or Click here to get invited to a Swinger Party!



I’m not a prostitute….but do I have a price I’d sell myself for? Sorry mom…I think I do

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Some guy offered me $3,000 to sleep with him yesterday. I’m not a prostitute so I turned him down. I wasn’t a bitch to him, kind of flattered, but if he offered $10,000 I think I would have said “yes”. Does that make me a bad person๐Ÿค”

Honestly, my sad goal in life is to sleep with 1,000 men I meet on Tinder just so I can write a book about this morally corrupt journey I’m on. In a way I’m getting paid to fuck these guys if I’m able to sell books about it one day.
I said no to $3,000…and I’m not in any position financially to turn down $3,000, but I did. I’m not asking for a pat on the back for turning down my chance at being a hooker for a night, but I’m kind of proud of myself for deciding to sleep with a random stranger that I met on Tinder yesterday for free instead of taking that handsome man’s money. He was actually much better looking than the married dude from tinder that I ended up sleeping with.

I’d like for all women reading this to answer this question to yourself, you don’t need to leave a comment, just think to yourself about this scenario: Let’s say an attractive man came up to you and offered you money to sleep with him. What would be the dollar amount written on the price tag hanging out of your ย vagina?

We’d all say yes to $100,000. Well I hope all women would. If not then I’m more screwed up than I think I am. But I think I’d say yes to $10,000 if a handsome stranger walked up to me and asked me to fuck him.

How do you pay taxes on that without turbo tax or your CPA knowing you’re a slut๐Ÿค”

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