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My Favorite NETFLIX and CHILL TV Shows!

I have to admit that I stream all of my entertainment, and I mainly stream shows on Netflix. I’m not sure which shows are your favorite to watch while making out with your lover, but here are my TOP 5 shows on Netflix that I like to watch while giving out a blow job or just straight up having sex.


I’ve seen every episode of The Office at least 3 times each, and it’s such an easy show to turn on, have a few laughs, and end up with a rock hard wiener in my mouth before I finish a single episode.

Now if I had to pick two characters from THE OFFICE to have a threesome with I would choose Jim and Erin. I really can’t stand Pam, and I think she would be kind of boring in the bedroom.

Okay, so this show takes a little bit of work to get into; it’s very slow, but once you get through season 1 you’ll be hooked. Also that Don Draper is super sexy and makes me want to get naughty. This is a great show for couples in relationships to view together…and hopefully it’ll lead to some sexy fun while watching.

I would love to sleep with this entire cast, but if I had to choose two characters from MAD MEN to have a threesome with I would choose Don Draper and Joan. I’d just love to have Don’s big HAMM in my mouth while Joan eats me out from behind. 

The first 2 seasons are great, and then gets slightly boring the more seasons you watch, but it’s still a fun and super sexy show to view with someone you want to sleep with.

I don’t think I could have a threesome with the characters in this show, but I would love to go down on Fiona!

I just started watching this show and I think I kind of enjoy it so far, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it all of the way through…I have had some great sex while this show has been streaming in the background, so at least it gets the job done!

I bet Ted Danson and Kristen Bell’s characters’ would make a fun threesome.

This is my favorite Netflix original series and is super funny, but also really dramatic at times. I have finished all three seasons, and have had great sex while watching this show. Of all the shows I have listed here I really think you should give this show a shot.

Now if I had to pick two characters from LOVE to have a threesome with I would choose Mickey and Gus. They look like they could be very fun in a threesome!

Please let me know what your TOP 5 shows are on Netflix and which characters from those shows you’d love to sleep with!

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MY 2019 Booty Calendar❤️🍑❤️

If you’ve read a few of my past posts then you know that not only am I kind of a slut, but I’m also a real estate agent. 

Now most real estate agents give out calendars with sports teams, or something having to do with the city their clients, and potential clients, live in; butt since I want to brand myself and not my city, I’ve decided to use my modeling pics (just the ones of my booty) to make a super sexy calendar to give to my male clients. 

My manager is not for this, but I made a couple hundred of them anyway just to see if my male clients will tell their friends about their “hot” but “slutty” realtor.

I’ve never seen any real estate agent use their sex appeal to sell or lease condos, and I’m all for it. 

I’m not super hot, but guys like a big booty, and I have a big booty, and I’m still in my early 20’s so I may as well use what I get to get ahead!

Butt I’d love feedback from anyone reading this if they think giving out a calendar of pics of my booty is a good or bad idea.

Below i’ve posted pics of my booty that I want to use for the calendar….please let me know which month is your favorite and which is your least favorite because I want to make it super hot….I mean I may as well go all in if I’m gonna do this in the first place!

My booty looks kind of big here, but I think this makes a good start to the year!

I know that my back fat is not super sexy, but I think my booty looks kinda sexy here for February!

My March booty pic is my least favorite☹️

I love the way my booty looks in this March pic, especially with my pants showing…but is this too naughty? I mean this whole calendar is super unprofessional, but I don’t want it to be too slutty, but just enough slutty😍

I used this May booty pic for my realtor business cards as well.

My June booty pic is my 2nd favorite!

July is my 3rd favorite!!!

My booty looks so tiny here….I love August!

Too much back fat showing here?

Ok, this might be my favorite!

Is my November booty pic too sexy? Please let me know.

And I still need to choose one for December, but before I do I need to know which months I should keep and which ones I should get rid of.

But if anyone reading this thinks that this is a bad idea let me know. 

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I Have Officially Slept with My 700th Tinder Match…Sorry Mom!

If you’ve never read my blog before then the title of this post may cause you to think that I’m kind of slutty for sleeping with 700 different men that I matched with on Tinder….so if you plan on reading this blog post any further you should read the below post to get some background information on this new post.

Click here to learn why I want to have sex with 1,000 men that I match with on Tinder!

But yes, over the past 18 months or so I have had sex with 700 different men that I have matched with on the Tinder dating app, and all of them have been one night stands….sorry mom!

I only have to have sex with 300 more men that I match with on the Tinder dating app to reach my goal of 1,000 total one night stands!

698 was the number I was at when I woke up this morning, but at 7:03 PM I finished having sex with Mr. 699, and at 10:19 PM I left Mr. 700 with a big smile on his face, as well as written permission from him to talk about him in my upcoming book!

I really need to finish this project by the end of spring 2019, so please wish me good luck that I can have sex with another 300 men that I match with on Tinder sometime before May of next year expires!

I have noticed that the quality of men on the Tinder app has seriously decreased over the past few months, so I may consider adding other dating apps to the rotation to help me meet a higher quality of man that makes this process more enjoyable!

I’m considering downloading the Bumble dating app tomorrow just to see how the men on that app compare to the guys on Tinder. I’ll let you know what I discover!

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FaceTime is Your Best Friend for Tinder, Bumble, and ALL Dating Apps!

How many times has someone told you, “Damn this chick/guy I went out with on Tinder the other night catfished me! He/she did not look anything at all like the pictures they posted on their profile!”

Everyone, and I mean everyone, posts their best pictures on Facebook, on Instagram, on SnapChat, and yes, they also, and mainly, post their most attractive pics of themselves on their Tinder, Bumble, or any other dating app that they use.

Honestly, would you swipe right on a girl or guy if you didn’t find them at least a little easy on the eyes? Of course not.

Tinder and Bumble, and all of the other dating apps, only allow you to judge someone’s appearance to grab your attention, so everyone, yes including you, are always gonna kinda “catfish” when choosing your profile pictures.

The only way to guarantee that your dating app matches look like their profile pics in real life is to use FaceTime.

After you message your matches a few times on the dating app of your choice, you need to ask them if you can FaceTime them later in the evening. Make up an excuse to get them to agree. Here are a few excuses that should work:

1) “My dog/cat is so cute right now, can I FaceTime you so you can see?”

If your match is a pet lover then this is an easy way for them to agree to FaceTime.

2) “Hey, wanna FaceTime?”

This is pretty straight to the point, and if they say “no”, then just ask why.

3) “Wanna FaceTime so you know that I really look like my profile pics?”

If they say “no” to this one then they either look nothing like their profile pics, or they really aren’t that into you and you should consider seeking someone else to date.

Trust me, you need to use FaceTime, or any other video messaging app, if you want to guarantee never getting catfished!

Also, and this sucks the most, many times a person that you match with on Tinder will post profile pictures of someone else altogether just to waste your time because they really have no intentions to meet you out in the real world! These people are weird, and kinda hurtful. So use FaceTime or a different video messaging app to make sure that no one is playing a cruel game with you.

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My Swinger’s Blog & I’ve Retired From Instagram!

I know that it’s been quite some time since my last post, but I’ve been extremely busy selling homes (well more like trying to sell homes), attending weekly swinger parties, banging guys on Tinder, writing my swinger’s party blog, and getting frustrated with social media, especially instagram.
(Click here if you want to check out my swinger’s party blog)

I will also share some very naughty pictures and videos of myself if you read my swinger’s party blog. The blog will give you instructions on how to contact me so I can share my naughty pics and vids with you!)

I’m Officially Retiring From Instagram!

Yes, I have retired 100% from instagram! Every instagram account that I have ever created has been shut down, and the reason is always the same. Men on instagram are the one and only reason.

If a guy sends me a DM and I don’t reply they’ll tell instagram that my account is “fake” and then I have to prove to instagram that I’m real. It takes almost 3 days to get my account back up, and then I still cannot post vids for some reason!

As soon as my instagram is back up I’ll check my DMs to only find a hundred “dick pics”. I try to be nice and tell each guy/creep to please never send me those types of pics, and then an hour later my account is disabled yet again.

Another 3 days go by before I can get my account back up.

So I decided to retire from the DM! I also add a not in my BIO that “I do not read any of my DMs”. If guys know I don’t check my DMs then they won’t get upset if I don’t reply right? Wrong!!! For some reason guys think it’s so much fun to complain to instagram about my account.

Why are so many guys on instagram soooooooooo insecure, rude, and creepy? Please, please help me know why this is.

But I have wasted so much time on instagram growing my followers just to lose my accounts that it’s no longer worth it. So now I will just blog.

So if anyone who reads my blog, and enjoys it, could please share it with others then I would be so grateful!

Please send me topics about dating and the swinger lifestyle that you would like me to write about and I’ll do my best at making them interesting for everyone to read!

I have also created a YouTube channel where I’ve posted some vids of my booty in thongs!

I’m not sure if anyone wants to see my big booty in just a thong, but if you do then you can check out my booty vids out below!

Click here to see my booty in a thong!

Click here to see my booty in a different thong!

Click here if you want to see my booty yet again!

Remember, if you like reading my blog then please share it with your friends and lovers!

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Don’t Slide Into My DMs With Your Junk!

Don't Slide Into My DMs With Your Junk!


OMG! I have had yet another Instagram account disabled because I yell at any guy that ambushes me with a “dick pic” in my DMs (direct messages)!

And holy shit these guys are the BIGGEST BABIES! You can’t just send me a “dick pic” and get upset when I tell you to “fuck off”…. and then they report me to Instagram as “inappropriate” or “abusive” because they are embarrassed that I didn’t tell them “thank you so much for letting me see your dick”.

I just need ALL men to understand once and for all, women DO NOT get horny, or drool, or even enjoy in the slightest bit, a pic of your junk. You guys LOVE getting nudes from women, but women DO NOT want to see your dick.

Seriously, that is so rude and kind of weird. Yes, if you send a woman a pic of your dick without her expecting it then you are a WEIRDO!

Holy shit!!! I am sooo pissed that I have had my Instagram account disabled because I told 10 guys last night to “fuck off and have some class”.

I get “eye raped” and I’m the one that gets kicked off of Instagram? Fuck you Instagram, and fuck off to all you creepy fuckers that ambush women with “dick pics”. You guys suck, and Instagram sucks even more!

I’m begging ALL women to never check your DMs from any man that you aren’t friends with on social media.

And to all women who might have stumbled across this post, please do not let guys think they can just shove an image of their stupid penis into your eyes.

And in case any man that reads this didn’t see the first line of this post here it is again:


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My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!

My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!

In an attempt to look even sluttier than I already do, I’ve decided to increase the size of my bust yet again. But this time I’m not the one choosing the size of my new implants. In fact, I’m letting the world of social media, the readers of this blog included; decide what my new fake boobs will look like.

Some may say this is just an attempt to get a tax write off for my boobs, and at first it was, but my tax accountant crushed that dream this afternoon when I asked him what forms I would need to submit, he said “Uncle Sam don’t buy boobs”, so I guess Jenny has to buy her own boobs, again!

But I still want everyone that reads my blog, as well as all of my Instagram followers, to choose how BIG my new Dolly Parton’s will be. And yes, I’m going REALLY BIG this time.

So here’s what I did:

I uploaded a short video on my YouTube channel titled “My Upcoming Breast Augmentation Surgery!” that shows seven breast size options that you can vote on. The option that gets the most votes will be the size of my new chest!

Oh, but anyone that votes for option #1 is just a jerk, and I’ll NEVER get the implants shown in option #1. Option #1 is only included to weed out bad people from following me on social media because anyone that votes for option #1 is just cruel.

But I’m down to get options 2 through 7, and anyone that votes for option #1 is just wasting a vote.

So if anyone reading this is interested in deciding the fate of my boobs, just check out the short video below and vote in the YouTube comments section, or shoot me your vote on KIK. My KIK username is realtorjenny24

Click here to pick out my new fake boobs please!

And thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my silly little blog 🙂