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The Best dildo in the world [2023 UPDATE]

I’m a girl that REALLY loves her sex toys..which I’m sure most of you all know by now…but have I ever mentioned how much I really love using a dildo on myself or when I’m at swinger parties?

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I really love using dildos on other girls and I love when other girls use dildos on me.

Dildos require that you do the action rather than vibration or gyration sex toys that seem and feel more artificial. The best type of sex dildo requires that you do the actions and the more realistic the feel the more real the action feels. Dildos can be used by both males as well as females. Amongst all the sex toys the dildo is one of the more popular sex toys which are able to give perfect erotic pleasures.

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Here are a few reasons why I really love using dildos….

-Dildos Are Safe Sex-

Have sex without a real penis! Yes, it is possible when using dildos. Dildos are safer than a real penis and as long as you keep your sextoy hygienically clean you will not be in danger of catching a communicable disease or other nasties. Many people shy away from having sexual contact, the dildo could be a great replacement for a man actually penetrating the vagina. You can certainly experience the fun of full penetration without your privates being touched. Last but not least, your dildo will always say yes. It will not turn you down, or give other kinds of other excuses. It will be your long term fuck buddy because dildos are a fantastic sextoy.

-Dildos Are Great For Vaginal Exercise-

For women, using a dildo can assist in strengthening your Kegel muscular tissues as well as also increase better sexual performance and climaxes. For men who may have recently undergone a sexual change, using dildos for sex can be used to enhance elasticity with the new vagina.

-Both Men & Women Can Use Dildos-

Dildos can be used by both sexes; it does not matter whether they are male or female. If you are a female then you can use this awesome sex toy inside your vagina or your anus! If you are a male then you can use the sex toy in your anus! This guarantees that you will get awesome pleasures when using a dildo. To experiment even further a dildo can be placed in a harness and the female can have sex with the male in a position called pegging. Many men like to be pegged or lesbians may use it so they can have sex without a man.

-Dildos Are Great For Exploration-

Utilizing a new dildo alone will help you explore erotic places within yourself. Experiment with different types, depths and sizes of penetration. Solo play can be a test drive for any lusty new move you want to try with no anxiety and possible embarrassment of having you not be ready or comfortable to try with your lover. Practice makes perfect.

-Sex Therapy For The Vagina-

Sex dildos are able to increase the strength of the muscles, which is commonly known as the kegel muscle. It will improve your overall body strength to allow you to perform better at sex that few other sex toys can do for you! It will increase the sensual power and you will also be able to get stronger and better orgasm.Dildos can play a great role in increasing the elasticity of your vagina. Many women face problems in their first sexual encounter and sometimes it is quite painful. Dildo therapy will help make their first time much better and less intimidating.

-Dildos Are Fantastic To Ensure Sexual Relief With Your Lover-

Sometimes in a relationship just one partner climaxes ahead of the other and the other might prefer further intercourse. Or perhaps your partner is not in the mood but you wish to experience sexual pleasures A dildo may be used in situations like when the man climaxed and his companion is prepared for far more. A guy can satisfy his partner using a dildo while he recharges his energies or is even spent. When just one partner needs more sex, to stimulate your partner using a sex dildo may be the ultimate way to actually keep your partner satisfied.

-Dildos Will Elevate Your Mood-

Dildos will help you to change the inner mood of yourself and leave you feeling satiated and relieved. Sex and using sex toys can change your overall mood for the better. You will experience something different. Sex toys will give you perfect erotic fulfillment which is often better than a real penis or real sex. Dildos can be used as an alternate to a real penis. It is able to give you perfect sexual contact with you being in total control. Dildos give the right feelings that you are looking or. You will be able to experience great fun without the need for anyone touching you or they can be added for more enjoyment in couples play. When you are actually expressing oneself sexually, you happen to also be improving your self-esteem, that will make you feel a more satisfied person.

-Dildos will Stimulation Your Senses-

You and if you choose your partner cannot help getting away from seeing any dildo ease in as well as out of you since you squirm and also the squeal in perfect delight. The excellent stimulation associated with someone getting off right in front of your face is fantastic. For adult males it is better still, because they get a close up as well as personalized view of just what their lover needs when they are thrusting away.

-The Best Place To Buy Dildos-

If you are in the market for a dildo, then I highly recommend that you visit to find the perfect dildo for yourself.

The 2 Dildos that I recommend that are MUSTS for your personal dildo collection are the 12″ Dual Layer Platinum Silicone Realistic Dildo and the 10″ Soft Realistic Squirting dildo. You can purchase both of them at!

12″ Dual Layer Platinum Silicone Realistic Dildo

112Dual Layer Platinum Silicone Realistic Dildo

Great 12-inch dual density dildos is a rare breed, One of a kind! This fantastic dildo will feel really incredible against your skin. With an enormously satisfying dual density shaft adorned with raised veins and a bulbous head, you’re giving it top marks for pleasure. Used with a generous handful of water-based lube for seamless insertion. The Dual Density Big Dildo offers the highest quality in the market without compromise.

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10″ Soft Realistic Squirting dildo

110Soft Realistic Squirting dildo

Lifelike realistic squirting dildo with ejaculating abilities to fulfill your fantasies. Bulb Holds up to 5.4 fl. oz of liquid for both super squirting fun and effective anal cleaning. Big Dildo features a pronounced head, realistic testicles and long, thick shaft. Strong Suction cup for hands-free or harness play and generous balls at the base for external stimulation. Easy-to-use ball handler for much liquid storage. An absolute essential for fans of squirting dildo and anal sex. It is improved edition of old LoveToy squirting dildo.

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1Rechargeable Remote Control vibrating panties

The Most comfortable, durable vibrating panties with a rechargeable remote vibrator. This completely Remote controlled vibrating lace panties with an insertable rechargeable bullet that delivers intense G-Spot stimulation to the wearer. Soft lace hugs and flatters as the hidden rechargeable bullet nestle against your clitoris for top-secret vibration elation that’s remote control operated.

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