Cheating and How My Boyfriend Caught Me

If you like reading naughty sex stories to pleasure yourself to, I found a really hot site that is loaded with the sexiest erotic tales that will make your wiener get super hard!

The name of the site is!

Here are a couple of erotic stories I found that I think might get you super horny!

-Cheating Sex Stories and How My Boyfriend Caught Me-


I have always been a little slut, so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that I write a lot of cheating sex stories. First, I want to tell you that I try to be faithful, I really do. But, it is just so hard to avoid temptation, which I can’t ever seem to do. I can’t help it. I see a hot man and my nipples tighten and my Pussy just juices up. And, when that happens, I have to take care of my cravings. And of course, it always ends up with me being an unfaithful girlfriend.

Sigh…what’s a slut to do?

Even an innocent trip to the grocery store can turn into some hot sexy fun for me. And, that is exactly where this adventure happened. You see, I was just walking down the aisle, minding my own business, when a well-muscled arm reached beside me to grab a drink off the shelf in front of me. When he deep sexy voice said “Excuse me Darlin’” I was like Pavlova’s dogs and my panties instantly soaked. I turned my head to see what he looked like and our eyes locked…

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-Young Homewrecker – Girl Next Door Turned Cum Slut Part 1-


The young homewrecker isn’t a virgin anymore. This is how I turned from the sweet girl-next-door into a cum slut.

Growing up, I was always very interested in sex. It started at a very young age for me, around nine or ten years old. I never knew why the subject of sex fascinated me that much, I like to think maybe because growing up in a strict household, caused me to maybe rebel a bit in my later teen years. You could say that there was one night in particular that basically changed me, and helped me become the confident sexual lady I am today.

I lived next door to this married couple. I would say that they were both at least in their late thirties. The wife is decent looking but the husband, oh my, he was something. Standing about six feet tall with short dark hair and green eyes, and a body that I just needed to have. I had finally turned 18 and I had made it a goal to somehow find a way to seduce him. I knew his type, he was married but you know he likes them barely legal. The girls with the nice perky tits, the hot cheerleader type body, and of course the tight wet pussy too. I knew that this would be a lot easier than I thought.

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-Twas The Night Before Christmas With Ellie And Santa-


Twas The Night Before Christmas with Ellie and Santa

Twas the night before Christmas, with no one at home.

But I butt ass naked, lying here alone.

Warm massage oils waiting on my nightstand,

With hopes that Santa would lend me a hand.

Impatiently waiting, I lie in my bed,

Visions of Santas cock dance in my head.

My hand slowly moves across my chest,

Waiting on Santa to kiss on my breast.

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I hope these stories made you a little horny!

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Find My Booty!

Okay, this might seem silly, but I want to see how many of my readers can figure out which of the below booty pics is mine. All of these nice booty pics belong to my fellow swinger girlfriend’s that you might meet one day at one of my swinger parties! Email me to let me know which booty you think is mine…and sorry that the quality of these booty pics isn’t as high as we’d all like.

My email address is:


Also, if you do email me let me know which booty you like the best so I can make sure that the girl who owns that booty shows up to the swinger’s party that I will be giving out invitations for.


If this isn’t my booty I kinda wish it was because this is my favorite looking one of the mix…I hope my friend’s on here don’t mind me saying this tho 🙂


I wish I had a better pic for this one because when it’s tanned it’s super delicious.




Thigh highs and heels can make any girl’s tushy look better than it actually might be.


Booty # 4

Now that’s a peach I’d love to munch one for sure!!!!!


And if you do get invited to one of my swinger parties please make sure to bring your swim suit, actually don’t bring them, no one really wears anything in the pool! But this booty looks like a nice swimming companion for sure.


More thigh highs!!!!!



I really love this booty!



I really, really, really LOVE this BOOTY!!!!! If this isn’t my booty then I can’t wait to lick it all up at next week’s party 🙂



Yummy!!! Yummy!!! Yummy!!!!! Is there anything else I can say about this booty? Oh yeah, it’s really, really, really yummy…and I should know because I’ve had a taste of it before 🙂


BOOTY # 10

If this booty doesn’t make your pants start feeling a little tighter when you look at it then you don’t love a nice booty!


BOOTY # 11

Ugh!!! I wish she sent me one where she was only wearing a thong…but just imagine how hot it must look when she slides those shorts off!

BOOTY # 12

Now that’s a way to end a post!


Okay, so now you have seen 12 different booty pics that belong to 12 different swinging ladies! Let me know which one you think belongs to me, and then let me know which one is by far and away your favorite!

My email address is:

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful week!



Jenny – XOXOXO

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Americas Most Sexually Active!

Just because there are 50 of them doesn’t mean that every state in the USA is just as sexually active as the others. I had to do a lot of research for this article, so I hope you can share it with everyone you know that loves having sex!

So here are the TOP sexually active sates in the USA…..

Number 11 – Utah

img_2821 -Utah State Motto- “The Book Of Boners State”

I guess it makes sense because people be having a LOT of kids in Utah!

Number 10 – Missouri

img_2823 -Missouri State Motto- “Show Me Your Boner Again State”

I would never have guessed that Missouri would have been in the top 10, but good for you Missouri, got get laid today!

Number 9 – Connecticut

img_2825 -Connecticut State Motto- “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains Boners State”

WTF? Connecticut? Who knew? Well I guess the people boning in Connecticut knew!

Number 8 – Massachusetts

img_2827 -Massachusetts State Motto- “How ‘Bout Dees Apples State”

How about them apples!

Number 7 – Washington

img_2828 -Washington State Motto- “It’s Raining Boners State”

It might rain a lot in Washington, but boners be popping up just as much as raid drops are hitting the ground!

Number 6 – Arizona

img_2829 -Arizona State Motto- “Is that a Cactus in your Pants State”

Most of the sex must be going on at Arizona State University….those college students might not be known for their high marks in the classroom, but they are getting straight A’s in the dorms!

Number 5 – Colorado

img_2831 -Colorado State Motto- “The Miles of High Boners State”

Mile high altitude = miles of boners high in the air as well!

Number 4 – Oregon

img_2833 -Oregon State Motto- “Pitching a Tent State”

Okay, this one confused me….no real reason why, but I don’t think of sex when I think of Oregon.

Number 3 – New York

img_2822 -New York State Motto- “Big Apple & Bigger Boner State”

The Big Apple, or is it the Big Boner? Seems like it’s both!

Number 2 – Texas

img_2834 -Texas State Motto- “Big Guns BUT Bigger Boners State”

Lots of guns but lots more sex!

Number 1 – California

img_2836 -California State Motto- “The Golden Boner State”

Yes!!! I have never been more proud to be a resident of California as I am today!

I alone might make up a good 10% of all of the sex going on in my home state (seriously I have way too much sex)

Now for some sad news, here are the least sexually active cities in the United States of America:

The number 10 least likely US city to get laid in is Manchester, New Hampshire.

The number 9 least likely US city to get laid in is Baltimore, Maryland.

The number 8 least likely US city to get laid in is Lexington, Kentucky.

The number 7 least likely US city to get laid in is Montpelier, Vermont.

The number 6 least likely US city to get laid in is Montgomery, Alabama.

The number 5 least likely US city to get laid in is Providence, Rhode Island.

The number 4 least likely US city to get laid in is Jersey City, New Jersey.

The number 3 least likely US city to get laid in is Pomona, California.

The number 2 least likely US city to get laid in is Greensboro, North Carolina.

The number 1 least likely US city to find a boner in is Jacksonville, Florida.

Hopefully these 10 cities will wake up with a boner tomorrow and find their way off this super sad list.

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Swinger Clubs Across the USA!



I’m not sure if anyone reading this would be interested in checking out a swinger’s club or not, but below is a list of swinger clubs in every US state.

All you need to do is find your state in the list below and click on it to find swinger clubs in that state.

I hope this is helpful.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington DC
West Virginia

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I’m not a prostitute….but do I have a price I’d sell myself for? Sorry mom…I think I do

Some guy offered me $3,000 to sleep with him yesterday. I’m not a prostitute so I turned him down. I wasn’t a bitch to him, kind of flattered, but if he offered $10,000 I think I would have said “yes”. Does that make me a bad person🤔

Honestly, my sad goal in life is to sleep with 1,000 men I meet on Tinder just so I can write a book about this morally corrupt journey I’m on. In a way I’m getting paid to fuck these guys if I’m able to sell books about it one day.
I said no to $3,000…and I’m not in any position financially to turn down $3,000, but I did. I’m not asking for a pat on the back for turning down my chance at being a hooker for a night, but I’m kind of proud of myself for deciding to sleep with a random stranger that I met on Tinder yesterday for free instead of taking that handsome man’s money. He was actually much better looking than the married dude from tinder that I ended up sleeping with.

I’d like for all women reading this to answer this question to yourself, you don’t need to leave a comment, just think to yourself about this scenario: Let’s say an attractive man came up to you and offered you money to sleep with him. What would be the dollar amount written on the price tag hanging out of your  vagina?

We’d all say yes to $100,000. Well I hope all women would. If not then I’m more screwed up than I think I am. But I think I’d say yes to $10,000 if a handsome stranger walked up to me and asked me to fuck him.

How do you pay taxes on that without turbo tax or your CPA knowing you’re a slut🤔

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Women love it from behind 💋🍑


imageOkay, I just sent a text to 22 of my slutty friends  asking them how they like to have sex on a one night stand. 15 out of 22 responded with “doggie style”. I agree. So the next time you have a one night stand just do her from behind 💋

Dang I’m horny again. I need to create a real estate blog so I’m not always wetting my panties.

I guess I am a slut😕