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Blogging While Blowing

It’s 7:55 PM and I’m coming to you live from Southern Cali!

This is going to be a short post. I’m writing this and giving my Tinder date a bj at the same time.

I’m probably the first woman to ever blog about giving head while giving head..I’m making history!

BTW, my tinder date has no idea that I’m on my phone blogging about this. I told him to keep his eyes shut or I’ll stop sucking….he’s following my commands quite well.

But this BJ isn’t going to be good until I can start using my hands. I’m going to say goodbye for now so I can give an award winning oral sex performance.

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I Won A Blow Job ContestπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

(And yes, that is my booty)

Well you are now reading the blog of an official Blow Job Champion!

At a swinger’s party on Saturday I took down four dudes in 10 minutes and 3 seconds!

The girl who placed 2nd took 18 minutes and 9 seconds to get 4 guys to orgasm, so I won by a huge margin!

All I can say to anyone out there that hopes to one day win a blow job championship title, practice makes perfect!

I’m sure that I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours on my knees with a wiener in my mouth, and it really made the difference!

I used my signature double hand twist on all 4 guys, and not one of them could handle the pleasure of my mouth and left hand/right hand combinations….you could say that I really blew them away (hey I think that’s a pretty funny line)!!!

I’m not sure that my mom will be bragging about my victory at Thanksgiving this year, but I might bring my trophy just in case!

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A Few Reasons Why Men Don’t Want to Have Sex

A Few Reasons Why Men Don't Want to Have Sex
Here are a few reasons why men don’t want to have sex with their partner:

1) His partner has a really ugly face making it difficult for him to get hard.

Okay, okay, okay, I’m just kidding about number 1, I just felt like being funny for a second. The next ones are all legit based on the research I’ve been doing.

2) He might have low levels of testosterone, so have your man get checked for that.

3) Stress from work can cause men to place a low priority on having sex.

4) Men that jack off/masturbate more than once per day aren’t as horny as they should be at bedtime, and this can cause a lower sex drive with his lady.

It’s cool for dudes to jerk themselves off, but if that gets in the way of going to pound town on your lady then you best stop getting yourself off in the shower every morning. Not cool. Not cool at all.

5) Guys that blast their loads too quickly, also known as premature ejaculation, may be too embarrassed to have sex. So that one sucks all around for everyone.

6) Guys that get little physical attention from their women don’t get very horny. So if you want your man to pound away on your tight body you best get on your knees and slob on his knob.
Again, I’m, no scientist, these are topics that I’ve read about while doing some online research. But I’m pretty sure that what I’m telling you is most likely true.

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A Few Reasons Why Women May Not Orgasm

Below I’ve listed a few reasons why some women may not be having orgasms during sex. I really want ALL women to have as many orgasms in their life as possible, so please read.


1) Women don’t always tell their partner what they need to do to make them have an orgasm. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what makes you want to cum.



2) You might spend too much time sitting through the day. This is bad for the pelvic muscles, and possible pelvic pain makes it more difficult for women to orgasm during sex.



3) High heels can also cause pelvic pain, and again just like sitting too much, this can make cumming during sex difficult for women.



4) Women that don’t drink enough water also have difficulties climaxing during sex. So ladies, get your hydrate on so you can unleash that BIG-O that you deserve.



5) Women that are too quiet during sex don’t achieve orgasms as much as women that are loud and very vocal during sex.



6) Specific medications can interfere with women enjoying orgasms. Ask your doctor what the side effects are to the medications that you’re taking.



7) Don’t forget to pee before sex. A full bladder can decrease a woman’s chance to have a kick ass orgasm during sex.



8) Women who don’t masturbate have difficulties obtaining orgasms during sex. So ladies, pleasure yourself as many times during the day as possible. I for one masturbate 3 to 5 times per day.



9) Women can’t be afraid to lose control during sex, the more timid a woman is during sex will have a difficult time blasting out an orgasm.

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First Date Small Talk..It’s a Bad Idea

On my last article I discussed what men should do on a first date that will help them get some action when the date ends, but now I want to discuss “small talk” on a first date and how “small talk” is boring, and just a bad idea.

Here are some “small talk” subjects that you really should avoid discussing on a first date:


1)Β  DO NOT talk about your ex girlfriend/ex boyfriend or ex wife/ex husband on a first date.

If you are talking about your ex then you are basically telling your date that you are still in love with your ex, even if you’re not, your date will think that you are. So when it comes to your ex, shut the F up.


2) DO NOT ask your date what their “hobbies” are.

OMG this subject will dry a vagina and kill a boner as fast as the question “so what are your hobbies” comes out of your mouth. Hobby talk never gets anyone laid unless your date’s hobby is “sucking cock”, and if in fact that is your date’s hobby you’ll find out at the end of the date when you find your dick in her mouth.


3) DO NOT talk about how much money you make.

Don’t be a douche and don’t tell your date how much money you make or are worth. If you have a lot of money then leave a big tip for your waiter because only your waiter should know that you have enough money to pay for the check and the tip.

Only douche bags brag about how much money they make.


4) If you have kids you can mention that you have kids and their ages, but no one wants to hear about their grades and what type of activities they’re involved in.

First Date Small Talk..It's a Bad Idea


5) DO NOT ask your date why they’re still single. This topic will make your date tell you are their flaws and might turn the night very negative, and a girl in a negative mood doesn’t really feel like dropping to her knees to suck a dick at the end of a first date.


6) DO NOT talk about dating apps other than the app that you met your date on. Just don’t do it.


7) DO NOT talk about any possible future dates, just keep focus on the current date.


8) DO NOT ask your date how much things in their life costs. This could be their car, their house/apartment, their purse or watch. Just shut up about the value of their possessions, and also shut up about the value of your possessions. You’ll just come across as a shallow fool.


9) DO NOT ask them if they are also seeing or dating other people. If they are seeing other people then you might not be in a great mood knowing that your date could be taking someone else out tomorrow, and you don’t want your date thinking the same thing about you if in fact you are seeing other people as well.

Basically nothing good comes with this “small talk” subject.


10) DO NOT ask any questions about your date’s relationship with their parents. It’s very possible that your date is not on good terms with his/her parents and this will just put a dark cloud over your date for the rest of the night.

First Date Small Talk..It's a Bad Idea

11) DO NOT ask your date if they want to have any kids in the future. This is not a sexy subject, so shut up before you start talking about this. Have sex with your date before you start talking about this subject. So if you just happen to start fucking under the table on a first date while waiting for the appetizers to arrive, then, and only then can you start discussing “do you want any kids in the future” on a first date.


12) DO NOT talk about how BIG of a drinker, pot smoker, or drug abuser you are; also don’t ask your date if they’re a BIG drinker, pot smoker, or drug abuser either. I highly doubt your date will start cutting lines of cocaine in front of you if you start discussing your drug history, so just shut up when it comes to this “small talk” topic.


13) DO NOT ask your date why their last relationship ended, and DO NOT tell them why your last relationship ended. This topic is none of your business to know about on a first date. It’s also a bad mood maker of a topic, and bad mood maker topics dry the vag and limp a boner.


14) DO NOT start talking about how many people you’ve had sex with in your life, and please DO NOT ask them how many sexual partners they’ve had. Again, this is NONE of your business. All you should care about is being one of the people that your date has ever slept with, and this topic isn’t going to help you get into your date’s pants.


15) Do NOT ask your date to “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. This is just a really fu*king stupid “small talk” topic, and will make your date feel overwhelmed. So please, I beg you, please do not be a fool and ask your date to “Tell me a little bit about yourself”.


16) Okay, now I’m a slut and I wouldn’t mind this topic, but most women are not like me, so DO NOT start talking about your favorite sex positions, and for cry out loud dude, NEVER ask your date “so what’s your favorite sex position”.


Chances are that if you start talking about your “favorite sex positions” on a first date you won’t be practicing any of your “favorite sex positions” at the end of your first date.


17) Finally, DO NOT ask your date if they like your outfit . What are they suppose to say, “no you look like shit, can you please go home and change”. No one wins with this “small talk” topic.


I hope that this article’s topic is helpful to anyone that is about to go on a first date soon. If you are about to go on a first date and want to ask me what you should talk about on a first date then just shoot me an email to my email address.


Here’s my email address:


Or you can just ask me in the comments section.


I want to wish everyone good luck that is about to go on a first date! First dates can be very intimidating and can make you feel very nervous. Just relax, be yourself, and don’t lie about anything if you really like your date and are hoping to go out with them again. And hopefully if you play your cards right you’ll be getting laid at the end of your first date!

First Date Small Talk..It's a Bad Idea

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HFO (Hand Free Orgasm) Fact Or Fiction

So we all know that I’m really into sex, and while waiting to show a house a few miniutes ago I thought I’d waste some time by checking out vids on pornhub, you know, just a thing that most chicks do, and I came across vids for “HFO” which stands for “hand free orgasm”.


I checked out a few vids, and they’re all targeted for guys of course, and yes they’re hot for sure, but is it really possible for a guy to actually ejaculate by masturbating with just his mind without the help from his hands to stroke his wiener?

I am going to post a few of these “HFO – Hands Free Orgasm” vids below, and if any guy reading this could check these out and let me know if they actually work please let me know.

But you have to be honest and can’t use your hands at all.

HFO – Hands Free Orgasm Vid 1 – Hypnotic Blow Job

Click Here To Watch This HFO PornHub Video – Must Be 18 And Older!

HFO – Hands Free Orgasm Vid 2 – Multiple Chicks Having Sex

Click Here To Watch This HFO PornHub Video – Must Be 18 And Older!

HFO – Hands Free Orgasm Vid 3 – Sex With Remy Lacroix

Click Here To Watch This HFO PornHub Video – Must Be 18 And Older!

Remember, this is just for research purposes so we can help everyone have as much sexual fun in life as possible!

Thank you to anyone that helps me out with this experiment!

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Sluts Burn More Calories than Non-Sluts


I did a little bit of research on the health benefits of fu*king, and guess what, the bigger the slut you are the better in shape you’ll be.

Check out these pretty neat-o facts:



The Kissing/Make Out Routine:
Kissing/making out during sex burns between 34 and 230 calories calories per half-hour. So brush your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, and start making out while you fu*k. Plus kissing is fun while your getting pounded.



Sucking The D Workout:
Ladies that give really fantastic blow jobs can expect to suck away 100 calories per half hour. So blowing your guy on a daily basis can actually help you get in really great shape.



The Eating Vagina Workout:
Guys, you can burn as much as 171 calories per half hour if you do push-ups while eating out your girl.



The Pre-Boning Massage:
Maybe you like giving your partner a massage before you start slobbing on his knob, well you can burn about 80 calories per hour with a good rub down!



Just Having Sex For Women:
I thought this was a little ironic, plus I have a very dirty mind, but the average hump session burns about 69 calories on average. 69 makes perfect sense for sex right!



Just Having Sex For Men:
Dudes burn 100 calories on average per every sex session.



Jacking Off Workout:
Ladies, if you want to easily burn 100 calories per hour all you have to do is give your man a slow stroking hand job!



So if you follow the above routine everyday of kissing/making out, having sex, giving your partner oral, giving your partner a massage, and throwing in a hand job during foreplay the average woman can burn about 579 calories per day and men can burn about 581 calories per day (guys that give themselves a hand job can burn an extra 100 on top of the 581 calories per day).



So it looks to me that sex is not only good for your relationship with your partner, but also a great way to get fit.

So start being more slutty so you can start looking more sexy!

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Sexy Movies On Netflix

I’ve been watching some really sexy shows and documentaries on Netflix recently that I wanted to share with anyone reading this because I think they’re actually very interesting, and I highly recommend that everyone with a Netflix account should check out.

1) Hot Girls Wanted

NETFLIX Hot Girls Wanted

This documentary focuses on the “amateur” porn industry and follows new “talent” that are just getting into the adult industry.

2) Hot Girls Wanted: TURNED ON

NETFLIX Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

This is a Netflix TV show that is based on the Hot Girls Wanted documentary, and it’s so interesting, and I highly recommend that you watch every episode.

3) After Porn Ends 2

After Porn Ends 2

This is a documentary that takes a look at adult film stars that are no longer in the porn industry.

4) After Porn Ends 3

After Porn Ends 3

This is also a documentary that takes a look at adult film stars that are no longer in the porn industry.

Netflix doesn’t have the first After Porn Ends documentary, but After Porn Ends 2 and After Porn Ends 3 should be enough of this documentary series for you to get a good look at the adult industry.

5) Mostly Sunny

Netflix Mostly Sunny

This is a documentary about adult film star Sunny Leone.

I also started watching some Adult realty TV on pornhub that is actually really fun and interesting, and after you watch these realty TV shows you won’t be interested in regular realty TV ever again like American Idol on ABC or Survivor on CBS.

I highly recommend you do a search in pornhub for these reality TV shows:

1) Playboy TV Foursome

Playboy TV Foursome

2) Brazzers House

Brazzers House

3) DP Star

DP Star

4) Sex Factor

Sex Factor

I promise that you’ll be very entertained if you watch everything I’ve mentioned in this article! And please send me an email with any sexy shows or documentaries that you think I should check out! Also I recommend that you watch these shows with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.

I’ll update this article if I discover any new sexy documentaries or adult/porn reality TV shows.

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Sending Nudes….How to Send Nudes Correctly

Sending nudes can be fun, sexy, and is the perfect way to flirt and sext with someone new that you have just started to date, but make sure that you send them correctly or they could haunt you in the future.

Sending Nudes....How to Send Nudes Correctly


You have to remember that the guy/girl you send a nude to may not end up being the last person you ever date, but they will have that nude selfie that you sent them for the rest of their life, so here are some tips on how to send nudes correctly so that they never come back to haunt you in the future.


Sending Nudes Tip #1:Β  Only send them to someone you trust. But can we really trust anyone that we break up with in the future? This is a tough one to really do correctly.


Sending Nudes Tip #2: Use snapchat so that the nudes you send will disappear after a few moments. If the person you send them to on snapchat takes a screenshot at least you’ll know that they took a screenshot. But tell them that if they take a screenshot you won’t send anymore. This usually works and keeps your nudes from being saved.


Sending Nudes Tip #3: Never send a nude where your face can be seen. This is your best defense from having to worry about your nudes coming back to haunt you in the future.

Sending Nudes....How to Send Nudes Correctly

And that’s all you really need to know about sending nudes. I send hundreds of nudes to the guys I date, but never do I show my face in any of the nudes I send. Who cares if a guy shows his friends pics of my boobs, vagina, or booty as long as my face isn’t seen.


It really is that easy to protect yourself from allowing anyone to try and use your nudes against you after a breakup!