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Thanks To The Carly Morgan I Look BEYOND Sexy At Music Festivals!

I know that 2020 sucked as far as music festivals, raves, and swinger parties, for that matter were concerned. I mean the Covid-19 quarantine here in Southern California, and in Las Vegas, really put an end to every swinger party I usually attend as well as all of the music festivals and raves that I usually party at….and since everyone has taken an almost 12 month long break from music festivals, raves, and swinger parties, I have a really AMAZING feeling that 2021 is going to be so much fun because music festivals, raves, and swinger parties are on the come back…but this means more than ever that I’m going to have to get myself some EXTREMELY sexy, very fashionable, and TOTALLY revealing music festival outfits and swinger party outfits that’ll make everyone’s head turn when they see me coming!

Reasons Why Women Wear Sexy & Revealing Outfits to Music Festivals & Raves

Below I’m going to list the main reasons why women love wearing very revealing outfits to parties, music festivals, raves and so on, and guess what, none of them have to do with us ladies wanting to get hit on by anyone…

#1 – Women want to dance without a ton of unnecessary fabric in the way!

Women like myself who love music festivals loves to dance, especially when partying at music festivals, raves, and even at swinger parties. We love to move to the music, and after awhile wearing anything more then a swimsuit is going to be more of a nightmare than anything else. You wouldn’t tell a swimmer they need to wear a ski suit. Don’t tell a raver that they need to be covered up if they don’t want to get hit on, because that would be like taking Serena Williams’ tennis racket and telling her she’d be fine at the Open without it.

So yeah…still not because we want dudes to hit on us.

#2 – Because we feel good Wearing Barely Anything as Long as We Look Good to Ourselves!

One of the main reason girls at raves and music festivals wear tiny tops and bikini bottoms is that we like the way our body looks in them. Music festivals and raves are a couple of the ONLY places where there is zero judgment. As a generation of young woman who have all had their share of body image issues, it’s hard to explain what it means to feel comfortable in a bikini and fishnets surrounded by thousands of strangers.

So yeah, it’s not because we want anyone to hit on us.

#3 – Because Wearing ALMOST Nothing is Too Much FUN!

There are pretty much no other places on earth where you can wear a thong and pasties, cover it with a fishnet top and not get looked at like you’re out of your mind. Some of us just like the fantasy of being able to put on a crazy harness and a wig, or platforms and hot pants and become someone else for a few hours. We aren’t wearing any of it because we want to look sexy for you, random stranger who’s been really unsubtle about staring at our asses as they dance, shake, and twerk to the music.

So, yeah….still not about us girls wanting any of you guys hitting on us.

#4 – Because Raves & Music Festivals Get HOT AF out in heart of the crowd!

As anyone who’s been to a concert, festival, or a club knows, it gets HOT “As F**K” in the crowd. Now imagine that heat from sundown to sunrise. We know that to some a tube top and hot pants may look like a signal that we want you to come and ask for out numbers, but really it’s because we’re not interested in sweating in jeans and a t-shirt for eight-plus hours.

So…yeah. It’s still not because we want you to hit on us.

#5 – Last But Not Least..Because We Can and Because We Want To!

Surprise! Yes, it may seem obvious but the fifth reason is because we can because we want to. Yeah. It seems simple enough but we think it’s worth mentioning. Women can wear whatever the hell we want and it doesn’t mean that we have any interest in you, your number, or your attention. So the next time you think about going up to a girl because she’s wearing a two piece or, showing off a lot of skin, and assume its because she must want you, maybe stop and think twice about it…we dress sexy and very revealing first for ourselves!

Jenny, Who Sells the BEST & MOST Revealing Music Fesital Outfits?

As I was searching online for new music festival outfits for women, rave outfits for women, and swinger party outfits for women I came across the site The Carly Morgan, and I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING that they sell..from festival outfits to bodysuits, bodychains, leather goods, and jackets just to name a few, The Carly Morgan will blow you away with how AMAZING their festival collection really is!

Please do yourself a HUGE favor and visit The Carly Morgan site ASAP so you can see why I LOVE this site as much as I do!

Seriously, The Carly Morgan is your one-stop-shop for everything festival-wear related is concerned…from festival accessories such as fetival hats, sunglasses, festival masks, festival bags, festival body art, festival makeup, crowns, jewelry, and headpieces just to name a few, The Carly Morgan will have exactly what you have always wished you had to wear while attending a music festival…and the

Jenny, Is The Carly Morgan Just for Women?

Absolutely not, The Carly Morgan understands that men attend music festivals, raves, and swinger parties just as much as women do, and they have a wide selection of music festival outfits for men that any man who loves attending music festival, raves, and swinger parties will want!

About The Carly Morgan As Told By The Carly Morgan…

Wife. Mom. Boss. Just a girl trying to survive “Boy Mom” Life. The good, the bad & the “oh fuck” thrown my way. 2016 is where it all started… my first Burn! Yes, IT WAS AMAZING!

The planning was an absolute trip. So much fun figuring out outfits, and the accessories… I just loved it. But what I was looking for I couldn’t find; and with that, The Carly Morgan came to be. I created my first crown, sequin skull bandanna, captain and marching band hats for Burning Man that year; and then never stopped.

I used to be apart of the corporate world, in the finance industry and it sucked. I was in finance for 11 years, totally miserable. Don’t get me wrong, the money was great but, does that make happiness? No. In 2018, our company was bought out and as a result, they laid people off. I was one of them.
It was the best thing that happened to me. I’ve been able to spend more time with my two boys, Knox 7 and Lennox 5. Been able to dream a little bigger and pursue what I really enjoyed, design and craft; and I’ve been lucky enough to make this my full-time career of making festival hats, skull bandannas and crowns. A BIG shout out to my husband for all of his love and support in my new adventure.

To all of you, your support made this happen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The Carly Morgan

Jenny’s Top 3 Festival Outfits from The Carly Morgan

If you find yourself having a difficult time deciding which outfit to go with from The Carly Morgan I’d like to share with you a few options that may help you with your decision…

Pearls N Bass


*Pearls and rhinestones
*White flower accents
*Pearl half skirt
*Rhinestone garter

Visit The Carly Morgan to learn more about this Pearls N Bass!

Silver & Stars Fringe Bodysuit

Look like the star that you are in this beautiful bodysuit. It features long fringe on each arm and is covered in beautiful silver stars. The lace and pearl accents throughout the bodysuit make it eye catching and give you an unforgettable look! It’s comfortable to wear and is perfect for your next big festival or concert. You’ll love standing out from the crowd in this piece.

Visit The Carly Morgan to learn more about this Silver & Stars Fringe Bodysuit!

Pink & Gold Sequin Skull Bandanna

When the crowd starts moving and the dust starts flying, you’ll want to be prepared. Festivals are a lot of fun but keeping your lungs clear is an important part of enjoying the experience. We’ve combined style and safety with this breathing mask that’s been covered in sequins! The colors shift from pink to gold and the mask features a sweet skull graphic that looks great at shows.

Visit The Carly Morgan to learn more about this Pink & Gold Sequin Skull Bandanna!


Once this whole Covid-19 quarantine starts to relax a bit the musical festival scene will EXPLODE back into our lives…so all of you musical festival lovers out there will need to LOOK and FEEL your absolute BEST, and The Carly Morgan will make sure you find an outfit that will make you LOOK and FEEL your absolute BEST!

Please visit The Carly Morgan today so you can get ready for your nest music festival, rave, or swinger’s party!

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I’m Gonna Start Pole Dancing..Sorry, Not Sorry Mom!

Okay, before my reads the title of this article and freaks out, I want her to know that no I’m not going to start stripping at a strip club, but I am going to be ordering myself a stripper pole from a company by the name of X-POLE because I’m going to start a stripper pole fitness regiment ASAP!

COVID-19 Has Shut Down My Gym & I Can’t Wait Until My Gym Opens Back Up..

This coronavirus quarantine is causing serious harm to my body life because the gym in my condo is going to stay closed until the quarantine is over, and I just can’t wait any longer for gyms to open up because I’m falling more and more out of shape as each COVID-19 quarantine day passes by!

I noticed that a couple of my girlfriends, who actually are strippers, have stayed in excellent shape the past 9 months because they have a stripper pole set up in their apartment that they use every day to practice, as well as perfect, their exotic dancer skills in order to not miss a beat as soon as strip clubs open back up in California, and I noticed that their bodies still look amazing even without exercising at the gym…they ONLY use their stripper pole to work out!!!

So this got me thinking that I need to get myself a stripper pole for 3 reasons…

1 – Stripper Poles Take up ZERO Room!

My condo isn’t that large, so any type of gym equipment like an exercise back or treadmill would take up too much room…but a stripper pole literally takes up no room at all!

2 – Stripper Poles Are Excellent Work-Out Devices!

Stripper poles may look like an EXTREMELY simple device, but they actually work out your entire body from head to toe…literally!

3 – Stripper Pole Workouts Are Fun!

I’ve actually tested out my friend’s stripper pole, and it’s a super fun way of getting in shape!

Reasons Why Pole Fitness Works…

Okay, so not only will a pole fitness regiment make you healthier, it’ll also improve your sex life, and I’m a HUGE fan of looking healthy and having amazing sex!

1 – Pole Fitness Burns Calories like Super Quick!

I seriously could stand to lose 10 to 17 pounds at the moment, and pole fitness will help me strip down that unwanted weight because it’s possible to burn 500 calories in just one 30 minute session…perhaps more if I train intensely.

2 – If I Can Do It then ANYONE Can!

Seriously, anyone that wants to try out pole fitness will see how easy it actually is during their first 30 minute workout session…it’s so darn EASY!

3 – Pole Fitness Boosts Self-Confidence!

Once you get the pole fitness basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you’ll quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Once you see all of the attention that your new “pole-fitness” body is attracting from both men and women your self-esteem and confidence will grow!

4 – Pole Fitness Tightens & Tones your Muscles..Which help with Orgasms!

Anyone that’s spent much time exercising on a pole knows it works wonders for your physique. Not only do you lose unwanted body fat, but you build and tone your muscles as well. Tighter, healthier muscles don’t just look better, but function better overall.

In addition to finding it easier to do your yard work or bringing in the groceries, you’ll definitely find sex gets better. Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle benefits from your pole fitness exercise regiment just as surely as your other muscles do. Strong, high functioning PC muscles go hand in hand with stronger, better orgasms for women!

5 – It Stimulates your Nervous System & Improves your Sex Life!

Yes, a pole fitness regiment will tighten and tone your body’s muscles, but it also stimulates and improves the response of your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), and better SNS function is directly related to quicker, more intense sexual arousal.

In other words, not only should you definitely exercise on a pole regularly if you’re serious about having the best possible looking body, but your sex life will also improve as well!

6 – Pole Dancing Improves Circulation!

A pole fitness exercise regiment is famous for the way it really gets your blood pumping. It doesn’t just improve your overall cardiovascular health either. It promotes the efficient flow of blood throughout your entire body. This includes to your crotch, genitals, and sex organs. What’s more, this is the case for men and women alike.

7 – Pole Fitness Encourages Hormones to Level Out!

When you’re carrying around an extra 10 to 17 pounds like me, you can’t help but feel sluggish from time to time. It’s not just about dealing with lower energy levels and less stamina either. The more excess fat you’re carrying on your body, the more estrogen your body produces (whether you’re male or female). High estrogen levels can result in decreased libido and lower levels of arousal in both sexes.

Exercising on a pole will help regulate your hormones and keep your estrogen levels in check. According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, getting around 300 minutes of exercise every week (about 30-45 minutes a day) keeps estrogen levels where they ought to be. Just one more way reason why I’m starting a pole fitness regiment this week!

8 – Pole Fitness Makes you more Attractive on a Basic Chemical Level!

Women emit sex pheromones that attract sex partners at all times. However, these pheromones and their effects become a lot more intense when we sweat. Yes, you heard that right! Getting your “sweat on” with a pole fitness regiment actually makes you more sexually attractive on a basic chemical level.

9 – You’ll be in a Better Mood More of the Time!

In case you haven’t noticed, bad or low moods and sexual arousal rarely tend to go hand in hand. In fact, one of the best known and most dreaded depression symptoms is a lowered ability to experience pleasure of any kind, the sexual variety included. Depressed people have a harder time wanting or seeking out sex in the first place as well.

As touched on above, exercising on a pole is just as great for your mental state as it is your physical one. It can make a massive difference when it comes to alleviating depression symptoms and boosting your overall mood. In some cases, pole fitness has even been known to help people overcome depression altogether over time…I mean, if a pole can make you happier and improve your sex life at the same time, then a pole fitness regiment in my opinion is a no brainer!

10 – Pole Fitness will Increase your Stamina!

Everyone that starts a pole fitness regiment can appreciate the benefits that increased stamina and endurance bring to the table. Stick with it long enough and you’ll be able to say good-bye to getting winded just from bringing groceries from the car or climbing up a few flights of stairs! You’ll also start noticing that it’s now possible to have the kind of sex you’d probably rather be having.

Instead of having to settle for quickies because that’s all you can handle physically, you’ll eventually find those marathon sessions you could only fantasize about before are now totally doable. When combined with increased strength and flexibility, stamina makes it easier to experiment in the bedroom as well.

11 – A Pole Fitness Workout Doesn’t Feel at ALL like a Workout!

I for one HATE exercising, but a pole fitness workout doesn’t at all feel like a workout at all because it’s so fun and kind of technical at the same really is unlike any type of exercise I have ever attempted, and it’s already my FAVORITE by far!

12 – You’ll Sleep Better after Hitting the Pole!

Regular pole fitness workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you place your head on your pillow…and getting a good night’s rest is just as important as getting in a great workout, and a pole fitness workout regiment will give you both!

Jenny, Where Can I Get a Pole?

As I mentioned above, after doing some research online I came across a company by the name of X-Pole that will not only sell you a pole, but will also teach you how to use it correctly through their online pole fitness courses!

X-Pole’s online pole fitness classes are AMAZING because they teach you how to correctly use their poles so that you aren’t wasting any of your precious workout time trying to figure out the best ways to exercise on a stripper pole!

About X-Pole

X-Pole is the world’s leading suppler of pole and aerial fitness equipment. At X-POLE, it’s their goal to introduce more people to the amazing world of pole and aerial fitness. These are amongst the most empowering exercises one can engage in. They’re also great exercises for building and maintaining your core strength.

A fun alternative to a normal exercise regimen, more women are turning to the exciting world of pole and aerial fitness. If you want to learn more about any of their products, please feel free to contact them here. They are more than mere suppliers of pole and aerial fitness equipment—consider them a resource as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Try incorporating a fitness pole into your workout routine today!


Are you ready to train online with the world’s most experienced pole and aerial instructors? X-Pole TV gives you instant and unlimited access to one-on-one lessons with the world’s best. Access the entire X-Pole TV video library anywhere, anytime from your desktop or device. Join us for +1000 one-on-one lessons recorded in our private studio in North Hollywood, CA. Inside you’ll meet Natasha Wang, Tara Meyer, Elizabeth Blanchard, Estee Zakar, Nicole Williams, Jamilla Deville and many more. They’re adding new world class instructors all the time!


Choose from over 1,000 video tutorials for all skill levels with some of the world’s leading athletes in pole and aerial. Plus bonus streaming DVDs like The Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville.


X-Pole members also receive exclusive deals on X-Poles, X-Stages, Aerial Equipment, Accessories and DVDs. Watch your email for exclusive offers!

Visit X-Pole today to learn more about their pole dancing and aerial fitness online training courses!


Seriously, if you’re looking to lose weight and feel AMAZING as quickly as possible, then I highly urge everyone reading this to visit X-Pole today and learn why pole fitness is the exact type of fitness workout that’s best for you!

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Men That Masturbate to Live Cam Models Live Longer!

I’m a woman that isn’t ashamed to admit that I masturbate, and I mean I really masturbate with my selection of vibrators at least twice per day, unless I’m having sex, then it’s just once per day, but if I were a man I’d be “rubbing” one out on an hourly basis to porn, or even better to live webcam models, because of all of the benefits men are awarded with by masturbating!

A Stroke-A-Day Keeps The Doctor Away & The Benefits of Male Masturbation

If you’re a man then you everyone already knows that you masturbate, so why don’t you embrace it and let the world know that you LOVE masturbating?! Well that might get you arrested depending on where you scream “I LOVE TO MASTURBATE”, but all men really should embrace masturbation because it really is quite beneficial!

Below I’ve listed a few benefits that men receive from masturbating…

#1 Male Masturbation Benefit – Lowers Risks of Prostate Cancer

I’m a 25 year old swinger party hostess and not a doctor, but I can research online just as well, or even better than, my primary care physician, and from what I discovered about masturbation will blow you away because if you’re not masturbating then you’re not doing ALL you can to fight prostate cancer because men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by roughly 33 percent!

#2 Male Masturbation Benefit – Fights off the need for Viagra

Regular male masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence…so the more you “jerk” it the HARDER your dick will be daddy!

#3 Male Masturbation Benefit – Boosts Immune System

Ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol which also boosts the male’s immune system!

#4 Male Masturbation Benefit – Blasting loads at night makes you sleep better

There are many things a man can do to help him get better rest, but the best way to achieve a wonderful night’s rest is to masturbate right before you rest your head on a pillow.

#5 Male Masturbation Benefit – Makes men live longer

Men who had two or more orgasms per week died at half the rate of men who had less than that number of orgasm per month.

#6 Male Masturbation Benefit – Blowing sperms makes your skin better

Orgasm causes increased blood flow to the skin, which makes your blood vessels open up; for some people, this can result in slightly rosy cheeks, or what’s better known as the post-sex glow.

#7 Male Masturbation Benefit – Puts men in a happy mood overall

Masturbating releases a slew of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain.

#8 Male Masturbation Benefit – Makes you last longer during sex with others

Baseball players get better at hitting baseballs the more batting practice they take, and men who masturbate as a way of “sex-training” last longer while having sex with another person.

Top 10 Chat Sites of 2020 For Men To Masturbate At

TopChats is your one stop shop for all of the BEST Chat Sites and Live Cam Models online of 2020 online today! Yes, the people behind Top VChats have visited every single sex chat site, as well as every sex cam site, on the Internet in order to eliminate the garbage sex chat sites and trash cam site vendors from the BEST chat sites and BEST Live Cam Models sites so you do not have to waste your valuable “masturbation time” trying to find sexy babes that will help ENCOURAGE you to rub one out each day.

So when you visit TopChats you will be introduced to the sexiest cam and chat sites available for men to meet sexy live cam models that can masturbate to!

Not only do they point you to the best chat and cam sites around, but they have also have written reviews on each one of them, so you know exactly what each site is about!

So please men, we want all of you staying as healthy as possible, so continue masturbating every single day, and with the help of TopChats, you’ll be introduced to the hottest, and naughtiest women, online today that want to have cyber sex with you!

More About TopChats

Looking to chat with beautiful girls? TopChats WILL make it happen! On, you’ll find the best live cam sites online. You no longer have to go from one site to another, wondering whether or not there will be hidden fees or unwanted surprises. They’ve tested every site in their Top 10 lists to bring you nothing but the best.

While some of the live cam sites in their lists will remain there for years to come, others will be replaced if they think they’ve found a better one. Their team is constantly reviewing new websites and bringing you the most up to date information available. By adding TopChats to your bookmarks, you’ll never have to search online for another sex cam site because we’ll do all of the hard work for you.

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Thanks to Asian Sex Dolls Men Are Still Getting Laid During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made dating, and meeting new people for that matter, impossible since restaurants, movie theaters, bars, night clubs other places where people come together for dates are closed in an effort to keep them apart.

Men Can Go To Strip Clubs To At Least Get Lap Dances

Try again please! Men cannot go to strip clubs to get some female contact in the form of lap dances doing COVID-19 because most, if not all, strip clubs have been closed since the coronavirus quarantine went into effect.

Men Can Hire Escorts If They Need To Get Laid During A Pandemic

First off, hiring sex workers for sex is illegal in most countries, and second, most men are too nervous to hire escorts because they’re worried that they may be hiring an undercover cop instead of a legitimate escort.

Also, many escorts have taken a break from having sex with new clients during the COVID-19 pandemic because they are also very worried about contracting the coronavirus.

Why Can’t People Just Meet Up At Their Homes For First Dates

Most women don’t feel comfortable having a man that they’ve never met before coming over to their home just as much as they don’t want to go over to a man’s place of residence that they have never met before in person.

So if men can’t take women out on dates due to everything being closed, and if women don’t feel comfortable going to a strangers place of residence or have that stranger come over to their place of residence, then how the heck can anyone get laid during the time of a pandemic.

COVID-19 Is Making It Impossible For Men To Get Laid In 2020

Actually men can get laid during the times of the coronavirus pandemic thanks to the Asian Sex Dolls, Japanese Sex Dolls, Thai Sex Dolls, and Chinese Sex Dolls from the company ASIAN SEX DOLLS!

The Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai Love Dolls sold at ASIAN SEX DOLLS really do look like real women, and sex with these dolls really does feel like the real thing.

But let’s really investigate this question “Can sex dolls replace real living women in and out of the bedroom”? I really think they can…so please visit the websites for ASIAN SEX DOLLS as soon as possible so you can see how absolutely HOT and SEXY their realistic looking love dolls are before you continue reading so that you understand where I’m coming from!

Can Asian Sex Dolls Replace Real Living Women?

Not only can sex dolls replace real women, but other than being able to have babies, ASIAN SEX DOLLS actually make better companions for men than real women do for a wide number of reasons because sex dolls never want flowers, don’t wear makeup and never get headaches just to name a few.

Fact: Real Women Are Expensive

Over the lifetime of a relationship a man can be expected to spend at least $20,000 per year on things that their woman wants; this can be vacations, an upgrade on where they live, clothes..etc.

This is $20,000 per year that a man would not spend if he wasn’t in a relationship

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Will Save You Money Over Time

The average lifespan of a sex doll is around 2 to 10 years, which means you won’t be spending $20,000 per year on a real woman, and best of all, you’ll be spending the entire decade having amazing sex with a realistic looking sex doll that has a vagina, mouth, and anus that feels just as real as an actual sexy living woman!

Fact: Real Women Demand That Their Man Drive $80,000+ Automobiles

Real women seem disgusted by men who don’t own at least a $90,000 car, and will demand that their man get a really expensive car if they don’t have one.

Fact: Realistic Lifelike Asian Sex Dolls Could Care Less About What You Drive

On the other hand the sex dolls from ASIAN SEX DOLLS could care less what a man drives, and will never nag their man about buying an expensive car just for status.

Fact: Real Women Are Such High-Maintenance

Real women always want fresh new flowers, expensive gifts, and to be taken out to fancy dinners every single weekend, and if these requirements aren’t met then good luck getting laid.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Require Zero Maintenance

Asian love dolls can’t smell flowers, don’t eat food, have no need for expensive gifts, and are always ready and willing to have sex with their man no matter what.

Fact: No Matter WHAT the Occasion Real Women Spend Hours Putting on Make Up

Real women may be sexy and gorgeous, but they don’t wake up that way and have to spend hours upon hours in front of a mirror applying make up to their faces just to look appealing enough to leave the house.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Don’t Require Make Up & Always Look Hot

Asian sex dolls always look beautiful and never make their men wait around hours while they sit in front of a mirror applying makeup.

Fact: Real Women HATE Your Clothes & Demand You Wear What They Want You to

Real women want to make sure you look “good enough” to be seen with them, and this means spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Love Your Style Regardless Of What Brands You Wear

All Asian sex dolls could care less about what clothes you wear and are always ready to have sex with you no matter how you’re dressed.

Fact: Real Women Would Rather DIE Than Sleep In A Tent

You can kiss the idea of going camping ever again in your life goodbye because real women would rather die that sleep in a ten with you. Most men never go camping ever again once they start a relationship with a real woman. And if you’re able to get your chick to go camping with you there is zero chance that she’ll ever have sex with you in a tent.

Real women always want to go on vacations, but only if it’s an expensive and luxurious getaway that you’re willing to get the bill for.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Love Camping & BANGING in Tents

Sex Dolls will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars on vacations in your lifetime because they’ll never complain about going on a campaign trip with you, and they’re always down to get banged under the stars in any size tent.

Fact: Real Women Decorate Your House With Stuffed Animals & Pillows

You can expect a lot of pillows, stuffed animals and pink walls once you move in with a real woman, as well as having any say in how your home is decorated because real women always want to decorate your house the way they want it decorated.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls LOVE Your House Just The Way It Is

Realistic Asian sex dolls will never complain about how your house is decorated and are always ready to have sex with you!

Fact: Real Women Won’t Have Sex When They Have Headaches

You can kiss getting laid goodbye if you’re lady has a headache; and some women even fake having headaches just so they don’t have to have sex.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls NEVER Get Headaches & Are Always Ready To Bend Over

Asian Sex dolls are unable to get headaches, therefore can never make up excuses to not have sex, which means you can have sex whenever you’re in the mood and not have to wait for anyone else to be in the mood.

Fact: Real Women Are Clingy & Needy & Always Want Your Attention

It’s very true that REAL women always demand your full attention, are very needy, and extremely clingy, which means that you almost never have a second alone to either breathe or spend time alone with your guy friends without her tagging along.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Don’t Demand Any Attention

Asian sex dolls give you the space you need when you want it and never demand any attention from you at all to make them happy.

Fact: PMS Attacks Real Women 12 Times Per Year

At least 12 times per year women go on PMS rampages where they treat their men like garbage, and you can forget about having sex with real women when they’re having their periods.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls NEVER Need Tampons

Asian sex dolls never have periods, never go on PMS rampages, and are always ready and willing to have sex no matter what time of the month it may be.

Fact: Real Women Are Always On The Look Out For Some Side-Dick

While being in a relationship, you have to be constantly insecure about being cheated on by your partner. You can never have the peace of mind when you are worried about your partner finding anybody better than you and leaving you anytime.

Fact: Asian Love Dolls Never Cheat & Are ALWAYS Loyal

With Asian love dolls, you don’t have any chance of infidelity. Once they are yours, they remain yours. They will never cheat on you or ever leave you for another person, and best of all, they are always ready to have sex with you!

Fact: Real Women Demand Their Needs Come First & Depend On Men For Happiness

Basically, real women DO NOT understand the word “compromise.”

Usually, that requires spending a lot of money on only the things that she wants; she never looks at the price tags when she has your credit card in her wallet. The funny thing is, even after all that, she never really seems happy. This spills over into things that don’t cost money too. For example, she pouts when you want to have a couple friends over to watch sports, and she also pouts when you won’t watch back-to-back episodes of The Bachelor with her.

Fact: Asian Sex Dolls Put Your Needs First and Always Want You To Be Happy

Asian sex dolls ONLY exist to make you happy and to make sure your needs are taken care of, and BEST of all, they are always ready to have sex with you!

If the COVID-19 pandemic has made having sex difficult because you can’t meet new women at bars, night clubs, or even take new women that you meet on dating apps out on dates because everything is closed, then you really need to visit ASIAN SEX DOLLS TODAY and get yourself the woman of your dreams in the form of a sex doll.


Asia… paradise beaches and beautiful exotic women… the land of smiles. Men from all over the world dream of coming to this wonderful place. It’s a Disneyland for adults, where all of your wildest erotic fantasies can come true. Satisfy yourself with one of our lifelike hot Asian Sex Dolls, which will take care of all of your desires.

Whether you like Japanese, Chinese, or Thai women at ASIAN SEX DOLLS they specialize exclusively in Asian Love Dolls. And their sex dolls are the best real-life representations of Asian women available to you right now!

Jenny’s TOP 3 Favorite Asian Sex Dolls from ASIAN SEX DOLLS!

Below I have listed my TOP 3 favorite Asian sex dolls from ASIAN SEX DOLLS

Please Meet Asian Sex Doll Haruka…

Manufacturer: JY Dolls
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Bust/Waist/Hip: 875087 cm
Holes: Vagina/Anal/Oral 3 holes
Vagina: 16 cm Built-In Fixed
Oral: 12 cm
Anus: 14 cm
Material: TPE
Skeleton: Flexible Stainless Steel

Visit Asian Sex Dolls to learn more about Asian sex doll Haruka!

Please Meet Asian Sex Doll Pim….

Manufacturer: WM Dolls
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Bust/Waist/Hip: 674877 cm
Holes: Vagina/Anal/Oral 3 holes
Vagina: 18 cm Built-In Fixed
Oral: 13 cm
Anus: 17 cm
Material: TPE
Skeleton: Flexible Stainless Steel

Visit Asian Sex Dolls to learn more about Asian sex doll Pim!

Please Meet Asian Sex Doll Mingxia…

Manufacturer: Jarliet
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Bust/Waist/Hip: 815881 cm
Holes: Vagina/Anal/Oral 3 holes
Vagina: 18 cm Built-In Fixed
Oral: 13 cm
Anus: 16 cm
Material: TPE
Skeleton: Flexible Stainless Steel

Visit Asian Sex Dolls to learn more about Asian sex doll Mingxia!

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The ALL Natural “Morning Wood” Supplement that ALL Men Need!

The Morning Wood Supplement that ALL Men Need

Back in my grandmother’s day the women of her time lived by this motto: “a good man is hard to find”, and I use to think that was such a cute saying, but now I HATE that motto.

You see, once this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing blows over, the motto “a HARD man is good to find” is going to be the motto that I live by.

I seriously cannot wait until I can meet up with a guy again just so I can drop down to my knees, unzip his pants, pull out his wiener, and just start giving him the best blow job the world has ever seen!

The Harder the Better

Rocket Man Naturals

You have no idea how much I miss sucking on a super hard wiener, and the first guy that bangs me once quarantine ends had better have the hardest erection of his life because I have 9 months of sex to make up for…..And to make sure he does I went online last night to find out what the BEST male erection enhancers are, and I found them, and then I ordered them, and now I’m ready to give them to a guy so he can start taking them!

Reasons Why Men Can’t Get Boners

Before I tell you which male erection boosters I ordered, I want to inform all of you men out there what the main causes of erectile dysfunction are!

Reason #1: Hard Booze & Hard Drugs = Soft Wiener!

Getting drunk and taking drugs might be fun, but being too wasted will turn your wiener into a soft serve ice cream that does no one any good.

Reason #2: Lack of Sleep = Tired Wiener!

Lack of sleep is a real boner killer. The more rest a man gets the stiffer of an erection he can have to use on a girl like me that craves a super hard erection!

Reason #3: Anxious Wieners Can’t Perform!

Men that suffer from anxiety also suffer from “performance anxiety” in the bedroom. This anxiety causes the blood that should be pumping your wiener up to a thick boner for women like me to suck on is actually redirected away from your penis.

So anxiety in general is bad to suffer from if you want to get some really good head in the bedroom.

Reason #4: Boners Don’t Like Being Medicated!

Many prescription drugs, as well as over the counter ones, can cause harm to a man’s boner department.

Reason #5: A Heavy Man is also a Soft Man!

One of the surest ways to make sure you can’t get a boner is to be overweight. So if you want to make a girl like me smile by letting me give you a BJ then you really need to lose weight so you can achieve a super hard erection.

The Best ALL NATURAL Male Sexual Well Being & “Morning Wood” Supplement!


After researching boner pills and sexual enhancing supplements last night I kept coming across the same products that every site recommended for erectile dysfunction over and over again, but the only site that offered an ALL NATURAL supplement called Vitalias that helps men get super HARD erections, as well as improving a man’s sexual health and sexual well being overall, is All Natural Energy!

About All Natural Energy – The Makers of Vitalitas

The makers of Vitalitas, All Natural Energy, are all active, successful men in their 40s. They understand that living life to its fullest requires a healthy mind, spirit and body, and your sexual health is not only a critical component in living life for yourself, but also for the person with whom you are intimate. Vitalitas provides that essential ingredient missing to many men that allows for an increase in motivation and an improved lifestyle for both you and your loved ones.

About Vitalitas

Vitalitas is an all-natural supplement whose formula is the result of careful research. It was created with one simple goal — to improve, maintain and prolong a man’s sexual health and sexual well being.

How Does Vitalitas Work?

The ingredients that make up Vitalitas all have a long and deep-rooted history dating back thousands of years in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and South American natural medicine in terms of promoting, enhancing and maintaining a man’s sexual health. These natural herbs, plants and roots have been relied upon by various cultures for thousands of years for their ability to increase testosterone levels, improve libido and sexual desire, increase strength and stamina, and even reduce the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). They have been relied upon for many generations for one simple reason — they work.

The Vitalitas Challenge

There are many men’s virility supplements available today and many claim to have some “proprietary blend”. Well, the truth is there is nothing proprietary or new about natural herbs and roots. They have, after all, been used for thousands of years. Almost all products, including Vitalitas, contain some mix of the same herbs and roots. The difference is the ingredient purity and strength! Visit All Natural Energy to learn more about The Vitalitas Challenge!

Vitalitas Ingredients

Formulated from carefully chosen concentrates of herbs, roots and super-foods rich in antioxidants, Vitalitas by All Natural Energy is 100 per cent natural, safe and effective. Vitalitas was created as a nutritional dietary supplement to enhance sexual vigour, and is free of synthetic preservatives, dairy, yeast, starch, sodium and gluten.

Visit All Natural Energy to learn all about the ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS that make up Vitalitas!


The Morning Wood Supplement that ALL Men Need

If you’re a man that wants to wake up every morning with some HARD “wood” between your legs so you can be ready to give your partner a morning pounding, then I highly urge you to visit All Natural Energy today and order yourself a regiment of Vitalias TODAY so you can wake up with “wood” tomorrow as soon as TOMORROW!

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Women Benefit From Having Big Boobs

I know this may sound silly to most, but women like me who have big boobs tend to enjoy more benefits in life..and trust me, I use to have small breasts until I was 21, and after my breast augmentation surgery I noticed all kinds of benefits that I was unaware of.

The only problem with my boobs are that they are fake, and the breast augmentation surgery was a nightmare because it was EXTREMELY painful and came with an EXTREMELY long recovery period…and it cost me well over $10,000 for my boobs to be as big as they are today.

If only I knew about a product called Bellas Cream 4 years ago I could have increased the size of my boobs without having to suffer through all of the pains that accompany breast augmentation surgery…so please listen to me, if you have small boobs and want them bigger, before you go to your plastic surgeon I recommend that you try Bellas Cream first because my friend Kelly did, her boobs went from “where the heck are they” to “Wow you have nice bigger boobs” in just a few months.

Benefits of Having Big Boobs

1 – Clothes Look Way Better With Big Boobs

Having big boobs and flaunting it in the outfit of one’s choice is a privilege all its own–and large-chested girls can pull off outfits that others would only dream of! This includes the elusive bathing suit, which naturally looks better on a larger-chested woman.

Trust me on this because before I got fake boobs guys only complimented me on my booty, but after I got my fake boobs the only compliments I receive are about my boobs..and honestly, it really is a confidence booster!

2 – Big Boob Girls Get a Lot of Attention

Seriously, I noticed right away how many more compliments I received from both men and women alike after I got my fake boobs, and this really did boost my self-esteem more than I thought it would.

3 – Girls with Big Boobs Have Better Employment Opportunities

Large-chested women carry their force of personality into the workplace: those with larger breasts, even in progressive workspaces, attain significantly more frequent promotions and raises.

As many of you reading this know, I’m also a real estate agent, and I always outsell my female counterparts that have smaller breasts than I do. So big boobs will really benefit women who have a sales job like I do.

4 – Big Boobs = Positive Physical Presence

While big boobs are attractive, they can also serve as an intimidation tool. The bustiest girl in the room carries a certain amount of physical presence with her that allows her to make herself heard better which results in more people will pay attention to her.

Again, when I take potential home buyers to an open house the other realtors, as well as their potential home buying clients, take notice of me right away…and yes, I make 100% certain that my big tits are noticeable when I attend an open house showing.

5 – Big Boobs = Better Social Benefits

This should be obvious, but there are few evolutionary advantages as powerful as climbing the social ladder with ease. Big Boobies, while cumbersome, can be eye-catching and even serve as a mating display.

The best example of this is when I go to a swinger’s party…My big boobs are well received at the swinger parties I attend, which allow me to be more selective of the men and women I want to have sex with…seriously, if you ever attend a swinger’s party you’ll notice right away that the girls with the big boobs are having a lot more fun than the women with small boobies.

6 – Big Boobs Makes Sex More Fun for Men

Trust me when I say that men have more fun having sex with a woman that has big boobs over a woman that has smaller boobs…and I know this first hand because I had small boobs until I was 21 years old, and after I had my extremely painful breast augmentation surgery men told me that they preferred having sex with the big boob version of me.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger Without Going Under the Knife

If you’re a woman that wants bigger boobs then I suggest you go down the road my friend Kelly did by using a product called Bellas Cream instead of paying thousands of dollars for an EXTREMELY painful breast augmentation surgery…seriously, if I could go back in time I would have used Bellas Cream before opting for fake boob surgery.

Why You Should Try Bellas Cream Before Seeing a Plastic Surgeon

1 – Bellas Cream has QUICK Results!

Why wait? It takes seconds to use Bellas Cream. See results within 17 days (the average time it takes our customers to see a visible change).

2 – Bellas Cream is EFFECTIVE & made from High Quality Ingredients!

If you love quality, buy quality. Bellas Cream uses the TOP 7 natural breast-boosting ingredients in our FDA-approved 2020 recipe.

3 – Bellas Cream is PROVEN to Work!

Bellas Cream has been PROVEN to skyrocket your breast growth safely and effectively.

4 – Bellas Cream is UNIQUE!

UNIQUE! No other supplement uses their Grade A formula, and it’s only available at the Bellas Cream website.

5 – You Can TRUST Bellas Cream!

TRUSTED! Be happy or get your money back. Yes. If you’re not happy for any reason, just reach out within 90 days and they’ll refund you.

Bellas Cream 3 Phases of Growth

  1. The preliminary phase (≈12 days or less): it’s normal for you to feel a tingling sensation here.
  2. The cell activation stage (≈day 12 to day 25): you might feel a subtle swelling sensation during this phase. Many describe this as quite a pleasant feeling.
  3. The enhanced growth level (≈day 25 and beyond): breast growth will accelerate quickly. Keep going for as long as you want further results. This is why we recommend purchasing 4 or more creams.

Bellas Cream 3 Levels of Growth

  1. Enlarging: this is the primary function of our cream.
  2. Smoothening: the cream will give you smoother breasts thanks to the structural properties of the 5 primary natural ingredients.
  3. Tightening: this is something our customers have been raving about lately.

More About Bellas Cream

1) Bellas Cream is painless and inexpensive. Save thousands of dollars – choose the world’s #1 natural breast enlargement cream, and avoid expensive surgery. Our reviews don’t lie: it WORKS.

2) Bellas Cream donates 5% of their yearly profits to BCRF for their outstanding breast cancer research.

3) Bellas Cream makes you feel more feminine. Aside from “down there”, the breasts define the female body.

4) Bellas cream improves your appearance automatically. Most designs of women’s clothes look best on women with bigger, firmer breasts.

5) Bellas Cream helps women attract men effortlessly. Let’s be real here. Big-breasted women always seem to be the focus of attention of most men, and small-breasted women are often left unnoticed.

6) Bellas Cream is safe, fast and effective. Due to the structural properties of the natural (safe) ingredients, you’ll start seeing results in 9-17 days.

7) Bellas Cream will make you appear more fertile. Unspoken sexual instincts dictate that bigger breasts are a good indication that a woman is more fertile than their small-breasted counterpart.

8) Bellas Cream will BOOST you BUST as well as your self-esteem and confidence. Improve your self-confidence; improve your life. Just imagine what bigger breasts would do for you in your life…


If you have small boobs and are considering paying thousands of dollars by going under a plastic surgeon’s knife, I highly urge you to first get yourself a tube of Bellas Cream so you can see that you can make your boobs much LARGER without having to suffer through a painful surgery!

Remember, if you don’t see results they’ll give you your money back…but based on the real-life results I saw with my friend Kelly’s boobs, you will be VERY satisfied…and you will have much bigger boobs!

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How Swinger Couples Hunt Unicorns for Threesomes

How Swinger Couples Hunt Unicorns for Threesomes

Jenny, what exactly is a “unicorn” considered to be in the swinger’s lifestyle?

The term “unicorn” refers to a bisexual female, like me, who joins an already well-established couple in their bedroom for sexual encounters.

Finding a “unicorn” like me is near mythic rarity, and hence is why women like me have been termed as being “unicorns”.

Unicorn For Swingers

Most people believe that couples who swing are only interested in finding and meeting other couples like themselves that are a part of the swinger lifestyle, but in most cases couples who swing typically are just seeking a single female “unicorn” that they can invite into their bedroom for a threesome.

How to Find Yourself the Perfect Unicorn

Sex With A Female Unicorn

First of all, all “unicorns” are perfect because we’re so difficult to find, so make sure you treat your unicorn with nothing but respect once you lure her into your sex life, because you will be very sad to lose her once you’ve gotten a taste of her.


Be Very Careful Hunting Unicorns Online

Swingers Clubs

There are various online sites and dating apps that claim they have “unicorns” members, but from my own personal experience most of these sites and apps are scams, so DO NOT waste your money on them.

If you do go online to hunt for a unicorn make sure to follow these 2 rules:

Rule #1: Unicorns Aren’t Sluts

I think it’s very important to make clear to all you unicorn hunters out there that unicorns aren’t sluts, so don’t speak down to us or make us feel like we are whores because we like having sex with couples that make us feel safe; Unicorns will NEVER enter into a couple’s life unless they feel safe and comfortable at all times in their surroundings.

Rule #2: Don’t Hunt Online Solo Bring Your Hunting Partner Along With You

Make sure that both you and your significant other message the unicorn individually so she can get to know both of you as individuals; trust me, we want to know everything about the two of you just as much as you want to know about her.


How To Connect With A Unicorn At A Swinger’s Club or Swinger’s Party!

Couples Seeking Threesome

Two of the best places to find yourself a unicorn are at a swinger’s club or t a swinger’s party; they are super easy to spot out, but making a strong connection with them is up to you and your significant other.

Once you spot the unicorn you and your lover want to connect with I suggest the following:

1: Allow the female in your relationship to make the introductions: Unicorns feel more comfortable getting to know the Mrs. before the Mr.

2: When introducing yourselves to a unicorn at a club or party, ensure you are both participating as equals and show an interest in her in a non-sexual manner…unicorns love sex, but we hate creeps, so never come off as a “creepy couple” that is only interested in sex; if you just want a girl to screw then hire an escort, unicorns are not escorts, they want to enjoy threesomes just as much as you want to.

3: Make sure you show no signs of jealousy or dram; the quickest way to lose a unicorn is if they smell any jealousy or get any signs of drama.

4: Make sure to be patient and not try to rush straight into the bedroom or come across as “pushy”.

5: Don’t be a dictator; Unicorns want to have just as much say in a sexual relationship as you do, so make sure she feels as if her voice is being heard.

6: Make sure your unicorn isn’t in a relationship; cheating women have jealous lovers, so to avoid any drama with jealous boyfriend or spouse make sure your unicorn is not in a committed relationship. If she is, then ask her if her significant other is open to her having threesomes with other couples like yourselves.

7: Never be misleading about the relationship; make sure the unicorn understands that the relationship is only sexual in nature and that no one is looking for another serious girlfriend.

Do Not Mistake Your Unicorn as Your Love Interest

Female swingers

Please always keep in mind that a unicorn is not seeking love, only threesomes with you and your significant other, so keep make certain to always follow these rules with your unicorn:

Rule #1: Never try to have sex with a unicorn one-on-one without your significant other.

Rule #2: Unicorns DO NOT exist to satisfy your emotional needs; unicorns only want to enjoy threesomes with you and your significant other.

Rule #3: You must set clear boundaries about what you want from your unicorn; make sure she understands that neither you, nor your significant other, will ever have one-on-one sex with her.

Rule #4: The unicorn is not obligated to participate in your sex life; if the unicorn ever wants to leave the relationship then you MUST respect her wishes and leave her alone.

Rule #5: If your marriage is not going well then do not count on a unicorn to help fix your broken relationship.

Rule #6: Unicorns will never keep any secrets from either you or your significant other, so don’t confide in your unicorn to do so because she will not.

Rule #7: You NEVER own a unicorn and she will be having sex with other people; if you think that only you and your spouse are having sex with your unicorn then you better think again because unicorns love having sex, and we have sex with whomever we wish. If you ever tell your unicorn that she can’t have sex with anyone but you and your significant other then 99 out of 100 times you will lose your unicorn forever.

Rule #8: Expect your unicorn to move on at anytime if they’re bored; once unicorns gets bored we move on from that boring relationship. Make sure you do things with your unicorn that make her happy so she’ll want to stick around and play.

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Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain

Many people think that since I attend swinger parties ,and am currently on a mission to have sex with 1,000 men that I meet on Tinder, that I must be an anal sex pro, but just because I’m a slut doesn’t mean that I have a lot of anal sex.

To be honest I use to be scared of having anal sex, and before this whole COVID-19 quarantine I started having more and more of it, and now I LOVE having anal sex almost as much as traditional vaginal banging! Seriously, taking a wiener in the booty can be extremely pleasurable..and in this article I’m going to explain how all women, and men for that matter, can enjoy all the pleasures of anal sex without any of the pain!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain3

Also, most chicks, including myself, are very scared about having anal sex because we worry about going “number 2” on our man’s wiener while he’s banging away on our booty, and we also worry about it how painful it could be. So today I’d love to share some booty banging tips with all of you couples out there thinking about trying anal sex for the first time.


Tips for Banging the Female Booty..Pay ATTENTION to Tip 7!!!

Anal Sex Tips 12

Anal Sex Tip #1: #1-Start In The Slow Lane Dudes…

Anal Sex Tips 199

Listen guys, I know you’re going to be very excited the first time you enter your girl’s booty hole, and you may start going fast…DON’T DO THAT!!!

Make sure you go very slowly the first few times you have anal sex, and leave it up to your chick to tell you how fast or slow to go.


Anal Sex Tip #2: Ladies Decide When To Increase the Speed Limit!

Anal Sex Tips 111

I’m just repeating what I already stated above, but it’s very important that the lady with the big wiener in her buttonhole enforces the speed limit ion the Anal Sex Highway.

So ladies, don’t be quiet when having anal sex, make sure you go slow the first few times until you know exactly what speed feels the best.


Anal Sex Tip #3: Go #2 Before You Start So You Don’t Ruin Your Sheets!

Anal Sex Tips 110

Everyone needs to understand that when you play with the booty a “number 2” may come out and interrupt the party…so no one should be shocked or embarrassed if a “number 2” joins the party when you’re having anal sex.

The best way to help keep a “number 2” from messing things up in the bedroom is to go to the bathroom at least 2 hours ahead of time.


Anal Sex Tip #4: Lube Up For Some Foreplay!

Anal Sex Tips 144

The best way to start your anal sex adventure is to play with your lady’s buttonhole by licking and fingering it slowly for a good 10 to 20 minutes before you even think about sliding your wiener into her booty….and make sure that you use a LOT of lube during the foreplay process…


Anal Sex Tip #5: If You Think You’ve Applied Enough Lube Then Apply More!

Anal Sex Tips 19

Seriously, make sure you have a LOT of lube available for your anal adventure…and make sure you use a LOT of lube while having anal sex. Lube really is the key to making anal sex enjoyable for both the man and the woman.


Anal Sex Tip #6: Don’t Go From The Booty To The Vagina…

Anal Sex Tips 1

It’s very easy for us ladies to get a UTI (urinary tract infections) from sex sessions where anal sex is involved because many guys don’t understand that it’s not a good idea to go into a woman’s vagina after already having it in her booty.

So guys, make sure to wash your wiener after you have anal sex with your lady before trying to insert it in her vagina.

And ladies, most guys have no clue about this, so make sure you tell your man to not play with your vagina after he’s feasted on the booty buffet you just served him.


Anal Sex Tip #7: Numb Thy Booty With LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL!

Anal Sex Tips 109

Make sure you use LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL when you have anal sex! Trust me, anal sex is a heck of a LOT more pleasurable when your booty is numb!



Anal Sex Tips 177

LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL is an anal desensitizer and lubricant 2 in 1 product. Formulated with Lidocaine 5% in a slippery lubricating gel with 100% naturally derived ingredients. Lidocaine works synergistically with organic Roman Chamomile to relax and slightly desensitize your anal area. Naturally scented and flavored with organic Stevia extract. Pharmacist formulated; ALCOHOL free. No sting upon application!


Reason #1 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Relaxes your butt muscles and lightly numbs your nerves for greater comfort during anal sex.

Reason #2 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Active Ingredient is 5% Lidocaine working synergistically with Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.

Reason #3 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Formulated in a slippery gel that doubles up as a lube.

Reason #4 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Works in just a few minutes: lightly rub a small dab in and around the anal area about 5-10 minutes in advance

Reason #5 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Works with anal toys too so you can build up your backdoor experience gradually.

Reason #6 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

100% safe to use with condoms, water-based, no mess like oils or silicones.

Reason #7 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Comes in a 4 ounce tube with enough gel for at least 100 applications.

Reasons #8 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

All natural gel, FREE of propylene glycol, PEGs, parabens, silicones, petroleum derivatives, artificial colors or fragrances. Compare with our competitor’s.

Reasons #9 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Alcohol FREE, no sting upon application.

Reasons #10 Why You Need To LUBRICAINE® ANORECTA for Anal Sex:

Ideal for anal beginners, especially those worried about how anal might feel!


Anal Sex Tip #8: Start In The Doggy Style Position…

Anal Sex Tips 133

The doggy style position is the best position for all anal sex rookies to start in. I also think it feels the best anyway, and honestly, don’t try any positions you’ve seen in porn clips, those are pros, and they probably wish they only had anal sex in the doggy style position anyway.


Anal Sex Tip #9: Ladies Should Masturbate When A Wiener Is In Their Booty…

Anal Sex Tips 17

I always masturbate during anal sex for a couple of reasons: First, it feels really good, and second, it will take your mind off of any pain you will probably feel the first few times you have anal sex.


Anal Sex Tip #10: Don’t Get Too Drunk The First Few Times You Have Anal Sex…

Anal Sex Tips 18

This is for both men and women alike….if you’re too drunk you might get hurt for a number of reasons…you may go too fast, not use enough lube, or go from booty to vagina….I suggest no more than 1 to 2 drinks the first few times you attempt anal sex.


Anal Sex Tip #11: Be Super Clean Ladies Before and After…

Anal Sex Tips 16

Ladies please make sure you really wash your booty before having anal sex…and guys, make sure to really clean your wiener after anal sex. I love giving guys bus after they punned me from behind, and the cleaner I am before having anal sex will mean his wiener will taste better after we’re finished having anal sex.


Anal Sex Tip #12: Clip & File Your Finger Nails…

Anal Sex Tips 122

Okay guys, since you’ll be using your fingers to loosen up your lady’s booty please make sure your nails are clipped and filed so you don’t cut her butt hole….also, your nails should always be clipped and filed no matter what because long finger nails are super gross.


Anal Sex Tip #13: Not Everyone Is Going To Love Anal Sex, But Give It A Chance…

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain 2

I hated anal sex the first few times trying it out, but now I really enjoy it, but it did take me a few times to figure it out…so I suggest that all of you ladies out there try having anal sex at least 5 times before calling it quits. And MOST importantly, and I SERIOUSLY cannot stress this enough, make sure to use LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL each time you have anal sex so that you enjoy all of the pleasures that anal sex provides without having to deal with any of the pain!


More about LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL for Anal Sex

Anal Sex Tips 188



It works by eliminating the top two barriers to enjoyable anal sex – tense muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves. Lidocaine, the gel’s active ingredient works together with Roman Chamomile Essential oil to naturally relax your strong sphincter muscles and prevent them from tensing up all over again. At the same time, it dampens the sensitivity of your nerves. You’ll still feel everything; it just won’t be as intense. With those obstacles out of your way, you and your partner are completely free to experiment with anal penetration and sex.



Apply LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL by lightly rubbing a finger-tip sized dab in and around your partner’s sphincter ring. The gel starts working within 5-10 minutes. Start off slowly with some gentle teasing before inserting a finger or two to see how your partner responds. They might need another application if they’re more sensitive than average.


How Much Anal Sex Does A Tube of LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL Get You?

LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL comes in a 4-ounce tube with a child-resistant cap and tamper-proof seal. Enough for at least 100 applications! It is flavored and sweetened with organic Stevia extract. Discreetly packaged.



Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain

Anal sex can be painful, messy, and scary the first few times, but it can also be fun, pleasurable, and exciting if you follow the advice that I’ve laid out in this article.

All this anal sex talk is making my body tingle….I think I might need to call someone over tonight to feast on my booty!

Please share with me any booty sex tips that you think couples new to anal sex might benefit from; you can email these tips to me, or post them in the comments section!

And make sure to get a tube of LUBRICAINE® ANORECTAL so you enjoy all the pleasures of anal sex without any of the pain!



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Hard Wieners Make Women HAPPY!

Hard Wieners Make Women HAPPY! - Copy

Okay guys, if you’re having a HARD time keeping your wiener HARD, or even obtaining a boner in a first place, then I want to inform you about a product that is going to make both you, and all of the vaginas in your life EXTREMELY happy! But before I tell what this AMAZING product is, let’s discuss why having a hard wiener is so important for both men and women alike!

Benefits of Having a Strong Erection for Men!

Not being able to maintain an erection during sex, or even obtaining one in the first place, will cause a LOT of frustration for a man’s sex life because both he, and his woman, will always be left sexually frustrated, which may lead to a bad relationship overall.

Couples that have great sex tend to have better relationships overall both in, and out, of the bedroom, so unfortunately for men who cannot maintain a strong erection they tend to have less successful relationships with the females in their lives.

Benefit #1 of Having a Hard Penis: Great Sex!

If you want to have GREAT SEX then you really have to bring a strong and hard erection into the bedroom with you. Limp and soft erections will just lead to very frustrating sex for both the man as well as the woman!

Benefit #2 of Having a Hard Penis: Confidence!

Men that have a hard penis know that they’ll bring a smile to any woman that knows she’s about to have sex with a really hard penis, and this gives men a high value of confidence just knowing this.

They’re also are more confident knowing that they’ll be able to perform long enough to make sure that their woman will be able to achieve an orgasm!

Benefit #3 of Having a Hard Penis: Lots of Sex!

Not only do men with hard wieners have better sex, but men with hard wieners also enjoy LOTS of sex than men with limp wieners do.

Women are so turned on by hard wieners that they are always in the mood to have sex. Even if a woman is mad at her man she will always be down to let him have sex with her if he has a really hard penis.

Also, women get extremely wet just by watching a hard penis going in and out of them.

Benefit #4 of Having a Hard Penis: Lower Rates of Depression!

It’s a fact that the more sex you have the happier you are, and men with hard wieners have a lot more sex than men with small wieners!

The Importance of the Female Orgasm

Female orgasms pleasurable, and pleasure can be its own benefit. Pleasurable sex may improve a person’s mood, relieve stress, boost immunity, and foster better relationships. A hard penis isn’t necessary for woman to achieve an orgasm during sexual intimacy, but a soft penis will never make a woman cum, so having a hard penis is very important for a woman to have an orgasm both mentally and physically.

Men DO NOT Need To Take Supplements or Prescriptions To Be HARD!

Most men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other similar penis softening conditions, think that they have to take boner-enhancing supplements or prescription drugs in order to achieve a nice, long, and super hard erection….BUT THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!

Stays-Hard Helps Men Help Women Achieve Orgasms!


A company by the name of Stays-Hard has designed an erectile dysfunction support sleeve that is saving men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other similar penis softening conditions which allows them to bang their women LONG and HARD enough for them to achieve INTENSE female orgasms! Yes, the Stays-Hard device might have been created for men, but women are the true WINNERS from what the Stays-Hard device makes possible!

What Is A Stays-Hard Penile Sleeve Device?


The Stays-Hard device is an erectile dysfunction support sleeve. The device is fitted on to the penis before intercourse and provides support to a flaccid or partially flaccid penis. By elongating the penis it allows for naturally increased blood flow, encouraging a natural erection and facilitating successful intercourse. The unique design allows this to happen much more effectively than with a cock ring, penis ring or other stiffener devices. As the device naturally encourages blood flow, there are no side-effects. Unlike the various pills, pumps, and surgical options available.

The Stays-Hard Device is designed so that either partner can easily fit the device in a matter of moments, aiding spontaneity. It is also designed to ensure it is comfortable and pleasurable for both partners, greatly enhancing intimacy. The device is available in a range of sizes, and can be made bespoke if you fall outside of the available size ranges.

The Stays-Hard device was developed in conjunction with leading Urologists and Medical Specialists. With additional advice from Professor Peter Ford of De Montfort University. It is a CE marked Class 1 medical device registered with the MHRA and GMDN. It is manufactured in the UK to high-quality standards with Patents held for USA & EEC.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones. The Stays-Hard device offers rapid, affordable results!

Penile Sleeve Nicknames!

Penis sleeves are known by many other names: Cock sleeve, penis sheath, penis extender, penis extension, penis enhancer, extension sleeve, external penile support device, penile splint … the list goes on.

Fittingly, penis sleeves are made in a wide range of materials—including soft silicone, rubber and latex—and a bunch of different colors, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Some penis sleeves have enhanced features, such as vibration.

Benefits of a Stays-Hard Penis Sleeve Device!


Stays-Hard Device Benefit #1: No Need for Supplements or Prescription Drugs!

Erectile dysfunction supplements and prescription drugs can be very expensive and may have many negative side effects but the Stays-Hard device doesn’t require a prescription and has none of the side effects of expensive ED drugs.

Stays-Hard Device Benefit #2: Better Penis Shape & Sexual Penetration!

A penis sleeve like the Stays-Hard device can change the shape and size of a man’s penis and add variety for penetrative sex for his lover. It can change the sensations that result from different sexual positions.

Stays-Hard Device Benefit #3: Better G-Spot Stimulation!

Some penis sleeves, like the one developed by Stays-Hard, allow men to give their woman better G-spot stimulation during sexual penetration!

Stays-Hard Device Benefit #4: Stays-Hard = LONGER Sex Sessions!

The Stays-Hard device is thin enough that you can maintain some pretty significant sensation upon penetration. But it will reduce that sensation compared to penetrating with or without a condom, so that could help you last longer during sex.

If you’re a man that suffers from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other similar penis softening conditions, using the Stays-Hard device will help you get used to having penetrative sex longer and reduce any anxiety around the process.

About Stays-Hard!


The Stays-Hard device is an erectile dysfunction support sleeve, also known as an external penile support device or penile splint. The Registered Class I Medical Device facilitates successful intercourse for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other similar conditions. The Stays-Hard device doesn’t require a prescription and has none of the side effects of expensive ED drugs.

Stays-Hard Has Proven Results!


Stays-Hard has already helped improve the sex-life of thousands of people worldwide, it’s your turn!

Stays-Hard Is Easy To Use!

The Stays-Hard device is medically designed to be easy to use, comfortable and pleasurable for both partners.

Stays-Hard Is Easy To Fit!

Stays-Hard has been designed so that either partner can easily fit the device in a matter of moments, aiding spontaneity.

Stays-Hard Is Extremely Comfortable To Use!

Stays-Hard is designed to ensure it is comfortable and pleasurable for both partners, greatly enhancing intimacy.

Stays-Hard Comes In Many Sizes!

Stays-Hard is available in a range of sizes, and can be made bespoke if you fall outside of the available size ranges!

Stays-Hard Works Rapidly!

Stays-Hard works within moments, end your suffering and improve your sex-life today!

Stays-Hard Is Medically Designed!

Stays-Hard device was developed in conjunction with leading Urologists and Medical Specialists. With additional advice from Professor Peter Ford of De Montfort University.

Stays-Hard Is Safe & Natural!

The erectile dysfunction support sleeve, also known as a support or splint, naturally encourages blood flow with no side-effects. Unlike the various pills, pumps and surgical options available.

Stays-Hard Is Affordable & Safe!

Stays-Hard is cost-effective with no side-effects unlike pills, pumps and surgical options!



If you’re a man that suffers from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or other similar conditions, then I highly urge you to actually check out Stays-Hard at their website today so that you, and the woman in your life, can enjoy the BEST sex of your lives!

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Benefits Of Hiring An Escort in British Columbia, Canada


Listen, I don’t judge anyone about anything that they do. I mean I’m a swinger that attends sex parties almost every weekend and has sex with multiple men, and multiple women, at the same time…so trust me, I don’t judge anyone when it comes to their sexual needs and desires.

For instance, many of my sexy female friends are sugar babies that only date men that buy them things and pay for their rent. They have no problem living this lifestyle, but they do tell me that their “sugar daddies” get very possessive and act as if they own their “sugar babies”. But again, my “sugar baby” girlfriends really don’t want to work and would rather hang out with an older man for a designer purse and having their rent paid for instead of having to get a job and work for their things.

Then two of my really hot female friends are strippers and they fly to Vegas every weekend to dance, strip, and give lap dances at the top strip clubs on the Las Vegas strip, and they make a TON of money.

They do tell me that it’s a lot of work and that it sucks having to deal with really drunk guys that sometimes treat them like garbage. Plus they’re around so much cigarette smoke from the strip clubs that they’ll probably need lung transplants by the time they’re 30 years old.

Then I have one female friend who lives in Canada, Victoria, BC to be exact, that gets paid to go on “dates” as an escort/companion. She’s super hot, very smart, really loves sex, and loves being an escort. She also makes a small fortune working as an escort in Victoria, BC’s for Island’s Finest escort agency, over six-figures to be exact, and tells me that she doesn’t know if she’ll want a different career because the money is so good, and the clients are actually fun to spend time with.

I asked her what the benefits are for men in Victoria, BC to hire an escort, and after she explained then to me they really made sense.


Island’s Finest Escorts Help Men Try New Things

Island’s Finest are the perfect escorts to try new kinks and sexual positions out with. They’re judgement free and have a lot of experience, so chances are whatever it is you’re looking to test out they’ll have done before and be able to help. Just make sure to bring it up with them prior to making your booking, to ensure it’s something they are happy to do and in case they need to charge extra for it.


Island’s Finest Escorts Love Going on Dates

We’ve all experienced times when we need a date for an upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding, work function, or even just something small. It may be because you want to keep up appearances amongst your colleagues, impress the ex that you know will also be in attendance, or simply because you don’t need your parents questioning your decisions once again as you attend yet another cousin’s wedding. Island’s Finest escorts make the perfect companion for any event you want to bring a beautiful woman that you can wear as arm candy!


Island’s Finest Escorts Will Help Men Boost Confidence

The Escorts from Island’s Finest are experienced professionals in both dating and sex, so they are the perfect people to practice these two areas of the human experience with. If you’re sex game needs an update, they can help you get back in touch with your body, and in turn teach you how to pleasure someone else. This is particularly helpful for people who may be getting out of long-term relationships and are not yet ready to try and find an emotional connection with someone, but want to raise their confidence levels for when they do get to that point.


Island’s Finest Escorts Help Men Fulfill Their fantasies

Another main reason as to why you should hire an Island’s Finest escort is that she’ll help you fulfill your greatest desires and fantasies. Most of their escorts will do almost anything for you or with you, at the right price. If there is anything that you have not been able to achieve with any partner before, because of any reason, you might be able to achieve it with an escort from Island’s Finest.


Finally, Island’s Finest Escorts Make Sex Easy

You can enjoy great sex without having to go through much trouble by simply hiring the services of an Island’s Finest escort. This usually comes in handy for the individuals who are always busy and have little time to socialize and find a sexual partner in the normal way. You get to enjoy sex without having to put in the hard work.


About Island’s Finest Escort Agency


Island’s Finest is here to redefine your perception of what an escort experience should be. Once you experience their incredible women, warm and spotless rooms, and phenomenal service, you’ll see why their customers keep coming back for more! From the moment you lay eyes on the building, you will understand why they consistently rank as Victoria’s top escort agency.



The Islands Finest Victoria mansion is a completely renovated historic mansion, delivering modern comforts amid historic character to all of our guests. Located between Craigdarroch Castle and Downtown Victoria BC, Island’s Finest Victoria is a convenient venue with ample parking.


Featuring a VIP lounge, a private waiting area, a party room with a stripper pole, six bedrooms, three bathrooms (including a shower with unscented soaps), hot towel service, spotless rooms, and now air conditioning, your visit to the Island’s Finest escort mansion will be a memorable one!









Island’s Finest has several escorts that live in and around the Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville, Tofino, and Campbell River areas, and our affordable driver fees mean that you can easily get any of our escorts delivered anywhere in these BC locations!


















Visit Island’s Finest today to see & meet some of Victoria’s premier escorts!




Island’s Finest is committed to making your private event an unforgettable one! Our ladies are available to entertain with proper notice! Plan your event with Island’s Finest and find out for yourself why B.C. women, and especially Island women, have such a great reputation! Sexy, fun, smart and classy: the perfect combination. We can help cater to your group in more ways than one! If you want topless waitresses at your poker game, on your private yacht, or at your private party, we’ve got you covered! Want strippers in Victoria? Exotic Dancers? Want us to come up with some other special show for you special gentlemen? Done!

Contact Island’s Finest for more information!




We can provide you with a discreet ride to or from your appointment. If you would like to arrange transportation, please mention this to the receptionists when you schedule your booking!



Island’s Finest escorts provide all of the services that any man will love enjoying while in Canada’s BC areas of VICTORIA, NANAIMO, PARKSVILLE, TOFINO & CAMPBELL RIVER!

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MILF Brandi Love & Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Nude Pics!

alt="Porn star Brandi love wearing lingerie">

Brandi Love is an American celebrity porn star that has become famous for her MILF porn video scenes. Brandi Love is also a very popular porn star because she has the best ass in all of porn, especially for a woman that is closer to 50 years old than she is to 40 years of age.

Most female porn stars retire before they reach 30 years of age, but porn star Brandi Love didn’t start her adult acting career until she was 37 years old. The main reason she got into the porn industry is because she no longer wanted to work in strip clubs as a featured dancer. Ironically enough Brandi Love travels all across the world to perform in strip clubs as a headliner.

Brandi Love can be found in many lesbian videos as well as threesome porn videos. She always plays the role of the step mother in all of her threesome porn videos as well as her lesbian porn scenes.

Brandi Love plans on extending her MILF porn career into a GILF porn career when she turns 60 years old. She is a self-admitted sex addict and has posted on social media that she couldn’t quit porn even if she wanted to because she is too addicted to having sex with well endowed male porn stars and gorgeous female porn stars with big asses like hers.

And the BEST place to see her nude celebrity pics online is the site Celebrity Nakeds!

About Celebrity Nakeds

alt="Website Celebrity Nakeds logo that read hot sex photos">

Celebrity Nakeds is the BEST place online to see nude pics of all of your favorite celebrities..and not just celebrity porn stars like Brandi Love, but Hollywood’s top celebrities such as Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Alba just to name a few!

alt="Britney Spears posing for a picture">
Visit Celebrity Nakeds today and check out a wide selection of Britney Spear’s nude pics!


alt="Cameron Diaz sitting on a desk">
Visit Celebrity Nakeds today if you want to see what Cameron Diaz looks like without any clothes on!


alt="Sexy Jessica Alba wearing a bikini">
If you want to see Jessica Alba’s booty and boobs in the nude then all you have to do is visit Celebrity Nakeds today!

Nude Pics of Today’s Sexiest Female Rappers!

alt="Fergie holding a mic singing">

The best thing about today’s sexiest female rappers isn’t their ability to rhyme words together, but their amazing big asses, and Celebrity Nakeds allows you to see nude pics of today’s sexiest female rappers big asses such as Cardi B, Fergi, and Blac Chyna!

alt="Blac Chyna showing her tattoos wearing a bikini">
Blac Chya looks way better naked! Visit Celebrity Nakeds today and check out a wide selection of Blac Chyna’s nude pics!


alt="Female rapper Cardi B. wearing lingerie while smoking a cigarette">
If you think Cardi B. has a sexy booty, then Visit Celebrity Nakeds today and see how much better it looks without any clothes covering it up!


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Nude Pics!

alt="Kim Kardashian taking a mirror selfie wearing a two piece red bikini">

We’ve all seen the Kardashian family living the life of luxury on their show Keeping Up With The Kardiashian’s, but they’re ONLY shown wearing expensive clothing brands….this is why Celebrity Nakeds is such a great site because they make it possible for everyone to keep up with the naked Kardashian’s such as Kim Kardashian and her sexy model sister Kendall Jenner!

alt="Kendall Jenner wearing a thong bikini">




If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite female celebrities naked then ALL you have to do is visit Celebrity Nakeds where you’ll be able to check out nude pics of your favorite female actresses, rappers, singers, porn stars, and super models!


Your Sexy Snapchat Vids Might Be Online

Your Sexy Snapchat Vids Might Be Online

Okay, if you have a Snaptchat account then you better be careful about what you “snap”, because although you think that the topless “Snap” you sent to your boo is going to disappear after just 10 seconds, it actually may end up on the Internet where it’ll be around FOREVER!


Your Sexy Snapchat Vids Might Be Online4

I just discovered this TODAY when I came across some Snapchat leaked vids on the site fkbae. I’m pretty sure that these college-aged babes thought that ONLY their boyfriends were going to see these naughty vids, but unfortunately for them (and I guess fortunately for all of you horny guys and girls out there) they ended up on the fkbae site for everyone in the ENTIRE world to feast their dirty eyes upon!!!! I mean they have leaked vids of sexy college chicks giving bjs and having sex!!! These chicks are going to freak out when someone tells them about this!


Must Be 18 Or Older To Continue Reading….

Your Sexy Snapchat Vids Might Be Online 2

I just wanted to throw that warning up there because I want everyone to see how crazy this Snapchat leaked thing really is… So click here if you want to watch leaked Snapchat vids of college chicks performing oral sex!

There is NO WAY these chicks have any idea that their sexy Snapchat vids are on sites like fkbae!


About Snapchat


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you already know that Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms right now, with users sharing more photos on the app than both Facebook and Instagram combined….and because it has reached such a massive scale, it’s more important than ever for users to be mindful of security while using this self-destructing photo app….or should I say photo sexting app, because more people use Snapchat to send dic-pics, ass shots, and tit-bombs more than anything else.

Your Sexy Snapchat Vids Might Be Online3

I mean why even download Snapchat unless you want to share nudes and naughty vids? But I don’t want to share my nudes with the entire world. Seriously, I’ve sent hundreds, okay more like thousands, of nude pics and vids through Snapchat over the years, so I’m going to be scouring through every single page of fakbae just to make sure none of them are floating around on their site.


About fkbae


Although FKBAE has a little bit of everything, their specialty is Snapchat leaked nudes of college babes and celebrities alike. Instead of just one tab to sort through, FKBAE has a variety of different categories to filter the sexy snaps by, like Anal, Asian, Ass, Blowjob, Boobs, Cheating, Creampie, Cum, Cute, Dirty, F*c*, Gangbang, Horny, Leaked, Masturbation, MILF, Nudes, Pee (GROSS BY THE WAY), Porn, Premium, P*ssy, Sex, Sexy, Sluts, Lesbians, Threesome, XXX, so basically whatever turns you on FKBAE is surely to have it for you!




If you’ve ever sent a sexy pic or vid through Snapchat then PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and go to fkbae right away to make sure that none of your vids or pics ended up on their site.

Or if you just want to watch sexy leaked Snapchat vids of college babes doing ALL kinds of naughty things, and when I say “naughty” I really mean XXX-RATED things then go to fkbae as well!

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A Hard Man Is Good To Find

A Hard Man Is Good To Find

Back in my grandmother’s day the women of her time lived by this motto: “a good man is hard to find”, and I use to think that was such a cute saying, but now I HATE that motto.

You see, once this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing blows “a HARD man is good to find” is going to be the motto that I live by.

I seriously cannot wait until I can meet up with a guy again just so I can drop down to my knees, unzip his pants, pull out his wiener, and just start giving him the best blow job the world has ever seen!

The Harder The Better


You have no idea how much I miss sucking on a super hard wiener, and the first guy that bangs me once quarantine ends had better have the hardest erection of his life because I have 4 months of sex to make up for…..And to make sure he does I went online last night to find out what the BEST male erection boosters are, and I found them, and then I ordered them, and now I’m ready to give them to a guy so he can start taking them!

Reasons Why Men Can’t Get Boners

Before I tell you which male erection boosters I ordered, I want to inform all of you men out there what the main causes of erectile dysfunction are!

Reason #1: Hard Booze & Hard Drugs = Soft Wiener!

Getting drunk and taking drugs might be fun, but being too wasted will turn your wiener into a soft serve ice cream that does no one any good.

Reason #2: Lack of Sleep = Tired Wiener!

Lack of sleep is a real boner killer. The more rest a man gets the stiffer of an erection he can have to use on a girl like me that craves a super hard erection!

Reason #3: Anxious Wieners Can’t Perform!

Men that suffer from anxiety also suffer from “performance anxiety” in the bedroom. This anxiety causes the blood that should be pumping your wiener up to a thick boner for women like me to suck on is actually redirected away from your penis.

So anxiety in general is bad to suffer from if you want to get some really good head in the bedroom.

Reason #4: Boners Don’t Like Being Medicated!

Many prescription drugs, as well as over the counter ones, can cause harm to a man’s boner department.

Reason #5: A Heavy Man is also a Soft Man!

One of the surest ways to make sure you can’t get a boner is to be overweight. So if you want to make a girl like me smile by letting me give you a BJ then you really need to lose weight so you can achieve a super hard erection.

Best Male Erection Boosters


After researching boner pills and boner supplements last night I kept coming across the same 6 products that every site recommended for erectile dysfunction, but the only site that had all 6 of them was Male Erection Boosters, so I recommend that every man in the world go to that site right now and order all 6 of the boner-making products listed below:

Gold Viagra Pills

The recommended dose is 1 capsule, taken as needed, approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity. Based on effectiveness and tolerance, the dose may be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 2 capsules. But when the dose kicks in you better believe that your wiener is going to get super stiff and extra thick!

Click here to learn more about these Gold Viagra Pills

German Black Ant Pills

German Black Ant Penis Enlargement Herbal Sex Pills can improve the rapid increase of the penis, make it longer, thicker, bigger, harder, and can last for as long as 120 hours!

Click here to learn more about German Black Ant Pills

Dark Horse Pills

Dark Horse will give women something to ride on for sure and remains in the human body for 108 hours without any side effects and dependence.

Click here to learn more about these Dark Horse Pills

Top Viagra

Top Viagra is rich in active factor required by male, which is the emulti-functional drug updated developed and international invented for treating premature ejaculation, ED and regylating immunity.

Click here to learn more about these Top Viagra Pills

Vigour 300mg

Vigour 300mg is not only all natural herbal sex potency enhancing product, but also a very effective tonic that can greatly improve overall men’s health. It can be used both for treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, failure to obtain an erection, and lowered sexual drive as well as to resolve or avoid problems common in aging men – including fatigue, poor memory, immune system deficiency and poor digestion.

Click here to learn more about these Vigour 300mg

Tiger King Pills

Tiger King makes the penis erect quickly, improves sexual intercourse quality, shortens the interval for a second round of intercourse and reduces fatigue.

Click here to learn more about these Tiger King Pills


The Cure for Small-Booty Syndrome

The Cure for Small-Booty Syndrome

WARNING: If you’re a woman who suffers from small-booty syndrome you may become depressed while reading this article. But please read all the way through because there’s a cure for small-booty syndrome that I must inform you about!


Reasons Why I Wan a Bigger Booty!

The Cure for Small-Booty

I already have a nice sized booty, but I wouldn’t mind having a slightly bigger booty than I have now for a few reasons.


Reason #1 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – Booty Fat Is Harmless!

Unlike excess white fat in the stomach, which surrounds organs and can lead to inflammation, high blood pressure, and disease, big butts are full of subcutaneous yellow fat.


Reason #2 Why I Want a Bigger Booty – Big Butts Look Better During Sex!

Big butts look HOT when they get pounded away on in the doggy style position, reverse cowgirl position, or any other sexual position where the booty is being featured! Females with small butts don’t look as sexy in the above mentioned sexual positions…or at least that’s my opinion…so don’t hate me for saying this all you tiny girls with small butts!


Reason #3 Why I Want a Bigger Booty – They make you biologically more attractive!

Big butts enhance the appearance of the curvature of the spine, and give you those sexy hourglass curves!


Reason #4 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – You’re Allowed To Be “Hangry”!

Yes, big booty babes can reserve the right to be hangry. But if you’re too sick to eat, too busy at work to break for lunch, or even stuck on a desert island; the extra fat stored in a big butt can serve as fuel. It’s like a backup meal that can help you survive emergencies.


Reason #5 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – Big Asses Make Men Feel Drunk & Happy!

The sight of a big booty activates the reward regions of the male brain that are otherwise activated by drugs and alcohol!


Reason #6 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – Diabetes Hates A Big Booty!

The bigger your waist-to-hip ratio the lower your risk of developing type-2 diabetes!


Reason #7 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – They Are Better For Sex!

You know that old saying, “More cushion for the pushin'”, well a big booty can get pounded away on during sex much longer and way harder than a smaller booty can!


Reason #8 Why I Want A Bigger Booty – They Look Better In Clothes!

No matter what outfit you want to wear, a big booty makes any piece of clothing look 100% better!

Now that you know why I want a bigger booty, let me explain why men prefer women with big butts over females with small butts!


Reasons Why Men Like A Big Juicy Female Booty!


Reason #1 Why Men Prefer Girls With Big Butts – Forbidden fruit is the sweetest!

Guys are usually aware that the booty is off limits. It’s a place they are usually forbidden to enter, if you know what I mean.


Reason #2 Why Men Prefer Girls With Big Butts – Big Butts Are More Fun To Stare At!

Men are very visual creatures by nature, and their eyes tend to find things BIGGER more attractive!


Reason #3 Why Men Prefer Girls With Big Butts – More To Grab!

A big booty with the perfect amount of fat in the right places can serve as a pillow, hand warmer, or just something squishy and fun to play with. The more handfuls of ass that a man can grab the happier he will be!


Reason #4 Why Men Prefer Girls With Big Butts – Big Butts Are Popular!

Big butts are extremely popular in today’s culture. Women with them are seen as sex symbols and are very desirable.

So it’s no wonder that men like them because they are constantly surrounded by them.

And I think I don’t even have to repeat any names of those famous big butts because we’ve all memorized them very well.


Is There Hope For Women Who Suffer From Small-Booty Syndrome?


If you’re a woman who suffers from small-booty syndrome, or if you know a woman who has an undesirable flat-ass, you can finally come out of hiding because a company by the name of PureBody Vitamins can help you turn your tiny bottom into a big and juicy booty!


About Pure Body Vitamins

The Cure for Small-Booty Syndrome2

Have you ever wish you had a bigger butt? Or wished you had fuller breasts? Yes, Then Pure Body is for you and can help you achieve your goals. To have the body, or shall we say “booty” you’ve always wanted! PureBody Cream and PureBody Vitamins are a 100% All Natural Supplements that will help you enhance your breasts and buttocks. Additionally, PureBody Vitamins also contains Vitamin D and Calcium which naturally promotes healthy hair and nails. And PureBody Cream contains Vitamin E and Aloe to moisturize for smooth, soft skin. So if you are searching for a product that will increase the size of your breast and buttocks naturally plus enhance the growth of your hair and nails also moisturize your skin, then look no further.



The Cure for Small-Booty Syndrome2

If you suffer from small-booty syndrome I want you to know that you’re not alone. Many women with flat and weak asses can be found almost everywhere you go, but you can break your small-bottom mold if you really want to and grow a bigger booty by visiting PureBody Vitamins today!


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How to Seduce Another Couple Into Having Sex

How to Seduce Another Couple Into Having Sex

Since I’m a swinger myself I receive almost 300 emails per week from readers asking a wide range of “swinger” oriented questions, but the number one question I get is this:

“Jenny, my significant other and I want to have sex with another couple that we know but we aren’t sure how to tell them.”

Well this can be a very tricky situation if not handled correctly. Here is some advice on how to approach the situation.


Tip #1 – Are You Ready To Lose Their Friendship

Before letting another couple know that you want to have sex with them you need to decide how important their friendship is to you and your significant other, because you might lose their friendship forever once they find out that you’re into the swinging lifestyle.

Once another couple finds out that you and your significant other are swingers there’s no going back because they’ll ONLY see you as swingers if they aren’t into it; if you DO NOT want to lose their friendship then you may never want to tell them that you’re swingers.

If they’re “into” it then they’ll not just see you as swingers because they understand the lifestyle.

If you’re “okay” with risking the friendship then proceed to tip #2!


Tip #2 – Invite Them Over For Dinner and Drinks

Invite the couple over that you want to have sex with over for dinner and drinks. Don’t be overly flirtatious, just be friendly and have playful conversations about sex while you’re eating dinner and enjoying a few glasses of wine together.

Also, make sure that you and your significant other dress as sexy as possible for the dinner so that the other couple finds the two of you attractive.


Tip #3 – Observe The Other Couples Interest in Sex

During dinner you’ll be able to tell how open your friends are about sex; if they seem into it then you can continue advancing the conversation toward your end-goal, but if they seem turned off then shut it down right away or you may lose them as friends forever.


Tip #4 – Let the “Cat Out of the Bag” With A Game


Now that everyone is starting to feel the effects of the wine I suggest playing a “swinger” oriented game; games make the best icebreakers because you’re not the ones pushing the limits, but the game itself can be blamed for doing that!

At the last swinger’s party I went to the hosts brought out a game called Couple Game 2019, and I suggest that you get this game as well to play with other couples that you want to have sex with.


About Couple Game 2019


Couple Game 2019 is an erotic board game for 2 to 8 open-minded couples. The double sided game board offers 2 levels, softcore and hardcore, and is designed for beginners all the way to experienced swingers. The 30 “action” fields per side contain special and erotic tasks that are visually displayed. Each position on the board and the associated action for men or women is also explained in the game description. For each action you have only a limited time available. The game offers a lot of erotic fun for all couples.


Perfect For Beginners & New Couples

One side of the board is specially designed for new players. Play this version with new friends or couples if you’re not sure how “far” you want to go!

In the “softcore” version the highest action is oral sex and no task has actual sexual intercourse. There are mainly erotic tasks such as taking off clothes or “fondling” other people. The players can switch to the hardcore version at any time if all players agree. You can find some examples of the softcore tasks below.

I suggest you start with this version of the game the first time you play it with a new couple because they’ll be more open to give it a shot…then maybe joke around about they “Hardcore” version of the game to see what they think. If you get the feeling that they may want to give the “hardcore” version then I say go for it!

The “hardcore” version gets right to the point. Although designed for experienced couples and swingers, there is probably at least one task for which you would rather use a diamond, so that you don’t have to complete the task. For all tasks there is a time limit, otherwise most of the guys would not be able to complete the first round!




1 – Put a hand in a player’s pants and see if he or she is already horny!

2 – Orders all male players to take off a piece of clothing.

3 – Use the “Sexposition” dice and simulate the position with the player to your right..

4 – The player who throws the highest number using the dice touches your pussy with his dick. (but no penetration allowed).

5 – Stand in front of any player facing away from them and with your legs apart – you will be fondled from behind.

6 – Massage and caress the butt of a desired player with oil.

7 – Striptease – Take off your clothes or use a diamond as a joker to keep 1 piece of clothing !!!

Maybe start out by just doing these tasks to your own significant other in front of the other couple before suggesting that you switch up partners.




1 – Your hands are tied behind you; then all male players lick you all over your body at the same time.

2 – The player to the left inserts his dick in you, but he is not allowed to move until the hourglass expires.

3 – Let yourself be licked by 2 players of your choice. Each of the 2 players will receive a diamond.

4 – The female player who throws the highest number on the dice has her breasts oiled; then you rub your dick in between.

5 – You are fucked by all men at the same time (double or more) but you decide what is allowed.

6 – Blindfold!!! – All players penetrate you one after another – if you guess who is, you will receive a diamond.




If you really want to inform another couple that you and your significant other want to have sex with them then be prepared to lose their friendship if they aren’t interested in your swinging lifestyle.

But if they do seem interested then I suggest you play the softcore version of Couple Game 2019 with them as a way of getting things started and to see how far they’re willing to go with you and your significant other!

bdsm · Relationship advice · United Kingdom

Nobs and Nockers and Orgasms Oh My!

Nobs and Nockers and Orgasms Oh My!

The 3 Most Important Things in Life

So I’ve been making a lot of lists during this COVID-19 pandemic, and I wanted to share my “3 most important things in life” list with you today!


#3 Most Important Things in Life – Food

I’m not a scientist, but I know for a fact that if you don’t eat food then you will die…but don’t eat too much or you might get fat.


#2 Most Important Thing in Life – Shelter

We all need some sort of roof over our heads to help keep us safe from the cold, the heat, and from the coronavirus!


#1 Most Important Thing in Life – Sex

The one thing that I’ve missed more than anything during this time of social distancing is SEX! I mean even during a pandemic food and shelter are easy to obtain, but if you’re a single person like myself then getting laid is an extremely difficult task to achieve, and this is why sex toys are so dang important because they still make orgasms possible!!!


Benefits of Using Sex Toys List

The next list I’ve made during this pandemic is a “Benefits of using sex toys” list!


#5 Benefit of Using Sex Toys – You Don’t Need A Partner

The good thing about sex toys is that you don’t need to depend upon anyone else but yourself to get off. Depending on the type of sex toy that you use, according to some people, you can get better sexual pleasure than you would get from having real sex with a person…and since I’m being honest here, I have to admit that the best orgasms I’ve ever had have been self induced by the use of a vibrator!


#4 Benefit of Using Sex Toys – You Won’t Get an STD or COVID-19

Chlamydia, HIV, HPV and gonorrhea are all things that I DO NOT want to ever contract, and you can’t contract any STD’s by using a sex toy…and during this pandemic you can’t get infected with COVID-19 if you use sex toys as an alternative to real sex with another person!


#3 Benefit of Using Sex Toys – They Train Men to Last Longer

If you’re a man that blows his load way too quick during sex then I recommend using male masturbating devices to help train yourself to last longer during the real thing.


#2 Benefit of Using Sex Toys – They Help Couples with Foreplay

Sex becomes very routine for couples that have been boning for many years; even the sexiest of couples get caught in routines, so no one is safe from getting caught in boring sexual situations. One great way of sparking things up is by introducing naughty toys in the bedroom. You and your lover will get to try out new things and make your bedroom life more interesting than it was before. Given the many different types and designs of toys that are available in the market, you are guaranteed to find something that will please you.


#1 Benefit of Using Sex Toys – They Provide Pleasure & Orgasms

The main reason why I use sex toys is for the pleasure and orgasms that they provide me with. You can treat yourself to an amazing orgasm with the use of your favorite vibrator, dildo, or male stroking device.


Second to Last List – Best British Invasions

My final list is my “British Invasions’” List! I came up with this list while thinking about how I’m going to miss this year’s annual 4th of July swinger’s party at my friend’s Newport mansion….but thanks to sex toys I can at least have my party of 1 sex party…but here’s my “British Invasion” list…


#3 Best British Invasion – 1960’s Music

The British Invasion was a cultural phenomenon of the mid-1960s, when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom and other aspects of British culture became popular in the United States and significant to the rising “counterculture” on both sides of the Atlantic.


#2 Best British Invasion – 1776 (Well for America That Is)

Not only am I not a scientist, I’m also not a history professor, but I do know that in 1776 the US colonists declared themselves independent and in 1783, following a prolonged and bloody war, Britain was forced to recognize the independence of the United States.

Without this invasion I wouldn’t have any swinger parties to attend every 4th of July, so I am very grateful for this invasion!!!


#1 Best British Invasion – Nobs And Nockers Sex Toy Revolution


Nobs And Nockers, a UK based online sex toy store, is leading Britain’s sex toy revolution by providing British people with amazing orgasms during the COVID-19 pandemic!




About Nobs And Nockers

Nobs And Nockers

Nobs and Nockers understands that they cannot change the world but it’s their mission to help people have happy and healthy sex lives. Nobs And Nockers sex toys are great in helping you achieve this. They’re never judgmental and a person’s sexual orientation is of no importance to them. Everybody deserves a great sex life and they’re here to help facilitate this.

A person may be single, in a relationship or into group sex. – That is a choice that everybody is free to make. As they say – “Whatever floats your boat”. Of course not everyone feels this way and that is why they are always discreet and always post out items under a plain cover. “Nobs and Nockers” sex toys are here to put smiles on faces and to help everybody get total sexual satisfaction.

Please note that Nobs and Nockers offers high quality branded products made in body safe materials; these should not be confused with inferior unbranded goods sometimes offered elsewhere.


Final List – Nobs And Nockers FEATURED PRODUCTS List


I understand how difficult it can be deciding on what new sex toys you should add to your collection, so I’m going to help you out with another list of mine, a list of sex toys from Nobs And Nockers!


#8 – Loving Joy Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Loving Joy Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

A vibrating cock ring with 10 vibration settings. It stretch to fit and keeps you hard.

A great couple’s sex toy with the vibrator giving her intense and sustainable orgasmic pleasure.

A USB rechargeable clitoral stimulator that helps a man keep going and going and going.

Click here to learn more about this cock ring!


#7 – Lubido Water Based Lubricant 500ml

Lubido Water Based Lubricant 500ml

New Jumbo 500ml size of the popular Lubido Water Based Lubricant.

Ideal for when your natural juices are not quite enough.

Ensures an easier entry for your favorite sex toy or a mans cock.

Click here to learn more about this lube!


#6 – Loving Joy FLEX Silicone Bendable Rabbit Vibrator

Loving Joy FLEX Silicone Bendable Rabbit Vibrator

This is an extremely powerful and rechargeable rabbit vibrator that features two motors for dual stimulation.
One motor is located at the top of the shaft that features a lined texture for internal stimulation.

Click here to learn more about this Rabbit vibrator!



#5 – 9.5 inch Realistic Silicone Dual Density Dildo with Suction Cup

9.5 inch Realistic Silicone Dual Density Dildo with Suction Cup

An extremely high quality 9.5 inch realistic silicone dual density dildo with suction cup and balls.

Click here to learn more about this dildo!



#4 – Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring

Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring

This silicone cock ring makes for the perfect couples sex toy as it designed to stimulate both partners. The seven functions of the cock rings can be easily controlled by the remote control. The remote allows you to change the vibration function and also the vibration speed.

Click here to learn more about this cock ring!



#3 – Loving Joy Under the Mattress Restraint System

Loving Joy Under the Mattress Restraint System

Allow yourself to become a playground for your partner’s touch and surrender your limbs to the soft cuffs that will keep your wrists and ankles firmly but comfortably in place.

Click here to learn more about this bondage restraint!



#2 – Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit

Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit

This starter kit includes a pair if nylon wrist and ankle cuffs, four adjustable nylon tethers, a ball gag and FREE satin blindfold.
The clips and Velcro provide you with easy escape if needed but are strong enough to restrain.

Click here to learn more about this bondage kit!



#1 – Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator with 2 Attachments

Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator with 2 Attachments

This Vibrator comes with two interchangeable attachments those being a rabbit vibrator and a wand vibrator.
It offers whisper quiet yet powerful vibrations.

Click here to learn more about this interchangeable vibrator!


Nobs And Nockers Toys For Him

Sex Toys For Men

Male sex toys from nobs and nockers deliver maximum pleasure all of the time – for you and your partner.

Click here to check out sex toys for men at Nobs And Nockers!


Nobs And Nockers Toys For Her

Female Sex Toys

Discover adult sex toys from nobs and nockers to bring fun to your sex life when alone and exciting new ways to play with your partner.

Click here to check out sex toys for women at Nobs And Nockers!


Nobs And Nockers BDSM Toys

Bondage Sex Toys

Star in your own version of Fifty Shades of Grey with nobs And nockers wide selection of BDSM toys, devices, and gear!

Click here to check out Nobs And Nockers’ BDSM section!


Nobs And Nockers Social Media Accounts


Nobs and Knockers understands the importance of social media, and they have by far the best social media presence of any sex toy company that I’ve ever come across!


Nobs And Nockers Facebook Account!

Nobs And Nockers Facebook Account!


Nobs And Nockers Instagram Account!

Nobs And Nockers Instagram Account!


Nobs And Nockers Twitter Account!

Nobs And Nockers Twitter Account!

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Best New & Sexiest Female Pornstars to Watch

alt="Blonde female pornstar with small boobs taking her shirt off">

I have a very special treat for all of you connoisseurs of porn out there reading this…. While doing some research on the porn industry’s newest, hottest, and cutest up-and-coming female pornstars I stumbled upon two triple X-rated porn sites that feature only the best new female pornstars that have just begun their acting careers!


What Are You Waiting For Jenny, Show Us the Sites Already

alt="Two blonde lesbian girls doing yoga">

Fine, let me get down to it, the two sites that everyone who loves porn needs to start visiting are TNV Girls and Next Door Sins.

Both of these sites feature extremely beautiful young female pornstars, dream girls to be more specific, parading around in tiny panties. Both sites are hot AF, and very much worth your time to visit and enjoy.


More About TNV Girls

alt=" banner logo">

The “TNV” in TNV Girls stands for Thursday Night Video which is an established upskirt, panty & lesbian adult video production company.

All of the TNV Girls are basically super sexy, and extremely beautiful, young adult starlets enjoying lesbian action with each other!

And if you like watching lesbian scenes of two young babes getting down with each other, then you’ll really enjoy the TNV Girls lesbian scenes of 3 or more of these young pornstars having fun with other.

Also, TNV Girls has a very sexy section that breaks down the best new female pornstars from each year dating back to around 2016 I believe, but it could go back even earlier than that.


TNV Class of 2016

alt="Lesbian pornstars wearing shorts dresses">

TNV Class of 2017

alt="Pornstar Jill Kassidy posing in a lesbian porn scene">

New Lovers In 2018

alt="Lesbian brunette pornstars hugging while posing for a photograph">

TNV Class Of 2019

alt=" lesbian pornstar selfie">

Incoming Class 2020

alt="Solo female pornstar video scene">

The new incoming class has a lot to live up to but so far they’re off to a great start! They bring with them the sweetest faces in adult along with their sinfully delicious bodies! Still updating six times a week with Candid Mondays, Photoset Tuesdays, All-request Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Frisky Fridays, and Saturday Night Sexy!

Click here to check out each and every TNV class since 2016!


About Next Door Sins

alt=" Logo">

Next Door Sins is where you’ll find the cutest women in the adult industry doing the DIRTIEST things in all of porn!

Next Door Sins is very similar to TNV Girls, both sites feature fresh up-and-coming all-American wholesome starlets at the very beginning of their porn careers, but Next Door Sins not only shows lesbian action, but hardcore girl on guy sex scenes as well.

alt="Sexy blonde female pornstar stripping in the kitchen">

Next Door Sins also seems to be of a higher quality than TNV Girls because they offer state-of-the-art HD streaming, and allows first time visitors to access about 80 free video clips. It took me about 20 minutes to run through my 80 free previews, and very much worth it.



alt="Four pictures of female pornstars including Jill Kassidy">

The mix of lesbian and solo action at TNV Girls works extremely well and it really does seem to me that this production company goes to great lengths of effort to hire the best new female porn stars just starting out in the industry today.

Whereas TNV Girls showcases hot lesbian escapades, Next Door Sins provides porn connoisseurs access to girls wholesome enough to introduce to your mother, but ready to give you a BJ under the dining room table the moment your parents head into the kitchen to load up the dishwasher.

But the one thing you won’t get from either of these sites are scenes of tatted-up and pierced all over pornstars with more Botox in their faces than all of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of every city combined.

So if you enjoy watching cute, sexy and new female actresses just getting their start in the porn industry then TNV Girls and Next Door Sins have exactly what you’re going to love!

Just make sure you have a fresh new bottle of lotion and a fat stack of tissues handy because you’re going to need them ready and waiting by your side the moment you visit these sites!

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Meet The Dirty Director

alt="Behind the scenes porn shoot">
Caution: If You Don’t Like Watching Women Have Anal Sex Then Do Not Read!

alt="Banner image with spelled out">

Okay, I hope you’re sitting down while reading this because the women that this article is about won’t be able to sit down normally for at least 24 to 48 hours!

On my journey to find all of my readers new and unique adult content from the world wide web to help get us through this COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve come across a butt man’s dream…I’d like for everyone to say hi to the Dirty Director!


alt="Large glacier melting in Antarctica">

To say that the Dirty Director is “anally oriented’ is like saying Antarctica is cold.

The Dirty Director is an extremely rare type of adult/porn site because all of the women that you can watch having anal sex are 100% real amateur females; none of the women shown having anal sex at the Dirty Director are professional pornstars. In fact, all of the women in the Dirty Director’s videos range from early 20’s to older MILFs, possibly GILFs, and all seem to REALLY, and I mean REALLY love anal sex…in one clip I saw a woman was literally begging for it like I’ve never seen before. And I seriously don’t think any of the females were paid anything to be in these anal sex scenes.


What Do The Ladies Look Like?

alt="Anal sex female pornstar sitting on bed">

alt="MILF anal sex porn video">

The above pics are a couple of the actual ladies that you can watch having sex at the Dirty Director!

alt="Banner image with spelled out">

Now the porn that you’ll view at the Dirty Director isn’t for everyone; it’s real, it’s raw, and there aren’t any story lines, or famous pornstars that you’ll recognize, but when it comes to true amateur porn then this is as real as it gets.


How Much Anal Sex Can You Expect To See At The Dirty Director?

All of the sex you’re about to witness at the Dirty Director is anal! All butt sex in every single scene..over 399 entire movies jam packed with anal sex are available for download at the Dirty Director!


How Dirty Are The Movie At The Dirty Director?

I’ll let the site’s tag line say it all:



Jenny Gives Her Seal Of Approval To The Dirty Director!

Meet The Dirty Director 7

Seriously though, I highly recommend that everyone reading this visit the Dirty Director right now because it really does capture anal sex in a documentary style that is quite entertaining due to how realistic the sex is.


The Dirty Director Wants To Cast You In His Upcoming Anal Saga!

alt="Porn stars and porn director setting up a porn shoot">

If anyone reading this has ever been interested in starring in an amateur video then the Dirty Director would like for you to contact him. But only contact the Dirty Director if you’re willing to have anal sex because that’s all he shoots.

The Dirty Director is always seeking bad girls and freaky couples for his new releases. You need no experience in acting, because their movies are all about realism. They have no plots, scripts or any of that “Hollywood” BS.

They particularly love to shoot with people that just enjoy anal sex and have some sort of special talents, like deep throat oral, large penetration anal, multi-orgasmic females, squirters, bizarre fetishes, no matter how freaky as long as it involves adults 18 or older.

Click here to contact the Dirty Director!


About The Dirty Director’s Production Company

Meet The Dirty Director 7

Southbound Productions has been making quality amateur home movies since February 1998. they sold out most of their stock in 2002 to a larger company. And are now producing totally new lines. They strive to bring their customers the best in “real” hardcore amateur video. Now… and well into the future. Any business opportunities you think they might be interested in are always welcome for suggestion, too.

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XFantazy Provides A Buffet of Porn That’ll Satisfy Everyone’s Appetite

alt="Two sexy waitresses with big boobs serving food">

Porn is like food, some people crave Italian food, some crave Chinese cuisine, and others crave Mexican, and with porn some people crave anal, others desire MILF with a side of big tits, and some people get turned on watching fetish and big ass porn, and no one understands this more than the people over at XFantazy!

Because of the wide selection of categories provided it’s XXX menu, true Connoisseurs of porn visit XFantazy on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day, to satisfy their horny appetites.

It’s true, I stumbled upon the porn tube site XFantazy yesterday, and I felt as if it was my duty to make all of my readers aware of this amazing site as soon as possible.


XFantazy Will Cure Your COVID-19 Blues

alt=" logo Banner">

As each social distancing day passes, I find myself becoming more and more bored watching the same recycled porn scenes on the same old porn tube sites during this COVID-19 quarantine, so I’ve turned to the Internet in hopes of discovering new porn sites that’ll help turn my bored frown upside down, and XFantazy has done just that because they have such a wide, and fresh, selection of porn that I really didn’t even know existed!


Main Reasons Why XFantazy Is Helpful During A Pandemic:

alt=" logo Banner">

Reason #1: XFantazy Increases Your Overall Satisfaction

As simple as this sounds, watching porn makes people feel good, and with a shortage of things to make people “feel good” right now, porn is something we can easily get access to, and XFantazy offers horny people a menu of categories that you won’t find anywhere else online.


Here’s a quick glimpse of XFantazy’s porn menu:

alt="Girl wearing VR goggles">

3D porn

Hot 3D sex flying straight out of your mobile device, tablet, or PC. Here, you’re going to find tons of sex videos focusing on babes from Overwatch and other popular fictional universes.


alt="Amateur porn actress playing pool">


Amateur porn

Amateur porn at it’s very BEST! – All user-submitted homemade videos, sex-tapes, and not very happy mobile phone shots of ex girlfriends on their knees bobbing up and down!


alt="Blonde babe with a big butt">

Anal porn

Only the sexiest of butts taking it deep inside! If you’re a love of the booty then get ready!


alt="Female Arab porn star">

Arab porn

Sexy Arab babes showing that they can be just as sexual as every other type of sexy thot!


alt="Sexy Asian porn star sitting on a massage table">

Asian girl porn

The best Asian pornstars that you didn’t know even existed displaying sexual positions that you didn’t even know where humanly possible!


alt="Brunette BBW babe wearing a thong bikini ">

BBW porn

Sex videos of big and beautiful women showing that big girls can take as much wiener that can be served to them!


alt="Sexy BDSM woman">

BDSM porn

More BDSM porn than you can shake a cain at – from slave training, bondage, wax play, to BDSM gang-bangs, and all the other types of kink that you are sure to enjoy.


alt="Babysitter porn actress sitting on a couch with porn star Lisa Ann">

Babysitter porn

Watch videos of 18 and 19 year old babysitters getting seduced, screwed, and taken advantage of by MILFs, couples, and step-fathers!


alt="Bog booty babe wearing short jean shorts">

Big Ass porn

Videos of your favorite big booty pornstars having sex! Abella Danger, Jynx Maze, and Lisa Ann just to name a few of the ladies that you can get off to!


alt="Woman sunbathing at the beach with big boobs">

Big Tits porn

Watch big boobs bouncing up and down while your favorite big-tit pornstars are riding huge wieners! Big boobs are fun, but even more fun in a lesbian or orgy scene!


alt="Sexy ebony female porn star">

Black porn

Watch the hottest black babes having threesomes, lesbian sex, anal sex, and every other type of sex act that you want to get hard to!


alt="Blonde woman with big boobs">

Blonde porn

Hot videos of sexy blonde babes taking it any way, and every way that you can imagine!


alt="Blowjob porn video">

Blowjob porn

The best blowjob porn is available at XFantazy. Super sloppy BJs, fast or slow blowjobs, amateur BJs. Every type of BJ ever performed can be found right here and right now!


alt="Big booty Brazilian woman wearing green bikini with the word Brasil written on it">

Brazilian girls porn

Brazilian babes porn videos featuring the best chicas from Brazil. These Latina sluts enjoy all kinds of naughty sex action from 1-on-1 to threesome’ lesbian, and orgies!



British porn

They may have lost the revolutionary war in 1776, but the pornstar ladies of the UK are wonderful to watch having sex. Plus watching a super sexy British babe having sex with that accent makes these sex vids very classy!



Brunette girls porn

If you think blondes have more fun then watch sexy scenes of brunette babes getting pounded every which way to help you change your mind! Brunettes on XFantazy are the BEST!



Bukkake porn

Not my favorite type of porn, but if you enjoy watching beautiful girls take on tsunamis of sperm all at once then you’ll experience the best that bukkake has to offer at XFantazy!



Casting porn

Some casting porn is fake, some is real, some is from Europe, and some is from the USA, but all of it is super hot to watch. There’s just something about young women having sex on camera for the first time that I find super sexy.


alt="Porn parody of a woman pretending to be Kim Kardashian">

Celebrity porn

Kim K. might have the most popular sex tape of all time, but is it the best one ever? Check out celebs having hot sex ion XFantazy’s celebrity porn section to find out! I bet you’ll see some celebs having sex that you never knew had leaked sex tapes in the first place. This is actually a very interesting category!


alt="Chubby brunette woman with big tits taking her bra off">

Chubby porn

If you’re a fan of watching chubby babes having sex then get ready to watch them in lesbian scenes, anal scenes, threesome scenes, orgies, and so much more!


alt="Group sex college porn video">

College porn

Only the hottest college babes porn around! I’m pretty sure most of it is scripted, but I did see some scenes that looked very real to me! I suggest everyone check this section out!


alt="Wonder Woman cosplay porn parody">

Cosplay porn

Here’s your chance to watch Wonder Woman get double penetrated from all angles because XFantazy has a huge selection of cosplay porn that even the biggest fans of cosplay porn will get lost in! So many sex scenes of gorgeous cosplay babes makes this section one of my favorites!


alt="Woman smashing two pies into her face">

Creampie porn

If your hungry for some creampie then get ready to leave XFantazy full!

I don’t really get this fetish, but hey, if you love a nice creampie sex scene then XFantazy is serving up A LA More pies left and right, and then right and left!



alt="Feet fetish porn scene">

Feet porn

If feet get you hard then I hope you have some lotion close by when you start watching the feet porn that XFantazy has available. I don’t find feet all that hot, but I know that many people do, and this channel is a feet lover’s dream come true!


alt="Female dominatrix wearing a black full body latex body suit">

Femdom porn

Watch femdom babes at their sexiest torturing, slapping, cainning, flogging, and facesitting on their submissive participants!


alt="Sexy blonde woman wearing high heels">

High Heels porn

I love how my legs look in high heels, and if you love watching sexy babes in high heels getting pounded from behind, or bouncing up and down on wieners then XFantazy has a one size fits all section of high heel porn that everyone with this fetish will enjoy.


alt="JAV porn video">

JAV Full Movie

Some of the JAV scenes have pixels, and some do not, but all of this JAV porn is very hot if this is what you’re into!


alt="Big boob Latina porn star wearing a 2 piece bikini by a swimming pool">

Latina girls porn

Watch the sexiest Latina pornstar girls having lesbian sex, threesome sex, orgies, gang bangs, JOI, POV, compilations, and every other fantasy that could turn you on!


alt="Two sexy pornstars in a lesbian porn video">

Lesbian girls

Two girl lesbian sex scenes, three girl lesbian sex scenes, four girl lesbian sex scenes, five girl lesbian sex scenes….I think you get the idea!!!


alt="MILF pornstar Lisa Ann wearing a cop uniform">

MILF porn

Who’s your favorite MILF pornstar? No matter who she is you’ll be able to watch her getting pounded in your favorite positions!


alt="Two sexy girls at the club">

Party porn

I love a nice swinger’s party, actually I love getting pounded at swinger’s parties, and you can experience a swinger’s party by watching all of the party porn that XFantazy has made available!


alt="Pornstar Alexis Fawx kneeling on the ground wearing black yoga pants">


Whoever your favorite pornstar may be, you can watch her having sex today at XFantazy!


alt="Sexy Latina woman wearing sunglasses and smoking a big cigar">

Smoking porn

Once again not my favorite type of porn because I don;t really get how this is sexy, but the chicks getting drilled in the porn scenes that I watched at XFantazy did make me want to light up after!


alt="FFM threesome porn scene">

Threesome porn

Threesome porn is my favorite type of porn and XFantazy has quite possibly the best selection of threesome porn around. They have FFM, FMM, and FFF porn scenes that will make the batteries on any girl’s vibrator die out!


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I actually love using my vibrator while watching other girls pleasure themselves with sex toys, and XFantazy has a wonderful supply of sex toys porn available!


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Webcam porn

Watch super sexy cam girls show why they are making so much money from their one-on-one cam shows! I’m not sure if this is leaked content or not, but it’s super interesting, and extremely hot!


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Reason #2: XFantazy Encourages Masturbation

Masturbating is extremely beneficial for people’s overall health, both phyically and mentally, and XFantazy provides the best masturbation material around online.

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You might think that Netflix and Amazon Prime has a LOT of programming to help fill your day with entertainment, but XFantazy has enough fresh, and original, porn content to help anyone get through 20 straight pandemics in a row!




99% of ALL porn tube sites today  recycle the same clips,  show the same pornstars, and off the exact same categories over, and over, and over again. This is what separates XFantazy apart from all the other porn tube sites around; they have the most original content around with original categories that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Begin Your Kinky Journey With A BDSM Contract

Begin Your Kinky Journey With A BDSM Contract

Okay, over the past few weeks I have received almost 200 emails from readers asking me various questions regarding BDSM, and the one question that came up more than any other was “Jenny, I want to test out BDSM with my partner, but I’m too nervous to ask my partner to try BDSM with me. Please help.”

I think I can help you bring up BDSM in a way that could help you ease your partner into wanting to try out this kink. I will also discuss the importance of BDSM contracts as well, so please visit BDSM Contracts as soon as you finish reading this article.

Lastly, if anyone reading this also has some advice, please send me an email, because although I think my advice is helpful, I’m always on the lookout to learn new tips.

Jenny, How Can I Bring Up Wanting To Try BDSM With My Partner?

Let’s be honest, talking about BDSM with your significant other that has no idea that you want to try this kink can be pretty awkward. There is potential for a lot of feelings when it comes to opening up your sex life to new kinky fantasies and bondage adventures. I don’t have a ton of experience on this subject, but I do have enough to help.

Tip #1 – Just Talk About BDSM With Your Significant Other

Tip #1 - Just Talk About BDSM With Your Significant Other

We all know that ‘communication’ is key in any relationship, but it’s more vital when the subject of BDSM or kink is involved. It’s vital that all involved parties are comfortable discussing desires, fantasies, likes, and dislikes.

You have to let your significant other know what your fantasies are and that you really want to live them out with them because of how much you care about them.

Make them understand that you feel comfortable enough, and trust them enough, to want to go down this BDSM journey with them.

Tip #2 – Do Some Research On What You Want To Do With Your Partner

Tip #2 - Do Some Research On What You Want To Do With Your Partner

I’m not suggesting you need to know everything about BDSM in order to be able to talk to your partner about why you want to try it out, I’m just saying that it’ll be easier to ask for what you want if you actually know what you want to try. If your partner asks, “Why is BDSM so appealing to you?” or “What is that you want to do to me?” you should be able to provide a reasonable answer.

Tip #3 – Show Empathy & Understanding

Tip #3 - Show Empathy & Understanding

When discussing kink for the first time with your significant other, do so with a lot of empathy and understanding. Be ready for any number of emotions to come out of your partner such as enthusiasm, anger, hurt, confusion, excitement, or a combination of these feelings. Since you’ve never broached this topic with them before you really have no idea how they will react, so be ready for anything.

Tip #4 – Be Ready To Debunk All BDSM Myths That Will Come Up!

Tip #4 - Be Ready To Debunk All BDSM Myths That Will Come Up!

There are a LOT of myths about BDSM that your partner is going to bring up right away, so be ready to debunk the myths that he, or she, WILL bring up. Below I’ve listed the most common myths that are sure to come up, and there are many more myths than the ones I’ve listed below, but the ones I’ve listed WILL be brought up during your initial conversations, so be ready to debunk them so that your significant other feels more at ease giving BDSM a shot.


First off, from personal experience I can tell you that BDSM is not “abuse”. People that participate in the BDSM lifestyle always talk before, during, and after a scene or moment to make sure everyone is on the same page. BDSM in a healthy, consensual environment is not abuse. It is a physical manifestation of desires and urges, no matter how dark or dangerous.

Also, just in case things do start getting out of hand for one of the participants, a “safe word” can be used to slow things down so that everyone participating is comfortable once again.

Safe words can be any word that the participants agree upon before they start their kinky role playing session, it can be a word unrelated to sex, such as “apple” for example, just as long both participants agree that the chosen safety word means everything must stop until the situation has been resolved.

MYTH TO DEBUNK – BDSM Is Painful & People Always Get Hurt!

BDSM role playing doesn’t have to be aggressive or violent; BDSM can be light and with touches of eroticism, involving subtle role playing, and fetishes solely based on kinky outfits made of latex, leather, or lace.

MYTH TO DEBUNK – Only Weirdoes & Perverts Participate In The BDSM Kink!

Your significant other is going to think that only weirdoes and perverts play around in the BDSM world because that is what they’ve probably only seen displayed in Hollywood movies or on TV shows.

In reality, people who participate in BDSM are happy, healthy, open-minded and ready to explore their sexual identities, as well as being less judgmental on people with sexual preferences other than theirs.

Everyday normal people make up the majority of individuals who participate in the BDSM lifestyle.

MYTH TO DEBUNK – Only Men Can Be Dominants & They Are Sadistic & Dangerous!

This is not true whatsoever; the role of the ‘dom’ can be played by women just as much as it can be by a man.

As for being sadistic and dangerous, dominants obviously do enjoy having power over their submissive, and lead their sessions, but everything is agreed upfront. BDSM relationships are highly consensual and most dominants are only going to practice something the submissive likes and enjoys.

MYTH TO DEBUNK – Once You Try BDSM You Don’t Want To Have “Normal” Sex Ever Again!

I can confirm that this myth is 100% false based on my own experiences with BDSM. Yes I do enjoy participating in bondage, impact play, and various other BDSM role playing scenarios, but I also do enjoy having regular “vanilla” sex just as much.

Just because you like one type of sex doesn’t mean that you don’t like other types of sex as well.

MYTH TO DEBUNK – BDSM Leads To Infidelity!

Although this might sound true, believe it or not but couples that participate in BDSM tend to cheat less because they’re extremely open and honest about their sexual desires with each other which means they don’t have to find someone else to help quench their sexual appetites.

If you feel comfortable enough to discuss all of your “turn ons” with your significant other then there is a less chance that you’ll have to turn to someone else to help feed your kinky appetite.

Tip #5 – Desires & Boundaries

Tip #5 - Desires & Boundaries

Now that you have enough ammunition to debunk all of the myths that your significant other will bring up during your initial conversations, let’s discuss desires and boundaries.

BDSM isn’t sexy unless everyone is enjoying it. It’s not about the dominant partner doing whatever they want to the submissive partner. It’s about both participants getting what they want out of the scene.

Everyone’s feelings and interests must be respected in order for BDSM role playing to work. For instance, if you’re interested in spanking, are you the one who wants to be spanked or do you want to do the spanking? How does your partner feel about spanking and what role do they see themselves playing in said spanking scene?

Tip #6 – Start Small With Blindfolds Not Whips & Chains!

Tip #6 - Start Small With Blindfolds Not Whips & Chains!

Your significant other is going to be intimidated by all the kink that they have seen on TV or in the movies, so start with something relatively small and non-threatening. I suggest trying a blindfold as a first step. Wearing a blindfold will all your significant other to explore his/her interest in giving up control, while you as the ‘dom’ will get to be in charge. If your partner becomes uncomfortable or fearful, they can always remove the blindfold. The restraint is merely mental, not physical.

Tip #7 – Establish Safe Words With A Traffic Light System


I already mentioned the importance of “safe words” while discussing BDSM myths, but a great safe word system to implement is one where the words red, yellow, and green are used, and is also known as the “Traffic Light System”.

Red: When the safe word “Red” is said this means you want your partner to stop everything they’re doing immediately. It should be used when you’re not comfortable, things are getting too much, or you no longer consent.

Yellow: When the safe word “Yellow” is said this means that you are enjoying what your partner is doing, but it’s possibly beginning to be too much and you want them to slow things down a bit.

Green: When the safe word “Green’ is used then this means you’re loving what your partner is doing and you feel comfortable enough to have them continue doing what they’re doing.

Tip #8 – Have An Open & Honest Conversation About Your 1st Experience

Tip #8 - Have An Open & Honest Conversation About Your 1st Experience

Now that you’ve started your BDSM journey together in a very small way with blindfolds, and possibly light spanking, discuss how you both feel about what just happened. I suggest taking some time to cuddle and relax before chatting. Just be sure you don’t go to bed without opening up about your true feelings. It’s important to check in and assess your emotions before, during, and after BDSM of any kind.

If you want to do BDSM play again, talk about it. Figure out what worked for you, what didn’t work for you, and maybe even what really turned you off. I also highly recommend that you and your partner visit BDSM Contracts and get a BDSM contract in place so that you know exactly what is agreed upon for your BDSM lifestyle.

Tip #9 – Sign A BDSM Contract With Your Significant Other


Communication plays such a vital role in every relationship, and a written agreement in the form of a contract is a wonderful way to begin your BDSM journey as a couple.

A BDSM contract allows you as a couple to set any and all boundaries, as well as inform your partner about your desires, fantasies, and the limits you wish to set on both.

Topics to include in a BDSM Contract:

The BDSM contract that you draw up with your partner can be as short as a paragraph, or as long as 5 to 10 pages in length; make certain to add as much detail as possible so that you feel as safe as possible with the arrangement of the agreement between you and you kinky partner.

Remember, your BDSM contract reflects only the goals of your relationship, and no one else’s.

Types of Dynamics:

The BDSM contract between you and your partner much be unique to your own set of goals, desires, and expectations and not refelect any previous standards of past relationships.

You previous exploartion in kink should not be the basis, nor set the guidelines, for your new partner’s expectations, goals, and limits, and boundaries.

BDSM Contract Templates:

Drafting a BDSM contract with your partner is an amazing bonding experience that should be both fun as well as extremely exciting, and once finished, this contract will be suited specifically to you as a couple, not as individuals.


Begin Your Kinky Journey With A BDSM Contract

Informing your significant other that you want to test out the waters of BDSM can be terrifying for both of you at first, but how you handle the initial conversation is key, so do so in a way that makes your significant other feel comfortable, and set their mind at ease by debunking any myth about BDSM that they are certain to bring up.

Regardless of how long you’ve been participating in the BDSM; whether it be just a week, or multiple years, a BDSM contract is a great tool that will help guide you through this lifestyle.

This is also a great way to help make your significant other feel completely at ease with giving this kinky lifestyle a chance.

Please visit BDSM Contracts today to see how easy and fun setting up a kinky list of agreements will be for you and your significant other.

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Canada Is Making Orgasms Possible For Women During COVID-19

Canada Is Making Orgasms Possible For Women During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has made meeting new people, and dating altogether for that matter, impossible since restaurants, movie theaters, bars, night clubs and other places where people come together for dating are closed in an effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading.


Why Can’t Women Just Meet Up With Strange Men At Home

Most women don’t feel comfortable having a man that they’ve never met before coming over to their home just as much as they don’t want to go over to a man’s place of residence that they have never met before in person.

So if women can’t meet up with men to go out on dates due to everything being closed, and if women don’t feel comfortable going to a strange man’s place of residence, or having that stranger come over to their place of residence, then how the heck can women achieve orgasms during the time of COVID-19.


Canada Is Helping Women Achieve Orgasms During COVID-19


Thanks to Canada women can still achieve orgasms during the times of the coronavirus pandemic! Well not the country of Canada, but the Forbidden Apple, a Canadian based online sex toy studio that provides modern, and independent, women with the best and most effective pleasure and sexual wellness products.

The Forbidden Apple was founded by women, therefore they understand how important it is for women to achieve orgasms on a daily basis, and they aren’t going to allow a pandemic like the one we find ourselves in today get in the way of a woman’s right to orgasm!


Benefits Other Than Orgasms Provided By The Forbidden Apple’s Selection of Toys

Benefits Of Sex Toys


Benefit #1 – Sex Toys Help Women Reduce Stress

With everything going on in the world today with COVID-19 and the uncertainty it’s causing, both stress and anxiety are building up. Sex toys can give you a safe, private, and quick way to let off some of your built up stress so you’re ready to face the challenges of life once more. Right now is the time when women need sex toys more than ever.

For example, if you’re feeling stressed out I suggest you lay down on your bed, whip out a WOMANIZER PREMIUM RASPBERRY and vibrate all your stress away while introducing a highly intense orgasm to your body at the exact same time!

Womanizer Premium Raspberry

The Womanizer Premium Raspberry’s “Pleasure Air” technology stimulates a woman’s clitoris without making contact – from super soft to superpower in 12 different intensity levels. With the new autopilot function, women experience orgasms unexpectedly, and in a surprisingly new way. The rhythm changes with every use. Smart Silence senses your desire.


Benefit #2 – Sex Toys Let Women Discover What “Turns” Them On

It’s important to really know what turns you on. With the Forbidden Apple’s wide variety of sex toys you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! In fact I recommend you try using the PLATINUM TRUSKYN DUAL DENSITY DILDO simultaneously with the LELO SONA 2 clitoral stimulator at the same time so that your body can be introduced to a combination of pleasures unlike it’s ever felt before.

Lelo Sona 2

The Lelo Sona 2 is an enhanced sonic massager that delivers powerful sonic waves that stimulate more of the clitoris than ever before. It’s rechargeable and 100% waterproof with a wider mouth for better reach.


Benefit #3 – Sex Toys Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep problems are the actual worst. Using a sex toy to masturbate is a great way to get your mind and body ready for sleep whether you’re anxious, have a thrown off sleep pattern, or your mind won’t shut off. Using a CALEXOTIC RECHARGEABLE CLITORAL PUMP to achieve an orgasm before you go to bed causes the body to get exhausted due to the release of dopamines and oxytocin. Not only will sex toys help a woman get a great night worth of rest, but she’ll do so with a smile!


The CALEXOTIC RECHARGEABLE CLITORAL PUMP provides an innovative and contemporary twist to a time-tested favorite intimate product. Ergonomically designed and cloaked in silky smooth silicone, this intimate pump is petite, discreet, and fully automatic, and will help knock you out so you can enjoy a much needed night of rest!


Benefit #4 – Sex Toys Help Women Enhance Their Overall Mood

Due to the release of endorphins when an orgasm is achieved, masturbating with sex toys makes you happy. You don’t have to reach a full blown orgasm to relieve a little tension while using the FANTASY FOR HER BODY MASSAGE-HER, but just simply teasing the genitals will do the trick to turn any frown upside down!


The FANTASY FOR HER BODY MASSAGE-HER packs ten toe-curling, headboard-rattling vibe modes into a sleek silicone mini wand shaped for precision handling, Pipedream’s Fantasy For Her collection presents a lovely lilac mini version of a total classic.

Delivering deep, precision placed stimulation from mode 1, the Massage-Her ranges through ten completely unique patterns of pleasure. A dedicated button activates the motor and cycles through the optional vibe rhythms.


Benefit #5 – Sex Toys Help Couples Set The Mood

The Forbidden Apple’s wide selection of sex toys are a great way to get foreplay going in the bedroom for couples! The longer couples are together the less foreplay they tend to have, but mixing things up by using a WE-VIBE MELT vibrator will allow couples to spend more time pleasuring each other before jumping right into having sex.

We Vibe Melt

The WE-VIBE MELT is the only Pleasure Air™ stimulator designed for couples. Melt surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction, while the curved design fits perfectly between you in any position. Turn up the heat and experience epic pleasure, together.


The Forbidden Apple Is Helping Women Achieve Orgasms During The Pandemic


The Forbidden Apple’s wide selection of female oriented sex toys for the modern woman is allowing women to still enjoy much needed orgasms during a time when it’s almost impossible to meet and date new people in order to have sexual encounters with real people.

Right now is not the time to give up on having orgasms just because you can’t find a partner to help get you off, the Forbidden Apple will help you achieve all of the orgasms you need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue helping you achieve orgasms even when the pandemic has passed.

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Male Sex Toys Feel Like The Real Thing

Male Sex Toys Feel Like The Real Thing

Listen up men, you really need to start using sex toys on a regular basis because they provide many benefits to your health..and oh yeah, they’ll also make you have amazing orgasms!

Today’s sex toys for men feel so real that you’ll have a hard time believing that they aren’t connected to a woman’s body in some way.

The Benefits Of Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men!

Stimulation of the prostate can offer a number of health and pleasure giving benefits. The prostate, described by some as the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, is a walnut-sized semen storage gland located at the base of the penis, just below the bladder. It can be stimulated both externally through pressure against the perineum and internally through the rectum. Anal stimulation is more direct, intense and produces better results.

When ignored, semen can build up within the prostate, creating stagnation and bacterial growth which can cause swelling and inflammation (prostatitis). An enlarged prostate can cause urinary and erectile problems, both distressing and uncomfortable, disrupting sleep and sexual function.

Regular prostate massage can relax tension and stress in the muscles and nerve endings in the prostate area.

When the prostate is massaged, a man can experience extremely powerful, long-lasting, often multiple orgasms, and intense ejaculation. A prostate orgasm also flushes out any stagnant prostate fluid which can cause swelling of the prostate, thus avoiding the need for surgery.

Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and genital pain by improving blood circulation and cleansing the prostate.

What are the best sex toys that men should use to massage their prostate?

What Types Of Sex Toys Should Men Be Using

With so many types of sex toys made just for men, it can be a daunting task for a guy to decide upon the perfect sex toy to start having fun with.

The four types of sex toys that I think men get the most benefit from are prostate massagers, male masturbation devices, cock rings, and love dolls, also known as sex dolls.

Where To Buy The Best Male Oriented Sex Toys

After doing some research as to where the best selection of male oriented sex toys are I stumbled upon across!

This online sex shop has all of the male oriented sex toys that I mention above, and their prices are extremely affordable.

Male Prostate Massagers

Male Prostate Massagers

If you want to have a greater understanding of what the true limits of self-pleasure are, you’d be missing out by choosing to avoid prostate orgasms altogether, and choosing to explore the full range of sexual sensations you can feel by exploring with a prostate massager means that you’re able to feel brand new sensations that you’ve never felt before.

Click here to find the prostate massager of your dreams!

Male Masturbation Devices

Male Masturbation Devices

Today’s male masturbation toys feel, and look like, the real thing, and provide a fun way for men to achieve an orgasm, and all men should own at least one male masturbation toy!

Seriously, why use your hand to get you off when you can use fun devices that will stroke you off in ways that you never imagined. If I had a wiener I’d own every type of male masturbation device available on the market today.

Click here to find the best male masturbation devices available today!

Cock Rings

Cock Rings

The best cock rings are the ones that are made of the right material and fit you properly. There are people who shop online for an assortment of cock rings because they need to buy something that they think will be most comfortable, or you might want to get something that is really tight for your partner. You might also consider how you can use a cock ring on your partner when you would like them to be chaste. Consider for a second how it fits, how it closes, and if it locks when checking every sale. The cock ring can give you a lot of sensation, but there are some that are so tight your partner will not be able to cum. If you want to stay chaste, you can lock yourself up, or you can just play around during sex to get off harder.

Click here to learn more about the Cock Rings available at!

Love Dolls

Love Dolls

Love dolls, also called sex dolls, are currently the most realistic sex toy for men on the market today.

Sex dolls not only feel like real women, but they also look like real women, and all sex dolls have mouths, vaginas, and butt holes designed to allow men to have simulated intercourse with; men can use sex dolls for everything from blow jobs, to anal sex, which is everything a real woman can do, except sex dolls won’t complain about it.

Click here to check out how sexy love dolls look!

About offers a wife variety of the finest sex aids for men such as prostate massagers, male masturbation devices, cock rings and love dolls just to name a few, but also has a wide selection of sex toys for women as well as a massive selection of sex toys for couples to use together!

Sex Toys For Women!

Sex Toys For Couples!

Sex Toys For Men!

No matter what your gender may be, will have the exact type of device you have been dreaming about!


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Teddy’s Girls Want To Share Booty Selfies

Teddy's Girls Want To Share Booty Selfies

Okay everyone, I have a very special treat to share with you today…..BOOTY SELFIES from the hottest girls on all of social media!

But these girls aren’t posting their sexy and nude selfies and videos on Instagram, Tik Tok, SnapChat, or Fans Only..these ladies are only posting their sexiest content for you to see at Teddys Girls!

Also, you can contact all of the women below and ask them to send you nude selfies, as well as very naughty videos, that they’ll make just for you!

So if you like any of the ladies below then send a message to Teddy and he will introduce you to them.


Let The Magic Of Booty Selfies Begin!


Meet Kinzlee


I’m a real booty with a pure heart kind of woman.You will be thoroughly entertained by me, I am a natural born entertainer; I sing,dance(twerk-a-thon) and I am into photography so I’ll always have new and exciting content for you.Warning my content is not for the faint of heart though,I’m kinky and a freak and I will admit it,I’m weird! My content is unlike any other,if your into fetishes and filth in the most delicious and decadent manner,then I have what you want!

Click here to get in touch with Kinzlee!


Meet Alsion

Meet Alsion

I enjoy being my fun and naughty self in my casual day to day all the way to dressing up and being your little freak nasty tease!
My favorite daily routine consists of GTS! (gym, tan, squirt)

Click here to get in touch with Alsion!


Meet Roxee

Meet Roxee

I’m a married hot wife, 32b boobs, 5ft6 age 32. I am a fully nude errotic, gg model, I make many movies squirting been very filthy, naughty and I am into a lot of fetishes. I can assure you will be satisfied when you see what I have to offer.

Click here to get in touch with Roxee!


Meet Haylo


I’m a free spirited and fun girl who thinks life is about happiness, love and non judgement. I’m horny all the time! Hehe

Click here to get in touch with Haylo!


Meet PrincessA

Meet PrincessA

Hi! I’m A I’m 21 and I’m very artistic. I love painting. If I’m not painting, I’m playing COD. 🙂

Click here to get in touch with PrincessA!


Meet Sabrina May

Meet Sabrina May

I’m the quirky girl next door you never suspected would be so naughty. I love to tease and show off, but I don’t leave you hurtin’. One of my biggest turn on’s is making you cum🤤 I watch a lot of Netflix and spend time with my animals. When I’m not at home though I’m on another adventure!

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Meet Sarah Clayton

Meet Sarah Clayton

Hey, I’m Sarah and I’m a girl-next-door type of chick. I love to work out, cook, model, and wear some sexy stuff on the weekends. I can literally go from sneakers all week, to busting out some 6inch heels and go dance somewhere.

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Meet Miss Pots

Meet Miss Pots

Hello, I’m Miss Pots! I love longs walks to the fridge, fat joints and getting naughty for all of my viewers. Cum join me for tons of fun!

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About TeddysGirls

TeddysXP is the premier subscription-based social media platform providing a private experience with the hottest Models on the internet where users can sell and/or purchase original content—typically of the pornographic variety.


Who Are TeddysGirls

Teddys Girls are the hottest models, adult film stars, and social media influencers in the world today. Mainstream social media made it difficult for them to provide their folowers and fans with their sexiest and naughtiest content, but then Teddy came around and created a platform for them that makes it possible for these ladies to supply their followers with the sexiest content possible.


How Can You Get In Contact With TeddysGirls To Request Naughty Content?

Each Model provides private access to paying members, whether it’s to her private feed directly here on TeddysXP and/or on her private social media accounts. Once you subscribe for access the Model will add you to her account. Members enjoy boyfriend like privileges and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes premium content.




Why waste time checking out hot girls on social media platforms like Instagram when you can’t have direct access to these models and request personalized naughty content from them.

Teddys Girls provides the best private access the women that you want to get in contact with! And not only are Teddys Girls hot, but they are extremely generous and love sending their followers the exact type of adult content that they really want.

Please do me a favor and visit Teddys Girls today and let me know which 3 girls you think are the hottest so that I can post their booty selfies in another article!

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The BDSM Social Network

The BDSM Social Network

The more I learn and participate in the BDSM lifestyle the more interested I am in meeting new people to live out my bondage fantasies with, so I decided to do some research online to see what type of BDSM apps and online communities exist for people seeking to meet new ‘doms’ and ‘sub’ to role play with.

All I can say is OMG there 99% of the BDSM apps and BDSM dating sites out there are 100% FAKE!

I signed up for a few of them just to see how they look, and they were full of bots or employees pretending to be hot girls messaging me.

You see, whenever I join a new dating app I always sign up as “male” for my gender instead of “female” , I also select “90” for my age, and then I use this profile pic below:


If I start getting matches and messages within the first 20 minutes then I know the app is fake.

If I don’t get any activity then I create a real account.

So after signing up for 15 BDSM social networking and dating communities only one of them was real, and it’s actually populated with a LOT of kinksters!


A Real BDSM Social Network & Fetish Dating Community


The only real social network and dating community for people in the BDSM lifestyle that I’ve discovered is FetSide, and if you’re into BDSM, or even just curious about kink, I recommend that you check out FetSide as soon as possible.


About FetSide

KINK, FETISH and BDSM community. Like a Facebook but more interesting. Fetish dating for kinksters who are into femdom, fetish parties, munches or just a kinky chat. Kinky news.

What really impresses me about FetSide  is their layout and look. A lot of BDSM sites look very “low budget”, and FetSide is quite the opposite with an extremely high quality feel and design.


The FetSide Community


The FetSide “community” section allows all of their members to post and reply to “personals” type of messages for no cost at all.

I really like this section because of how easy it is to navigate, post personal ads, and then reply to them.


FetSide Talks



FetSide My Page



FetSide Events

The FetSide Events area is a great place to discover when and where BDSM parties and other kinky events will be happening throughout the world.

Just choose the city you want to check for BDSM events and FetSide will show you all of the happenings in that area!

Here are a couple examples:




FetSide Magazine

One of my favorite things about FetSide is their FetSide Magazine which is available for everyone to read online. It’s basically a blog, but it discusses everything that there is to know about the BDSM lifestyle, and it’s very informative for both BDSM newbies as well as veteran kinksters.

Please check out the FetSide Magazine here!


Live Community Thread

Fetside also has a live thread, much like a live Twitter feed, that allows kinksters to participate in an all community group chat.

I noticed that everyone on this thread is very respectful to one another, which makes me believe that all of FetSide’s users must great people to talk to online and hopefully meet up with sometime soon in the real world to play out some of my BDSM fantasies with.

Please check out the FetSide thread here!


More people than you know participate in the BDSM lifestyle, and since many of them are members of the FetSide community, you to should join as well so you can meet kinksters who are into femdom, fetish parties, munches or just a kinky chat.

Seriously, give FetSide a shot and reach out to me on their community!

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Tease N’ Please My Booty

Tease N' Please My Booty

I’ve always enjoyed anal sex, but ever since the cornoavirus quarantine went into effect I’ve found myself loving anal sex more than ever, but instead of having a man pound away on my booty I’ve been using a variety of anal sex toys to help satisfy my booty cravings!

Before COVID-19 I only used sex toys on my clit to help achieve quick orgasms, but since the quarantine I’ve dabbled in many different types of sex toys, and I discovered that anal sex toys are AMAZING!

Everyone should be using anal sex toys, this includes both straight and gay men, as well as ALL of my fellow ladies, because of how pleasurable they really are.

I totally understand that anal sex toys can be very intimidating for all of you first timers out there that aren’t used to having things in your butt, so I’m going to show you how to properly tease n’ please your booty with anal sex toys..and trust me, you’re going to love it.


Tips For First Timers: What You Should Know Before Playing With Anal Sex Toys


Tip #1 – Go Solo Before Inviting A Partner To Play With

Masturbating allows us to learn what we prefer sexually over what we don’t enjoy and anal play is no different. Using anal sex toys alone on yourself is one of the best, as well as most comfortable, ways to begin your anal sex toy journey.

The first time you experiment with a new anal sex toy might result in some surprising sensations. Playing solo gives you the chance to be both the giver and the receiver, which is super helpful when you do eventually add another person to the mix.

Don’t let your partner use anal sex toys on you until you know what you like, and what you don’t like. Trust me, anal sex toys are very fun to use with others, but when you know what you like it’s way more fun and enjoyable.


Tip #2 – Go Number 2 Or Use An Enema

You may want to go #2 an hour before you start playing around with anal toys so you don’t have to worry about having any accidents that may interrupt and ruin your experience.

And if you want to make certain to not have a messy accident you may want to use an enema to make sure that your bowels are completely empty.


Tip # 3- Take A Shower Or Bath Before Starting

Booty play can be very messy, so make sure you’re butthole is super clean before you start playing with any type of anal sex toy.


Tip #4 – Don’t Play With Multiple Holes Ladies

Hey ladies, if you don’t want a UTI (urinary tract infection) then don’t use the same sex toys on your vagina that were just inside your booty. We all know not to wipe from back to front, and the same goes for sex toys.


Tip #5 – Choose The Type Of Anal Toy To Play With


When it comes to anal sex toys the selection is vast and wide, so I’m going to recommend which toys I think your booty will get the most enjoyment from.

Also, please visit Tease N Please if you want to order any of the anal sex toys that I recommend below because Tease N Please is where I shop for all of my anal sex toys.



I love butt plugs, not just because they prepare you for having anal sex with a partner, but because they provide pleasurable sensations when you use them alone.

Since pressure is what enables many people to climax and experience great pleasure, both vaginally and anally, butt plugs facilitate sexual pleasure, because they apply pressure to erogenous zones and create the feeling of fullness.


Jenny’s Favorite Butt Plug: Fantasy For Her – Her Little Gems Small Plug

Fantasy For Her - Her Little Gems Small Plug

I love this butt plug because of its petite size which I believe is ideal for all beginners, and it’s also very comfortable.

Click here for more information about this butt plug!



You know how butt plugs are meant to stay in your booty without going “in” and “out” like regular intercourse, well anal beads were designed to stimulated inside the body AND move “in” and “out” of the booty.

Anal beads are inserted into the butthole one at a time, creating a sensual feeling of fullness. They’re then pulled out at varying speeds, depending on the desired effect. As the beads are removed, they arouse the sensitive nerve endings of the double ringed sphincter muscle. This stimulation creates a series of pleasurable sensations, like having a muscle massaged.


Jenny’s Anal Beads Of Choice: Sassy 10 Anal Beads

Sassy 10 Anal Beads

These beads gradually increase in the size the deeper you go so you can be sure that your pleasure will increase as well.

Click here to learn more about Sassy 10 Anal Beads!

Now those are the 2 anal sex toys that I play with on a daily basis, and I think you should try them as well.


Tip #6 – Numb Thy Booty

I recommend that you use a product called Anal-Ese Cream when you first start playing with anal sex toys to reduce any amount of pain you may feel the first few times you use anal sex toys on yourself. Anal-Ese Cream slightly numbs your butthole and allows you to insert anal sex toys inside of you so you feel pleasure and not pain.

Anal-Ese Cream can also be purchased at Tease N’ Please.


Tip #7 – Lube, Lube, And More Lube

If someone ever tells you that too much of anything is bad for you then they’ve never had anything up their butt before because you can never have too much lube when it comes to anal play.

The anus does not lubricate naturally like the vagina, so you need to help it out a bit. Since a butt plug can stay in the body for long periods of time, you should always apply enough lubricant to ensure the easy and pleasurable removal of the plug. Our motto is ‘Slow and Slippery’.


I recommend Calexotics Premium Lube because it’s not expensive, and works great with any type of sex toy that you want to put up your booty!

Tease N Please carries this Premium Lube for only $9.99, so I’d get it from there if I were you.


Tease N Please Provides More Than Amazing Anal Sex Toys


Tease & Please is an adult boutique that offers sex toys for women, men, and couples in the below categories:

For Her

For Him

Couple Sex Toys




The thought of using anal sex toys for the first time can be scary. There are a lot of taboos, tall tales and a good deal of misinformation that can confuse people, and cause fear. The most important part to making the experience pleasurable is education and using the best anal sex toys available today.

Please visit Tease N Please today to get started on your anal sex toy adventure!

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Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Forbidden Vibes

Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Forbidden Vibes

Why does everyone, not just men because I’m grouping women in this statement as well, but why does everyone that doesn’t own a masturbation device of some sort think that sex toys are just for women?

Seriously, when I have conversations with my friends about sex toys, most of them think they’re strictly for women, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, in the beginning most sex toys were indeed engineered to be utilized by women, but many sex toys are made for men, and many sex toys are designed for couples to use together.


History of Sex 101 – Today’s Lesson: Sex Toys

the first dildo

I know I’m just a young 25 year old slutty real estate agent that loves to blog and attend swinger parties, but today I’m going to “role play” as a History Professor…so get ready to take notes if you want to get an A in class, or at least a BJ from your Professor!


Ancient Sex Toys Were Made From Camel Turds


People have been horny since the very beginning of time…how do I know this? Because archaeologists, you know those people that have the same profession as Indian Jones, have discovered sex toys that they believe are at least 28,000 years old.

These ancient dildos were made from stone which is understandable, but it seems that our ancient ancestors really didn’t know what to do with animal waste back in the day because instead burying their camel’s poop in the sand like normal people, they decided to sculpt sex toys out of camel turds.

I kind of wanna know why this archaeologist came to the conclusion that what they excavated were indeed sex toys and not some sort of other tools? Maybe archaeologists are just as freaky as the rest of us are, they just have sexier outfits than most of us do, I mean sexy whips make up part of every archaeologist’s uniform.


Although it would be super gross to masturbate with camel turd dildos, it would make a great Raider’s of The Lost Ark sequel, Indiana Jones & The Quest for Ancient Camel Turd Dildos!

I know Harrison Ford is way too old for me, but he really does make archaeology look super sexy…and I just found out today that Harrison Ford is the same guy that played Han Solo in the star wars movies..that’s crazy right?


Hey Professor Jenny: Stay On Track With Today’s Sex Toy Lesson

Ancient sex toys

The oldest ‘sex toy’ on record is a siltstone phallus that dates back 28,000 years and was made from both stone and dried camel poop, and by the way, it was found in Germany….Indiana Jones enemies were Germans right? I’m just saying that this could be a cool movie Mr. Spielberg!!!

While phalluses made from stone, wood, leather and even camel dung have all be found during excavations, or referenced throughout historical text and images, the term dildo was first coined in around 1400 AD and originated from the Latin for ‘dilatare’, which means ‘open wide’, and the Italian for delight, which translates as ‘diletto.’

In the Middle East, historical reports reference Egyptians and the Greek using unripe bananas, or camel dung coated in resin as sexual masturbation devices.

But ‘sex’ devices were used much earlier, as far back as 500BC, when phalluses were carved out of stone, leather or wood. Some were even made from tar.

Ancient Greeks made and sold objects called ‘olisbos’, intended to help wives achieve sexual penetration while their husbands were away. They probably created these ‘olisbos’ so their wives didn’t cheat on their husband’s while they hid in hallowed-out wooden horses, but hey, at least the ancient Greeks wanted their women to enjoy sex!

Sex derives were also used during the Renaissance, and were typically made of leather and used with olive oil for lubrication.

High class members of the Italian society would even display their sex devices, often made from silver, gold and ivory.

However, they were said to be painful to use and their popularity waned. The first dildos didn’t arrive in the United Kingdom until the 1500s.

The first rubber dildos have been traced back to around 1850 and they started appearing in movies during the 1930s and 1940s. I guess my grandma probably used one of these rubber dildos while my grandpa was fighting the Germans during WWII because my mom once mentioned to me that she found a dildo in my grandmother’s belongings after she passed away…I guess I know where I got my “freaky” gene from! I miss you granny!!!


Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Forbidden Vibes


I love sex toys, not only because the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my life were achieved by using them, but also because of the many health benefits they provide for women and men, even couples for that matter, and after 28,000 years of trying to get it right, the people over at Forbidden Vibes have put together quite possibly the best selection of sex toys that the world has ever seen.

Seriously, I stumbled upon Forbidden Vibes at the beginning of May and the majority of the money I’ve spent this month has been with them…I mean a girl has to make sure she’s getting her daily dose of orgasms, and the sex toys I’ve found at Forbidden Vibes are helping me get the job done! I mean I’m really using the sex toys from Forbidden Vibes probably more than an actual human being should…just to get an idea of how much I’ve been using these sex toys, let’s say that I’ve only been using my right hand to type up this entire article.

I don’t know if the people over at Forbidden Vibes have ever seen those Indiana Jones movies or not, but their selection of sex toys are so amazing that they deserve their own sequel in the Raider’s Of The Lost Ark movie franchise… I guess they could name it Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Forbidden Vibes! And instead of holding a whip to scare away snakes, Indiana could be holding a Nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3 in 1 Vibrator to lure sexy women toward his wiener…heck, it would work on me that’s for sure!


About Forbidden Vibes


Forbidden Vibes began in Vancouver in 2013 when two wonderful Canadians, Charlene and Linnea, decided to start a new hobby setting up sex toy parties as well as providing trade shows with sex toys. Their little “hobby” quickly became a full on business that spread to the USA where it has become the sex toy powerhouse it is today.

They still continue to work daily on their business by responding to inquiries and processing orders. Because they want their customers to know that they love the sex toy business and totally enjoy what they do.

I know this to be true because I emailed Charlene asking if I could mention Forbidden Vibes in this article, and I received a reply in just a few hours of hitting “send”.


Jenny’s Favorite Sex Toys For Women, Men, & Couples

Since I’ve spent many hours browsing through Forbidden Vibes’ huge selection of sex toys, I wanted to share with you the sexy devices that I think every women, man, and couple should add to their sex toy collection!


My Favorite Sex Toys For Women



Nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3 in 1 Vibrator

Nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3 in 1 Vibrator

NU Sensuelle Trinitii is a revolutionary 3-in-1 sex toy designed specifically for women. Cutting edge air technology sensation that can be used alone as well as with a partner. Tongue like cunnilingus action with powerful suction, producing orgasmic results. With 7 suction modes varying from gentle caresses to a more intense Trinitii is sure to please. 15 incredible vibrations as well as 4-speed patterns for toe-curling pleasure.

Click here to learn more about the Nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3 in 1 Vibrator!


O Gel – Sliquid Organics

O Gel – Sliquid Organics


Sliquid Stimulating O Gel is a 100% vegan-friendly clitoral stimulating lubricant. Created with naturally derived ingredients, this lubricating gel is will really get you going! This product is L-Arginine free and is formulated with naturally derived stimulating ingredients, including Peppermint Oil and Menthol.

Click here to learn more about the Sliquid Stimulating O Gel!


Please visit the For Her Pleasure section at Forbidden Vibes to check out all of their wonderful female oriented sex toys!



My Favorite Sex Toys For Men


Pdx Elite Vibrating Mega Milker

Pdx Elite Vibrating Mega Milker

Innovative compression technology in the PDX ELITE VIBRATING MEGA MILKER is designed to automatically surround your shaft with stimulating pressure, allowing for incredible squeeze and release pleasure. A transparent window allows you to view the action as every inch of your cock is milked over and over by 6 empowering speeds.

Click here to learn more about the Pdx Elite Vibrating Mega Milker!


Premium Silicone Stretchy Vibrating Cock Ring

Premium Silicone Stretchy Vibrating Cock Ring

This stimulating, powerful stretchy cock ring will provide uninterrupted vibration that will not quit until you do! The removable peanut vibe provides strong stimulation, and can be used again and again! Just insert the 3 tab batteries, and enjoy stimulation for your partner.

Click here to learn more about this cock ring!


Please visit the For His Pleasure section at Forbidden Vibes to check out all of their amazing male oriented sex toys!



My Favorite Sex Toys For Couples


O Gel – Sliquid Organics

O Gel – Sliquid Organics


I know I already mentioned this, but this is a great lube that couples should be using for all of their sexual intimate sessions to help make sure that the woman is achieving an orgasm every single time in the bedroom!

Sliquid Stimulating O Gel is a 100% vegan-friendly clitoral stimulating lubricant.

Click here to learn more about the Sliquid Stimulating O Gel!


Brace Ball Gag With Stretchable Strap – Black

Brace Ball Gag With Stretchable Strap – Black

Do you love a naughty game? Keep your lover quiet with this distinctive ball gag. This gag has a high-quality leather neck brace and a fabric elastic strap which ensures you of total comfort and a perfect fit! Use this toy on its own, or in combination with other products of Ouch!

Click here to learn more about this Brace Ball Gag With Stretchable Strap!


Please visit the Bondage & Fetish Toys section at Forbidden Vibes to check out all of their wonderful BDSM goodies!



Sex Toys have been around for over 28,000 years, but it took less than 7 years for two Canadians by the names of Charlene and Linnea to put together the best selection of sex toys for women, men and couples that the world has ever seen, and I urge every woman, man, and couple to visit Forbidden Vibes today to check out their accomplishment!


Forbidden Vibes On Social Media






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Help Jenny With May 2020’s Booty Of The Day

Help Jenny With May 2020's Booty Of The Day
May 28th Booty Of The Day

Please do me a favor and visit my Booty Of The Day page and let me know which booty you think should be the Booty Of The Month for May 2020!


My favorite booty so far would be the Booty Of The Day – May 13th, 2020 below:

May 2020 Booty Of The Day 2
May 13th Booty Of The Day


then Booty Of The Day – May 27th, 2020 (shown below)

May 2020 Booty Of The Day 3
May 27th Booty Of The Day


& near the top of my list is also the Booty Of The Day – May 11th, 2020 (shown below)


May 2020 Booty Of The Day 4
May 11th Booty Of The Day

But please send me an email and let me know which booty you would crown the Booty Of The Month for May 2020.

Please click here to email me which booty you think is the best Booty Of The Day in May 2020!

And please let me know what type of outfits and materials you think a woman’s booty looks the best in. I think my booty, as well as most female butts look best in either yoga pants, but they have to be sexy yoga pants, or in super short, and I mean super short shorts, like the sexy babe is wearing directly above!

But please let me know what you think a woman’s booty looks the sexiest in and I’ll do my very best, and I promise, to find women wearing those items that really show off their butts to post on the Booty Of The Day page!

And please also send me the names of women that you think have the best butts so I can also make certain to post pictures and selfies of their butts on the Booty Of The Day  page as well!

Finally, let me know if I should post pics of my booty, like this one below on that Booty Of The Day page…

Jenny's Booty Pic #1
Jenny’s Booty Pic #1


Or does my booty look better in this silly selfie…

Jenny's Booty Pic #2
Jenny’s Booty Pic #2

Or does my booty look best while swimming in a pool like this one below…

Jenny's Booty Pic #3
Jenny’s Booty Pic #3

Anyway, enough about my booty….please click here to visit the Booty Of The Day page and let me know which booty is the best!

Send me an email with your decision by clicking here to email me!

I really appreciate all of your help!




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The BDSM Coaches

The BDSM Coaches

As I become more comfortable with the BDSM lifestyle, I find myself wanting to participate in more and more aggressive and intensive BDSM role playing fantasies, so it’s very important that I always obey and follow the essential bondage safety tips.


Essential BDSM Safety Tips

Essential BDSM Safety Tips

If the riskiest things going on in your bedroom is the Reverse Cowgirl position and some anal salad tossing, then bondage can certainly seem like a venture into the unknown!

While bondage does offer the chance to achieve deeper, more powerful orgasms, it can also be extremely risky! The real dangers of bondage include nerve damage, permanent disability, and even death through asphyxiation.


The BDSM 4 (For Safety That Is)

Essential Bondage Safety Tips

There are 4 essential bondage safety tips that you must ALWAYS follow during bondage sex.


Essential Bondage Safety Tip #1 – Agree On Both A Safe Word & A Safe Gesture

Essential Bondage Safety Tip #1

It doesn’t matter how safe you think bondage is, you NEED to set a safe word and a safe gesture before you do anything.

By using a safe word. Bondage only works if there is complete trust; the sub needs to know that saying one word will stop the play immediately. However, if you’re using anything that prevents your partner from speaking, such as a gag, you must also set a safe action that they can use to tell you enough is enough.

From what I understand, a common misconception about BDSM role play is that the ‘sub’ is surrendering control to the ‘dom’. In reality the sub remains in control throughout….’subs’ are essentially giving themselves to their partner – quite a romantic gesture if ever there was one! By consenting to be dominated, the sub has the right to withdraw that consent at any time.


Essential Bondage Safety Tip #2 – Experiment First To Avoid Awkward Conversations

Essential Bondage Safety Tip #2

Before trying any rope, restraint or material with your partner, always test it on yourself first. This lets you check whether it is abrasive, or has any other hidden surprises that you should know about!

I once got a rather nasty looking rope burn from some “bad” rope, so test the rope before it’s tied around your throat…trust me, “bad” rope can lead to some awkward conversations out in the real world with your mom that sound like this:

“no mom I wasn’t trying to hang myself, I was actually getting pounded in my booty while I was tied up like a hog..pass the mashed potatoes please.”


Essential Bondage Safety Tip #3 – Role “Switch”

Essential Bondage Safety Tip #3

Before you start any bondage role play fantasy, you need to decide upon roles with your partner so that the boundaries and expectations are clear.

Many first-timers get hung up on labeling themselves as either dominant or submissive, a dom or a sub, a top or a bottom.

You don;t have to always be the ‘dom’ or the ‘sub’, you can be a ‘switch’ and experiment with both! As you gain experience in the BDSM lifestyle you may find yourself preferring one role over the other, or you may just be a switch for life.

I actually love being dominated, and so far I’ve always stayed in the ‘sub’ role, but maybe I’ll ‘switch’ things up one day…but I don’t know…I just love having my hair yanked while getting pounded from behind when I’m tied up…everyone really has to try it!


Essential Bondage Safety Tip #4 – Remember That BDSM Can Be Dangerous

Essential Bondage Safety Tip #4

Many bondage positions that involve tying up a person with rope can be EXTREMELY risky and should only be attempted by professionals or people who have been properly trained. Although this isn’t a ‘how-to’ guide, we deliberately omitted high-risk bondage positions and recommend that you always err on the side of caution if you choose to experiment with bondage at your own risk.


The BDSM Coaches


If you really want to participate in the BDSM lifestyle then I highly recommend that you get to know The BDSM Coaches as soon as possible, because bondage, if done incorrectly, can lead to permanent health issues such as nerve damage or even limb amputations in extreme cases.

So if you’re unsure about something, DON’T DO IT until you’ve been taught how to do it correctly by The BDSM Coaches!


About The BDSM Coaches – Emily & Bella


Through BDSM and kink, Emily & Bella (The BDSM Coaches) help people improve intimacy, learn the benefits of being vulnerable and true to their desires, and gain the inspiration and tools needed to have the sex life they’ve always wanted.


More About Coach Emily


Among other things, BDSM taught Coach Emily communication skills and how to set boundaries. And it taught her a lot about herself. Because it changed her life, she had a passion for sharing it with others and helping them open up to whatever sexual desires they had.

Free Coaching Session With Emily (Quarantine aid) – 20 minutes

The BDSM Coaches are offering free coaching sessions with Emily to allow anyone to get the emotional support they need right now. This is not a discovery call or sales call. It is straight up our gift to you to help you with anything you need right now. We realize that people are quarantined, often with their partners and this provides an opportunity to learn and grow in and out of the bedroom.


More About Coach Bella


Coach Bella’s background is in sexual healing, and as a sexuality doula and coach, she helps people claim their personal power and their connection to pleasure.

BDSM has been a big part of Bella’s life, and her coaching around kink and BDSM centers on conscious and clear intention-setting, expanding personal pleasure, and enhancing the feminine aspects of BDSM.

Click here for more information On Coach Bella & Coach Emily




Appointment includes detailed intake information and analysis prior to the coaching time slot. During the coaching session, there will be intention setting, and a review of the basics and benefits of BDSM. Session includes group and individual coaching, culminating in short-term homework (fun) and a custom designed BDSM/fantasy based on your desires and goals.



On-going sessions include a continuing exploration into BDSM, kink and intimacy. Please book by the hour. Coaching packages available on request.


Free Coaching Session (Quarantine aid) – 20 minutes

As previously mentioned, The BDSM Coaches are offering free coaching sessions with Emily to allow anyone to get the emotional support they need right now. This is not a discovery call or sales call. It is straight up our gift to you to help you with anything you need right now. We realize that people are quarantined, often with their partners and this provides an opportunity to learn and grow in and out of the bedroom.

Click here for more information about Bella & Emily’s Coaching Sessions!


Sexual Exploration Questionnaire


Want to explore your desires? Then take the Sexual Exploration Questionnaire now!


Get The BDSM Coaches’ Best Selling Book!


Amazon Bestseller!A Couple’s Shades of Grey: A Man and A Woman’s Journey Into BDSM is about real people. Real BDSM.




Once again, BDSM can be very dangerous if you DO NOT know what you’re doing!

If you really want to participate in the BDSM lifestyle then I highly recommend that you check out The BDSM Coaches as soon as possible, because bondage, if done incorrectly, can lead to permanent health issues such as nerve damage or even limb amputations in extreme cases.

So if you’re unsure about something, DON’T DO IT until you’ve been taught how to do it correctly by The BDSM Coaches!

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Bring Your Bedroom To Life With A Sex Doll

Bring Your Bedroom To Life With A Sex Doll

Strap in, because I’m about to tell you everything that you’ll ever need to know about sex dolls right here…and once I;’m finished you’ll be ready to bring your bedroom to life with a sex doll of your very own!


What Exactly Is A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are super advanced sex toys for men that are created to resemble a real life woman. Sex dolls not only look like real women, but their designed to replicate all aspects of real sex for men. All sex dolls have mouths, vaginas, and butt holes designed to allow men to have simulated intercourse with; men can use sex dolls for everything from blow jobs, to anal sex, which is everything a real woman can do, except sex dolls won’t complain about it.


Sex Dolls Are A Great Way To Bring Your Bedroom To Life!


One of the best places to buy sex dolls at is the Online Australian adult store Naughty By Nature also known as Nbnas!

Types of Sex Dolls You Can Get At Naughty By Nature!

Sex dolls come in many different shapes and styles which include all of the following:

BBW Sex Dolls, Big Booty Sex Dolls, Big Boobs Sex Dolls, Small Tits Sex Dolls, Muscular Sex Dolls, Skinny Sex Dolls, Young Sex Dolls, Milf Sex Dolls, Cute Sex Dolls, Asian Sex Dolls, Japanese Real Dolls, Korean Sex Dolls, Mini & Small dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, Celebrity Sex Dolls, Black Sex Dolls, Blonde Sex Dolls, Redhead Sex Dolls.


Discover Naughty By Nature’s selection of sex dolls and find which one deserves a chance to be with you.

Their silicone and TPE sex dolls give you the company you seek. Whether you want her for a quick sexual adventure or just to hang out they can do both. Appreciate their charming listening skills too.

Delivery for their dolls normally takes around 5 – 10 business days

Click here to check out Naughty By Nature’s Selection of Sex Dolls!


What Are The Most Popular Selling Sex Dolls?


Currently the most popular selling sex dolls At Nbnas are listed below!


Meet “Melissa” – She Is The Most Popular Sex Doll For Men


Melissa is a beautiful red head with a fit-toned body, small waist, and a big firm breasts!

She has openings in her mouth, vagina, and anus that are waiting to be filled!

Here are Melissa’s Stats:

Height: 140cm-29kg
Material: TPE metal skeleton
Breast: 79cm
Waist: 48cm
Hip: 76cm
Cross Shoulder: 35cm
Leg length: 77cm
Thigh width: 41cm
Palm length: 17cm
Foot length: 20cm
Vaginal Depth: 17cm
Anal Depth: 17cm
Oral Depth: 12cm
Net Weight: 25kg
Gross Weight: 29kg
Package size: 137*34*29cm

Click here for more information about the Melissa Sex Doll!


Meet “Jimmy” – He Is The Most Popular Sex Doll For Women


Jimmy has a HUGE penis that will make any woman, or man, beg for more of it!

Here are Jimmy’s Stats:

Height: 165cm-45kg
Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Breast: 83cm
Waist: 71cm
Hip: 89cm
Cross Shoulder: 44cm
Palm length: 14cm
Foot length: 22cm
Penis length: 18cm
Net Weight: 45kg
Gross Weight: 48kg
Package size: 154*38*24cm

Click here for more information about the Jimmy Sex Doll!


Meet “Kimber” – The Most Popular Transgender Sex Doll


Kimber is one of the most beautiful and popular transgender sex dolls at Nbnas.

This beautiful face is paired up with a huge boobs and penis.

Kimber so gorgeous he/she will turn heads, standing at 158 cm what a beauty.

Kimber enjoy’s giving and receiving oral and anal sex.


Here are Kimber’s Stats:

Skin material : TPE
Inside : TPE with metal skeleton
Weight : 28 kg
Height : 158 cm
Bust*waist*hip:85.5 cm*60.5 cm*86 cm
Functions : Vagina sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Breast sex
Feet length: 21.5 cm
Vagina depth: 18 cm ,Anal depth: 17 cm, Oral depth: 13 cm( giving and taking)

Click here for more information about the Kimber Sex Doll!


More Information About Sex Dolls!


Are Sex Dolls Inflatable?

The sex dolls from your grandfather’s generation were made from poly-vinyl chloride resin, and had a look and feel that resembled more of a beach ball than anything else, but today’s sex dolls, which are made from TPE or silicone materials, look, and feel, like real human women.


Are Sex Dolls Safe To Have Sex With?

Sex dolls are perfectly safe to have sex with because they’re made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or silicone, which are non-toxic materials that can’t harm you physically or chemically.

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is a kind of plastic that is very soft and can be stretched up to 5.5 times in lenghth. TPE is easier to stain than silicone, but has a more life like feel than silicone.

Silicone, which is a polymer, is non-porus, less sensitive to heat, and typically easier to clean than TPE.


Are Sex Dolls Tiny?

Believe it or not, sex dolls not only look like real women, but they’re also the same size of real women, ranging from 4’8” to 5’8” and everything in between.


Are Sex Dolls Stiff?

Nope. Sex dolls are very flexible and can be used in all types of sexual positions such as doggy style to reverse cowgirl, and every other position you can think of.

TPE sex dolls are more flexible than silicone sex dolls, so you should keep that in mind if flexibility is important to you.


Do Sex Dolls Have To Be Cleaned?

Of course sex dolls have to be cleaned; it’s very important to thoroughly clean, and dry, your doll after each and every use, but it’s a pretty simple process, and all the sex dolls from Sex Doll Canada come with instructions on how to clean your doll.

Some sex doll owners wear condoms to simplify the cleaning process, but those that don’t should always use a cleaning agent similar to “Softsoap’s Antibacterial Soap”.


How Long Do Sex Dolls Last?

Since sex dolls range in prices from $500 to $6,000+ it’s important to know how long sex dolls will last.

Also, if longevity is important to you, then this is something you’ll need to take into account when deciding between silicone and TPE dolls.

Depending on the manufacturer, the lifespan of a TPE sex doll, if cared for correctly, is around 6 to 10 years.

On the other hand, a silicone sex dolls can practically last indefinitely, but on average they have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.


Why Do Silicone Dolls Have A Longer Lifespan Than TPE Dolls?

Silicone is non-porous material, which makes it impermeable to sexual fluids during use and easy to clean, but on the other hand, TPE dolls tend to accumulate fluids easier, which reduces the efficiency of sterilizing and cleaning after use.

Elasticity is another factor why silicone dolls last longer than TPE dolls. The properties in silicone material are harder than those in TPE, which make TPE dolls more flexible and life-like feeling, but is also why TPE dolls last half as long as silicone dolls.

If you think about it, sex dolls last way longer than most marriages do, and sex dolls are way less expensive than real women are.


Where Are Sex Dolls Kept When Not Being Used?

It’s best to store sex dolls vertically in a place where the temperature is cool and away from sunlight, but depending on your living situation, and level of discretion, sex dolls can pretty much be stored anywhere.

Men living alone tend to keep their dolls in bed, or alongside them on their couch, but if discretion is a factor then closets make a wonderful hiding spot.


Are Sex Dolls Good For Your Health?

Sex dolls provide men with plenty of health benefits, both physically and emotionally.

Men need to have sex to remain physically, emotionally, and psychologically stable. Without sex, men tend to feel frustrated, and are more prone to violence and outbursts of anger, but sexually satisfied men are calm and confident.

Sex dolls allow men to get the same benefits they’d get from having sex with a real woman because of how realistic they are.


Are Sex Dolls Worth The Price?

Sex dolls might cost between $500 and $6,000, but can you really place a price tag on great sex? No you can’t.

Sex dolls also don’t require flowers, gifts, or expensive dates; all things real women expect on a daily basis.


About Nbnas


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They offer a huge range of sex toys, lingerie, sex dolls and more for him and her, and even for couples pleasure.

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Vaginal Dryness

Having a Dry Vagina Really Sucks

Having a Dry Vagina Really Sucks

As a woman you really have a lot of things to worry about when it comes to our vaginas, but having a man mistake my vagina for the Sahara Desert is the one thing that worries me more than anything else because a dry vagina isn’t any fun at all.

Many of my close female friends, and even my own mother, have suffered from bouts of vaginal dryness over the years, and I think it’s very important that we tackle this issue and try to find a solution as quickly as possible so that women NEVER have to worry about having a dry vagina ever again!


What is vaginal dryness?


Vaginal dryness is a common problem in women that can happen at any age, but is a particular issue for women who are going through or have experienced the menopause.



7 Main Symptoms Of Vaginal Dryness

Symptom #1 – itching, burning or soreness around the vagina (vulva)

Symptom #2 – low libido

Symptom #3 – burning sensation during urination

Symptom #4 – increased urination frequency

Symptom #5 – pain and light bleeding during sexual intercourse

Symptom #6 – thinner vaginal lips (labia)

Symptom #7 – urinary tract infections that won’t go away


Causes Of Vaginal Dryness

Below are the main causes why a woman’s vagina could be mistaken for the Sahara Desert.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #1 – Lack of Arousal

A woman’s body is designed to produce a slippery natural lubrication when she is sexually aroused in order to facilitate the insertion of a man’s wiener into her vagina.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #2 – Emotional Stress

Any number of outside stressors in a woman’s life can lead to a dry vagina, but stress is a HUGE factor that can cause a vagina to become as dusty as a desert’s landscape.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #3 – Soaps & Douches & Other Irritants

The chemicals in soaps, dyes, and perfumes cause irritation and allergies. There can be irritants on things like underwear or towels. Another reason for vaginal dryness is douching.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #4 – Smoking and Drinking

Cigarettes can decrease circulation, which could intensify vaginal dryness. Alcohol can decrease your sensations and lead to a dry vagina, so if you want to keep your vajayjay moist and healthy, you’ve got to snuff the butts and chill out on the booze.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #5 – Strenuous Exercise

Exercise is a good thing for your overall health, but just like anything else in life, moderation is key.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #6 – Childbirth & Nursing

While nursing, your body produces less of the hormone estrogen, which can cause the tissues in your vagina to be thinner and drier than usual


Vaginal Dryness Cause #7 – Medications

The same diuretics and beta-blockers that are helpful in lowering your blood pressure can lead to vaginal dryness, decrease your sexual desire, and make it harder to achieve an orgasm. And blood pressure meds are just one of a long list of pills whose side effects include loss of bodily moisture.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #8 – Cancer Therapy

One of the most common side effects of cancer chemotherapy is generalized dryness throughout the body. In women, this will lead to vaginal dryness as well.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #9 – Menstruation

It’s normal for a woman’s hormone levels to dip while she’s on her period. One of the primary hormones responsible for keeping your vagina moist during menstruation is estrogen. When your estrogen levels are depleted, vaginal dryness can be an irritating side effect, especially when it comes to inserting a tampon.


Vaginal Dryness Cause #10 – Menopause & Hormonal Changes

A decrease in estrogen hormone level that takes place during menopause is a significant cause of vaginal dryness. The reduction in estrogen may also happen while women are experiencing perimenopause and during breastfeeding or after childbirth.


Click here for more information about the causes of vaginal dryness!



How To Conquer Vaginal Dryness

While doing research for this article I came across a few sites for products that claimed they could cure vaginal dryness, but one site stuck out more than all the others.

If you want to say “Bye-Bye” to vaginal dryness then I highly recommend that you check out Gynatrof today to see if it’s the right fit for you.



About Gynatrof

GYNATROF is a fast acting, non-hormonal option that helps supplement the body’s natural lubrication and enhances ease and comfort of sexual activity.





Click here for more information about Gynatrof!




Let’s face it ladies, vaginal dryness is a serious problem that many woman suffer from, but thanks to Gynatrof we can conquer even the most severe bouts of vaginal dryness!

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Uplust: The 1st Uncensored Social Network

Uplust: The 1st Uncensored Social Network

If you haven’t already discovered the new social media network called Uplust then you really need to create an Uplust account ASAP.

Seriously, Uplust is free, and you will want to have an account so you can get a better understanding about this new adults only social media network!


How Is UpLust Different Than Other Social Media Platforms


Let’s say you took all the best parts of Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and OnlyFans and mixed them up altogether…well that’s what Uplust is.

Uplust has everything you love about your favorite social media accounts combined into a single platform.

Click here to check out what Uplust users are posting!


Uplust VS Instagram


On Instagram I can post a selfie of myself eating a grilled cheese sandwich with the hashtag #foodporn

On Uplust I can post a selfie of myself smooshing a grilled cheese sandwich between my big fake nude tits with the hashtag #IWantDickNotAGrilledCheese

See the difference?

Another example why Uplust is better than Instagram:

About 4 months ago my Instagram account of 83,267 follower was suspended because I posted a pic showing too much side boob…not full on titties, just a little side boob. I was so pissed because it took years to establish my followers and just one post made them all disappear.

Uplust loves it when women post side boob pics, but better yet, I can post pics and vids of me giving a blow job and my account will never get suspended!


Uplust VS Facebook


Posting an NSFW pic on Facebook will get you locked out of your account for untold days, posting a NSFW pic is not only encouraged by the Uplust staff, but it’ll result in getting you a lot of new followers!


UpLust VS Tik Tok


Posting a topless vid of you singing in the shower will get your Tik Tok account banned, but if you post a video of yourself in the shower on Uplust then you best be topless of you may lose some followers..The Uplust community loves boobs!


Uplust VS OnlyFans


Both Uplust and FansOnly will allow me to post sex and blow job vids and pics without suspended my account…but if you want to watch me hold a wiener in my mouth at OnlyFans you’ll have to pay a monthly membership just for my account, but on UpLust you can watch me giving head for no cost.

Also, OnlyFans makes you pay each person that you want toi follow…that’s crazy, and this is why Uplust is way better than OnlyFans!


Uplust VS Porn


Basically, Uplust is everything that you love about social media combined with everything you love about porn…except the “porn” that you see on Uplust isn’t what you get from tube sites. All of the bj, lesbian, and sex vids you see on Uplust are posted by real people that you can follow on Uplust. It’s extremely hot!

Sure, porn stars just like anyone else can get an Uplust account, but Uplust doesn’t target pornstars because it’s a NSFW social network for regular people to share their erotic selfies and sexy vids, just like Instagram is a place for regular people to share pics of them eating grilled cheese sandwiches.


How To Download The Uplust App


Uplust is free to download just like all of the other popular social networks, the only difference is that you can’t download Uplust in the App Store or onGoogle Play.

But the good news is, the site is optimized for mobile use, and you can download the app by visiting the Uplust website.


The Uplust Social Media Network In A Nutshell


If you know how to use Instagram or Twitter then you’ll have no problem using Uplust from the get-go. Upload videos or selfies, apply filters and hashtags and simply post for all of your followers and non-followers to see so that they can like, comment, and share it with other Uplust community users.


Uplust Challenges


Every week Uplust issues a challenge to all Uplust members. To participate, you will only have to post a picture or video which will have to correspond to the chosen theme, and adding a special #hashtag. The female user AND male user whose post is chosen by the Uplust team will be featured in the “Who to follow” section, will see his account certified and get 100 Lusts as well!

Click here to check out this week’s Uplust challenge!


Sexy Hashtags


The same sexy hashtags that will get your Instagram and Facebook accounts suspended are the same hashtags that will get you more Uplust followers!

Click here to check out the most popular Uplust hashtags!


Uplust Users To Follow


Once you create your Uplust account you’ll be able to follow some of the sexiest women and men on all of social media! Below are a few examples of the type of people that you can follow and become friends with on Uplust!




I really need everyone to create an Uplust account today! This is going to be the next really BIG thing in the social media world, so I think it’s very important for all of us to get on it while it’s still rather new because it’s going to blow up into something HUGE very soon!


If you create an Uplust account then you can do all of the following:

**Create your private or public account

**Upload hot pictures and short looping videos, add cool filters and share them

**Start Private Chat with more than 800,000 registered members worldwide.

**Participate in Challenges and win sexy gifts!

**Follow other users ­(women, men or couples) and see their naughty posts

**Add personal comments and vote on any photo on the first adult photo-sharing platform

Click here to become part of the first Adults Only Social Network!

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Facesitting: The BDSM Fetish Explained

Facesitting: The BDSM Fetish Explained

If you consider yourself to be an “Ass Man” then you’re going to fall in love with the BDSM fetish known as “facesitting” because it’s all about the booty!


What Exactly Is Facesitting?

What Exactly Is Facesitting?

Facesitting, which is exactly what it sounds like, is when a woman or man, known as the “giver”, sits directly on top of someone’s face, usually a man’s face, so that her vagina covers the man’s mouth in order to receive intense oral sex.


Long Live The Queen…The BDSM Queen That Is

Long Live The Queen...The BDSM Queen That Is

Although anyone can technically plop their booty on top of another person’s face, women are the most common “givers” of this act, and in the BDSM community where facesitting is a common act it has earned the nickname “queening”, as in a queen displaying her power while sitting on her throne.


How To Be A Facesitting Queen

How To Be A Facesitting Queen

First things first, in order to be a queen you’re going to need a “subject” to act as your throne; in BDSM the “subject” is usually a male that must lie on the ground with arms laid flat by his side who waits for his queen to pop a squat directly onto his face.

The queen straddles their subjects face with her legs while using her thigh muscles to hover her genitals right over her subjects mouth.

Once the queen is in position, the subject begins performing cunnilingus; this includes but is not limited to, sucking, kissing, and flicking the queen’s clit with their tongue.


Is Facesitting Dangerous

Is Facesitting Dangerous

Facesitting can be dangerous if not performed correctly, for example the queen should never put her full weight on the subjects face or she could restrict their breathing and accidentally murder the subject….explaining to the police how the “subject” died would be an extremly awkward conversation to have, so the queen should always remember that the subjects life is in her hands, or in this case, her booty. But other than that facsitting is rather tame, yet extremely rewarding for the queen.


Variations Of Facesitting

Variations Of Facesitting

There’s also a form of BDSM “breath-play” called smothering, which is when a dom purposefully smushes their genitals in their sub’s face, cutting off breathing. While it may sound uncomfortable for some people, for others, it’s very orgasmic.


There’s Only Room For One Queen In The United Kingdom


Back in 2014 the UK banned porn studios from producing any acts of facesitting in their movies.

Facesitting wasn’t alone on the 2014 censored list, spanking, caning, aggressive whipping, penetration by any object “associated with violence”, physical or verbal abuse, urolagnia (known as “water sports”), role-playing as non-adults, physical restraint, humiliation, female ejaculation, strangulation, and fisting were also banned from depicted by British pornography producers in 2014.


Facesitting Porn

Basic facesitting porn isn’t crazy in the slightest. In fact, you’ll probably find an element of facesitting in most porn online, even if you didn’t know you were watching facesitting.

However, this isn’t the “good” stuff because it’s not deemed as proper domination in the BDSM community.

Propper facesitting porn involves actual domination. A man is just taken, pinned down to the bed and forced to perform oral sex. Often, this is going to be associated with humiliation of some sort. It may even be tied into other forms of BDSM, although things always started off a bit ‘softcore’. Well, as softcore as facesitting can get.

If you want to check out propper facesitting porn, or maybe a couple of other videos and photographs related to domination, then you need to check out Roman Video.

While doing research on facesitting for this article I stumbled upon the Roman Video website, and I have to admit that their selection of facesitting porn is probably the sexiest I’ve ever come across.

Please do me a favor, take a few moments to check out some of Roman Video’s facesitting videos, and then send me an email with your thought about this BDSM fetish.


About Roman Video

Roman Video specializes in fetishes ranging from facesitting, femdom, ass worship, cuckolding and other areas of sexual expression. Many of the ideas for these videos came from the webmaster’s own fantasies over the years, while others are from the site’s fans.

Roman Video tries to incorporate the psychological aspect of Domination and submission into all of their movies because they understand that the most important aspect of a good BDSM movie is the psychological aspect of it (whether it be the things the people say, do or how they act).

Roman Video’s founder explains on the site that he “started this company so I could make movies that I wanted to watch and that nobody was making at the time. Many times I get asked why I chose the name “Roman Video”. The idea behind the name “Roman Video” is to celebrate the ancient Romans and their open sexuality. It also stands for quality — quality which means you are going to enjoy yourself when you watch a video of ours and maybe watch it several times and not have to fast forward through the whole thing.”


Roman Video’s Free Facesitting Preview


Roman Video offers a free preview section on their site that I highly urge everyone to check out so that you can get a full understanding and appreciation for the facesitting fetish.

Click here to check out Roman Video’s free previews!


Other BDSM Fetish Videos


Roman Video doesn’t stop at just facesitting videos, their wide variety of BDSM fetish porn includes, CUCKOLD VIDEOS, TRAMPLE VIDEOS and PONYBOY VIDEOS just to name a few.



BDSM Fetish Videos

If you consider yourself to be a true “Ass Man”, then the facesitting fetish is something you really have to try at home with your significant other.

Trust me, everyone wins when facesitting is involved.

Also, make sure to check out the wide selection of facesitting videos over at Roman Video.







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Sorry guys, but orgasms are way better with sex toys!

Sorry guys, but orgasms are way better with sex toys!

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine I’ve been using sex toys to get me off since I can’t meet up with real men to have sex with, and I have to admit that orgasms from sex toys are way better than from actual sex.

Sex toys totally have an unfair advantage because they’re man-made and specifically designed to get a woman off, but wow do they give me the best orgasms that I’ve ever had!

For example, sex with a vibrator is intense and powerful because you have control over your orgasm…they also have batteries and give off sensations that a man’s tongue, finger or wiener just cannot mimic or maintain.

I’m not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings, or harm the egos of all of you men out there, but I urge all of you women out there reading this today to go and get yourself a new sex toy so you can have amazing orgasms while being locked up at home during this time of quarantine.

Other Benefits Provided By Sex Toys…

Sex Toys Help Reduce Stress

With everything going on in the world today with COVID-19 and the uncertainty it’s causing, both stress and anxiety are building up. Sex toys can give you a safe, private and quick way to let off some of your built up stress so you’re ready to face the challenges of life once more. Right now is the time when we need sex toys more than ever.

Sex Toys Let You Discover What Turns You on

It’s important to really know what turns you on. With such a variety of sex toys on the market you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! Strokers are a popular male toy, but have you tried one with a butt plug? Gay and straight men like them just the same. Experimenting with sex toys alone makes you more aware of your body and will help you tell your lover what they should do to you in the bedroom!

Sex Toys Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep problems are the actual worst. Using a sex toy to masturbate is a great way to get your mind and body ready for sleep whether you’re anxious, have a thrown off sleep pattern, or your mind won’t shut off. Having an orgasm before you go to bed causes the body to get exhausted due to the release dopamines and oxytocin.

Sex Toys Enhance Your Overall Mood

Due to the release of endorphins when orgasming, masturbating with sex toys makes you happy. You don’t have to reach a full blown orgasm to relieve a little tension while masturbating with a sex toy, but just simply teasing the genitals will do the trick to turn any frown upside down!

Sex Toys Help Couples Set The Mood

Sex toys are a great way to get foreplay going in the bedroom for couples! The longer couples are together the less foreplay they tend to have, but sex toys allow couples to spend more time pleasuring each other before having sex.

Something Sexy Planet


Everyone deserves to enjoy amazing orgasms, and no one understands this more than the people over at Something Sexy Planet!

Something Sexy Planet is the premier online shopping destination for all of your erotic shopping needs! Founded in 1984 and quickly establishing themselves as a leading chain of adult product superstores, they bring decades of experience to erotic shopping expertise and premium product selection.

Their online presence began with the launch of their first website in 1997, with a commitment to bringing exceptional intimacy enhancement products to both women and men, singles and couples alike.

Now, with thousands of satisfied and loyal customers the world over, their reputation for excellence carries into their third decade of online innovation.

Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Vibrators


A good vibrator is a woman’s best friend! Vibration, especially to the clitoris, helps most women more easily achieve orgasm in a pleasurable way, with or without a partner. Many couples also incorporate a vibrator into their erotic play to pinpoint sensitive areas with intense arousal and enhance sexual satisfaction.

From Clit Kissers to Waterproof Jack Rabbits, Something Sexy Planet’s hand-picked vibrator collection features models of every size, texture and materials to perfectly customize your erotic pleasure!

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Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Dildos & Dongs


Sometimes you want vibration – and sometimes you don’t.

Something Sexy Planet’s collection of Dildos and Dongs offer incredible stimulation without the need for batteries. Browse a wide array of shapes, sizes, and body-safe materials to find your absolute perfect match. For the discriminating pleasure seeker, Something Sexy Planet’s realistic dildos offer incredibly lifelike features for a nearly better-than-real experience!

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Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Clit & Nipple Toys!


Nipple and clit stimulation, when done together, can unlock a whole new level of full body pleasure!

Something Sexy Planet’s collection of nipple clamps and nipple suckers can help arouse and bring added pleasure to erotic play. Clit pumps help to improve blood flow and sexual response, for more intense yet easier orgasms.

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Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Booty!


When you’re ready to enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation, Something Sexy Planet’s Anal Toys collection has you covered.

Explore body-safe anal beads, anal plugs and anal probes that tease and please, while anal lubricants help make the experience smooth and comfortable. Quench your curiosity and satisfy your partner’s deepest desires all at once with exciting and enjoyable anal play.

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Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Sexy Lingerie


Browse & shop exotic wear for women, all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus sizes.

Something Sexy Planet’s sexywear category offers a full range of playful and flirty styles to enhance erotic play and make you feel sexy and confident. Choose a few exciting pieces and bring out your inner sensuality with our amazing collection of the sexiest exotic wear online!

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Something Sexy Planet Has A Wide Selection Of Sex Toys For Men


Enjoy improved sexual stamina, harder erections and more intense orgasms with Something Sexy Planet’s top quality sex toys for men.

From ultra realistic vaginas to vibrating penis pumps and advanced PDX Strokers, Something Sexy Planet’s premium collections offer a wealth of solo male stimulation choices. Browse realistic sex dolls and a wide variety of penis enhancer creams.

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Everyone deserves to have amazing orgasms, and sex toys make amazing orgasms possible.

Please visit Something Sexy Planet today so you can start experiencing amazing orgasms for yourself as soon as possible!

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The Female Orgasm

The Female Orgasm

Do UFOs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and female orgasms really exist?

The female orgasm should be lumped into the same mysterious category that UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster are filed under because only a few men, throughout all of time, have ever claimed to have seen them in person.

Okay I’m being a little silly, but honestly, most women don’t achieve orgasms while having sex with men. Most of the time, and by most of the time I mean 90% of the time, women only achieve orgasm while masturbating.


The Female Orgasm 101

The Female Orgasm 101
I hope all of you men out there are ready to take notes, because if you’re ever lucky enough to make a “female orgasm sighting” all the women in your life will be extremely happy!



What Is A Female Orgasm?

What Is A Female Orgasm?

Listen up men, the female orgasm is the climactic third phase in the arousal process!



The 4 Phases Of the Arousal Process

The 4 Phases Of the Arousal Process


Phase 1: Excitement

This is the arousal building phase where women start feeling little pings of lust and sweet anticipation as the female body gets ready.


Phase 2: Plateau

The state of steady pleasure where women begin breathing very heavily.


Phase 3: Orgasm

The climactic burst of pleasure and release.


Phase 4: Resolution

Also known as the “come down” where women just want to lay in bed, or when experienced through sex with a partner, they want to be held.



The 5 different Types of Female Orgasms

The 5 different Types of Female Orgasms
Women can experience 5 different types of orgasms: clitorial, vaginal, exercised-induces, sleep-induced, and “other”.


Clitoral Orgasm:

This orgasm is caused by clitorial stimulation, and stimulation of the clitoris is probably the easiest way for most women to experience an orgasm.


Vaginal Orgasm:

No one really knows what is the direct cause of the vaginal orgasm, it could be caused by stimulation of the G-spot, or maybe indirect stimulation of the clitoris, or something else entirely.


Exercise-Induced Orgasm:

Exercise, mainly weight training, cardio, and abdominal-focused exercise.


Orgasm During Sleep:

This one is a mystery, possibly caused by an erotic dream, but sometimes women do have orgasms while asleep.



An “other” orgasm is caused by stimulation of the nipples or anus!


Female Orgasm Facts

Female Orgasm Facts

Below I’ve listed a few facts about the female orgasm that everyone should know!


Female Orgasm Fact #1: Orgasms gets better with age!

Getting older sucks, but at least I have some very intense orgasms to look forward to in my old age!


Female Orgasm Fact #2: Mixing things up can help

It’s so much easier for women to experience orgasm when we engage in a variety of sex acts as opposed to just one act….so always mix in some oral sex while having vaginal or anal sex…and try rubbing the nips while your’re pounding away in the bedroom!


Female Orgasm Fact #3: Orgasms relieve pain!

Whenever I have a headache I notice that it always goes away after I finish masturbating.

So the next time your lady says, “I can’t have sex because I have a horrible headache”, you should say, “Well babe, the Love Doctor is in because I’m gonna pound that headache out of your brain with some orgasm inducing sex”


Female Orgasm Fact #4: Happy Girl = Happy Orgasms

The happier a woman is the better chances are that she’ll achieve an orgasm during sex with a partner.

So guys, if you want to improve your chances of making your girl achieve an orgasm then you really need to treat her good and make sure she is happy.


Female Orgasm Fact #5: The female orgasm takes time to cook!

Time is probably the main reason why most men have never seen the female orgasm in person, because unlike men who can blow a load after 2 pumps (trust me I’ve had a guy cum after just 2 pumps in my vag) it takes us ladies sometimes as long as 20 minutes before we’re ready to achieve an orgasm.


Female Orgasm Fact #6: 80% of men who’ve seen a female orgasm really haven’t!

80 percent of women have faked having an orgasm at some point or another. So if you’re a man that has claimed to have seen a female orgasm in person, I hate to be the one to tell ya, but you probably didn’t.


Jenny Is Going To Show You What Real Female Orgasms Look Like

Real Female Orgasms

If you want to see what real female orgasms looks then I recommend you visit both The Female Orgasm and Femorg so you can watch vids of real women, not actresses, but real women experiencing actual orgasms.



The Female Orgasm: Educational & Erotic

The Female Orgasm is both educational and extremely erotic. They’ve filmed hundreds of women actually cumming to show you exactly what a real female orgasm looks like.

In addition to showing you the eroticism of the female orgasm, they also describe it with the aid of videos and photographs. You’ll learn the anatomy behind the female orgasm, see visible orgasm contractions, nipple erections, sex flush and more.
Natural Blondes, Real Redheads, Sexy Brunettes & More

Watch women from all walks of life masturbating (or being stimulated!) to natural and real orgasms. Whatever floats your boat they’ll likely have as they’re one of the worlds largest collections of real and visible female orgasms!
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Femorg: Exclusive Genuine Masturbation & Real Female Orgasm Movie

Femorg focuses on REAL, GENUINE female masturbation and orgasms – not that fake stuff that seems to dominate the online movies world.

Femorg either shoots their own, or carefully commissions, ALL of the movies displayed at their online store, weeding out the fakers and presenting only REAL female orgasm-centric videos.

Virtually all of their shoots are done in Full High Definition (in both 3D and 2D), although they still offer most of their older classic movies, and many of their latest titles are available on DVD, Blu-ray and Full HD 3D Blu-ray, and collection available for Instant Download is growing almost daily.

Please visit Femorg to see all of the real female orgasm content they have available for you to experience.


24Jenny At Checkout

Yesterday I contacted the people over at Femorg to inform them that I’d be mentioning them in today’s article, and they told me they’d give a 15% discount on movie purchases to anyone that uses the promo code 24Jenny at checkout.



The Female Orgasm

I’m confident that any man who has read this article, and watched vdeos over at The Female Orgasm and Femorg, will always be able to make their woman achieve an orgasm!

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Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Is this whole COVID-19 quarantine putting a real cramp in your sex life as much as it has mine?

Let’s face reality though, our current social distancing practices does make it very difficult for all of us to meet up with people for spontaneous booty calls, but historically speaking there really hasn’t been a better time for people to have to deal with a pandemic because of the Internet.

Sure we can’t meet up with people for sex, but at least  the Internet gives us access to adult sex shops where we can get some fun and freaky sex toys to help satisfy our sexual needs.

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Previous Pandemics Had The Worst Sex Toys

Just think about the people that had to live through pandemics such as the 1633 smallpox outbreak, the Caribbean yellow fever outbreak of 1793, the three outbreaks of cholera from 1832 to 1866, or as recent as the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic, these people couldn’t go online an order themselves a CyberSkin® Vulcan Realistic Vagina. Instead they had to use some sort of make-shift dildos out of sticks they found beneath an apple tree in order to get themselves off.

I’ve never used a tree-stick dildo, but I’m certain it doesn’t feel better than Aura™ Wand vibrator! ( Aura™ Wand vibrators feel amazing by the way!)

North America’s Adult Playground


So let’s all stop feeling sorry for ourselves because we can at least buy amazing sex devices online at adult toy stores like LoveGap that won’t leave splinters all up in our vaginas!

With a huge assortment of the top brands in the adult novelty industry, LoveGap has positioned itself to be a premiere online retail outlet.

Proudly Canadian

Canadian Owned and operating since 2009, based out of Toronto, Ontario. For over a decade has been offering adult sex toys and specialized novelties products to help North Americans fill that LoveGap!

A Wide Selection of Sex Toys For Everyone

Whether it’s one on one, one on none, or group fun, we’ve got you covered! There should never be a gap in your love life, but if there is than LoveGap is here for you.

Click on one of the categories below to see for yourself LoveGap’s wide selection of adult products for women, men, couples, and the LGBTQ2+ community!



Male Enhancement Upgrade

Fetish & S&M
Lotions & Potions

Jenny’s Top Picks!
I’ve spent a lot of time checking out everything that LoveGap has to offer and I’d like to share with you a few naughty items that I think everyone should have!

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand™ Rechargeable is now liberated from its cord to offer soothing stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime in rechargeable form. The Magic Wand™ has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations.

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Aura™ Wand

Awaken your inner desires with the teasing Aura™ Wand, an ultra-flexible vibrator with a powerful vibration motor. The sensually curved body, flexible design and 12 vibration functions are sure to tease and please you just the way you like. The high-powered vibrator is crafted with an intense vibration motor and erotically curved design to elevate arousal and increase stimulation.
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Recruit your backdoor for a mission you’ll never forget! Adam & Eve’s complete anal training kit comes with 3 smooth and flexible silicone anal plugs, sized from beginner to expert. Start with the 4.5” small plug’s tapered tip. Work your way to the 5” medium anal plug, and then deploy the whopping 6” large plug for mind-blowing penetration pleasure. Suction cup bases let you have hands-free fun.

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Thanks to companies like LoveGap, having to survive during the time of a pandemic has never been sexier!